$10 in Gas Gone After 15 Miles, Is This a Fuel Line Leak?

$10 in gas gone after 15 miles, is this a fuel line leak?

RP it is hard to say. It could be a few things.Is a fuel line lose. Is the cap on and not leaking and holding pressure. Is your tank leaking. And do not laugh but once I had a friend who someone was stealing gas out of his tank. Yes you smell it. So try to look near the gas tank. Check your connections and then lift up the hood and see if any fuel has leaked on top of the motor. Follow the lines.

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chevy lumina. minor or MAJOR problem?

Well you changed a lot of things but I will bet you forgot rubber. What rubber, the rubber in the fuel line. There is rubber in the fuel line that I suspect is collopsing If it is it cuts off the fuel and thus the car dies. After the pressure drops the line un kinks and the car starts again. I would go over the fuel line inch by ince and see if the rubber is collopsing

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Where is the fuel filter on a 1991 Cadillac Sedan Deville?

While they are normally in the fuel line under the car (middle, or near the gas tank itself), it may be in the engine compartment too.yours looks like it has quick connect type fittings, so trace back from the fuel rail/carburetor also.it will be there somewhere

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why my 91 plymouth grand voyager is hard to start and wont stay running?

First off check the fuel pressure it should be about I think 42 lbs psi . Look in the manual to double check . If you do not have the proper fuel pressure the engine wo not run very good. Make sure you do not have any leaks in the fuel line. Make sure you do not have water in the fuel. The timing belt could have jumped on one cam , it is very possible from the backfiring . If there is a noise in the engine you might have a rocker jumped off the cam shaft. The worse case the valve is burnt.

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1995 Chevy truck fuel problems?

That motor is very picky about the fuel pressure. I think you only have like a 10 PD range on pressure. Your autozone has the loan a tool program and they have a fuel pressure tester you can use and they can tell you the range. Mine was 4 PDS under the low point and was doing pretty much the same thing. If the pressure is good its the injector system which is not cheap

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my jeep died while driving 70 mph?

what was the weather like, Hot that day?It sounds like an old problem called vapor lock.If the fuel line is too close to manifold, water pump etc. it can develope vapor lock, but when the vehicle cools down it can go away until engine is too hot again. There are so many possibilties on todays engines but this would be easy to check, by looking at fuel lines and it's path.We do not see this much anymore due to electric fuel pumps but a 99 is similar to the older style engines

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Does having low fuel level in the car damage in the engine?

Not likely. Means that you might have to change the filter more often. Water in the tank could cause the engine to misfire when the level is low. A pint of alcohol should clear it up.

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what do you do for the fuel pump not coming on at all on a 91 camaro rs V8 5.0L.?

You could splice another electrical type pump into the fuel line running from the tank to the engine and wire it into the existing wires for the in-tank pump. Parts stores or speed shops should carry them in Holley brand or others. Just make sure it puts out as much pressure as the original and is mounted below the level of the tank. Cheaper than replacing the original.

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Why fuel wont flow on 1965 ford custom 500?

Cam may be flat and not actuating the mechanical lever.Check by putting the suction side of the pump in a safe container with gas and see if it pumps.The fuel line in the tank may be plugged with a green rock looking substance from sitting so long. Try to blow compressed air through the fuel line to figure out where the blockage is.Once removed,I used to drill out with a long spring steel wire

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