2019 Outdoor Furniture Rattan Small Storage Cabinet Factory

Model No.: YSJS-424 Size: 43*30*90CM Material: rattan,1.2-1.8mm aluminum frame tube Package: Plastic foam,kraft paper,carton. Loading quantity: 330set/40HQRattan undergoesphysical property testing,tensile report,heat and cold resistancereport,high temperature test, REACH report. Normally we have three designs rattan ,warranty 2 years,warranty 3 years and warranty 5 year.Our goods already pass DEU — -CP certification.DEU — -CPR certification,EN581 certification. Other test certification could be make if client need it.Payment Terms: 30% deposit by T/T in advance,balance by T/T or L/C should be paid before loading. Sample cost: Paypal ,western union , moneygram and cash also is available. FAQQ1: What is your MOQ? A: For tables,the Minimum order quantity is 10pcs per item.B: For chairs,the Minimum order quantity is 50pcs per item.Q2: What is the warranty policy? A: Most of our products can guarantee at least 3 years. While above the warranty does not cover failure or damage caused by improper applicationsand unreasonable conditions or abusive use.Q3: Could I take some samples from you? How about the sample charges?A: Yes, samples are available. The sample cost is triple of the unit price. But we will return the extra once received your next order

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what would be the best color or stain to match black dining room set of black w mahoghony top?

Stripping a built in cabinet is tedious and time consuming. Especially if it's got ornate features. I typically don't paint wood since I've spent so many hours stripping paint from wood furniture or molding. However, finding a stain that will work with those colors is very difficult.

If you say the built-ins look horrible, you may want to sand them down, wood putty the gashes and other imperfections, re-sand, prime with an oil based primer (that covers stain better and helps the paint to adhere) and then choose a paint color that will work.

A forest green would be pretty with the black and mahogony as well as a light blue. There's a lot of accessories out there now in the blue/brown/black combinations.

Sometimes taking a favorite dish or pillow and using the colors from those help in making up ones mind on paint colors.

Good luck.

how can i make goop or play doh outta house items?

To make a Goo you will need: White glue, water, paper cups, food coloring, and borax laundry detergent

1. Mix together 2 tablespoons of white glue and 2 tablespoons of water in a paper cup.

2. In another paper cup, mix together ten drops of food coloring, 1/4 cup of water, and 3/4 teaspoon of borax laundry detergent.

3. Add 2 tablespoons of the borax mixture to the glue mixture and stir well.

4. Have fun playing with your Goo. Store it in an airtight container.

To avoid stains, be careful not to let goo touch furniture, carpet, or clothing.

Where can I buy umbrella bases for different kinds of umbrellas

The size of the umbrella bases will depend upon the size of the umbrella, like for a big umbrella you will be requiring a big base while for a small you need a small one. In nearby furniture shop these bases are available of various strength and size. Go ahead purchase them as per your requirement.

Moving into my sisters old room lots of ideas needed!!!!!!!!?

I just redid my room. I painted it a deep but bright purple, and baby neon blue. With zebra curtains, and bedspread. Maybe put a curtain against the closet so it looks neater. And it will be like a dressing room. Don't put too much furniture because then you'll feel crouded. Go to ikea.com they have AMAZING PRICES! I got lockers (IKEA PS Cabinet) Get original stuff that not many people would have.

Top 10 Floor Polishers and Buffers

Cordless Electric Spin Mop, Hardwood Floor Cleaner with Built-in 300ml Water Tank, Polisher with Led Headlight and Sprayer, Scrubber for Hard Floor & Tile, Powerful Cleaner and Waxing What We like FLEXIBLE AND FREE-STANDING DESIGN - The electric mop is free-standing design, which is convenient for storing the mop; therefore, you will not sacrifice any of your needed space. The adjustable handle allows anyone to comfortably use the electric mop with ease. The joint on the mop base allows the handle to rotate from 60 degrees for standing and facilitating mopping, so it is easier for you to clean underneath furniture.

How is sticky tape different from glue name 3 ways

1. Sticktape is not as messy as glue, so if your doing a project, you can ruin your clothes and/or furniture with the glue. 2. You can save tape for a long time, unlike glue which hardens after a while. 3. There are many different types of glue, like hot glue, so you can use them in different situations where sticky tape would not help much.

Can you leave a wicker swing out in the rain

It depends on the manufacturer but most wicker furniture does not come waterproof. To be sure that the rain wil not ruin the wicker, spray the wicker swing with clear polyurethane. Both glossy and matte finishes are available in clear polyurethane sprays.

Cabinet wall thickness of Thomasville cabinets

The ends for standard construction and plywood end construction is 1/2". If you upgrade to furniture construction which flushes out the end so there is no longer a reveal on the side of the cabinet the construction goes up to 3/4" thickness.

How to Fill Holes in a Redwood Deck

Redwood, with its warm golden-red hues, is highly desirable in outdoor deck and furniture construction. Categorized as a softwood because it comes from a coniferous tree, redwood contains a high amount of resin, making it naturally resistant to moisture and insect damage. When sanded and sealed, redwood lasts for years. To protect the beauty and lifespan of your redwood deck, make repairs promptly. Filling holes in your deck will keep it looking new.

How to Put Glitter on a Ceiling

If you would rather not go through the process of mixing your favorite glitter into a clear-coat glaze for your ceiling, purchase glitter finish paint from a company like Benjamin Moore. Not all paint stores carry this type of product, so it may be necessary to make a special order. Glittery ceilings are also great for weddings and formal events. Consider putting down a drop cloth in the room you are painting to protect flooring and furniture should the varnish drip.

what type of barrier should go under vinyl stip flooring?

You don't need to put any barrier under Allure, but you do need the floor they are going on to be perfectly smooth and firm. If it isn't smooth, any bumps or dips will eventually show through the vinyl. If it isn't firm, the vinyl will get dents where any furniture sits, or anything else sits for any length of time. If the glue is smooth, I would do nothing before installing the Allure. If it isn't, you are going to have to use a solvent to remove it or install some thin plywood to give you a smooth hard surface. I think I would have left the old tiles and smoothed them out with an embossing leveller.

I need to repaint a table and chairs.?

I think you are talking about "Wicker" furniture maybe? I would think that since it has already been painted, that you might be able to skip sanding, especailly since you are going to try and match the same color. But if it has a glossy finish, go ahead and sand it lightly. Spray paint would be the way to godefinatelysince wicker is hard to get into all of the little nooks & crannys. After your paint dries good, you should seal it with a clear spray sealer, and that will help protect from getting the chips and scuffs again:)

Best of Luck!!

Contemporary Furniture Showroom Phoenix, AZ

Located in the heart of Phoenix, this showroom was the first we ever opened; a headquarters for our family-owned business. With over 40,000 square feet, this location carries a wide selection of products, from sofas to wall art, for your living room to your office. Featuring a long, open showroom layout with modern windows and natural light, the Phoenix location represents everything you love about contemporary design. An extensive collection of Scandinavian moderns and contemporary furniture awaits you, especially our modern dining room pieces. including sideboards and bar stools. Simple, beautiful, and spacious, we invite you to visit and see for yourself. In accordance with CDC recommendations, Copenhagen requires all customers and employees to wear masks within the building. Thank you for helping us keep our community healthy and safe.

Best way to get rid of house mice.....?

A lot of Classic Car buffs have problems with mice making their homes inside of restored vehicles. A commonly used trick will repel them. Get several boxes of "Old Fashioned Mothballs" with the main ingredient of "Napthalene." They're about $1.00 a box in the dollar stores or WalMart. Spread them around under cupboards and furniture. Since mice usually come in near the floor, that's where your repellent will do the most good.If you can get some inside the walls too, it's sure to help. Irish Spring is another odor that they hate, and you can use slivers or slices of it in the clothes drawers and closets so that your clothes don't smell like mothballs when you go out of the house

Where can you purchase some sturdy dining chairs

Dining chairs can be purchased at any furniture store. Places like Room Store or Value City Furniture offer a wide selection of chairs. For better quality (but also higher prices) look into Ethan Allen or Bassett.

what do I use to repair surface scratches on laminate flooring?

I also need this, not the fillers like people keep suggesting, the minor scuffs aren't deep enough. Once, I used something like a permanent marker made for furniture. It worked perfectly, I can't remember the name, might have started with an M. I have a few more places to touch-up.

Help with color scheme for living room/dining room combo room?

Yikes! There's a lot going on here. White leather, roses on your china, curio, and crystal? It sounds like you are stuck a little bit in the 1980's. Perhaps you should consider an update in your furniture, or get some curtains to match the "vintage" look, along with some 1980's artwork. Look at the bhg.com and hgtv.com websites for some decorating ideas - I think you might need professional help!

Good luck!

How to Replace Ugly Foil With Window Film

How many times have you seen a house that has aluminum foil in all the windows? It's an old trick used to reflect the sun's heat and keep the house cooler; but, be honest, it looks terrible. It also keeps your house dark and gloomy inside. Instead of aluminum foil, take a look at the new types of window film. This is a very do-it-yourself-friendly project, and almost all brands of window film today will block 99% of the sun's UV rays, which will mean you do not have to worry about fading of furniture or flooring. Plus, you can reflect the solar heat and still enjoy the view. And by reducing the heat gain, your air conditioning system will work less to keep your home comfortable, which also means you are saving energy dollars every month.

Skyloft Cocktail Table | The Showroom

Even the most ardent lovers of contemporary furniture will appreciate the beauty and utility of the Skyloft Cocktail Table. The Skyloft is U.S.-made and constructed of solid maple with walnut veneers. Four fixed shelves and two nooks to store the optional Skyloft Ottomans (or anything else) complete the space-saving, modern design of this beautiful table. Make a powerful contemporary statement with the Skyloft Cocktail Table.

What type of blinds/shades look best on french doors? I want to block light off hardwood floor.?

It depends on how much you want to block the light and or the view. I have some french doors and a lot of windows in my house but I like the open view. I just had some solar shade window tinting installed on all the windows in the house to protect the hardwood floors and furniture. I'm happy with how it turned out. They also have privacy tint where no one can see in the I had done in the bathroom. Check it out.

Traditional and Classical European Style Chesterfield Living Room Sofa Home Furniture Use Brown Genu
• New Style Metal Beer Ice Bucket .30W All in One Integrated Solar Light for Outdoor. • Timing feeder can cοntrοl the feed tο reduce the blοckage. • The bοdy is mοre durable because it is cοmprised οf ductile irοn. • Metal Crystal Chandelier with Lampshade for Indoor Home Lighting Fixtures . This increases the feed spread area. • It uses the imprοved U type screw cοnveyοr.Hot Sale 20- 63mm PVC Dual Tube Line with High Quality. • It is driven by high precisiοn gears. • Hot Eir PVC Vinyl Economical with Great Waterproof Flooring. Main parts are fοrged.Laminate Flooring 8mm HDF E1 AC4 ISO CE Carbs SGS-1000MT. The ring die is clasped by quick-discharge clip. • Uses impοrted bearing (NSK) and seals fοrt better transmissiοn, stable οperating, and less nοise. • Has advanced cοmpensatiοn serpentine-spring cοupling which are safer, prοvide a new structure, and lοwer failure rate during οperatiοn. Good Price Biomass Sawdust Pellet Machine.Briggs & Stratton 845760 807838 809054 428000 -0230 Electric Starter Motor,Virus Disposable Pm2.5 Reusable Black Mask for Adult. According statistics, more than 16,000,High Quality Fitness Equipment Wholesale Squat Pull. And the needs will increase to 46,000,000 tons by the end of 2020.High Precision Carbide Rods in Inches, cheap and easy to obtain,Handmade Resin Art Deco Fairy Girl Character Princesses Figurines.Traditional Wooden Tripod Stands for Half Body Mannequin.Chances never wait for people,Changlin WZ30 -25 Backhoe Loader. Grasp the chance,Remote Control Type UV Lamp Sterilizer 80va Light Kitchen Sterilization for Salon Office! Use wood chipper,98% Efficiency Commercial Kitchen Mobile Cooking Station for Luxury Business Center.Slump Retention Type Polycarboxylate PCE Superplasticizer Construction Chemical.Sy-Ns01 Visual Medical Laparoscopic Kit Laparoscopy Trainer Simulator Teaching Model,Slump Retention Type Polycarboxylate PCE Concrete Additive.Light Grey Matte Finish Rustic Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile for Bathroom-2013 Designer Inspired Handbag , which could be in recycling use. Conveyor and elevator is necessary for connecting all the equipment. Except the essential equipment,1mm G10-1000 Bearing/ Chrome Steel Ball:500W 12/24/48V to 110/220V High Frequency off Grid DC AC Pure Sine Wave Power Solar Car Inverter, 500W 12/24/48V to 110/220V High Frequency off Grid DC AC Pure Sine Wave Power Solar Car Inverter, 26" 7s Good Quality Carbon Women Beach Men Tandem Bike , magnetic separator, debarker, etc.classic car rare or not?That's a cool car. There were only 133,522 F-85's that year. Of those only 41,343 were Cutlass's. It's a rare car since there were not many built and most of them do not exist anymore. I would get the car as long as it's not rusted out. Have fun restoring!.classic rockk?'Classic Rock' is any band or artist who originated between 1960 - 1979 or 1964 - 1979. GN'R and U2 are '80's Rock. These are Classic Rock acts : Led Zeppelin Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac Jethro Tull Dire Straits The Jimi Hendrix Experience The Who Pink Floyd The Rolling Stones Free Queen Vinegar Joe Thin Lizzy Deep Purple Rainbow Meat Loaf Robert Palmer Joe Cocker The Police Black Sabbath Cream The Beatles Wings Lynyrd Skynyrd NazarethLooking for a classic rock song?ROTFLMAO! Wrapped up like a douche? I am totally histerical right now! Actually singing it in my head and you are right IT does sound like that! LOL :)Classic Songgs??!??!?!?!??!?take on me by aha crush on you by the jets girls just want to have fun by cindy larper hey micky by cindy larper just eat it by weird all . these are songs i like from the 80's from the 60's i could tell you i want to hold you are hand by the beatles HELP! by the beatles surf city my dean and something hope i helpedIpod touch or ipod classic?i've got have been given all. Ipod nano ( I even have the unique nano and the recent chorome one): the circle thingy infrequently works. So whilst the ingredient is in my pocket, the quantity pass's up and down. Ipod touch: i Nook classic or nook color?The Nook Color has a 1024x600 resolution multi touch touchscreen LCD display, as opposed to the original Nook's 3.5" touchscreen. It does not feature an e-ink display, making it a tablet device as well as an e-reader. It has a customizable display with color options, six font sizes, and internet browsing over Wi-Fi, as well as a built-in media player that supports audio and video. The Nook Color allows for the installation of applications approved by Barnes and Noble, with the company planning to provide tools for third-party software developers and an app store. With it you can change the form as the classic (black and white)
Miranda Kerr's Son Flynn "Looked Very Excited" at Her and Evan Spiegel's Wedding
The wedding was very small-no more than 50 guestsattended."Evan and Miranda looked at many different options for where they wanted to have their wedding, but their backyard was what felt most intimate and perfect," the source said. "They kept it small with only those people that mean the most to them."Cocktails were served before the ceremony inside an open-air tent, while a pianist played songs such as "When You Wish Upon a Star." A string orchestra also performed. The ceremony lasted just 20 minutes and guests cheered and yelled at the end.The source told E! News thedecor was rustic chic with farmhouse tables, white benches and chairs, cream-colored table cloths, cream-colored lounge furniture, pots of ferns and ivy, tall pillar candles and large arrangements of white and light pink garden roses. Dinner was also served inthetent and Miranda and Evan walked around with their dog, Teddy, in tow, thanking everyone for coming.As guests were seated, Jason Mrazperformed a set, which including his hit song, "I'm Yours." After dinner, the music went silent and people made speeches.Many people talked about Flynn.One of Evan's friends said, "Congratulations you three" at the end of his speech, referring to the child, the source said.Other speakers included Evan's sisters, Caroline and Lauren, who teared up while making very emotional speeches andcried. Miranda's family members, including her mother, grandfather and aunt, also spoke. Her auntgave Evan advice on how to keep a woman happy, saying, "Remember the woman is always right," which got a laugh from the crowd.At the end of the speeches, someone yelled, "Let's eat cake" anda wedding cake was cut. Colbie Caillatthen took the stage for about 30 minutes, performing songs such as "Falling for You" and "I Do." At the end of her set, she thanked Evan and Miranda and said she was "honored to be there." Jason then joined her onstage to performtheir duet "Lucky."DJ Ruckus then took over and played songs such as Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely," Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop the Feeling" and Madonna's"Holiday." Everyone hit the dance floor and didn't stop dancing all night, the source said.At the end of the night, the DJ announced, "Let's hear it for the bride!" and Miranda got up on stage and sang Shania Twain's "Still the One.""She sounded amazing and hit all the high notes," the source said. "At the end, everyone clapped and whistled for her."Orlando was not spotted. Another source had told E! News last week that the actornever received a formal invitation to the wedding and would not be attending. The source added that he and Miranda are on "great terms and wish each other the best."Last July, E! News learned Orlando congratulated Miranda on her and Evan's engagement."Orlando knows that Evan treats Flynn well so that's all that matters to him," an insider had said at the time, while another told E! News that Evan"gets along with Flynn really well."
Yurts so Good - Winnipeg Free Press
Hey there, time traveller!This article was published 9/7/2009 (3617 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.NUTIMIK LAKE - Manitoba is known for strange ethnic fusions, from foods like "Peking perogies" you find in some Winnipeg restaurants, to Red River jig music that blended early aboriginal-French-Scottish musical traditions.But mixing the shelters used by wandering Asian nomads, with Manitoba's lake experience?Yurts so good, as far as many Manitobans are concerned.Yurts are dome-shaped structures that have been popping up around lake country in provincial parks.For more than 30 years, the province has quietly provided "affordable" cottages for people to rent who might not otherwise have the financial means to do so.In 2005, the NDP government ramped up that program by introducing yurts - portable buildings used by the nomadic peoples of Central Asia, although ones in Manitoba are permanent. The opportunity to enjoy the lake experience is, after all, almost a Manitoba birthright.Actually, the province dove into yurt construction in a big way, putting up 50 in seven campgrounds in provincial parks across Manitoba since the first ones in 2005 at Nutimik Lake, an hour-and-a-half drive east of Winnipeg in Whiteshell Provincial Park.They're a hit, says Tracey Elbourne, Manitoba Conservation head of recreational programs."We have had such absolutely positive feedback. People love them," she said.On the financial side, yurts cost taxpayers about $18,500, and that includes the rustic pine furniture inside and various additions like the outside deck. The yurts pay off in less than five years.The yurts are bare-bones buildings, just like the province's cabin programs. They are one large room, with electricity but no running water or bathrooms, and cooking and eating must be done outside, just like camping.For Neil and Mindy Corrigan and their five children under about nine years of age, yurting is the way to go."For a family our size, you'd have to have a caravan to haul all our gear" if that included tents, chairs, mattresses and camping gear, said Neil, who rented a yurt at Nutimik Lake this week.And your first day would be spent setting up your camp. "With yurts, you just plunk yourself in and you're good to go."It's a bit of a squeeze, however. To accommodate seven people, the yurt they rented has two double bunk beds and a futon that converts into a bed."For us, it's a little cramped," said Mindy, admitting that their first night was "horrible. But we can cram ourselves in. We're used to squishing."You bring your own sleeping bags, food, pillows, dishes, cooking utensils and Coleman stove, unless you prefer to cook over the fire pit. Provincial yurts rent for $44.80 per night, tax included, about $25 more than a serviced campsite. But the yurt "is so much worth it to us," Mindy said.The Corrigans have been regular yurt renters since 2005. They also rent the provincial cabins on occasion, which are also mostly just one room."The Hecla and Camp Morton cabins are fantastic. They are cabins, but the prices are a lot cheaper than private ones," Mindy said. The Camp Morton cabins rent for as high as $74.74 per night for six people, but also have indoor toilets and running water.At Hecla, a six-person cabin rents for $45.02, without indoor plumbing but with a small fridge and stovetop for cooking and with an attached screened gazebo.Hecla also has a four-person cabin for $37.30, and even tiny two-person cabins for $29.57 per night. There are 33 provincial cabins in total.Families seem to take the most advantage of the province's deals. "The original intent of the cabins way back when was to provide affordable recreation facilities to families. And certainly we've kept true to that theme," Elbourne said.But the facilities are by no means limited to families or people on a budget. They're open to everyone, and seniors as well as couples and youths rent them.The province has also spread the yurts around. They are now in provincial parks at Asessippi (Russell-Roblin area), Bakers Narrows (south of Flin Flon), Camp Morton (Lake Winnipeg), Clearwater Lake (north of The Pas), Nutimik (Whiteshell), Spruce Woods (Carberry), and Stephenfield (Carman). Cabins are at Camp Morton and Hecla Island.Bookings start at the beginning of February and there are still openings, but not for four or five days in a row, Elbourne said.
Jazz Up Your Home with New Bedroom Furniture and Accessories
Are you tired of coming home to the same bedroom decor day after day? Is your bedroom furniture outdated? Do you want to add a touch of class to the room? These tips will help you jazz up a drab master bedroom! Create a Show-Stopping Space with a Bed Your bed is the focal point of your master bedroom. Think about the type of look you want to create within the room. Bed frames come in a variety of shapes, materials, styles, and sizes-- the choices are endless. Platform beds are modern and classy. Wooden beds are chic and elegant. Make sure you purchase bedroom furniture that reflects your personality. Organize the Room with a Nightstand Don't forget to pick up a nightstand when you're shopping around for bedroom furniture. A nightstand will help you organize your bedroom. If you want an uncluttered look, select a nightstand that comes with drawers. The easier it is to keep the room tidy, the better it will look over the years. Jazz up the Room with a Dresser Spruce up your bedroom with a fancy dresser. Select a style that complements your bed and nightstand. If you want to store a lot of things in the dresser, select one that comes with several drawers. Go for Glamour with a Wardrobe Closet A wardrobe closet will help you maintain a clutter-free master bedroom. It provides a spacious area to hang your clothing, shoes, and accessories behind its double doors. Wardrobe closets are available in a variety of stunning colors. Create a Unique Look with a Desk A bedroom desk will add an interesting look to your space and it's a versatile piece of furniture. A bedroom desk that comes with drawers is perfect for keeping random things such as watches, cuff links, magazines, and socks. Splurge on a Luxurious Mattress Your bed should be something you look forward to, so make sure you choose a super-luxurious mattress. Many different types of mattresses are available such as foam, innerspring, futon, and water. Just make sure you don't purchase an inexpensive mattress. You will get more miles out of a quality mattress. Stock up on Cozy Pillows If you want the full heavenly treatment, stock up on pillows. Mix colors and fabrics like a pro. Combine small prints with large ones, geometrics with florals. Mix stripes and solid-colored pillows. The quickest way to give your bedroom a makeover is by adding a few fashionable pillows. Show off a Bedroom Comforter Set Bedroom comforter sets provide a simple way to decorate your space. You can use them to transform the look of your bedroom on a regular basis. Bedroom comforter sets usually feature shams, throw pillows, a comforter , and bed skirt. Get Major Drama with an Area Rug The easiest way to transform the look of a bedroom is by adding a classy area rug. You can make a real style statement by going with a vibrant shade- think bright red or lime green- instead of neutral colors. These tips will help you create a dreamy master bedroom!
A Study of Furniture Elements for Smaller Bedrooms
When we enter any bedroom the first thing we notice is thefurniture. All humans always see interiors and all decoratingideas that are executed in "elevation". This means we alwayssee the face of the furniture.Every object in the bedroom large or small has a direct relationto dimensions of the human body. This relation with our body decidesthe comfort level in a bedroom. If a double bed is oversized, itwill naturally occupy more floor space by reducing the volumeof empty space. That's why proportions of every furniture piece are vital to maintain comfort levels.Let's examine some important factors about bedroom furniture units.1) Double Bed....This piece of furniture occupies the maximum amount of floorspace. A typical double bed measures about 1800mmX1800mmX450mm height.Of course this is a comfortable sized bed but can vary depending upon the requirements at the interior site.Double beds come in steel/wrought iron/wooden frames. The most important point to note here is that 80% of the structuralframework gets covered by linen. The mattress, bed sheets, pillowscover most of the part that supports the load of the users.That's why the real beauty of a double bed lies in the linen used.Linen defines the shape of a double bed to some extent.The patterns and decorations used on the linen also ads to the overall design theme of the bedroom. The headboard of the doublebed (the part of the double bed which stands behind the head whenwe lie down on the bed) is a prominent feature and can beused effectively by using semi-circular shapes.One creative use of the headboard is that we can add artificiallighting in it by providing blur glass and the effect ofindirect lighting can be created. This is helpful if the masterwants to read a book or magazine by relaxing in the bed itself.Most of the time we see that the space below the mattress is usedfor storing linen. This is done in the form of sliding drawerswhich slide out from sides.I have seen one more creative way of supporting the platformwhere the master lies down. By giving an angular slant to thesupporting structure of the bed we can save valuable circulationspace in a small bedroom. To understand what exactly I am talkingabout, just visit the webpage below. (Scroll down to the bottomto see a pictorial presentation of this method.)Teen Bedroom Design And Decorating Ideas.2) Wardrobe....A wardrobe is another element in a bedroom that creates a significant impact on the entire interior design theme. We always see a wardrobe in elevation. A typical wardrobe ismost of the times measures 2100mm in height. The length anddepth of the wardrobe differs from location to location butis typically around 1200mm in length and 600mm in depth fora single person's wardrobe.The internal compartments of a wardrobe are divided keeping in mind the various styles and sizes of clothes we wear. Theinternal design of a wardrobe also depends upon regional influences.For example in Japan, women wear a typical kind of dress orin Indian, most women wear a dress code called as "Saree" whichneeds much more space similar to trousers.Depending upon the requirements a wardrobe might also includea small "money safe" with locking arrangements, drawers for keepingsmaller sized clothes such as under-garments.3) Dressing Table....A dressing table is a place to be happy about. This is theplace where we spend a lot of time shaping our faces. A smallbedroom may not have enough space for a dressing table. At suchtimes the outer faces of the wardrobe can be used to fix a full heightmirror. This also creates a reflection of the rest of the room itand thus creates an illusion of more space.A wardrobe needs special spotlight arrangements to throw lightspot on the person in front of the mirror. This will includea flat mirror and small storage spaces for the makeup-kits, perfumes, etc...In a case where the mirror is fixed on the outer surface of thewardrobe shutter,(as mentioned above) the storage space formake-up kit can be arranged inside the wardrobe.4) Study Table with extra storage desk....A study table is just a place to do some important daily tasksSometimes it is useful to keep a computer on it. This study table can bedesigned to include an elevated storage space for books/files.This combination of a study table and a book shelf is a greatway to save space in small bedrooms. If the table top in notoccupied by a computer or other objects, it can be made to foldand thus increasing more floor area.This was a very basic study of the most commonly used furniture items in a bedroom. There are hundreds of creative ways toimprove the performance and efficiency of furniture items in interior design. This article was just a starting point totrigger the creative genius in you.I hope you have benefited from these words.Copyright Shrinivas Vaidya
Importance of Good School Furniture and What Difference It Makes
It has become a known fact that students learn better when they feel comfortable in the college environment. Environmental factors play a significant role in the well-being of the students as well as teachers. And School Furniture is one such factor that can play a negative effect on students' health and academic performance. One must understand that good school furniture is essential not just from an aesthetic viewpoint and comfort but also for the proper functioning inside the school environment. Whilst deciding upon what is needed in a college's classroom is one's own personal choice, it is necessary to consider how the furniture complements with the comfort of the students. A college comprises of classrooms, cafeteria, library, reception and many other sections. Arranging school furniture can often make or break a school's reputation, so it is important to plan in advance, and observe what type of furnishing suits the needs of your students and provide them the comfort that help them concentrate on their learning. One more thing that you must take into consideration is that furniture in a classroom will be completely different from that of the library or cafeteria or reception. Classroom Furniture must be strong enough to endure the handling of students. Additionally, classroom furnishing must be easy to assemble and elegant. Furthermore, such furniture must allow student's movement and support good movement. Nowadays, whether it is school administration, students or their parents, everyone likes furnishing that is lightweight, provide comfort and at the same is stylish. Also, today from online shopping of college furnishing to purchasing from any local furniture shop, you have countless number of options for shopping of school furniture. Fortunately, there are a number of chair, table manufacturers and suppliers who provide variety of furnishing such as school furniture, Cafeteria Furniture, Library and other type of furnishing. But you need to be very particular about the furnishing you are selecting. And for purchasing the best school furnishing you must make a good search as per your requirement. There are some common factors that you must consider before choosing the school furnishing. Such factors are: Budget Durability Safety Aspect Elegant look Children spend long hours in school and thus to make their learning more effective it is important for schools to have furnishing that is not only attractive but that also provide comfort to children.
Art of Minimalism, by Vivek Kadecha Interiors Invites Us to a Divine Abode
We would love to live in a house that ages gracefully over time! That's why we are in awe of this simplistic abode christened 'Art of Minimalism' by Vivek Kadecha, founder and principal designer of Vivek Kadecha Interiors, Lifestyle & Design. This 700 sq ft home in Ahmedabad is a canvas of integrated spaces and textures with a vernacular essence. The entire two-bedroom apartment is conceived as minimal and hassle-free, making it perfect for the enthusiastic couple who owns it. "I've always believed that spaces are akin to living beings. When you unfurl the fabric of ornamentation and imitation, what remains is the beauty of scars and tragic imperfections. And that was my approach with this project too," shares Kadecha. Therefore, the abode weaves in the homeowners' frequencies and their simple, working lifestyle. On entering, a clutter-free foyer with wall-infused storage spaces opens out to a warm and inviting living room. A sense of intimacy prevails owing to the use of traditional artisan techniques for embellishments. Dotting the minimal living room is a faux leather sofa, dark olive accent chair, a sleek centre table with an Indian marble top and customised solid wood furniture-all of which are placed on kadappa stone flooring and lend a soothing vibe. The highlight of the abode are its grey IPS oxide walls by Vernacular Building Techniques. The texture has a unique attribute of reflecting soft light and creating a subtle ambience. This low saturated colour palette is punctuated by a turquoise patch in the same material, which adapts as an artwork. The dining and open kitchen are interspersed for easy circulation. The furniture is made using reclaimed teak and veneer, adding to the earthy theme of the house. Like the centre table, the dining table and kitchen counter are finished in Indian white Ambaji marble. The vernacular alignment is obvious in both the master and guest bedrooms. Indeed, the former is dressed in metal furniture in matte black and bed linens from Saphed Home's Gulaabjal and Haldar series, adding to the divinity of the room. All in all, the entire apartment focuses more on the intangible and so the walls are free of embellishments. Instead, they are simply treated in local, age-old techniques and polished in wax and coconut oil. Kadecha puts it perfectly when he says, "My creations echo my influences, the client and the project typologies. I believe that if design ignores people, people ignore that design."1. How do you maintain metal furnitureuff1f?Metal furniture are known for its durability and strength, not to mention its classy look. Here are some simple tips to maintain the quality of a metal furniture1. Weather Proof Your Metal Furniture to avoid wear and tearKeep Away From Direct SunlightAvoid Exposure to Excessive Moisture2.2. Are the metal chairs real?Where To Buy Tolix Chairs WholesaleTolix ChairTolix is one of the manufacturers of steel furniture and has become a symbol in the field of mechanical design. The organization was floated by the French designer Xavier Pauchard who utilized a unique sheet metal for the manufacture of a Metal Tolix Chairs. This, at last, offered to ascend to the organization's fruitful model. The Tolix chair An is as yet a work of art and can dazzle in the home or business in an assortment of design style s.The organization Tolix has substantiated itself as a designer for industry chairs. The assortments intrigue without breaking a sweat. The utilization of dainty metal sheets and swaggers implies a Tolix chair can be moved no problem at all. Simultaneously it is especially vigorous. Until this point in time, the Tolix chair An is for all intents and purposes unaltered and is utilized for a huge scope. Through wide endorsement, the models set up themselves universally. Furthermore, there have been increases and changes in the assortments. With a high back, and the increasingly agreeable armchair was created from the A chair, which can be found in numerous bistros. The unique element of a Tolix stool or Tolix chair is quality preparation. The creation of the models is described by genuine difficult work. A flimsy steel sheet is cut into individual segments and squeezed for an amazingly long timeframe of realistic usability in a few activities. Tolix focuses on little subtleties that give chairs and furniture more capacities. The chairs can be easily stacked to consume less space. A punctured seat surface can deplete water well. Tolix Chair HistoryIn the Victorian period of the late 1880s, the style of a staged rocker graced the homes of the princely. As we traversed into the early piece of the 1900s, practically every ranch house had a lot of press-upheld oak chairs around the kitchen table, and in mid-twentieth Century America, the streamline designs of Eero Saarinen set the standard for MCM home goods with the Tulip chair.During that time style s change, however, one thing has stayed steady: If you are outfitting your home you will unavoidably need to go chair shopping!As we look to the top patterns in the enriching of 2019 we see a growing thankfulness for "modern" decorations and with this pattern a resurgence in the ubiquity of the Tolix chair. At 27 years old, Frenchman Xavier Pauchard was working with his dad and granddad introducing zinc rooftops in Le Morvan, France, yet he was malcontented. Ever inquisitive and inclined to experimentation, he staggered upon a framework for shielding sheet metal from rusting by plunging it in liquid zinc, a procedure we presently allude to as stirring. In 1927, he left the privately-owned company to open a little manufacturing plant on the edges of Autun in Burgundy which worked under the enrolled trademark Tolix. Tolix represented considerable authority in the manufacture of steel family and business merchandise, including a line of furniture. In 1934, they discharged their "Tolix chair." This tall-back stirred steel chair designed for open-air utilize included openings in the seat to take into account waste and was lightweight and intended to be stackable. Enormous quantities of the chairs were offered to the walkway bistros around Paris, yet inside the initial five years of creation, Pauchard had nearly the same number of chairs returned as he sold, about causing the conclusion of his processing plant. The issue was basic, the "stackable" chairs would not stack!Tolix reviewed the chairs and went to work to address the lethal design blemish. Following quite a long while of redesigns, the manufacturing plant discharged a slimmer adaptation of the Tolix chair (otherwise called the Marais A chair) with the assurance that they could be stacked 25 high! The reaction to the patched-up chair was quick as requests from clinics, workplaces and cafs around the globe poured in. Upon the demise of Xavier Pauchard in 1948, his children, Jean and Andre, took over Tolix. Following four years, they partitioned the organization with Jean assuming control over the furniture line. Emulating his dad's example he extended the line with three new exceptionally fruitful pieces. In 1955, he designed the Tolix Table to go with his dad's popular chairs. The following year he added the Tolix stool to the line. His unique plan was for it to be utilized in industrial facilities and open parks, which they were. Be that as it may, it additionally grabbed the attention of bar and bar proprietors in both Europe and the United States. Alcohol organization wholesalers frequently utilized it as an allure for bar proprietors to purchase their items and deals held solid through the 1970s.The second expansion in 1956 was the A56 Arm chair demonstrated after the Tolix Chaise designed numerous years sooner by Xavier Pauchard. In the course of recent years, the A56 has come to be perceived as one of the most compelling bits of metal furniture of the twentieth Century.Where To Buy Tolix Chairs WholesaleAt Blossomfurnishings furniture, we love the Tolix in the entirety of their manifestations, regardless of whether it is a Tolix vintage unique you got from an old fashioned store or the very good quality multiplication Tolix chairs you can discover. We offer an incredible determination of vintage chairs and vintage style bistro chairs like the famous French Tolix chair. We offer these wonders in each possible shading and style and now we even have exclusively fit Tolix pads and our Tolix style chair cushion. With under mount jolts, this superbly estimated Toix syle seat pad joins under your chair leaving no equipment obvious, just the agreeable smooth sitting surface. Click here to purchase tolic chair at BlossomfurnishingsAre the metal chairs real?.3. What wall color goes best with glass, metal furniture?try gray with a black leather couch
Where Can I Purchase Metal Furniture (chair/futon) Legs Similar to the Ones Pictured Here?
Umm. the only place that involves innovations is Claire's. ): Sorry purely seem around. Or purchase a neckalce, then purchase your superb buddy the comparable one. and that i am not sure if it is right, yet i think of that Nordstrom is a save the place they sell much less high priced fashion designer stuff? i am not sure, yet while i am precise, bypass there (;.1. How to paint and upholster metal chairsHow to Paint and Upholster Metal Chairs Have you ever been in a creative rut, where you feel like you really want to make something but no ideas come to you? I have been in one recently and it's such an uncomfortable place to be. Staying home has me itching to do projects and keep myself busy because that is what heals my soul, yet my brain is mentally exhausted and incapable of thinking of what to even create. I've found that sometimes the best way to get myself over it is to get into a project I've been putting off, or to use supplies I already have to make something beautiful. What does not help me is falling down the Pinterest rabbit hole (although I do love to pin creative ideas- you can find my pins here!), or shopping for fun art supplies for which I do not have a plan. Raise your hand if you are guilty of that; mine is sheepishly up in the air. This past weekend, I put both of those ideas that get me through together... I worked on a project that's been sitting in my basement for almost a year and used only things I had on hand, and I can not tell you how good it felt, and how awake my soul felt afterwards. Today I am sharing the process and result, and teaching you how to paint and upholster metal chairs. This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission from qualifying sales and truly appreciate your support. Emmy and I found this pair of vintage metal children's chairs last year at a yard sale for $3 total. They were brown which I do not mind but the finish was not in great shape, and the seats were solid, but they had this plastic trim around them which was old and brittle seemed like it would be uncomfortable for a child. All in all, they were pretty ugly, but I loved the shape and could not pass up for the price. You can see on the seats that the trim was separated in the back, and had some places where it was pulling away and I knew that would pinch little fingers eventually, so that needed to go. I decided to give them a paint and upholstery job to update them. Before I did, I brought them out to see if they would fit Wilder yet. They are still a little too big and you can see that his feet are not hitting the ground. He needs help getting into and out of them for now, but he loves that these chairs are just for him. His expression here does not show it because he did not like that I left him with his feet dangling so I could take a photo. Also, you should know I edited how the booger he had... you are welcome. Before beginning this project I assessed my supply stash to see what I had. Almost exactly two years ago, I reupholstered a set of bentwood chairs for my old dining room. (Oh, how I loved those chairs! BTW, in that post, I teach how how to upholster round seats which can be pretty tricky!) When I purchased the indigo fabric for those seats, Jo-ann's had been having a big sale on decorating fabric and I bought two other styles as well, one w pretty gray sort of mud cloth inspired design that I thought would be perfect for these metal chairs. Of course, you can not just slap fabric over wood seats; you need some cushioning. I had enough batting to work perfectly. These are kids' chairs so they do not quite need the amount of cushioning and foam that our full grown rear ends need. I also had black and gold spray paint in my paint supply here (We've only been here a year, so my supply is somewhat limited!). After selecting the fabric, I opted for gold to complement the gray. That being said, here are all of the supplies I used for this project. upholstery fabric (I can not find my exact fabric, but I love these options: here, here, here, here.) gold spray paint (this is HANDS DOWN my go-to gold and adheres SO well!) If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen that I documented this whole process in my stories this past weekend. I put all of those stories together to create a video for you so that you can see exactly how to paint the metal as well as the very details process of upholstering the seats. You can watch that video below, or follow the step by step tutorial below that if you prefer. Before you begin with chairs, always remove the seats, even if you do not plan to recover them. You can see when you flip them over that they attach with screws and are very easy to remove and reattach. Once the seats are removed, give the chair frames a light sanding, just like you would if they were made of wood. This just creates a rough enough surface for the paint to adhere. I find with metal furniture that consists of spindly parts that sanding blocks are the best approach as their foam allows you to bend and curve with the piece. Below they are sanded and not yet wiped so you can see a layer of dust. After sanding them, wipe them clean with a dry lint free cloth to remove any dust. They should still appear somewhat rough from sanding but not shiny like they were to begin with. Place your piece on a drop cloth. (I only had some plastic sheeting left over from another project, so I used that.) Lay your chairs on the ground face down and give them a light even coat of paint, careful to move back and forth and stay about 10 inches away from what you are painting (to avoid drips). Flip the chairs to a standing upright position and continue the first coat. Repeat this process once more, and a third time if needed. For my third coat, I simply had to touch up a few spots that needed a bit more paint. By the way, you can see just why I love this paint below. It's so smooth on top of its amazing adhesion. While they are drying you can work on your chair seats. I did not take many photos on how to recover the chairs, but there is a very detailed step by step of that in the video above starting at the 1:34 point. However, if you prefer photos, I shared my method for covering straight edge seats with corners here. The only difference is that in this case I used quilt batting instead of upholstery foam. FYI, the corners tend to be the trickiest, but I have found that my method words really well to create clean and tight corners. (The below photo was from my instagram story which is why it has text. ) After the seats have been upholstered, they are ready to be reattached to the dry frames, using the same screws and holes that they were originally attached with. To be honest, I do not yet know exactly where these chairs will go, but it was a lot of fun to get my creative juices flowing again, and to use things I already had. I have found that some of the best projects come from resourcefulness. This teepee sits in the corner of our living room, and I am considering possibly moving it when Wilder is a little bigger and is ready to sit at a table with his chairs. We do not yet have a kids table, so as soon as it's safe to thrift, I will be on the lookout! There is not much space in our living room, but I've also considered a fold out shelf at table height for these chairs, placing them to the right of the teepee. Who knows where exactly they will end up. What I do know is that I feel great having accomplished something, and Wilder was thrilled with the outcome. Happy clients are the best clients! These chairs are also so much more comfortable and safer for him (minus that one slightly crooked leg I need to see if Chris' brute strength can fix a bit!). What do you do when you are in a creative rut? I would love to hear your method for digging out. If you liked this project and learned something from it, I would love it if you shared it!2. How do I remove rust marks from my patio?Rust marks can appear on a patio for various reasons, and can prove tricky to remove. Rust marks can stain a patio where metal furniture has been placed onto a stone patio. If you employ a lawn maintenance company they may spread fertiliser around your patio and path area. These products can contain iron, and when mixed with water and air they become iron oxide. Again, this will create rust marks on top of the stone surfaces such as patios and pathways. Oxide deposits can also be released from within stone paving if your contractor uses brick acid (nb. please do not do this- Conclear is safer) to clean up after installing a stone patio. This will appear as brown rusty coloured stains on the surface of your paving, especially on Kandla Grey Sandstone, which is particularly affected. Many of our customers have had this problem, and come to us with what they think is a ruined patio. Cement spills are often aggressively treated with brick acid after installation by contractors. We do not recommend this. Conclear is our safer and ecological cement remover. However, it is possible to remove rust marks and stains caused by brick acid use with Rob Parkers Best Rust Remover. Rob Parkers Rust Remover can solve the problem in all these instances. Rob Parkers Best Rust Remover is easy to apply. Use a paint brush to apply the product to the affected spots and watch the rust disappear. Rinse the area with water once the rust has disappeared. When the area is dry Stoneworld recommend sealing the stone to prevent rust stains from occurring again.3. What wall color goes best with glass, metal furniture?I would go with a medium to light blue shade for the walls, and then red for the couch. The red will make a statement and keep the room from looking to "cold"
How Do I Deter Squirrels From Ruining My Outdoor Furniture Cushions, This Is the Second Set They've
get covers for them... take the cusions off when not in use... get a cat or dog...1. What are good ways to clean outdoor furniture which has been sprayed by the neighborhood critters?Wipe and scrub it with a cleaner (I am no sure about bleach..that affects some finishes).. and then use a pressure washer at a low setting (or take it to a do-it-yourself car wash) That should not only get the spray off but will also remove any of the mold and growth that normally builds up on things left outside. THe important thing is to test the pressure on it first - pick a spot where it wont show. If the pressure is high and if you hold the wand too close you can remove the fininish along with the dirt, so you need to experiment a bit before you start on the project. THe fabric cushions should be able to go into your wash on a gentle cycle... good luck.. .2. How To Babyproof Your YardParents often focus their babyproofing efforts on the interior of their homes, but experts advise not to overlook outdoor spaces. Backyards present quite a few hazards for babies and small children - and some hazards are less obvious than others. For instance, swimming pools pose an obvious threat, but common objects found in many yards can be choking hazards, too. Anne Marie Radel, a babyproofing expert at Safer Baby, has some tips on keeping our fearless explorers out of harm's way. Of course, these preventative measures will help lower the risk of an accident, but no amount of childproofing is a substitute for the watchful eye of a parent. Provide soft landings. Ideal ground covers for play areas are soft and cushioned. Avoid pea gravel at all cost - the pieces are the perfect size for choking. Radel recommends grass, fake grass and padded foam because they cushion falls; hard surfaces like concrete and brick are much less forgiving. Avoid dangerous plants. Consult a gardener or horticulturist for how to steer clear of dangerous plants in your yard, including: Radel notes that berries and olives, like pea gravel, are choking hazards because of their size.In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, a representative from the San Diego Regional Poison Center advises parents to search their lawns for mushrooms every day before sending their kids out to play. Mushrooms, the rep says, are one of the top plants ingested by small children that send them to the emergency room.Also, before allowing children outdoors, confirm that fertilizers and insecticides are safe during application and afterward. More: Browse patio furniture to match your style, designer garden shed designs or greenhouse designs Consider planting more edibles. Plant more vegetables, fruits and herbs; most are considered nontoxic and safe for curious children to ingest.Guides to growing your own fruits and vegetables Install a barrier to block access to water features. Radel suggested a minimum height of 5 feet for a barrier surrounding any water feature, including swimming pools, hot tubs and fountains. The barrier should be anchored to a stable base. Check that playground equipment, swings and climbing structures are sturdy. Nothing should wobble or teeter. Make sure everything is anchored properly and double check after a hard rain that nothing has come loose in softened soil. Use sand, not glass pieces, in fire pits. Radel recommends using silica-free sand in fire pits instead of glass pieces. Children find the glass pieces attractive because of their bright color and shine, and Radel says they are yet another choking hazard. Store garden hoses out of the sun. According to the University of Michigan Health Services (UMHS) website, water heats up when sitting in a hose exposed to the sun to temperatures that can scald a child. Make sure you keep your hose secure, especially during hot months. Check your automatic garage door opener. The UMHS recommends testing the functionality of your automatic garage door periodically: Make sure it reverses, is well balanced and operates smoothly. Cushion sharp corners in architecture and outdoor furniture. Babyproof your outdoor living room the same as you would your indoor living room; padded seating with rounded corners and a plush ottoman are a safe bet in both rooms. Use plants to soften sharp edges. The plants creeping over the edge of this metal retaining wall also soften the sharp edge.More: How to Childproof your Home: Expert Advice3. How do I protect teak outdoor furniture in an uncovered environment?I use teak oil but I also cover the furniture over with a big sheet of tarpulin