About Engagement Rings, Selecting and Other Questions?

about engagement rings, selecting and other questions?

Unless you have a really good idea of a ring that she would like then do not buy one. You should do some shopping and see what there is and see if you find something. Has she dropped hints about style, size, whatever?? And yeah you can get stainless steel rings. I say do something sweet like tie a string around her finger or a toy ring when you propose and then take her to buy one.

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i'm sorry i really messed up my other questions?

LMAO. See, that's what you get for leaving this section. I hope you learned your lesson. Joking!

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Camp Carroll and other questions about being stationed in Korea.?

My sister was in the same situation (from Texas too!) i do not know if its the same for everyone, but for her husband they were told that if she and her son go with him, he will be 2 years...if they stay in the states, it will be only one year. she did not want to be away from him, so they were able to go along (you have to start the paperwork for it super early). if you choose to stay in the US, then yes you still get BAH! They enjoy Korea, but its a lot different than the US (obviously) without a lot of the convenience of things we have here. they lived off-base (very near it) and their apartment was very nice. She's actually visiting the US right now for the holidays and he's still there...she's going back after the New Year, so it cant be all that bad. Again, this is just her experience...not mine. Hope this helps some! good luck! oh, and if i were you, i would go with him ;)

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All writers What's the first story you ever wrote (and other questions)?

1. What is the first story you've ever written? What was it about? I know I have written some stories but I can not remember all of them. However, one of the first ones I do remember was... oh well, it was filled with cliches and mary sues, let's just say that. Girl moves to new area, bad guy, blah blah blah. You know... that sort of thing. 2. In retrospect, my writing has not improved a lot since I was in year 4, apart from my slightly better plotlines (the shame...): ) How about you? What improvements and changes have occurred in your writing since you first started..? I do not use adverbs like crazy, I do not write Mary Sues, I am not overzelous on cliches now. Yeah... it's just better than it was then. I can actually spell! 3. I am sure you all have pretty insane dreams. Pick one and tell me about it? ;D (Yes, I am purposefully trying to steal your ideas, but at least I am making it relatively fun ;D) Actually, most of dreams turn into a story at some point. So... um.. I prefer not to tell them right now, if that's alright. :P But I did have a bad dream that freaked me out. It was where my sister was shot in front of me. Freaked me out so bad, I thought it was real and I had to go check on my sister to make sure she was still alive. 4. What is one trait that you find prevalent in many writers? Or several traits? Why do you think they have this? (Generalise awayIMO its a certain level of depression or cynicism towards life) Most are women who have cats and try to avoid people too much because they are very shy. Some also are very much into anime. Why are they this way? Because most who are shy and are alone have a bigger imagination and can think of what could happen. So, they write it. Cats? I am not sure. I am allergic to them, so I do not know why every other writer has to have them. 5. What is one apparent 'rule' in writing that you completely/or partly disagree with? (What is wrong with adverbs? ): ) The rule to stick with "said". I am sorry, but I HATE that word. Hate it with a passion. I understand that you do not want a bunch of murmurs floating around in your writing, but you can have some variety instead of always having "said". Please do not put every word "said" because I will hate it. Random questions now 6. Have you ever been PEOPLE-WATCHING? Of course! I do it all the time. I mean, otherwise, how else can you tell a story about a person? And, my sister and I used to do this all the time when we were younger and we were so good to the point I could look a person or a picture and tell what they like/do not like, part of their personality, a life story, etc. It was fun. I have not done that in a while... 7. Have you ever put your characters through a MARY-SUE TEST? How did it go? ;P Yes, I have. With more of my more recent characters. Actually, they did pretty good. :D Side note, I also put Edward and Bella from Twilight through that test and they failed. Epically. -_- 8. What is the most insane and ridiculous character/scene/plot/universe that you've ever created? Are you proud of it? ;D Um... I am not sure I have one... 9. ARE you a nerd? Or a geek? Fanatic? Rabid fangirl? Otaku? I am a dork. XD A geek, nerd, fangirl, etc. And I am proud of it too! 10. Would it be cool if we created a small online Y!A writers' community? If we did, what could we do with/in it? It would be awesome. :D As long as it was not blocked at my work. >.>

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