unfortunately it's not a stain. it has removed the finish off of the table. you could try brown shoe polish and/or iodine if it has a reddish tint in the finish. be careful using either as the color of the finish may not match

1. Is it possible to get the scent of cigarette smoke out of a wooden table?

Give it a light sanding and restain it/paint it. The smell has probably ingrained itself, so cleaning wo not do much if anything. Cigarette smoke stinks, and smokers do not realise that it gets into EVERYTHING!

2. How do i get nail polish remover off my wooden table?

well you cant fix it or take it off but what you can do is buy this liquid marker that is for wood and is in any shades of brown and can cover it and it will look like the furniture color i think you can find this in home depot

3. What is the name of the tool(s) needed to repair the boards of a wooden table?

Hi Owlet, I am K-MAC from the Centre for Mentally Challenged Youths. Sounds like your old man needs a belt sander, a cement mixer and 3 liters of sugar soap. Please visit for more advice and wear something revealing.

4. Can you put polyacrylic finish over oil based stain on a wooden table?

I would suggest a sanding sealer, followed by a few coatings of oil based polyurethane. Nothing seems to bring out the grains and beauty of the wood like this

5. Are there natural ways to hide small scratches in my wooden table?

my mother in law has antiques and natural wood furniture throughout her house and she told me she uses mayonaise for scratches.I was in the middle of refinishing a dresser when she told me this trick so it was a little late for me to test it. just rub mayo in it. I think the blend of oil and eggs makes this work. It sounds gross but she swears to it!.

6. Can anyone figure out this riddle ?

make fire using those thing, wooden table and mirror. let the fire burn one side of the room and then he can go away

7. How to get nail polish remover off a wooden table?!?

It may have taken the stain off the table, in that case, you are kinda in trouble. But try some white tooth paste not gel. Put a dab, let sit for a few minutes and rub in a light, circular motion wit a soft cloth. Then rinse, with a wet clean rag. It should help remove any artificial spots, maybe that will help. That's what we use on wood to remove water and heat stains/spots. Good luck

8. how can you remove a white spot from a wooden table where a plate w/a warm bottom was sat?

Before you go to the extreme of refinishing try this first. Get your mayo jar out and rub into the spot, then I put a big clob all over it , let set for 20 minutes or so. wipe an area off if gone remove allthe mayo and it you still have some thier put on more mayo. This can take several times so do not give up

9. 7 great table setting ideas for the summer

Want to enjoy your summer dinner with the family and being happy and contented with a delicious, home made meal? Upgrade the dining table by making more summer in appearance with these table setting ideas. There are many reasons why all people love summer. From the breaks from school to the summer outdoor activities, many truly enjoys this season. What else to really enjoy the ambiance of the summer time is by decorating your home especially your dining table, with summer themes. Summer is one of the favorite seasons of many individuals. It is considered to be the hottest of the four temperate seasons. During this season, the days are longest and the nights are shortest. However, the date varies from region to region as the season is based on the climate. For example, in Australia and New Zealand, summer begins in December and ends in February. On the other hand, in southeast Asia, summer starts in March and normally ends in June. Schools and universities often have summer breaks to give students the opportunity to enjoy the warm weather and participate in various outdoor activities, such as sport events. Tournaments are normally held during this season to take advantage of the weather. This is also the season for families to have their famous barbecue, and enjoy the outdoors. You can spend playing with your pet dog while your Dad doing the barbecue. Or you can also help your Mom in setting the table. However you want to enjoy the outdoor meal during the summer, it is how you spend it with the family and share the love that your parents have given you. As we enjoy the different outdoor activities, the other thing that we enjoy most is of course, eating! All of us love to eat, whether indoors or outdoors, as long as you have sumptuous food and cool drinks to beat up the summer heat, it is always a feast for most of us. To further enjoy eating your meals, we have prepared seven table setting ideas to fully enjoy your summer: 1. Fiesta-themed - this is an event marked by festivities or celebration. Fiesta is characterized by colorful fabrics, buntings, and table wares. To make it more complete, you and your family members could also wear costumes to enjoy the fiesta-themed dinner. 2. Nature-inspired theme - if you love the outdoor and likewise a nature lover, then you will enjoy this theme. You will be needing wicker chairs and wooden table to have the natural feeling for the dining table set. Wicker basket filled with fruits can be used as a center piece for the table. 3. Under the Trees - if you have trees in the yard, use them so that you will have a natural shade source. Place the dining set under the tree as this will give you a relaxed vibe. 4. Yellow-themed - the color that signifies summer is yellow as in with the sun. You can use bunch of sunflowers as the centerpiece and serve lemonades to counter the summer heat. This is a simple way of bringing the summer into the table. 5. Beach-themed - one of the outdoor activities that everybody loves is going to the beach, where people can enjoy the sand, water and the heat of the sun. You can also play ballgames in the beach without buying expensive sports gear. At home, you can still make the dining table appear like that of the beach. A lot of blue colors as well as seashells that can function as the flower vase or the centerpiece will be ideal in bringing the ocean into your dining area. 6. Summer Love - make it romantic. A candle light dinner outdoors is one of the romantic ways to spend dinner with your partner. Red color scheme may be used to show the passion and love you are feeling. 7. Country style - you can transform your dining table so that it will look like a barn. You can use hay bales as seating areas instead of using chairs. Decorate the table with flowers and use simple white plates. These tables setting ideas will cover all the possible themes that you may want for the summer. They can be used as for family dinner or for even a bigger dining event such as hosting a party for your friends or relatives.

How Do You Get a Water Stain From a Wooden Table.?
Rub mayo on it, let stay on, wipe off good as new1. Where can I buy a plain wooden cricket bat in the United States?you can make ur own.2. Is wallpaper or bright coloured[yellow,orange,red]paint more up to date in a kitchen with older wooden floor?a warm buttery yellow would be pretty but not a daffodil yellow.My kitchen is yellow and it feels so warm and really looks pretty but I have light laminate floors.You will get sick of wallpaper and it is hard to remove and you can change paint color easily If you want pattern you could stencil some designs onto the painted walls or you could add a chair rail. For more drama you could paint your walls a deep gold or another warm dark color3. Am I being neurotic by moving all my wooden furniture away from my baseboard heaters?Not at all. It's a good idea to move the furniture not only for fire reasons, but to protect the wood of the furniture from drying out from the heat4. christians !Why do Americans build and live in wooden houses? (please read the details before answering)?the reason is HEMP . this is the only reason . before it was deemed Illegal in the US as it was done in Rome " those pricks " any how ! Hemp was at its peek . Fords first car was made primarily of hemp and it ran on fuel made from hemp . company's were making wood from hemp and it did not bow it was naturally weather resistant and termites did not eat it and it was fire proof naturally . but as man spread out and knocked down more trees . they wanted to use that wood instead of just burning it .but the main reason for making it illegal was not so noble . the goverment seen its potential and slapped a 100% tax on it . and because no one would pay for it . they declared it illegal because you cant just step up to Government and say stop robbing us . try it sometime see how fast they kill or put you behind bars . the fact of it being made illegal is just one proof of how Roman influence is in our goverment . And just to point out your idea of BRICK . tell me do you want to be in a building made of brick when it falls down . I sure dont . and brick is very expensive as well as concrete . and trying to get rid of it cost even more . were Hemp is easily recycled and less chemical's are needed to do it . so the Question is . why dont you support Hemp . and the answer is . Cannabis . the Government went out of its way to convince the people that it is bad for you . and this keeps you from looking at hemp . so it was a package deal . take alcohol . it is legal . and it will remain legal for ever . why ! because it falls in with the same law that applys to you . you can not be tried twice for the same crime . so when Hemp is free it can never be made illegal again and so is the same for Alcohol . and today Hemp is being put back into use in other country and the only ones that is apposed to it is Rome and USA . hemp has an increadable nutritional value . better than any crop we have today . it can stop world hunger . provide clothing fuel and so much more . take a look at it and compare the nutrition to say corn . we cannot digest corn . Unleavened bread is or was made from hemp . the first Whine was made from hemp . yeast was not known of till much later in the history of man . so before you claim me nuts look for yourself . then check out Fluoride . it was first used as Rat poison . and today it is in everything . it is bad for us . but they say it is good . then look at Round-Up it is bad for us yet they say it is good . hemp has a natural insect resistance . and was once use for that very reason . if you plant it around your house you wont have mosquitoes . and it will grow in any climate region
Wooden Table Top for Hotel | Restaurant Table Tops
Antique Rustic.Wood specializes in transforming reclaimed and rustic lumber into handcrafted top-quality solid wood table tops, communal dining tables, and wall coverings for restaurants, bars, cafes, and offices. In addition to square, rectangle, and round restaurant table tops, we provide custom sizes and shapes to help maximize every square inch of usable space. For businesses looking to accommodate large groups, our premium selection of rustic wooden restaurant furniture includes communal dining tables and benches. Outside of dining spaces, our solid wood furniture can be seen as one-of-a-kind conference tables and work tables in offices throughout the country. Revitalize your business space with handcrafted rustic wooden restaurant tables and furniture from Antique Rustic Wood.Reclaimed Hotel FurnitureStandard Plank wooden table tops are an effortless and stylish way to incorporate solid wood furniture into any interior. These rustic solid wood tables are assembled with a mix of 11/2 to 2 wide quartersawn staves and have full plank ends. All nail holes and character marks are putty filled and the tops are sanded for a smooth finish. Each of these restaurant table tops is coated with wood sealer and finished with 5 coats of catalyzed urethane in a matte sheen. Rectangle wooden table top are available up to 16 in length and round table tops up to 6 in diameter. Custom shapes and clipped or rounded corners are also available.Our solid wood restaurant table tops are made in the USA. Customers can choose from a variety of premium finishes and edge styles. Solid wood table tops add beauty to the dcor and are considered to be a high-end product. Match any of our wood table tops with our chairs and bar stools or we can make a custom finish for you. The Solid Wood Butcher Block Table Tops, Solid Wood Plank Table Tops and Veneer Wood Table Tops are made in the USA. Our Resin Table Tops, which offer superior durability, are affordable for any budget RELATED QUESTION How do you pack all the make up you need during a trip? I try to keep a somewhat neutral look when Im traveling.For example, I only take one eye shadow palette that will fit my needs.I have a somewhat big makeup bag where I put everything it, andI divide it in sections. I tie my makeup brushes with a hair tie and with my liquid lipsticks too.After everything is set in my makeup bag I put it at the top of my suitcase, so the weight of everything else won't crush it.And I try to always wrap around it with a blouse or something soft, because if youre traveling with an airline they dont always treat good your things.
How Secret Supper Clubs Are Testing the Appetite for Cannabis-infused Food
VANCOUVER One of the first questions chef Travis Petersen asks guests as they arrive to his supper club at a semi-secret Vancouver location is how they would gauge their cannabis tolerance.The 34-year-old former MasterChef Canada contestant will then dose the forthcoming multi-course dinner with the appropriate amount of cannabis-infused oil.Eight diners sat around a large wooden table adorned with fall-themed centrepieces and joked about whether theyre a one or 17 on a scale of 10 before falling silent as artfully plated dishes of geoduck, octopus and chorizo tacos, and butternut squash tortellini appeared before them which Petersen had topped off with an eye dropper of cannabis oil.Petersen is one of several chefs and companies serving cannabis-infused meals at intimate gatherings in secret locations to test the appetite for fine, high dining. The cooks behind these illicit events are gearing up to expand their operations with catering services, permanent restaurant menu items and more once the Canadian government legalizes the sale of recreational edibles sometime in the next 12 months.Im looking forward to seeing what is going to be allowed and where the sort of culinary industry takes us, said Petersen, owner and head chef at Nomad Cook, who has run similar events in other Canadian cities.He ran his first such dinner party on April 20 this year, an iconic date in cannabis culture. The four days of brunch and dinner events in Vancouver this month marks his 10th cannabis-infused dining series during which hell serve his 1000th customer on Saturday.The small-scale meal series attracts a wide demographic, he said. Petersen first expected to see mostly stereotypical cannabis users, but said the majority have never tasted edibles or are infrequent cannabis consumers, and patrons range from 19 to 70 years old.However, events such as Petersens run contrary to current legislation.Fresh or dried bud, oil, plants and seeds will be legal in Canada on Oct. 17, but edible legalization will take longer. The federal government has said it intends to legalize edibles within a year of that time, but details have been sparse.Health Canada says that while the Cannabis Act will govern all edible products made from cannabis mixed with food ingredients, it wont apply for use in restaurant meals.While edible cannabis products will be permitted for legal sale within one year following the coming into force of the Cannabis Act (i.e. by October 17, 2019), the framework would not permit restaurants to prepare and serve meals containing cannabis to the public, spokeswoman Tammy Jarbeau wrote in an email.Although a restaurant or commercial kitchen could seek a federal licence to produce edible cannabis products, all such products sold to customers must be packaged and labelled, in child-resistant containers with labels that display a health warning.As a result, these requirements preclude the sale of prepared meals.Petersen only encountered trouble once while running a series in Victoria after authorities learned about the dinners.He, and many others who provide such experiences, dont seem concerned about running afoul of the current laws. Most say they take safety precautions, like infusing the food with small, individualized doses, not serving alcohol, and ensuring guests have a safe way to get home.Sarah Best founded Dirt earlier this year. The Toronto-based company already has run five cannabis-infused dinners and several other edible events with local businesses, like coffee shops, with more planned for the future.I am perfectly comfortable with the way that our business operates, she said, explaining the events are private and dosing is done in a responsible, safe manner.It would be naive for me to say that were not all a little bit pushing the boundaries, I guess, at this like current moment, said Best.Once legalization and clarity is achieved, chefs and business owners like Petersen and Best, look forward to growing this burgeoning business.Petersen hopes hell be able to move beyond microdosing each guests dish individually with cannabis oil after the food is plated.Its not the traditional fun way of cooking with cannabis where were infusing it into sauces and into the actual proteins ahead of time, he said, adding thats a less accurate dosing method.Hes also working toward offering online and in-home cooking classes, and publishing a cannabis cookbook.Best anticipates targeting international and domestic tourists with a space that provides both education and food. She wants to offer infused dining, as well as cannabis-free food with suggested cannabis pairings more like a wine tasting.Polina Privis and Tanya Dercach, a married couple who co-own The Kingston Social House, a Toronto bar, and Social Sessions, a company that hosts cannabis-infused dinners, want to add some cannabis-infused items to their pub menu.At some point, we can be a cannabis-friendly restaurant, said Dercach.Perhaps, one day, theyll list a Caesar salad on their menu, with the option of adding a dressing containing a five milligram dose that patrons can pour over the salad themselves, said Privis.At the bare minimum, the duo hope to announce the pub as a cannabis safe space as of Oct. 17 one where patrons can enjoy a toke during a private event.But for now, its hard to know which of these future plans will be possible as the details around upcoming edibles legislation remains a question mark.This is all up in the air, said Privis. And who knows what the legalities will be.CLICK HERE to report a typo. Is there more to this story Wed like to hear from you about this or any other stories you think we should know about. Email
Your Chance to See Great Gardens
Today is the start of Garden Days, a coast-to-coast, weekend celebration across Canada to get us to think about gardens and gardening and the value of stopping to smell the roses. It is fitting, therefore, that we take time today to look at some of the 16 terrific private gardens that will be open for visiting as part of the 4th annual Heritage Vancouver Garden Tour. I visited six of the gardens recently and have seen two others in the program before, so I have a fairly good idea of the overall quality of this tour and it is first-class. You definitely wont be wasting your time or money if you buy a ticket. And the money raised goes to a good cause: promoting, preserving and protecting aspects of Vancouver heritage. On the tour, youll get to see a diverse assortment of gardens of various styles and sizes: from quaint, small-space, cottage-like gardens to chic, minimalist creations to larger, grander, more elaborate ones, including a lovely English-style garden that looks as if it had been lifted directly from the Cotswolds and a garden inspired by a French chteau.Penny Noble, who came up with the idea for the tour and has organized it for the past four years, says a highlight this year is the seaside cluster a group of four townhouse gardens in the Point Grey area, close to the ocean. Noble also says the tour includes some excellent front yard gardens, created by owners who said how much how their gardens boosted neighbourliness and community, with people stopping to admire the gardens and chat. I started my short tour by visiting the seaside cluster in the seven-unit townhouse complex that incorporates the historic Ells House at the corner of Point Grey Road and Stephens St.Outside their townhome, Julie and Rick Marzolf have helped established a large Green Streets garden in a traffic island at the junction of the popular bike route leading from Point Grey Road up Stephens and along York. So, even before you get to the Marzolfs garden, youll want to stop and admire the work done by them and others at this island, which is loaded with bronze and blue ornamental grasses, nepeta and roses and anchored by two red maples.Entry to the Marzolfs cosy pocket-garden is smaller, low-key and intimate. A narrow path of Pennsylvania blue stone bends to the left and leads to a raised patio, discreetly tucked out of sight behind a light screen of trees and shrubs. The scale is perfect within the space available. We wanted a friendly, hospitable garden, says Julie. We didnt come from a gardening background, but we do come from a background of hospitality, so we wanted this to be a pleasant social space.A paperbark maple and contorted hazel flank the entrance where a pot has been filled with black ornamental grass and the bright yellow foliage and blue flowers of Tradescantia Blue and Gold. Beside the patio, a well-established Chilean potato tree (Solanum jasminoides Glasnevin) soars and smothers the porch to Marzolfs home with clusters of blue flowers. Around the patio with its raised platform centre are all sorts of evergreen shrubs, such as fatsia, spotted laurel, choisya and camellia, all densely underplanted with perennials and grasses, including euphorbias, heuchera and Japanese forest grass.This used to be one big grass puddle, says Rick. It was a good decision to change everything and build this patio. It was really a no mans land before; now we have this intimate sitting space. Julie says: Im a gleaner and a budget gardener. I make use of whatever plants I can get my hands on. I have even learned to propagate heuchera from side-shoots.But we also like it when people walk by and see the garden and get this goofy smile on their face. John Morse and Willa Henry, who moved to B.C. from Ontario four years ago, live next door. Entry to their pocket-sized garden is through a white picket gate with a vine-covered arch. The garden is rectangular and meant to be viewed full-length from a sunny wooden deck off the house with steps that stretch the entire width of the yard.Under the canopy of an old red-leaf Japanese maple, the couple has covered the ground with plants they couldnt grow when they lived in the east: rhododendron, camellia, fatsia, hydrangea and variegated cornus. These all share space with astilbes, hostas, hellebores, euphorbias and crocosmia to form a cheerful jumble in a well-defined, sheltered, cottage-style setting. A path of stepping-stones down the middle leads to where a treasured statue bought on a trip to Cambodia has been placed in the dappled shade of the maple.The garden gets a restful, seaside-feel from the sound of wind chimes hung in a tree and the occasional flutter of birds drawn to a feeder strategically placed for perfect viewing. On the deck, pots have been stuffed with basil and begonias and calibrachoa for summer interest.There are two other small-space gardens to see in this complex. Both are good examples of what can be achieved to create a patio garden, even where space is tight. I next visited two very different, side-by-side gardens belonging to Marlee Ross and Joost Bakker and Maureen Burke and Collis Wilson, two couples who have been neighbours on West 1st Ave for almost 30 years. Both houses and gardens share the same entrance from the street.To the right, Ross and Bakker have an all-white courtyard garden, professionally installed by Liam Robinson of Watermark Design, with some input architecturally from Bakker. The garden won an Award of Excellence for Watermark Gardens from the B.C. Landscape and Nursery Association in 2006.Ross, a Buddhist chaplain, says she chose an all-white garden to create a mood of calm, serenity and purity. My grandmother had a white rose garden and I always remembered going there and feel very happy as a child. A silver weeping willowleaf pear tree (Pyrus salicifolia) holds a prominent place in the courtyard along with a large white-flowering camellia, scrambling Madame Alfred Carriere rose and towering evergreen southern magnolia.Other white-flowered plants featured include peonies, sarcoccoca, campanula, delphiniums, lilies (Casa Blanca and Polar Star) and nicotiana. A highlight of the garden is a water-wall, where water gently streams down a rippled zinc wall. Even the patio furniture in this garden is white-silver to go with the planting, and Ross and Bakker both turned up wearing white to complete the picture when I visited. There are no red, orange, yellow, pink or purple flowers, but there are some blue ornamental grasses a stretch of leymus (dune grass) along the outside wall and blue festuca inside plus black mondo grass planted in bulk in a trough.The middle of the garden has been slightly raised into a berm to add height and interest and there is a subtle transition down three circular stepping-stones into a more secluded lower patio. Bakker says he deliberately chose ordinary stone for the courtyards paving but had stones cut in irregular sizes to create a more interesting pattern.Gaps between stones have been filled with a mixture of Tofino beach stones and Indonesian river rocks, arranged in calming patterns. The challenge here was to create two completely private garden and outdoor dining areas while we share the same entry way, says Ross. We often share the space joining both our gardens together to create a bigger social space for parties or special celebrations. It works very well.Although only a few feet away, the garden of Maureen Burke and Collis Wilson is very different full of vibrant colour. The first thing you notice is a row of terracotta pots filled with pelargoniums on a long wooden table. This image is set against the beautiful backdrop of a rose garden. Burke loves roses her nickname is Rosebud, so its a natural fit. She has collected some choice varieties, including some of David Austens best ones, including Marie Pavie, Teasing Georgia, Windermere and Apricot Nectar.Burke also has a fine specimen of Fantin Latour as well as Shot Silk, Albertine and Frau Dagmar Hastrup. The couple got some early help from garden designer Nina McCutcheon, but they did all of the planting themselves, including what is now an old gnarly Viburnum bodnantense that has been clipped into an almost bonsai-like form. The house has a greenhouse/conservatory attached that contains orchids and tropical plants. We are struggling with this. We are not very good at it at the moment, says Burke.In a corner of the patio, a small pond provides the soothing sound of water, creating a calm ambience. In another corner, a large pseudocamellia tree contributes white flowers to the white garden next door. And an old pyracantha hangs on, despite having its roots still trapped in a container. Two other gardens worth seeing on the heritage tour are the Cotswold-style garden belonging to Claire and Jamie Wright and the pretty garden of Susan Koelink, both in the Point Grey area.The Wrights garden was on the tour a couple of years ago and many people were disappointed to have missed seeing it, so this is a second chance to see what is an impressive work a beautiful house and garden completed only seven years ago. Out of their love of the Cotswolds, the Wrights recreated with this storybook garden with all the features they enjoy about the houses and gardens in that part of the world. There is a potager garden with wattle fencing and neatly espaliered heritage apple trees. The courtyards floor is made of large pieces of limestone imported from England while the perimeter walls are built from authentic Cotswold stone. Youll see bricks, too, laid in an attractive traditional diagonal herringbone pattern in other areas. The Koelink garden, designed and built by Vancouver designer Ron Rule, has been a favourite on the tour before. It is still one of the prettiest gardens in Vancouver and well worth seeing.
Luxury Buildings Latest Amenity: Co-Working Spaces
Maani Safa, the co-founder of Etch, does not lack for places to work. His company, which focuses on digital innovation, strategy and product development, rents a shared work space in TriBeCa and has offices in London and Sydney. He also keeps a home office in his two-bedroom apartment at Abington House, a rental building in West Chelsea owned by Related Companies.Nonetheless, he can frequently be found downstairs in Abingtons co-working space hosting morning meetings after returning late from a business trip, grabbing a cup of coffee or catching up on reading in front of the fireplace.Changing American work habits and the growing popularity of co-working spaces like WeWork, Workhouse and the Farm continue to transform the office landscape. And residential developers have taken notice: A number of new residential projects feature shared work spaces that channel the vibe of trendy start-ups with computer bars, comfortable seating and coffee stations.According to a Gallup survey released last month, 43 percent of employed Americans said they work remotely at least some of the time. Between that trend and the rise of the freelance economy, residents now expect more than a drab teleconferencing room.When I was last looking for apartments, a lot of buildings said they had an office, but when you got there youd find this sterile room from the 1990s, lots of brown and mauve, said Mr. Safa. A space like that is utterly useless an office should be about invoking a feeling of creativity and calm, it should be a place I want to bring people. Otherwise Id stay in my apartment.Bryan Cho, executive vice president at Related, said that shortly after MiMA, a rental tower the company owns in Hells Kitchen, opened in 2011, residents started using the shared lounges as de facto co-working spaces.We noticed people were bringing their laptops to work among their neighbors, said Mr. Cho. At subsequent developments, like Abington House and 15 Hudson Yards, Related has anticipated that demand.Slated to open in 2018, 15 Hudson Yards will have a dedicated collaborative work studio with large communal tables, a computer bar and booth seating on the 51st floor. Mr. Cho said that Related has converted underused conference rooms at some of its other developments to computer bars.Danny Fishman, a managing partner at GAIA Real Estate, said the company has moved completely away from conference rooms.At Nine52, a Hells Kitchen condo that began sales last spring, GAIA installed a 1,300-square-foot co-working space with corkboard walls, a long wooden table, sleek work carrels and a kitchen.First-time home buyers, in particular, tend to count their numbers, said Maria Ienna, the director of sales, adding that a lot of shared co-working spaces are really expensive, even for a desk. At WeWorks West 43rd Street location, for example, a dedicated desk starts at $550 a month and a private office at $930.Asher Abehsera, the founder of Livwrk, which partnered with the Kushner Companies to develop the Austin, Nichols and Company warehouse on the Williamsburg waterfront into condos, said that when considering which amenities to add, I thought the smartest thing was to create spaces around how people work.Taking cues from nearby coffee shops, the Austin Nichols House, which opened for sales last year, was designed with a large cafe area that opens onto a courtyard. There are long, shared work tables, benched seating with cafe tables, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, and a glassed-in childrens play area next door so that parents can keep an eye on their kids while logging extra hours.As the lines between home and work continue to blur, so, too, have their aesthetics. At Citizen 360, an Anbau Enterprises condo development on the Upper East Side, the co-working and lounge areas feature massive window seats, swivel chairs, area rugs and plants. Clodagh, the interior designer whose eponymous firm designed the space, pointed out that the demand for beautiful and comfortable work spaces is a corollary of being able and expected to work anytime, anywhere.Work has become totally nomadic, she said. The hospitality business has seeped into the office business, and theyve both seeped into the home business.
Companies Recast Office Break Room As Collaborative Workspace
For generations, office kitchens were hidden out of sight, an unloved necessity kept stark to ensure that workers didnt linger.Now some companies are seeing office kitchens in a new light, turning them into gathering showplaces intended to boost morale, encourage collaboration and impress clients.At home, where does interaction happen? The kitchen, said commercial interior designer Chris Coldoff, who tries to get people to do the same thing at work. Its about making personal connections: Starting conversations that lead to a lot of creative ideas.Showcasing the kitchen calls for a repeal of old attitudes at most businesses, workplace experts said. Historically, the office kitchen was a simple service function with a refrigerator, a coffee pot and some storage space. Advertisement Its a miserable space to spend any time, a closet with fluorescent lights, linoleum everywhere and unpleasant smells, said Georgia Collins, head of workplace strategy for real estate brokerage CBRE Group Inc. You want to get in and get out as quick as possible.But what if the kitchen were also a place where you could work?At CBREs new headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, employees do not have assigned desks and can set up a workstation wherever they choose. Legal assistant Nicholas Watson likes to drop anchor at the hand-carved, 18-feet-long wooden table in the kitchen. Its a pleasant space that provides chance interactions.Ordinarily, you wouldnt be encouraged to mingle with people, he said. You get to learn more about other departments in an informal way and I can have impromptu, informal meetings with my boss. It really has become sort of a favorite spot. Advertisement Law firm Morrison & Foerster had the same goal in its downtown L.A. office, where it created a space big enough for 80 people that was dubbed the loungebrary for its combined function as lounge and library.The kitchen and lunch room are separated by a large sliding door from the library, which includes banquettes and other casual seating areas.Its worked out just like we wanted it to, said Gregory Koltun, managing partner at the firm. The space can be used for company meetings and social events such as wine tastings, but is more often simply a place to eat, work or hang out a bit.People bring lunch in more often because it is more inviting, he said, or they can leave their office and get work done in a comfortable setting.Visitors seem to be impressed with the space, Koltun said, and he makes it a highlight of office tours with potential recruits to the firm.It looks like a kitchen you could have in a house, real estate attorney Angel Wou said as she ate lunch there with other young associates at the firm on a recent weekday.A big-screen TV is an office-wide draw during major events, such as soccers World Cup, said Carlos Espinoza, an associate in the firms litigation department.Whenever there is a big game on, he said, people come down. Advertisement The trend of making work kitchens more inviting is about 5 years old, according to interior designer Coldoff of architecture firm Gensler, who created Morrison & Foersters loungebrary. And the firms that are paying for people-friendly kitchens tend to be ones that are perpetually competing for talent.For a lot of our clients there is new focus on creating spaces that bring people together, Coldoff said. Spaces that get them jazzed about interesting interactions and make them feel like the company is giving something back to them.The new model office kitchen calls for natural light, great food, great coffee and comfortable furniture, Coldoff said.Management interest in building plush kitchens often goes beyond making employees happy and impressing clients and new recruits, he acknowledged. Unfriendly kitchens have the effect of pushing employees out the front door at mealtime, something that financial trading firms and other businesses such as tech start-ups want to avoid because they need workers at their posts for long hours.If you can provide a great place for lunch or a snack it helps to keep them in the office, Coldoff said.Indeed, management attitudes about kitchens will make them or break them, consultants said.There is often pushback from some leaders who that are concerned that people who have traditionally used those horrible break rooms in the past are not people you want to have front and center, the people you want to see when you enter the office, CBREs Collins said.What we found is not only do nicer [kitchens] attract people who have not used those spaces in the past, but the people who have used them before up their game and become more presentable to their employers, she said. Advertisement If managers themselves use the kitchens and encourage employees to work away from their desks, a break room upgrade can pay off in multiple ways, consultants said. With individual office work stations typically shrinking, shared spaces often become favored alternatives.Collaboration is such a buzz word now, but its real, said CBRE broker Kevin Bender. People are spending more time at the office and they want more amenities.roger.Twitter: @rogervincent
Spaces: Words and Pictures Fill Home
NEW BRAUNFELS Not every home can pull off a design that incorporates a blackbuck mount surrounded by typography art, including a large bright yellow canvas that reads: You are My Sunshine.At the Hubicsak home, it blends together in Western frontier-meets-nostalgia harmony. Another sign beside the buck reads: I Love You to the Moon.A prominent sign in the kitchen is a favorite among family members and visitors alike. It reads simply: Call your Mother.I just love typography art, said . She bought many of the canvas prints online.Denise and John Mickey Hubicsak bought the Greg Chafin Live Oak model home in 2006. The two-story house sits on a cul-de-sac and backs up to a natural dry creek area. Plentiful windows at the back of the house allow the Hubicsaks to enjoy the scenery. They added a deck and created a water feature in a galvanized tub.Inside, Denise combined her finds with Mickey's love of hunting and ranching to create a unique design for the home.At the entry way, olive baskets found at La Belle Vie in New Braunfels and large shed elk antlers from a ranch where Mickey once worked serve as added dcor around a small table. Above the table, script on the wall addresses visitors: Peace, love and joy to all who enter here.Above the fireplace is a large elk mount, the second of Mickey's contributions to the dcor.He always knew he wanted to have an elk mount in our house, Denise said, explaining that Mickey had worked security for King Ranch and several other ranches thereafter.When Denise first told him she was going to place artwork around the blackbuck, he wasn't too happy. But then, after he saw it, he got it, she said.In the dining room, a large square wooden table, a find from Boerne, seats eight in metal bistro chairs.I always wanted these types of chairs, and they are indestructible, Denise said of her online purchase.She covered the table in patterned oil cloth and added a large bowl of driftwood as the centerpiece. For window dressing, Denise took a green banner left over from Christmas trees and adorned the windows that look out onto the dry creek area. She hung potato baskets upside down from the ceiling with twine and clothespinned black and white family photos to them.The kitchen includes a wall of typography art with more joyful messages such as Color outside the lines, and even includes art on the refrigerator a list of measurements.I use that all the time, Denise said.The rich wood kitchen island came from Armoires and Accents in San Antonio. In her daughters' bedrooms, Denise said she grew tired of struggling with numerous bulletin boards. To corral memorabilia and photos, each bedroom includes chicken wire enclosed in an oversized wood frame. The girls clip items to the wire with clothespins.A metal locker from Max's Haus Mercantile provides storage space in Denise's office.In the master bedroom, a focal point includes a find from Buc-ee's. The longhorn skull was a present from Mickey to Denise. It is covered in stones and features metal roses for eyes.
More Americans Than Ever Are Leaving the Catholic Church After the Sex Abuse Scandal. Here's Why.
YORK, Pa. On Palm Sunday, Barbara Hoover exited Brougher Chapel with a palm frond in her left hand.The 76-year-old retiree sized up the church in front of her and sighed, visibly upset.I dont know why Im still here, she said, throwing her hands up. I dont know why I still go. I guess the ritual.In Portland, Oregon, Norma Rodriguez, 51, hustled up the steps of St. Marys Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, eager to get a good seat before the service started.A lifelong Catholic, Rodriguez attends Mass weekly, praying for everyone she knows. She hasnt been deterred by the sex abuse crisis thats engulfed the Catholic Church for the better part of two decades. Its not her place to pass judgment, Rodriguez said.This whole thing, it makes me pray more, she said. It just makes me pray for humanity, makes me pray for forgiveness.In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Sara and Nathan Hofflander brought their three young daughters to Palm Sunday Mass, then joined the bustle of people chatting and enjoying a hot meal during St. Lamberts yearly parish dinner.Plates filled with turkey and potatoes. The parents corralled their girls ages 5, 3 and 1 and found a spot near a window.Sara Hofflander, 32, grew up Catholic and Nathan Hofflander, 40, joined the church in 2011. The fallibility of clergy doesnt faze him.We are all broken in some way, he said. Were not all perfect.The Catholic Church in the U.S. is at a crossroads. As millions of devout followers filled the pews this Easter season to celebrate the religions most important holiday, others hovered at the door, hungry for community and spiritual guidance but furious at the churchs handling of the decades-long sex abuse crisis thats resulted in young children being raped and abused by priests who were often protected by their superiors.Seven months after a damning grand jury report in Pennsylvania revealed that 1,000 children had been abused at the hands of more than 300 priests, and as state attorneys general across the nation investigate the church, a Gallup poll published in March found that 37% of U.S. Catholics are considering leaving the church because of the sex abuse crisis and the churchs handling of it. Thats up significantly from 2002, when just 22% of Catholics said they were contemplating leaving their religion after The Boston Globe published an explosive series that initially exposed the abuse and subsequent cover-up.On Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week, the USA TODAY Network sent 13 reporters out to parishes across the country to talk with dozens of Catholics about their faith and the scandal that has bankrupted churches after million dollar settlements, exposed thousands of accused priests and left unknown numbers of victims struggling to rebuild their childhoods, families and spiritual lives. Reporters visited white, black, Latino and Asianmajority churches in cities and rural areas from California to New York, from Florida to Guam, as priests across the world spoke of repentance, forgiveness and, ultimately, new life.Read more: After Catholic Church sex abuse cover-ups, we in the pews must no longer simply pray & payIn the Bible, Jesus crucifixion gives way to death and mourning. Three days later, resurrection comes, along with the hope of new beginnings. Many Catholics most of whom were raised in the faith and cant imagine celebrating major milestones without it want the church to have a similar rebirth. But as church leaders, led by the pope in Rome, continually refuse total transparency and justice for victims, some wonder if that renewal will ever come.In El Paso, Texas, Maria Pacheco normally watches Mass from home, when she tunes into a Spanish-language TV station. But on Palm Sunday, a friend offered her a ride to church. Pacheco attended the first Mass of the day at St. Paul the Apostle, a mostly Hispanic Catholic parish with services in English and Spanish.Pachecos seen a lot in the news about the abuse crisis. She finds it abhorrent. The scandal hasnt driven Pacheco, 76, away from church, but she does have doubts.I think it has made me lose trust in priests in general, she said in Spanish. Sometimes I wonder, if I were to come and say confession, would he have committed worse things?Questioning the Catholic ChurchAcross the country in Nashville, Tennessee, as the 8:30 a.m. Palm Sunday Mass let out, well-dressed Catholics streamed out of the Cathedral of the Incarnation carrying palm fronds in their hands, some tied and braided to look like the Christian cross.Maria Michonski, a 24-year-old student who said the clergy sex abuse crisis has contributed to questions she has about the Catholic Church as an institution, was not among the faithful.A student at Vanderbilt's Divinity School, Michonski been trying to figure out for several years how her faith which she learned as a child fits into her adult life.Michonski grew up in the Nashville diocese, went through the citys Catholic school system and studied theology as an undergraduate at Saint Louis University. She started to have a contentious relationship with the church five years ago when she came out as queer.For a while, Michonski stopped practicing all together. Now she attends Mass sporadically, divided between her desire to help make the church better while wanting to distance herself from the sex abuse crisis. But she said she won't contributefinancially.I dont tithe to the diocese, and that is intentional, Michonski said. Continuing to amass power and wealth inside a system that is so clearly broken feels very unconscionable to me.More on the Catholic Church's declining membership: The Catholic Church is worried about its future. Latino millennials may be the answerThe more stories she sees about clergy sex abuse, the angrier she gets. But she cant walk away entirely.On good days it feels like its possible to make some change in the church and on bad days it doesnt, she said. And the bad days are often linked to these big news stories where you just see how deep the power, abuse and corruption lie in the church.I felt spiritually abandonedFor Maureen Roden, the pull of tradition wasnt enough.Roden, who lives just outside of Washington, D.C., grew up in your typical Irish Catholic family. She and her threesiblings were raised in the church, attending Mass regularly. When she married her husband was raised Protestant and started having children, she decided theyd be baptized Catholic, too.Years later, on the morning of Jan. 6, 2002, her two girls were dressed in their Sunday best and eating breakfast when Roden saw The Boston Globes story. Appalled, she told her husband they wouldnt go to Mass that day. She hasnt been back since.More: David Hickton called the Catholic church organized crime. He wanted to save it.This was my moral authority, this is who I went to for moral direction, said Roden, now 53. I felt so angry and so betrayed. Not only that there were pedophiles in the church, but that they knew about it and covered it up.I could not bring my children to that church and say, These are your leaders. I couldnt put my money in the collection basket. I felt spiritually abandoned.She and her husband church-shopped for a few months, but everything felt off. Members of the Unitarian Church wearing sweats to Sunday service bewildered her. When she suggested they try a local Jewish synagogue, her husband gently asked if she was ready to give up her 63 Christmas albums.More: 45 states looking to pursue Catholic church for documents on abuse by priests, Pennsylvania attorney general saysUltimately, they settled on a Presbyterian congregation, but it never felt quite right. Roden missed the format and tradition of Catholicism, a religion where anyone can attend Mass on any given day, anywhere in the world, and hear the same order, prayers and liturgy. She found comfort in that structure, just like she did with familiar Catholic hymns. Without them, she felt lost.It didnt stick, she said sadly. These werent my people.Dismayed to find out theres no real breaking up with the Catholic church once youre baptized, they consider you in forever, she said Roden spent the next 16 years disgusted by what Catholic leaders had done. Some of her anger, she thought, might have come from her previous work as a pediatric nurse: She understood the toll sexual abuse can haveand knew recovery often takes many painful years. She didnt worry that in holding others accountable, she was trading away her shot at salvation. Instead, she thought often about the mantra, What would Jesus do? She knew he wouldnt tolerate anyone hurting children.As a society, why should we expect any less from the pope than we do from the principal at our childrens schools? Roden said. If a teacher sexually assaulted a child, that person would be fired immediately and the police would be called.Rodens not sure if shell ever be able to re-join the religion she grew up loving. She wonders sometimes what would needto happen for her to attend another Mass, or to put money in the collection plate. Maybe she could get there, she said but not before major change.Holding strong to faithIn other parts of the country, many Catholics acknowledged their unwavering beliefs as well as the hurt their spiritual leaders have caused.In the U.S. territory of Guam, Johnny Villagomez lost trust in the Catholic priests who were named multiple times in Guams clergy sex abuse revelations since 2016. But he and his wife, Linda, have not lost faith in God or the church.Who else is going to take care of the church if not us, the believers? said Villagomez, 75, a retired wildlife conservation officer.That same sentiment was expressed in Atlanta, where on a rainy Palm Sunday, parishioners filed into the sanctuary at Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church collecting palm leaves from a wooden table set up in the lobby area. Next to the leaves, a white basket overflowed with packets of the mornings scripture reading: Luke 23:1-49. That passage details Jesus crucifixion, including when Jesus cries out to God, Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.Attendance at this majority black church rises each Easter holiday season, said the Rev. Desmond Drummer. Allegations of widespread sex abuse throughout the Catholic Church havent changed that.Sometimes we need to remind folks you are innocent, you are a beloved child of God, Drummer told his congregation during the service.To Richard Jones, who has attended Most Blessed Sacrament for the past 16 years, the abuse crisis signals a need for greater engagement, not abandonment. I have lots of concerns, and thats why I stay involved, said Jones, 79, a retired consultant. Im not totally enamored with where we are. But Im not so disassociated that Im ready to walk away.More: Catholic Church: Jesuits name priests with 'established accusations' of child sex abuseYounger members feel that way, too.In Tempe, Arizona, about 60 people gathered at the All Saints Catholic Newman Center on the Arizona State University campus. One of the congregants was 29-year-old registered nurse Angela Jungbluth, who has been Catholic since birth. The sex abuse scandal shocked her, but Jungbluth said she never questioned her commitment to the Catholic faith because of it.I think the truth runs deeper than the sins of really evil men, she said. My faith is not held together because people are good, its more because God is good.One man showed up to Mass in an ASU tank top, gym shorts and sandals while two women arrived wearing traditional Catholic veils covering their heads. The Mass began with the vague smell of frankincense and a processional into the church, where all members of the congregation held palm branches in honor of Jesus' triumphant arrival to Jerusalem.In South Dakota, Mary Glenski claimed the problems with the church specifically with the Sioux Falls diocese are in the past. The problems belonged to "that time period, she said, adding that in regard to the recent allegations, "in some cases, it's been so long ago that people that come with accusations may or may not have accurate memories.Despite reports of abuse and the release of names by South Dakotas two dioceses last month, the 88-year-old retired teacher and South Dakota lawmakersaid she wont be revoking her membership or her financial support.Still, the constant stream of new accusations is challenging for the survivors of clergy abuse. The ongoing crisis is a reminder not only of their own suffering, but of the churchs failure to protect them.Michael Vanderburgh, a father of four in Dayton, Ohio, struggled for years to reconcile the abuse he endured at the hands of a priest with his decision to remain a Catholic. He ultimately chose to separate the religion he loved from the church leaders who betrayed him.The church is not about the humanity of its individual actors, said Vanderburgh, 47. Its focused on God. Its not focused on the individuals who make it up.Over time, Vanderburgh did more than forgive the church. He went to work for it. A few years ago, he led the largest-ever fundraising campaign at the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, bringing in more than $100 million. Hes now executive director of another Catholic charity, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, in Dayton.Read more the Catholic Church sex abuse crisis: Were U.S. nuns abused by priests? Catholic women respond to Pope Francis' remarks on abuseWhile Vanderburgh said he thinks the church has made strides toward strong safeguards for children, he doesnt mind that church leaders are taking a beating for their past failures. Catholics, especially abuse survivors, deserve a full accounting, he said.There is still some reckoning to do with the past, he said.Church leaders acknowledge hurt, promise changeIn Southern California, church members said leaders know they cant hide from the abuse, or from talking about it. At St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church in central Los Angeles, about 70 people gathered for the English Mass following a service in Cantonese.Potted palm plants wrapped with purple tissue paper decorated altars inside.Outside,elderly members socialized in Cantonese, ate oranges and read community newspapers. Inside the churchs foyer,pamphlets on preventing child abuse sat on a table. During Mass, one of the group prayers highlighted National Child Abuse Protection Month, calling for renewed commitment to supporting children.They probably provide a lot more training than we ever feel like we needed to make sure it doesnt happen, said Peter Chan, 44,a sales manager and lifelong Catholic.In Nashville, the Rev. Edward Steiner, pastor of the Cathedral of the Incarnation, tries to be frank with his congregation."A person that Ive kind of got a great rapport with, but who's also very blunt and direct, just simply said, 'Father, I dont know that I can take anymore. Could you please give me a reason to be a Catholic?' "Steiner said.Since the most recent wave of allegations, Steiner said hes heard from Catholics who are victims of abuse, but not at the hands of the church. Hearing about the church scandal often triggers past trauma and brings with it a flood of questions.Catholics, Steiner says, are not looking for reasons to leave, but for reasons to stay.Parishioners arent the only ones searching for answers. Future leaders are, too.As Rodriguez walked inside St. Marys Cathedral in Portland, Saul Medina handed her his navy blazer, and asked her to save him a spot.Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Medina felt a call to the priesthood roughly 10 years ago, shortly after he started a career in finance. Now 36, hes studying at Mount Angel Abbey just south of Portland. Stories of clergy abuse have both infuriated him and left him heartbroken.Its also emphasized the responsibility hell have one day, when he leads his own congregation. A responsibility, he said, not just to live his life with integrity and hold other Catholic leaders accountable, but to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable speaking out if something seems amiss.The church is supposed to bring people closer to God, Medina said, and the only way to do that is to adopt a zero tolerance policy.As he climbed the steps to walk into Palm Sunday Mass, Medina had a request for anyone questioning the future of the Catholic Church. Pray for me, he said. Pray for us. Pray for us that we can tell the truth.Reported byPatrick Anderson, Sioux Falls Argus Leader; Maria Cortes, El Paso Times; Dan Horn, Cincinnati Enquirer;Mike Ellis, Anderson Independent Mail;Nicquel Terry Ellis, USA TODAY; Haidee Eugenio, Pacific Daily News; BrieAnna Frank,Arizona Republic; Kristin Lam, USA TODAY; ThaddeusMast, Naples Daily News; Holly Meyer,Nashville Tennessean;Samantha Ruland, York Daily Record; Lamaur Stancil,Treasure Coast Newspapers
Canada 150: Joseph Gosnell Helped Negotiate Historic Treaty for the Nisga'a
When he was a youngster growing up in (Canyon City), sat with his family eating meals at a long wooden table. Gosnell and his siblings werent allowed to talk. They were supposed to listen and learn the , the oral history of the .One of the stories they heard took place more than a century ago. In 1887, Nisgaa chiefs pushed a 15-metrecedar canoe into the Nass River and paddled down the coast to Victoria. They werent making a social visit they were petitioning the provincial government for an early settlement of the Nisgaa Land Question.But when they reached the capital and climbed the steps of the parliament buildings and knocked on the door, they were turned away, Gosnell wrote in The Vancouver Sun in 1996.A few days before the article was published, Gosnell had beenpart of a historic event. An agreement in principle had been reached for a between federal and provincial governments and the Nisgaa Tribal Council of which Gosnell was president and chief negotiator.B.C.s first was attacked from all sides by Nisgaa in the Nass Valley and by non-native British Columbians who thought it gave away too much. Provincial politicians and columnists criticized the agreement as undemocratic and likely to ghettoize the Nisgaa.On an eight-day speaking tour of Europe, Gosnell talked about what the treaty meant to him and the Nisgaa. He also recounted thetoll it took as a youngster witnessing sexual abuse by a Salvation Army minister in his home village.The historic day of ratification occurred on Thursday, April 13, 2000. In the Nass Valley, church bells rang. In Ottawa, the governor-general gave royal assent in front of Nisgaa leaders in red-and-black ceremonial dress representing wolf, killer whale, eagle and raven clans.Gosnell, fighting back tears, said he and other Nisgaa chiefs were simply finishing what had been started 113 years before.A generation of Nisgaa men and women has grown old at the negotiating table, Gosnell wrote about the treaty.Many more who sought a settlement, like the chieftains who voyaged to Victoria, died before they could see their dream realized. But when the adaawak is told to future generations, perhaps a child somewhere will hear that the canoe returned to the Nass Valley, more than a century later, carrying justice for the Nisgaa and honour for us all.