An Insight on Different POS Terminals and Their Working

POS terminals are just standard computers running software to facilitate the operation of a store at a point of sale. The point of sale is wherever transactions take place within a store (also referred to as the place of purchase). At a designated counter or checkout area and at the large majority of retail locations, these POS machines are located.

Consequently, the fundamental purpose of a point of sale terminal is to simply enable a customer to pay for its items. Today, this means that you are reading your credit or debit card and you are authorized to confirm your purchase and then print a receipt. However, terminals for points of sale will usually do much more.

A majority of shops depend on their terminals for their inventory management. IWL220 and ICT220 are the examples of models of some good POS machines.For example, if the arrangement is still on site, a florist may use the “point of sale” terminal of his company.

In the past it would have been a manual process to confirm the location of the arrangement, including calling the driver to check his status. Point-of-sale end-users supply this kind of information with a single click system. A shop can have one or several POS terminals depending on its needs.

By utilizing the POS machines, now there is no need of going to ATM.How POS terminal works?Each terminal has a credit-card swipe tool, receipt printer and generally a cash drawer. All devices are connected to the same server, providing a central database to collect information on all transactions in one store.

A barcode scanner is also connected by many shop owners. In order to respond to a store’s unique needs, there is an endless range of devices that can be integrated into a point of sale terminal.The cashier simply has to scan an item to save its data in the main server, after setting up the POS system.

That is, it has been activated and “loaded” with the UPCs or other codes for the inventory of the store. Then the terminal sends the price to the display of the system. It is added to the total as additional items are scanned.

It sends other important data points to the server at the same time. In addition to updating the internal inventory of the shop, it also shows number of employee record for such sales. There will be no need to visit the ATM, when you are availing the services of POS machine.

This information is extremely important to the customer. If items are missing during one shift, you will want to find out which one of the guilty parties, who worked in the register. Similarly, if the same error continues, it will allow for the necessary training opportunities to know who is responsible.

If you are looking to buy a good POS machine, you can go for IWL220 or IWL250 model.Advantages of POS terminalsDozens of POS terminals are currently in the market, so the exact advantages will vary according to the model you choose. The reason for this is that even the most basic versions offer advantages that no shop can afford without.

The most popular advantages are presented here.As already touched, point-of-sale terminals can report on each transaction which occurs. Detailed reports say what happened during the day.

Again, it is extremely helpful if one or more employees–whether purposefully or unintentionally–do not do their jobs properly.These kinds of detailed reports can also tell you how popular certain items are. For example, if you’re a shoe store, these reports can tell you which styles, colours or sizes are the most demanded, so that you can make sure these do not go out of stock.

In the past the owners of shops should be present several weeks at a time before they can glean such insights. You can monitor this information remotely with many POS systems.Thus, we have seen some key details related to POS machines.

The ICT220 and IWL250 are the most popular models of POS machines available in the market


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POS Terminals for Merchants: Accept Crypto in-Store Easily
We often claim that cryptocurrency transactions are an advantageous and secure way of receiving payments from customers. It's easy to start accepting crypto for e-commerce, but how is it possible if you own an offline store or cafe? Fortunately, there is a smart solution for those merchants - POS terminals with the option of accepting cryptocurrency.How to Accept Cryptocurrency In-Store?You may think that working with cryptocurrency for a small business like coffee shops or retail outlets is complicated and even impossible. Actually, that's not true: even the smallest corner shop in a small town can attract new customers by accepting cryptocurrency payments. This became possible with the special POS terminals created by Cyclebit.Cyclebit terminals allow merchants to accept both cryptocurrency payments from customers' digital wallets and traditional cards. Plus, merchants can manage sales processes in a handy back office in the cloud. Moreover, the Cyclebit terminal gives an opportunity to sell cryptocurrency directly in local stores.Cyclebit terminals fit all businesses which accept payments in points of sale like stores, cafes, restaurants, and even service companies (e.g. barber shops), etc. Furthermore, such terminals allow us to kill two birds with one stone: to use one terminal both for fiat and cryptocurrency payments by QR code, credit cards, and contactless.Why Does Cyclebit Fits Merchants the Best?Cyclebit is a smart solution for the retail to accept cryptocurrency payments. Cyclebit terminals are both for newbies and those who own business for a long time and keen on attracting new clients and business expansion.Cyclebit POS terminals have a wide range of advantages over traditional payment terminals and solutions for in-store cryptocurrency payments:it allows merchants to accept the top cryptocurrencies BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, DASH for goods and services. This week FOIN was added to this list.Cyclebit POS is the one device for all transactions - it can accept both crypto and fiat payments on the same has a convenient cloud-based management system for merchants - so all transactions get displayed per every unit time.wide opportunities for integrating with necessary accounting systems.Wide Range of FunctionsIn addition to the physical terminal, which allows accepting payments, merchants get access to the various functions and opportunities:- they can manage their business processes in a cloud-based system. Goods, services, orders, balances, POS devices, and employees - everything is under control. Sales reports are accessible in Cycle Dashboard.- they receive the new "goods" - digital currencies and tokens which they can sell upon the request of customers.- they get rid of intermediaries: cryptocurrency payments, encrypted in line with PCI DSS standards, go directly from customer to merchant.- they can provide loyalty programs for customers, managing clients and searching them by phone or loyalty card number.- the Cyclebit solution for merchants includes ready-to-work POS terminal with a pre-installed app, built-in receipt printer, 2D-scanner, and various card reader options, including contactless.How to Implement Cyclebit terminal Into the Business?Now, what is most interesting is that you can get a Cyclebit terminal for your business from our company. After integrating FOIN into the Cyclebit ecosystem, it has become possible for us to provide the Cyclebit terminals to every interested merchant. 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Given the current state of consumption, the problem is extremely challenging, politically and legally to resolve and still meet transportation and energy needs of the global population.But there is no question, the reduction of carbon emissions is a necessity or we will face significant environmental risks that could take centuries to reverse or face certain death by poison gas.There are two significant dirty fuels currently emitting the most pollution, coal for generating electricity and bunker oil in ultra large engines. If the world eliminated all coal fired power plants, this alone would drastically reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a significant halt in carbon dioxide emission levels. Doing so will be extremely difficult given the demand for electricity worldwide.Biofuels would help reduce dioxide emissions but not eliminate the rise in Oxide (carbon and nitrogen) levels. Other natural ingredients could be used instead such as sea water.The solutions will require the world to revisit two highly controversial energy options; fusion and nuclear reactors. Fusion technology is not going to be ready for at least another two decades and nuclear reactor technology updates require incredible investments that are very expensive in addition to being high risk if not built with safeguards that quadruple the cost of construction.I highly doubt our world is going to be 100% weened off of carbon fuels until the 22nd century. We may have achieved sustainable (containment) levels by the year 2100 but not eliminate its consumption.Another avenue of research and development is synthesized oxide scrubbing using the same process plants consume carbon dioxide; photosynthesis. To date, we are nowhere close to understanding how this chemical process can be artificially replicated that could work on the mass scale required.Addendum;I have not touched on the subject of carbon capture technology. Still in its infancy, it is feasible to capture CO² , break it down to oxygen and carbon and then solidify the carbon for either reuse in composite materials or bury it deep into the ground. Several teams are working on this concept with several on the verge of being energy neutral. The technical aspects have been solved. The question is; can it scale to the required.My instinct tells me yes. Two critical post process issues will need to be overcome; manufacturing expertise and the willingness to invest enormous amounts of capital and infrastructure support.Will it be possible to switch all fossil fuel use to a ecological friendly alternative before 2030?
Speed of Includegraphics Seemingly Dependent on How Many Packages Are Loaded!
This was quite a puzzle.This answer will be long, to match the long time it took me to get to the bottom of this, but the sections are titled and numbered so you can skip over the ones you don't care about. You can even skip to the one-sentence summary at the end. :-)This will describe how I arrived at the answer. If you don't care, and only want the answer, you can skip to the next section.I took the file at the top of the question, saved it into a file jfbu1.tex, also created foo.pdf by copying it as cp $(kpsewhich example-image-a.pdf) foo.pdf, then ran pdftex jfbu1.tex, and sure enough, saw output like:where the numbers are increasing.As what was being measured involved includegraphicsfoo.pdf, I tried to unpack the definition of includegraphics to see if it could be further simplified. (I also tried other things, like replacing D with 10000 occurrences of the expansion of A directly, but that didn't make a difference.) Well, showincludegraphics shows that its definition is leavevmode @ifstar Gin@cliptrue Gin@i Gin@clipfalse Gin@i , so let's replace includegraphics in our file with that, see if the phenomenon is still observed, and then try removing parts of it. (E.g. the first case of the @ifstar conditional is probably irrelevant, as we don't have a * in this example, so we won't take that path.)I did this a little, mostly relying on show, and cursing the complexity of LaTeX (just writing out the full definition of includegraphics in terms of TeX primitives would be immense). (Small tip: next time use the LaTeX source code rather than show; it's a bit easier to read.)Anyway, after a few steps of this (a few steps deep into the definition of includegraphics), I observed that we could replace the original file'swith (using just an early part of the definition of includegraphics):and the phenomenon of time increasing as we load more packages was still observed (though it ran faster). In fact, proceeding a bit, this was sufficient: apparently, simply testing whether a file exists takes longer as we load more packages!A few more steps, and we can get down to TeX primitives (no loading of graphicx necessary): which simply opens and closes the file (apparently this is part of how IfFileExists works internally).After making a few more changes  for example, we don't need the trick to convert pdfelapsedtime into seconds(?) as we care more about the fact that it's increasing than about its actual value, and the phenomenon is consistently observed even with much fewer repetitions instead of 10000 (say 81, replacing 10 with 3)  we arrive at the following slightly simpler file jfbu2.tex, where the phenomenon is still observed:and this still prints output like (not always the same numbers, but the pattern of increase is consistent):(About the useless thepdfelapsedtime before the D, which simply inserts "0" into the typeset output, I'll say more below.)And the mystery remains: the A above seems like it should just do a constant number of operations, why does it take longer as more packages are loaded?Now that we're down to TeX primitives, there's nothing further to unpack at the macro (the TeX programming) level, and we need to look into the TeX program itself.We can step through the TeX program with a debugger like gdb.To do this it would usually be easier to work with the LuaTeX source code, as that's (sort of) written directly in C, rather than the source code of TeX/pdfTeX/XeTeX, as they undergo several rounds of mangling from the .web source to the C code before being compiled. (So the C code that is finally compiled is more readable in the case of LuaTeX.) But it turns out (after appropriate definitions of pdfelapsedtime) that this phenomenon we're interested in does not happen in LuaTeX, so we're stuck with pdfTeX. (It does happen in TeX / XeTeX, where without the convenience of pdfelapsedtime we can just observe visually that it takes longer.)To use gdb, the program needs to be compiled with -g, and also binaries shouldn't be stripped. Fortunately I'd done this before: the trick is, when building from TeX Live sources (see here and here), instead ofto useand update $PATH to use the new binaries appropriately. (Or, if using make install strip, should replace with make install.)One can start gdb with a command like gdb pdftex (make sure PATH is right, or else specify the full path to our specially compiled pdftex binary). Then, one can set breakpoints, before running the program (as if we'd run pdftex jfbu2.tex on the commandline) with run jfbu2.tex.Which breakpoints to set? We'd like to stop when some particular function is called, which doesn't get called too often. My choice was the function called by pdfelapsedtime (though in hindsight I guess using the one for pdfresettimer would have been better) which with some looking at the source code and/or gdb, happens to be (or call) getmicrointerval. (This is the reason for the extra thepdfelapsedtime in the file above, because I want to break there.)So we can start gdb, set break getmicrointerval, and run the program, and it will stop after reaching the place where the function is called. Then we can type continue to continue until the next breakpoint (or end of program), or type next to invoke the next statement of the program (stepping over function calls, i.e. not descending into them) or step to do the same while stepping into function calls. As you keep hitting Enter, it will show you each function that's called, and each line of source that's executed.After doing this a little, it's clear that it will take a long time to do this manually.Long story short: put the following in /.gdbinit:This is like typing "step" and hitting Enter a few million times manually until the program finishes, and everything that gdb outputs will be written to file gdb.txt.With this, the whole thing ran for a few hours, and produced a gdb.txt that was over 700 MB in size, from over 20 million lines.The start of the file looks something like this:(The first Breakpoint 1 at 0x84bad: file pdftex0.c, line 3471 is printed when we set the breakpoint; we had continue after the first time gdb paused at the breakpoint so there's no output until the next.) The part shown in the output above is common to each time pdfelapsedtime is called (we haven't even got to the D part yet).Of course we can't process this 20-million several-hundred-megabyte file by reading through it manually. In fact, grep --line-number Breakpoint gdb.txt can be used to see the number of program steps executed between successive occurrences of pdfelapsedtime (calls to getmicrointerval):This shows thatwhere we can see the increase in the numbers in bold above. (Missed the first D because of the continue.)The main idea is that although the file is 20 million lines long, the set of different lines executed is much smaller, and what we want to compare is which lines were executed more frequently between each successive pairs of breakpoints.We can keep counters of which lines were executed how many times between successive occurrences of Breakpoint 1, getmicrointerval in the file. Used the following Python script:This is the first few lines of output for 2 (the second occurrence of D). The first column is the number of times executed, then what's printed by gdb (usually the line number and source line).Compare with that for 4 (the third occurrence of D, after tikz is loaded):and for 6 (the last one, after xlop is loaded):We can just do this visually, by say opening each in a separate tab and switching between them. For example, the (most frequent) while ( s > 255 ) loop or test is performed 2502900 times after tikz.tex is loaded, compared to 975726 times before. Everything after (less frequent than) zsearchstring is run the same number of times (among statements executed at least 500 times say), and everything above that is from inside the zsearchstring function, or from the zstreqstr function just above (called from zsearchstring). So the culprit is entirely this zsearchstring function in pdftex0.c.If we understand what this zsearchstring is and why it's called, it concludes the debugging process.If you skipped the previous section: so far we've found that all the additional work between different calls of D happens in the function zsearchstring in pdftex0.c, which seems to be invoked more times (and executes a lot more operations) as more packages are loaded. Why?We can see the entire definition of zsearchstring in pdftex0.c or for that matter in tex0.c (which are both inside Build/source/Work/texk/web2c/ in the texlive directory):But at first glance it does not appear to be used anywhere else in the file. That's because in pdftexcoerce.h (or texcoerce.h) you'll find a declaration and a macro defined as it:and you can indeed find searchstring used a few times in pdftex0.c or tex0.c.This C code is somewhat harder to read than necessary though. In fact, the list of files where searchstring is found includes tex.p, which is presumably the result of tangling tex.web. Yet if you look in the TeX source code (with texdoc tex say), you will not find this function, as it's not part of the code that Knuth wrote. It's instead part of the system-dependent changes  changes made in web2c to produce a working TeX program. Instead you need to look at the complete (pdf)TeX source, with the change files too. Something like the following (assuming that texlive is the texlive directory):to produce a pdftex.tex file, followed by pdftex pdftex.tex (after optionally changing the input webmac to input pdfwebmac). (One could also look in the .ch file directly, but WEB code is ugly and is best not looked at directly.)Now we can look in the resulting PDF for search_string.Here's the definition of search_string; compare with our earlier zsearchstring C code above (generated from this):This finally explains what search_string is and why it exists. (We'll say more below.) Looking at places where it's used makes things even more clear. It's used in three procedures: end_name, start_input, and slow_make_string. Let's look at the first two:Compare with the corresponding sections in the TeX program: 517 and 537, which don't use search_string after calling make_name_string. It's worth looking at the definition (at least the documentation / context) of that too:We saw above that these functions are called when scanning a filename in an input, openin or openout operation. This of course includes the includegraphicsfoo.pdf example in the question, and the openin in the reduced example.Note that sometimes scanning does not require creating a string: we can see this by changing the test case to:where the phenomenon is not observed. (Well I haven't run it through gdb, but the numbers do not increase.)Also see why working with filenames required system-dependent changes in the first place  at the time TeX was developed, file names were very inconsistent across operating systems; in fact in the place where TeX was developed (SAIL), file names consisted of a base, extension and an area that included the user's initials and project (or something like that).Some background, for understanding the context of the code we saw above. At the time Knuth was originally (re)writing TeX (19801982), the programming language Pascal (at least the version available to him and at many places where TeX was going to be used) did not have good support for strings. So TeX basically takes care of allocating all strings manually: there's a giant array of characters called str_pool, initialized at the start of the program, and whenever TeX needs to store a new string, it stores the characters of the new string (as it's being built up, e.g. scanned from the input file) at successive indices into this array. For example, the kth string starts at str_poolstr_startk and goes up to str_poolstr_startk1-1. Or you can read this in the program:Note that the string pool is just an array, and is not optimized for finding strings in it: the TeX program as originally written saves references to whatever strings are needed (e.g. it will save k, and thereby know where to find the kth string). It never needs to look through all strings in the array for a particular string, any more than it's reasonable to search through all bytes of a computer's memory looking for a particular value.But when the system-dependent changes for web2c were made (a long time ago), a function slow_make_string was introduced which before saving a string, searches the entire string pool(!) to see whether it's already present under some other name (number). If so, the same string (number) is reused. This explains the very frequent (executed millions of times) loop ofthat we saw in gdb: it's searching through all string numbers s, starting at the largest (most recent) value.It appears that this may have made sense when memory constraints were tighter than time constraints (you can always wait longer), especially as it would also mean the string pool was small so there was a smaller limit on how much time would be spent searching through the entirety of it. At current memory sizes (and memory access times, which have over the last many decades consistently become more expensive relative to (arithmetic) CPU instructions) it may be worth reconsidering...(TeX as originally written does not do this. From some of the documentation it's worded as though TeX simply creates this new string, stores no reference to it, and moves ahead, which sounds like a typical memory leak bug  possibly worthy of one of those reward cheques from DEK? :P  but from looking at some of the code it seems rather that TeX unconditionally flushes the string, so it's rather the case that the changed (web2c) TeX wants to preserve a reference for some reason, so it needs this workaround... it's not clear to me which is the case.)Apart from TeX Live, I took a look at MiKTeX, and it has nearly identical code for these sections. (Just renamed from 54/web2c-string to 54/MiKTeX-string.) I have not been able to look at other less common (not based on web2c) TeX distributions, like KerTeX or TeX-gpc, nor of course of closed-source (commercial) distributions like BaKoMa TeX or Texpad.At the end of a TeX run, if tracingstats1, the program prints statistics to the log file (Here is how much of TeX's memory you used). These are the results by moving the bye to different places in the above file (after adding tracingstats1):At the top of the file (just after tracingstats1):After A, B, C, D have been first defined:(Doesn't change because single-letter names are not stored separately.)After those and also filename has been defined:(Makes sense: filename is one string, and 8 characters long.)Just before the first D:(The two strings of 19 bytes total are not the primitives pdfresettimer and pdfelapsedtime (those would be already stored), but rather something created by thepdfelapsedtime. Not sure of the details.)Just after the first D, or just after the first message:After input xintexpr is loaded (and any place before input tikz):After input tikz:(Note the large increase compared to earlier.)After input xlop (or end of file):These relative increases in the size of the string pool roughly match the relative increases in the time for executing D.In the common implementations of TeX, commands in which TeX scans for a file name (as in the case of includegraphics) involve searching through the entire string pool, and this gets slower as more packages are loaded because the packages define control sequences (macros) whose names are stored in the string poolHere is test file for (Plain) pdftex. To test it, you need some graphics file foo.pdf in working repertory. Mine is a copy of the file found via kpsewhich example-image-a.pdf. Call the following testspeedgraphics.tex and execute pdftex testspeedgraphics on command line.input graphicx.texdefBnoexpandAnoexpandAnoexpandAnoexpandAnoexpandA% noexpandAnoexpandAnoexpandAnoexpandAnoexpandA%edefCBBBBBBBBBB% 100 AdefAnoexpandC%edefDC% 100 C, each one expanding to 100 AdefAsetbox0hboxfoodeffooincludegraphicsfoo.pdfpdfresettimerD % 10000 usage of includegraphicsedefzzzthedimexprpdfelapsedtime spmessage^^J^^J**** zzz ****^^J^^Jinput xintexpr.stypdfresettimerD % 10000 usage of includegraphicsedefzzzthedimexprpdfelapsedtime spmessage^^J^^J**** zzz ****^^J^^Jinput tikz.texpdfresettimerD % 10000 usage of includegraphicsedefzzzthedimexprpdfelapsedtime spmessage^^J^^J**** zzz ****^^J^^Jinput xlop.texpdfresettimerD % 10000 usage of includegraphicsedefzzzthedimexprpdfelapsedtime spmessage^^J^^J**** zzz ****^^J^^JbyeThis file will do 4 times 10000 includegraphicsfoo.pdf in box0. We load more and more packages. On a 2.8GHz computer I get this typically in the console output:**** 1.12306pt****(loading of xintexpr)**** 1.19366pt****(loading of tikz)**** 1.36714pt****(loading of xlop)**** 1.40392pt****Hence there is increase of timings, and one feels the bigger the package the more the impact.Now comment out all loading of extra packages in test file above and repeat experiment. I get typically**** 1.13177pt******** 1.12141pt******** 1.14122pt******** 1.12416pt****i.e. there no timings drift...Now another test file, where we still include graphicx.tex but do no usage of includegraphics, rather we expand a dummy macro foo. This being much faster we do 1000000 repetitions.input graphicx.texdefBnoexpandAnoexpandAnoexpandAnoexpandAnoexpandA% noexpandAnoexpandAnoexpandAnoexpandAnoexpandA%edefCBBBBBBBBBB% 100 AdefAnoexpandC%edefDC% 100 C, each one expanding to 100 AdefAnoexpandD%edefEC% 100 D, each one expanding to 100 CdefAsetbox0hboxfoodeffoofoopdfresettimerE % 1000000 "foo"edefzzzthedimexprpdfelapsedtime spmessage^^J^^J**** zzz ****^^J^^Jinput xintexpr.stypdfresettimerE % 1000000 "foo"edefzzzthedimexprpdfelapsedtime spmessage^^J^^J**** zzz ****^^J^^Jinput tikz.texpdfresettimerE % 1000000 "foo"edefzzzthedimexprpdfelapsedtime spmessage^^J^^J**** zzz ****^^J^^Jinput xlop.texpdfresettimerE % 1000000 "foo"edefzzzthedimexprpdfelapsedtime spmessage^^J^^J**** zzz ****^^J^^JbyeThis test file does all the input's of extra packages. Typically I get from pdftex testspeedfoo.tex:**** 0.48016pt****(xintexpr)**** 0.49115pt****(tikz)**** 0.48283pt****(xlop)**** 0.47798pt****i.e. no impact at all.Now, why is there impact with includegraphics. Is it simply because its expansion is much more complex, and if yes what is explanation? or is it something specific related to includegraphics dealings and then again what is explanation?Perhaps something having to do with hash-table? the more macros are defined the less efficient TeX is in expanding macros? (then the thing would be not includegraphics specific, I stopped my testing there, leaving the experts to express their intuitions first).Originally, this question arose in the context of a Joseph answer using xfp and includegraphics. I wanted to test if using draft option of includegraphics had an impact and then realized that loading or not xfp changed the timings. Then I realized it had nothing xfp specific, but any big package would do.I also tested with this variant of foo:defAsetbox0hboxfoodeffoofooadeffooafoobdeffoobfoocdeffoocfooddeffoodfooedeffooefoofdeffooffoogdeffoogfoohdeffoohfooideffooifoojdeffoojfookdeffookfooldeffoolfoomdeffoomfoondeffoonfooodeffooofoopdeffoopfooqdeffooqfoordeffoorfoosdeffoosfootdeffootfooudeffooufoovdeffoovfoowdeffoowfooxdeffooxfooydeffooyfoozdeffoozfooAdeffooAfooBdeffooBfooCdeffooCfooDdeffooDfooEdeffooEfooFdeffooFfooGdeffooGfooHdeffooHfooIdeffooIfooJdeffooJfooKdeffooKfooLdeffooLfooMdeffooMfooNdeffooNfooOdeffooOfooPdeffooPfooQdeffooQfooRdeffooRfooSdeffooSfooTdeffooTfooUdeffooUfooVdeffooVfooWdeffooWfooXdeffooXfooYdeffooYfooZdeffooZfooaadeffooaafoobbdeffoobbfooccdeffooccfoodddeffooddfooeedeffooeefooffdeffoofffooggdeffooggfoohhdeffoohhfooiideffooiifoojjdeffoojjfookkdeffookkfoolldeffoollfoommdeffoommfoonndeffoonnfoooodeffoooofooppdeffooppfooqqdeffooqqfoorrdeffoorrfoossdeffoossfoottdeffoottfoouudeffoouufoovvdeffoovvfoowwdeffoowwfooxxdeffooxxfooyydeffooyyfoozzdeffoozzfooAAdeffooAAfooBBdeffooBBfooCCdeffooCCfooDDdeffooDDfooEEdeffooEEfooFFdeffooFFfooGGdeffooGGfooHHdeffooHHfooIIdeffooIIfooJJdeffooJJfooKKdeffooKKfooLLdeffooLLfooMMdeffooMMfooNNdeffooNNfooOOdeffooOOfooPPdeffooPPfooQQdeffooQQfooRRdeffooRRfooSSdeffooSSfooTTdeffooTTfooUUdeffooUUfooVVdeffooVVfooWWdeffooWWfooXXdeffooXXfooYYdeffooYYfooZZdeffooZZfooto try to emulate the case with expansions of many distinct macros. But this does not show any drifting when loading packages, i.e. I don't reproduce with that the includegraphics situation: all four executions of 1000000's A take each about 2.9s--3s on my 2.8GHz computer.
How Much Does a Hamster Cage Cost?
Getting hamster for your child involves finding the right hamster cage and the feeding and bedding accessories that go with it. Before you bring the hamster, check out the costs of ownership.Hamster  CageThe most important thing that you will need is the hamster cage. This will be where your hamster will live. There are lots of different types of cages. These can be purchased for anywhere between $10 for a small plastic cage up to $100 for a larger cage made of metal or wood.BeddingBedding material is important as it will make your hamster cage comfortable for the hamster. This will cost between $2 and $10 depending on whether you choose basic bedding, or whether you prefer the scented varieties. Prepare to replace bedding weekly as part of your cleaning regimen.Dish and FoodA dish to put food in is a very good idea, it's best to buy a ceramic bowl so that hamsters can not chew and eat it. This should only cost up to a maximum of $10.Food is also necessary and you can buy lots of different mixes of hamster food at your local pet shop. These should not cost any more than a few dollars for a small bag to try out.BottleAll animals need to drink and hamsters are no exception. Expect to pay up to $5 for a water bottle. A bowl of water could be used instead however bottles are much cleaner and less likely to make a mess.Can guinea pigs eat hamster food?Ignore that person above! I feed my guinea pigs hamster food because I have like 7 hamster lol :) they are perfectly fine and I've won loads of pet shows XD they've been alive for years too :PI lost the tablespoon i use to measure my hamster food?Hi Yes, that's ok. It would be just like you hamster chewing his/her cage or plastic igloo, or any other toy or item that's plastic. It is 100% safe if your hamster has chewed the measuring tablespoon. If I were you I would clean the cage to find it. If it's not in the cage do not worry, just look around the cage, in the floor, under the bed, just any place like that. I would also ask your mom where she put it because it might not be in the cage at all. Hope I have helped you!Is it possible to make homemade hamster food? If so do you have any recipes?I have one! Ingredients: Diffrent types of seeds(unsalted) honey put some of the seeds in a bowl. put honey and form balls. let the honey dry for it hardens. put one ball at a time in!is it okay to feed pet mice hamster food?Hamster food is different. Maybe post on craigslist if someone is willing to tradeWhat foods (other than hamster food) can i give to my hamsters?A hamsters diet mainly consists of a dried mix that can be bought in pet stores. This will contain all the vitamins and minerals a hamster needs. Make sure the mix you buy does not contain too many seeds or nuts because too many of these can make your hamster fat. One thing to note when feeding dwarf hamsters is not to feed too many sugary foods as this could lead to diabetes. You should provide two teaspoons of the dry mix each day. Any food that your hamster does not eat should be thrown away. Along with the normal hamster mix you can also feed your hamster fresh fruit and vegetables once or twice a week. Be careful you do not feed too many of these as it may cause the hamster to get diarrhoea. The following is a list of some foods you can feed your hamster: Banana Sweetcorn Cucumber Apple Cheese Turnip Raisins Peas Carrot Celery Bread Grapes Melon Chicken Never feed your hamster these foods: Chocolate Raw Kidney Beans Garlic Onions Raw Potato Sweets Hope this helps.Hamster Food, Treats & Diet: What Types, How Much & OftenFeeding your hamster is going to be relatively easy considering all the food options that are available to you. With that said though, not every type of hamster food is good for them. Some of your options include carefully formulated ingredients that will provide your hamster a well-balanced diet while others do not provide any nutritional value and are loaded with nothing but sugars or fats. The hamster food you should look for includes 12-24% protein and 3-6% fat. For Pregnant or baby hamsters, you should get hamster food that contains 18-40% protein and 7-9% fat. The reason pregnant mothers and babies need more protein is that they need all the protein to grow. It's during the first month of a baby hamster's life that does most of it's growing; additional protein will help. In addition to the protein and fats, they need a diet high in carbohydrates. Since they burn so much energy when they are active, hamster food with some needed carbs will give them the energy to do their nightly exercise on the hamster wheel or through their tubes and tunnels. Round out the diet with greens in the forms of lettuces, grasses, fruits, and vegetables. What is in Hamster Food With all the options available and all the guidelines you need to follow, you are probably wondering what exact type of hamster food to get. The problem is, there is no one right answer. We can give you a recommendation on what we think makes a well-balanced hamster diet but by no means is this always going to be right for your situation. In addition to pregnant and baby hamsters, you might need to alter your diet formula for any obese, old, or diabetic hamsters. Obese hamsters should be limited in their fat intake, old hamsters can be fed what the babies eat and diabetic hamsters should have low sugar diets. In regards to prepackaged hamster chow, these should make up more than 50% of the overall diet. There are two main types to choose from; seed mixes and lab blocks of pellets. Variety is the spice of life so it's okay to use both in your hamster's diet. A bag of mixed seeds is a great choice if you want a large variety of options for your hamster to eat. Depending on the brand, theses mixes include not only seeds but also and other types of grasses/grains (oats, wheat) dried fruits and vegetables. If your hamsters ate a bit of all these ingredients, it would probably have a relatively balanced diet. However, just as you see in humans, hamsters will pick and choose what they want to eat. Often they will go for the more fatty foods like sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds while not eating the other parts of the mix. Thus, they do not get a well-balanced diet. You can pick out the fatty seeds like sunflower and pumpkin seeds and only give them out every so often. You might consider removing some of the corn or alfalfa since some hamster owners say they can cause cancer or liver damage but there is little research to back this up from what we can find. Additionally, dehydrated fruits can get stuck in their mouths or cause a cheek impaction. Finally, avoid mixes that have a lot of molasses in them since they are full of sugar. Lab blocks were originally created as feed in laboratories for research animals. You can now buy these at pet stores but the best ones still come from manufactures that still sell to laboratories. A lab block usually contains a mixture of seed and grains and vitamins and minerals. These are a preferred type of hamster food if you want to make sure your little guys or girls are getting all the vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy. If you could only get one type of dry food, these would be them. You might think they would taste bad but your hamsters will most likely love them, especially the Syrian breeds. In addition to getting a well-balanced diet, these pellets and blocks will help wear down your hamster's teeth and keep them from becoming overgrown. Lastly, Block and pellets are easier to save while cleaning your hamster cage then the smaller seed mixes. Hamsters in nature rarely drink water but instead get their water from the things they eat (This does NOT mean you do not need a water bottle though). Fresh greens, fruits, and vegetables not only provide your hamsters with the water they need, but they also provide extra vitamins and minerals they need. With that said, you need to be careful how much greens you add into the hamster food; too many greens and they can get a case of diarrhea. A rough guide calls for only feeding it about one square inch (2.54cm) of greens per day. There are greens, fruits, and vegetables that are great for hamsters and there are also ones that should be avoided. The following are some of the greens that are acceptable and some of the greens to avoid (If you collect these from outdoors, make sure there are no pesticides or toxic chemicals that could be on them. Always thoroughly wash them before placing them in your hamster's cage.) • Corn (may or may not cause cancer) • Alfalfa (may or may not cause cancer) In their natural habitat hamsters are mainly herbivores but on occasion, if the opportunity arises, they will snatch up small insects or grubs. This means you will need to provide your pet with some food that contains protein. Many of the prepackaged mixes will have some protein so you wo not have to provide that much more. All you need is a small fingers worth every so often. Try to keep its protein intake down around 12-15% unless otherwise for reasons stated in this article (pregnant and baby hamsters). The following is a list of acceptable forms of protein that can be fed to them (It's best to get any of the live insects/bugs on this list from the pet store so no diseases get spread). Hamsters need access to a fresh source of water 24/7. The best way to do this is by providing them with a water bottle or two throughout their habitat. You need more than one if you have several hamsters or an expansive cage system. In the wild you could observe a hamster licking different rocks or minerals that contain salt. They need salt to help retain water and stay healthy. You can provide your hamster with a salt lick or a mineral salts. These come in various forms and are sometimes added to their accessories as a form of play. If you provide your little guy with a well-balanced diet you probably wo not need to get supplements to add extra vitamins and minerals into their food or water. However, if you want to play it safe and make sure they are getting all the nutrition they need, you can get vitamin and mineral supplements; it more than likely wo not do them any harm as long as you follow the directions. Occasionally a pet owner wants to spoil their hamsters by giving them some treats. For the most part, if you feed it a well-balanced diet it wo not need to be fed any treats. However, every so often it's okay to give your hamster something that is not the best for it in terms of nutritional value. If anything, if it does not provide any nutritional value, a tasty treat might improve their happiness which is a roundabout way can improve the little guy or girl's well being. There are a lot of options on the market these days and some are less unhealthy than others. Most of them come in flashy packaging and contain a lot of sugar. Here is a list of some of the treats that are available: Avoid any treat that contains a high amount of sugar. This means no cakes, cookies, or chocolates. If you only spoil your hamster every so often and do not fall for their tricks that they just have to have a treat, then you are being a good pet hamster owner and providing them with the proper care they need.
Why Didn't Noah Have Any Grandchildren in the Ark?
Come on, having one of every animal is one thing, but now having grandchildren on the Ark? That would just be too hard to believe.the more disturbing question is eventually he would have had them. Exactly who is having sex to produce said child? Kind of like, how did Adam and Eve become grandparents?.1. Mothers: what would you do if some other child hit your child?Why do not you bring this up to the apartment complex manager? If parents are not out there watching their children then their children should not be out there either! I would have been tempted to swat the kids butt, but of course I would not have. I would take it to the manager.2. Easter baskets... How do you fill them?I feel the same way you do. I make it a point to not over do it. My family never over did it, but I remember my cousin's family thought it was normal to spend $300 per child for Easter. They would spend almost a $1000 in total on Easter 'gifts'. Gift certificates, you name it. I always thought it was crazy. I got some great ideas from a question I asked the other day. What I plan on doing for my kids Easter 'Buckets' is: Getting a couple plastic pales that have the shovels, rakes and what not in them (cost $1.50 each at Toys'R'Us right now). In them I am going to put a coloring book ($0.50 each) crayon pack ($0.50 each). Going to add one of their favorite fruit juices, couple Kinder Surprise eggs (got a package of 12 for $2) and a chocolate bunny ($1 each). Then on the side I have picked them up a movie (Go! Diego Go! Dinosaur Adventures for $5). My mom always got a 'family movie' as a gift to the family. It was usually a Disney movie of some sort. She did it because it kept us busy while she was cooking our big Easter Dinner.3. Is this art or child pornography?Defiantly Child Porn. Most art containing children are not nude4. How is child support calculated if the father is not in contact with the child?it is based on income of both parents. Child support amounts can always be changed based on income or other factors related to bring up the child.. It does not matter if you see your child or not you are still responsible to help support the child5. Is this normal? Is your child like this? ?Oh, that will change, just wait!6. parents: if your child was atheist?This is not about atheism vs. christianity - it's about respect and family. It's the holidays and whether you believe in God, Jesus or whatever you can still gather with your family and visit. Obviously exchanging gifts does not seem to offend you (funny how that works) so what is the worst that can happen? You just stand there and bow your head while everyone else is praying - I doubt they will be watching to make sure EVERYONE is praying along with them. Go and have fun visiting with your family and politely decline to exchange gifts with them - you do not want to go against your principles afterall7. Is this child abuse? And I so I it legally considered child abuse in Ohio?I am not from Ohio, and I have never lived there. BUT I would consider it to be child abuse. Be brave and consult a higher authority about it. It will be hard and scary, but your parents are the ones who are suppose to protect you. Not harm you. Would you rather live in pain and fear from your own parents, or potentially live in a safe and relaxed home?8. Is this considered child abuse?No this is not child abuse, if this was happening on a daily basis then yes. Sometimes parents flip out I know my mom has beat my *** like that when I did some bad stuff, but obviously she loves me because she feeds me and gives me shelter. Same with your parents, they may flip out for bullshit reasons sometimes but they still love ya.
Cheap but Fabulous Wedding Decoration Ideas
Wedding decorations are essential when planning a wedding. The chosen decors have the potential to make or break the atmosphere of the party, thus careful selection must be taken into serious consideration. It need not be expensive, actually. Price is not a determining factor in making your wedding decorations beautiful and elegant. Buy Cheap Wedding DecorationsFor a soon-to-be bride, planning a wedding usually goes way beyond choosing the most fitting bridal gown and accessories. More often than not, it involves almost every minute details of the occasion, from the wedding favors to the food at the reception. Because of the costs of all other aspects of the event, the prospect of saving some extra bucks on cheap wedding decorations is definitely welcome.In this times where the economy is not at its best, couples should pursue practical ways in making their wedding dreams come true. There are cheap wedding decorations out there that can give fabulous look to the wedding venue and reception. Whats the use of expensive wedding decors, when the decorator is not apt for the job? All you need is your sense of creativity. By being creative you can make each of the cheap wedding decoration shine in glamour and beauty. Affordable wedding decorationsBasically, wedding decorations are made up of flowers, ribbons and candles. Of all items, flowers are the most dominant. Now, to obtain dozens of flowers at the lowest price possible go to flower farms. Flower farms are indeed the cheapest place where you can buy them wholesale. As for the task of doing flower arrangements, you do not have to hire a florist when you can decorate it yourself. This way you can have a great deal of cutting the cost. Why not seek the helping hands of your family and friends to come with an amazing masterpiece? You can come up with different ideas from them. Also, this can be a good bonding time for you and your loved ones to enjoy with.The candles and the ribbon are like supporting artists that add more drama to your wedding decoration. Cheap candles are widely available. They jive perfectly with the flowers and with ribbons to accentuate them; you will certainly have an elegant wedding decoration. Sydney wedding decorationsTry to look around discount stores as well. Youll be surprised at the number of cute items youll find there. You can use these items to add more color to your decorations but dont overdo it. It should complement to your wedding colors and theme. Its safe to keep it simple but elegant.Again, make use of your imagination. The sky is the limit here! Be creative in coming up with a cheap but fabulous wedding decoration. However, this entails time. As with all subjects, you need to plan ahead. With a plan in hand, you can accomplish the task of designing the entire wedding decoration and the search for the cheapest materials. If everything is well-coordinated and well-planned you can rest assured that your cheap wedding decoration will turn out fabulous on your wedding day.Visit here Wedding Decoration Items for Sale·RELATED QUESTIONApartment, non-perm, cheap decor ideas?I have lived in some tiny temporary places with mis-matched furniture. The thing that I have done that has always had an absolutely HUGE impact in making everything come together and look alive and cozy is to incorporate as many plants as possible! The bigger, the better! You would not believe what a difference this makes. Try it! You wont believe your eyes!!
ChildrenImage quality checkingReliability of measurements increases if indicators of pelvic alignment are taken into account: Obturator foramen diameter ratio (of Tnnis): A quotient of pelvic rotation by dividing the horizontal diameter of the obturator foramen of the right side and that of the left. In neutral rotation the ratio is 1 but is considered to be acceptable when it is between 0.56 and 1.8. Symphysis os-ischium angle (of Tnnis): This evaluates the pelvic position in the sagittal plane. Lines are drawn from the highest point of the ischium to the most prominent point of the symphysis, joining at the inside of the pelvis. The range of normal values is from 90 to 135 and is related to the infant's age.MeasurementsThe most useful lines and angles that can be drawn in the pediatric pelvis assessing hip dysplasia are as follows: Normal hip. Hip dysplasia. (A) Hilgenreiner line, connects the inferior tips of the iliac bones, at the triradiate cartilage. This line is used to measure the acetabular angle and as a reference for Perkin line. (B) Perkin line is perpendicular to Hilgenreiner line, touching the lateral margin of the acetabular roof. This leads to four quadrants and a normal femoral head has to be located in the inferomedial quadrant. We can measure the lateral displacement of the femoral head with regard to the Perkin line by dividing the width of the head that crosses the Perkin line by the diameter of the head. The value for patients under 3 years must be 0 and in older children this ranges from 0 to 22%. (C) Shenton line is a continuous arc drawn from the inner edge of the femoral neck to the superior margin of the obturator foramen. In children over about 3 to 4 years of age, this line should be smooth and undisrupted, otherwise it may indicate a fracture or hip dysplasia. However, in infants this line can be unreliable as it depends on the rotation of the hip when the image is taken. (D) The acetabular index measures the acetabular roof slope. It is the most useful measure of acetabular dysplasia until 6 years of age. It is formed between Hilgenreiner line and the acetabular roof. In newborns, values of in males and in females are considered normal. It normally decreases with age: Acetabular index by age in males. Acetabular index by age in females. (E) The medial articular joint space is measured between the medial border of the femoral head or neck (when epiphysis is not ossified) and the acetabular platform. Normal values range between 5 and 12 mm. Differences greater than 1.5 mm between the two sides are considered abnormal.Reimer's migration index (MI), also called the femoral extrusion index, is calculated if hip dysplasia is detected. It can be used to indicate hip dislocation. It is the horizontal distance (parallel to the Hilgenreiner Line) between the Perkin line and the lateral border of the ossification center of the femoral head, divided by the horizontal width of the ossification center. The migration index is normally less than 33% by most sources, but 25% and 30% has also been suggested.— — — — — —What would you think if?I had the same thing, only I had no children from my first marriage. My second, my husband's first. I wore white, I do not think anyone really cares anymore. Hell, let's face it, there are not that many virginal brides ANYWAYS right. It's your wedding, your choice. I see wearing white as a fresh start. .you can think of it that way too.— — — — — —Wife and childrenOn 29 April 1858, Ainslie married Eliza Anne Sawer, daughter of Thomas Sawer of Ickham, Kent, and they had ten children, William Langstaff, Lylie Sophia, Francis Sawer, Mary Isobel, Montague, Rose, Beatrice, George Robert, Thomas Oswald, and Charles Bernard Ainslie (1879-1937), the last of whom became the father of the Liberal politician Jack Ainslie. Ainslie's widow outlived him by six years, dying on 27 December 1899.— — — — — —Do you think there is a problem with Illegal Aliens in the LGBT community?I do agree that people should be able to choose a place to live that is safe and offers more oppotunities for them. Unfortunately, we as U.S. citizens do not fully understand what hell people have to go through just to come to America. My husband of 6yrs. came here illegally simply because when he tried to it the right way the Embassy denied him simply because he was single, educated, and had no children. Therefore, they believed if they granted him a visa he would have no reason to come back to Nigeria. His living conditions in Africa were horrible and he had no reason to stay. I am grateful that he found a way to better his situation, even if it was not "Legal." Everyone has the right to choose to be happy. Why do we give the government so much authority over that? Why should the government get to decide who should and should not be happy? By the way, since my husband has been in the US, he's held a legal job for over 6yrs., pays taxes, and has been a terrific father to 3 beautiful children he helped create....not many American men can even do that!!!!
Does Anyone Have the Recipe for the Olive Garden Pumpkin Cheesecake? It Was WONDERFUL!?
Does anyone have the recipe for the Olive Garden Pumpkin Cheesecake? It was WONDERFUL!?I just bought one frozen from Olive Garden for $40. It weighs over 6 lbs!— — — — — —A recipe for Olive Garden Tuscan Bread Pudding.?— — — — — —Getting dressed up to go to the Olive Garden..?In my opinion, Olive Garden is not totally fancy, but it sure is fun to dress up to go eat out with friends. Especially if they go occasionally, they must enjoy it— — — — — —What's the most you've ever eaten in a day?Olive Garden for lunch and some more food— — — — — —Does anyone have a recipe for Olive Garden's marinara sauce?— — — — — —How do I make the same salad as olive garden?All it is is iceberg lettuce with red cabbage, tomato, cucumber and black olives. If you are referring to the dressing, that's just olive oil vinaigrette-look up recipes on the web or there are some good bottled varieties out there— — — — — —What is the recipe for Olive Garden's Tuscan Breeze cocktail?vodka, banana liquor, Pineapple juice— — — — — —Poll: Macaroni Grill or Olive Garden?Olive Garden all the way!— — — — — —how much money should i bring to olive garden?$70 to $170. Depends on what you order? Nice family place— — — — — —Zuppa Tuscany like Olive Garden, for slow cooker?Olive Gardens Zuppa Tuscana 1 1/2 cups spicy sausage 2 medium potatoes, cut in half lengthwise and cut into 1/4 inch slices 3/4 cup onions, diced 6 slices bacon 1 1/2 teaspoons minced garlic 2 cups kale leaves, cut in half, then sliced 2 tablespoons chicken base 1 quart water 1/3 cup heavy cream If sausage is in links, take out of wrapper (or slice). Cook ground sausage, until done. Cook bacon and onion over medium heat, when bacon is crisp, take it out of the pan and leave the onion. Add garlic to the onion, and cook 1 minute. Add chicken base, water, and potatoes; simmer 15 minutes. Crumble bacon. Add crumbled bacon, sausage, kale and cream. Simmer 4 minutes, then serve.— — — — — —what are some vegetarian options at olive garden?Salad and pasta with just veggies. Yummy!!— — — — — —When you eat at Olive Garden, what do you order?We go for lunch and both order unlimited soup and salad. Water w/lemon to drink.— — — — — —I am looking for a good red wine! help me!?Lambrusco it's fairly cheap I had it at Olive Garden— — — — — —Good places to eat at in fort Walton destin Florida?I would go for Olive Garden Ft Walton Beach chain, foods and drinks are just great. I am pretty sure you will loved it— — — — — —Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta Bowl...........?This is why I always only order my chicken & shrimp carbonara entree. =] It's total deliciousness!! Plus their garden fresh salad/little of companion's minestrone soup and sometimes appetizers before actually eating my amazing entree I get full VERY easily and I could finish my entree! I do not know what it is about Olive Garden that let's this miracle happen!! ^_^— — — — — —If I rolled into town and took you out to dinner, where would we eat? What's the main dish?Olive Garden, and I would eat Chicken Alfredo. What would you eat?— — — — — —Is Olive Garden A Good Place For A Date?I think so! I personally love Olive Garden, and a date there would be great! I think that it's a safe place to go because if your date has food restrictions or is a picky eater, chances are they will find something at Olive Garden that they can enjoy. Plus, most people love Italian food. I think it's a perfect place for a date— — — — — —Has anyone ever worked at The Olive Garden?all places are different so the amount of tables will depend on what you can handle you will make less than minimum wage due to you work on tips and they will give you a shirt— — — — — —Planning a vacation to New York very soon, what are the must sees?Please do not eat anywhere that has a theme (i.e. Mars 2012 JekyllHyde, Forrest Gump) and do not eat anywhere that has a franchise in other towns (like Olive Garden, Pizzeria Uno Chicago Grill, TGIF). Absolutely no offense to those restaurants, which even I go to as to experience what the rest of the country is subjected to -- but YOU WILL BE IN NY. There is a different international cuisine on every corner. Do not be afraid. Read restaurant reviews and calm down. Watch the cooking shows on PBS and cable. Clean ethnic food will not make you sick, nor will you be served anything dangerous or weird, like cat, or garden snails. If New Yorkers eat there every day and you read nothing going wrong, then it's safe. I would be more worried about mice droppings in the french fries at the ChuckECheese than eating delicious fresh cold (cooked) shrimp rolls at some Thai restaurant. You must go to a Broadway Show or two, either buying in advance or going to the TKTS booth and flipping a coin. You will not go wrong; it takes millions to launch a play so none of them, no matter how obscure, could be too bad. Read up on what is going on Off-Broadway, too. Check out concerts in small venues according to your musical tastes: jazz, classical, up-and-coming rock bands. Chances are you will be surrounded by "natives", which is what you want. Are you bored with Times Square, the Empire State building, Rockefeller Center and Statue of Liberty (all must-sees)? Overwhelmed by the magnificent art in all the museums (Met, MoMA, Frick, Guggenheim, etc)? Done with some of the other great museums (Police, Tenement, Natural History, NY Historical Society, Ellis Island, Photography, Moving Image, Television and Radio, Cloisters, Native American-- I could go on-and-on). Walked through the Village starting at Union Square (rest-up in the park before starting), down Broadway to Bleecker Street then west till you can not go any further? Done SOHO from Prince and Spring Streets east of Broadway, west to West Broadway? Walked the Upper East Side -- Fifth, Madison and Park Avenues from, say, 60th street to 90th-- and seen how the really rich live? Enjoyed the laid-back Upper West Side and understand why neither neighborhood resident would live in the other's? Shopped at J&R Music-Computer-Electronics World near Ground Zero? Then you are ready for the other boroughs. I do not just mean going the awesome Bronx Zoo and Bronx Botanical Garden, or simply walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and sitting on the Brooklyn Promenade looking at the NYC skyline; there are other places. Brownstone Brooklyn: from DUMBO under the bridges to Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene/Clinton Hill to Prospect Heights, Prospect Park, Botanic Garden (there is an indoor exhibit, depending on when you go), Brooklyn Museum, Park Slope (especially 7th Avenue from 14th Street to Flatbush Ave). You could walk this in a day but you will be exhausted by the time you hit Park Slope. I recommend taking buses from Brooklyn Heights over to Ft Greene and walk the rest, up Vanderbilt to the Park. Walking shoes time. Then there's Coney Island, albeit only Nathans will be open. Caribbean neighborhood along Flatbush Avenue (take the 41 bus or train to Parkside), where you can get genuine roti, oxtails, tropical fruit and shop for bargains. Brooklyn's Chinatown on 8th Avenue, where souvenirs are cheaper (but probably just as fragile as Manhattan C-town) and the restaurants treat you less anonymously. Bay Ridge still has some Italian/Greek flavor, but catch it before it goes the way of the heavy Scandanavian influence that used to be there decades ago (5th avenue and 86th street; 3rd avenue between 65th and 101st streets). This is a residential neighborhood and can feel territorial, so know where you are going. Brighton Beach's Russian strip? On to Queens: Jackson Diner in Jackson Heights has the best freshest Indian food. It's truly a melting pot around there. Back to Manhattan: Columbia University campus, up Broadway, east to Harlem across 125 Street. Do not be afraid. Do as you would do in the rest of the city: act like you know where you going by memorizing your map and do not meet eyes of crazy people looking for confrontations. More good food, bargains and souvenirs. Koreatown karaoke bars (Manhattan 32nd street) Continue your research on other websites (try,, the Village Voice paper) and you will have a great ol' time.
How Can You Make Your Washer Run with the Lid Open?
I have a Kenmore top loader, but not the same model as yours. Mine has a switch which is depressed as the lid nears being closed. It is located at the back behind the lid when the lid is open. As the lid closes, a bump in the metal acts like a cam to depress the switch, which is actually a bump of plastic which you can not see until the lid is near to being closed. You ARE aware that this is safety issue, right? That by defeating the interlock, you put yourself at risk for injury? If you do this and later become injured, you will not be able to sue the manufacturer. That said, when the machine is running, slowly raise the lid and see what happens when it stops. I will bet that you either hear or feel the switch click as it stops at some point. I have seen some models which use the backside of the lid hinge, so the interlock is completely enclosed by the sheet metal. Now I just have to ask what is probably a stupid question, why do you NEED to defeat the interlock anyway?.1. plastic vapor barrier on basement ceiling - is it optional?If the basement is finished and has no moisture issues, the vapor barrier is not needed. If it has moisture issues, the vapor barrier is probably a problem2. How do I clean the mold out of the bell of my bass clarinet?That's probably not mold - it's corrosion and oxidation on the raw metal. Warm (not hot), soapy (blue Dawn works well) water and a clean toilet brush will take most of it out but it will come back unless you have the bell replated. Mostly it happens in that spot because that's where condensate (spit) collects and someone did not do a good job of swabbing over the years. To disinfect the instrument bore, drag through a lightly damp swab that's been dipped in Listerine and let it air dry. There's a commercial product called Sterisol at your music store but it does not really work any better than Listerine. Do not use Scope and other sweet mouthwashes - sugar feeds those molds. Chlorine (as is in Clorox) is an oxidizer and will make the oxidation problem worse. It will also premanently discolor any wood or plastic you get it on and the smell will take forever to go away. And keep all liquids off the pads - especially detergent liquids. Do not use Brasso and other abrasive polishes on that plated bell (or neck) or you will strip the plating completely. You can use an abrasive only on the bare metal at the tenons. Unless your keys are solid silver (such as a Selmer or Leblanc Paris pro model) then a decent plate polish will work fine on the metal of the neck, bell, and keys. Just keep it off the pads and out of the screws and mechanism. For mold: the very best moldicide is sunlight. Mold hates sunlight and dryness. Leaving the instrument and case open in a safe spot that is not too hot for a couple hours is a great way to kill molds. (too hot and you damage the instrument) The next best method is an ozone generator. Companies that do flood and fire restorations as well as many motels have these and may be willing to leave your instrument and case in a room being treated next time they have one. It only needs an hour - long exposure to an ozone generator is very bad for plastics. Finally, scrubbing with Lysol. It will discolor most plastics, woods, and fabrics though and is labor intensive. It should be saved for 'the final solution' on the most stubborn such as black mold. Even then, it's often best and cheaper to just toss the case and buy a new one.3. I just bought a new car and whenever i come to a stop, i hear plastic noise vibrating. How can i fix this?First, look for the source of the rattling while sitting inside the car, it could be something laying around or in the glove box. Second, if it's new, talk to the dealership you bought it from. Third, if none of that works I would go ahead and buy this product.
What Kind of Phone Should I Get?
What kind of phone should I get?Lol, Well its your decision in the end, But I will give some sort of input. I had the Samsung Exclaim and I went through 2 of them. They freeze often and after a while of sliding open and closing the band breaks that slides it. And it also starts texting letters and numbers by itself. Now the Incognito I just got 2 days ago. And Wouldnt be anymore happier. Its a great phone. The keypad is nice and big. The outer touchscreen is great for dialing numbers and you can hide it and use it as a mirror. The camera takes really nice pictures. You have about the same quality if not more then the Exclaim. Its a 2.0 Megapixel to be exact. The battery life is good. I love that it has a lock button on the battery door so It just dont slide off anytime which my Exclaim did at times. And the front touchscreen has a lock so no cheek dialing or accidental usage of it doesnt occur lol. So I say the Incognito but like I said its your decision in the end— — — — — —What is the best way to ensure maximum battery life over the long term for a Macbook Air?I own a MacBook Air 13" and the battery life just was not good enough for me. I got only a few hours per charge and that is if I was lucky. My eventual solution was to get an external laptop battery from Novuscell Batteries. So far, no regrets because I am now getting an extra 12 hours of battery runtime per charge on my Air— — — — — —Is the sony laptop is for long-lasting life ?The battery life on the Sony S series laptop SUCKS. I noticed it within the first week of using it. It does not hold a charge very well. It also is quickly drained even if you have it on "stamina" setting. If you dare put it on the "speed" setting, kiss it goodbye after an hour. I leave my Sony laptop plugged in 24/7 or I at least keep my charger close by because it will die. The extended battery is not much better. I do not get how they can say it lasts 3-5 hours when I've noticed it adds but 1hr tops. Maybe I got a dud, but I do not believe the chances are high that I got TWO duds.— — — — — —I need advice on the best type of computer for my needs?Just so you know, the faster the processor, the shorter the battery life. Same goes for GPU. So basically, the faster and more powerful the laptop, then the shorter the battery life will be. Just something to keep in mind when selecting.— — — — — —Samsung Epic 4G Battery Life?The battery life on any smart phone depends a huge amount on what you are doing. My phone (samsung vibrant, very similar to the epic) will go 2-3 days on one charge if I use if for the occasional call / email. Running the GPS navigation app will drain a full battery in under 4 hours. GPS uses a lot of power. Wifi uses a lot of power. The screen uses a lot of power. The more those 3 are in use the less time the battery will last. Normal calls do not take too much power since the screen turns off for most of the time. email and internet use both use the screen all the time and possibly wifi and so will use the battery up faster. Texting uses the screen but not wifi and so will use a little less power. Unfortunately there is no simple answer to whether the battery life is good enough for you or not. It depends too much on how you use the phone and what you consider to be an acceptable battery life.— — — — — —Thinking about buying my girlfriend a Nintendo 3DS?runs on AAAbatteries? Whoever told you that either has a 3rd-party battery I've never heard of or is full of **** :P I have a 3DS (got mine a week after launch). It has its own custom rechargeable battery (charger included of course). It DOES have memory. In fact the system has a slot on the left side for an SD card AND comes with a 2gig one! While the system does not come with a legitimate game on it's own, there are many bundles that you can get now for probably no extra charge (mainly for Super Mario 3D Land and LoZ: Ocarina of Time 3D) That answers your concerns, but here's other things you should know: It comes with Augmented Reality (AR) cards. 5 of them are Nintendo characters (mario, samus, young link, pikmin/olimar, and kirby) and 1 is a yellow ? box that actually has quite a few games on there! If you are not sure what Augmented Reality is, think of it as combining real life (i.e. how you see real life through the camera) and content generated by the console. For example, playing tetris on your 3DS while aiming it at your floor. On the 3DS screen you see the blocks piling up on your floor. Suddenly the dog walks in the room and you see him in your game too. It also has a face-picture-shooting-AR hard-to-explain game xD It also has streetpass games called Find Mii! and something about puzzles (i forgot that one's name) So yes, it has some play value on its own, but your best bet is to buy it as a bundle with one of the 2 games listed above or Mario Kart 7 Hope this helps! Oh yeah, and the only con I can think of is that the battery life is only about 4 hours on the system but there are 3rd-party batteries for $10 or $20 that effectively DOUBLE that. I leave my brightness all the way up but powersaving mode ON and have no problems with it at all (but I haveone of those 3rd party batteries)
Which Dress for an Evening, Outdoor Wedding?
I like dress #2. If you choose dress #1, definately go for the purple one!1. Outdoor decking with tile?cement board or treated exterior plywood2. Take Better Outdoor Photos With Your PhoneNowadays, whether you are in town or on a trail, most people are walking around with a smartphone in their pocket. These powerful and compact devices come in handy in a number of ways in the wild, from letting you check your location on a topo map to identifying stars in the night sky. And, of course, you can use them to snap high-quality photos of your journey. Taking a photo with a phone is quick and intuitive: You open the camera app, point and tap. But, when you swipe through your pics from your last big adventure, you might wish more of them were worthy of sharing or being hung up on your wall. Here are nine tips for taking better outdoor photos on your phone: Smartphones come loaded with a default camera app for taking photos. For many people, this app has all the functionality needed to take great pictures. Here are some of the basic features to look for and learn how to use: Exposure adjustment: Many default camera apps let you adjust the exposure of an image. You may need to tap and hold or swipe to do so. Adjusting the exposure gives you control over how light or dark the final image will appear. Focal point and exposure level lock: On many phones, you can press and hold your finger on a subject to lock the focal point and exposure. This ensures that subject will be in focus and exposed just how you want it to be when you click the shutter. HDR mode: When you take a photo in high dynamic range (HDR) mode, your camera actually snaps several pictures at different exposures and then combines them to create a single image. This is a great way to capture the full range of lights and darks that are in a scene. Using HDR can be especially effective when you are taking pics of beautiful landscapes that have a range of color and brightness, such as sunrise over the countryside. You will want to play around with HDR to figure out when to use it and when not to. In some instances HDR does not do such a great job, like when you are trying to take a picture of a subject in motion. Timer: A timer is handy when you want to be included in the group photo or for snapping pics in low light when even the slightest tap to take the photo can bump the camera and blur the image. Flash on/off: In most cases, you will get better results by using natural light rather than resorting to the phone's harsh built-in flash, so make sure you know how to turn the flash off. Add gridlines: Go into the settings for your camera and turn on the gridlines. With a grid overlaid on your camera, it will be easier to compose your photos and get the horizon line level. If your default camera app lacks any of the basic features listed above or you long for even greater control when taking pictures, you will want to download a third-party camera app (some are free, others you will have to pay for). These apps can unlock a ton of functionality, including: Shutter speed adjustment: Shutter speed is how long the camera's shutter is open and exposing your phone's sensor to light. With a faster shutter speed, less light reaches the sensor, which will stop the motion of moving objects. With a slower shutter speed, more light reaches the sensor, which will blur the motion. By being able to adjust shutter speed, you gain a bunch of creative control over the final exposure. For instance, if you are taking pictures of a friend riding on a bike, you could increase the shutter speed to freeze the motion for a sharp image. Or you could slow down the shutter speed to blur the movement of the rider. If you use a slow shutter speed, you will want to put your phone on a small tripod to prevent camera shake from blurring the image. ISO adjustment: Like shutter speed adjustment, ISO adjustment is a way you can control the final exposure of the image. ISO comes from the days of shooting film and was used to rate how sensitive the film was to light. These days it's used to rate how sensitive the camera's digital sensor is to light. By increasing the ISO in your phone's camera, you are making the sensor more sensitive to light, which will allow you to take pictures in lower light. However, keep in mind that the higher you boost the ISO the more likely it is that you will lose a bit of image quality; a higher ISO often results in a grainier image. Burst mode: Burst mode fires off a bunch of pictures in just a matter of seconds. This is great for capturing quick-moving objects, like your buddy launching off a ski jump. Image stabilization: If you are shooting in low light and struggling to get sharp images, try using an app with image stabilization. This can help eliminate blur caused by camera shake. File formats: Some apps will allow you to save images in different file formats, such as RAW, to preserve image quality. This is especially nice if you plan to do a bit of editing after taking the picture. 3. Use the Rule of Thirds You know a good photo when you see one. But, what is it exactly that makes it good? A lot of it is in the composition, and one of the most basic compositional techniques is the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds says that by breaking your image up into thirds vertically and horizontally with gridlines and positioning the subject(s) either along the lines or at the intersection of two lines, you will end up with a more balanced and visually interesting picture. For example, rather than composing a photo so that your friend is smack dab in the middle, try taking the picture with them positioned off to one side. Or, when you are shooting a beautiful landscape, try placing the horizon at the top or bottom third of the photo rather than cutting across the middle. Turning on the grid in your phone's camera app is an easy way to keep the rule of thirds top of mind while taking pictures. Carefully composing lines in your pictures is a powerful way of drawing the viewer's attention to the main subject and creating a sense of movement through the image. For instance, a picture that shows a hiking trail coming in from the bottom left of the image and going off into the distance at the upper right can guide the viewer's eye through the image to the solo hiker at the end of the trail. Trails naturally make good leading lines, but so do roads, rivers, shorelines, trees and cliffs. 5. Use the Foreground, Middle Ground and Background When composing your photos, try to include interesting elements in the foreground, middle ground and/or background. For example, if you are taking a picture of the sun setting behind a mountainous horizon, rather than only including the horizon line in the photo, try incorporating something interesting in the foreground and/or middle ground to draw the viewer's eye through the image. This could be a person, a group of trees, some rocks or a beautiful lake. If you want to play around with blurring the foreground, middle ground and/or background, you will need to see if your camera app has a mode that can do this, such as a portrait mode, since most smartphone cameras wo not let you adjust the aperture for a shallow depth of field. You can also add blurring to photos with many editing apps (look for something called lens blur or similar). See tip No. 8 for more about editing your photos. When using a phone camera, it's easy to get in the habit of always holding your phone in front of you with outstretched arms and snapping photos from head height. But phones are so small and light that you can easily mix things up and shoot from just about any perspective. Try changing your viewpoint by taking photos from a bird's-eye view or worm's-eye view. Or, you can shoot from the hip. You can also try getting really close to your subject-as close as your phone will allow while still being able to focus. There are quite a few add-ons for phone cameras that can help you achieve a certain creative element that you are trying to capture. For example, if you want to take longer exposures of a beautiful stream in order to blur the movement of water, you will need a mini tripod to stabilize your camera. Another option is to add lenses to your phone so you can take fish-eye, macro and wide-angle photos. A little photo editing can go a long way toward improving your photos. Most default camera apps that come on smartphones allow some level of editing, but by downloading a third-party app like Snapseed (iPhone or Android) or Adobe Lightroom CC (iPhone or Android) you get a lot more control. Apps like these allow you to adjust brightness, tweak contrast, boost saturation, apply filters, sharpen fuzzy images and a whole lot more. Most of them also have auto adjustments that make it really quick and easy to edit photos. If you are struggling to capture the grandeur of the scene around you with a still photo, try playing around with time-lapse, slo-mo and video. These come standard on most phone camera apps and can be a fun and beautiful way to capture things like moving water, the setting sun or your friend goofing around on the trail.3. how to build an outdoor ping pong table?well hear in the US you can buy one for like 175$ I am not sure how expensive they are in your town but there not that expensive just go to a sporting shop