Any Other Remedies for Morning Sickness?

any other remedies for morning sickness?

Saltine crackers and 7up

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Do You Know Of Any Good Morning Sickness Remedies?

lemon drops or saltine crackers worked for me

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Help! Any suggestions on how to reduce morning sickness...?

Eating small meals every 2 hours really helped me alot. I did not let myself get too hungry. That aggravated my nausea. Congratulations and good luck! 29 weeks with #2

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why is my morning sickness so bad:(?

I went through it with my first pregnancy, as well as my current pregnancy (still going through it). I know exactly how you feel, and it SUCKS!! I am the exact same way. You do not need to worry, at this stage (1st trimester I am assuming you are in) the baby does not need the extra nutrients yet, so throwing up is not going to harm the baby. But do try to stay hydrated. I know even if I think of water I throw up, drink what you can. Something I can always drink is ginger ale. As long as you drink something, the baby will be okay. In my first pregnancy I lost 25lbs in my first trimester due to being sick all of the time, that is when my doctor perscribed me diclectin. Normally a doc wo not unless in really bad cases of morning sickness. It helps a lot, some days I did not feel the sickness at all. Some days were not so good. But it is very expensive. Going through my second pregnancy, and already knowing about diclectin, I asked him for it again this time around and he prescribed it to me again. I would talk to your doctor about this and see what s/he suggests for you.

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How much did you gain in the first trimester (with an update of course)?

I have never had morning sickness and right now i am 20 weeks pregnant with twins and have lost weight. As long as the baby is doing ok there is nothing to worry about

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Morning sickness at night! Help please?

just keep on trying it should hopefully it will get better!! :)

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If I'm pregnant and throwing up everything I eat, what should I do?

Yeah basically. Ugh good luck with morning sickness, it made me hate life!

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6 weeks and just started getting morning sickness today?

That is when I started. I am now 11 weeks. I have tried everything 1. ginger ale/ ginger food 2. preggie pops 3. sea bands 4. crackers 5. Sucking on lemons. Nothing really worked for me, but those are always the common answers. I would try those. Not all at the same time. morning sickness can be terrible. I was put on Zofran and I try my best not to take it. Yet, they did not give it to me till I started vomitting blood and got hospitilized for dehydration :o(( Best of luck to you! And congrats

— — — — — — this as bad as my morning sickness will be?

Well I did not even get nausea and vomiting until I was almost 9 weeks pregnant.. And just to warn you.. what your describing is Nothing compared to what I went through! I literally could not eat anything but toast and even swallowing toast was hard from being to nauseous. I remember eating a popsicle and vomiting that up immediately. . Even drinking water would make me vomit. The smell of food made me vomit. . My hubby had pizza rolls he made I vomited the rest of the day at the thought of how the pizza rolls smelled. Yu seriously have it easy.. I had plain mashed potatoes and even that taste was to strong for me to eat.. and that was with no butter salt pepper or gravy. . I hope you will not get worse. . but if you do. . you have No Clue what your in for hun.

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Please help morning sickness all day long!!!!!?

1st try the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, apples, tea & toast). Also before moving from sitting to standing eat a couple of crackers to settle the nausea. Good luck

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Does morning sickness get better with each pregnancy??

Ask your doctor about Alka Seltzer . . . And whatever your do .... Do not let your husband ask his doctor about Viagra!!! Enough is enough, already!!!!

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