Can I Put Red, Yellow, and Orange Bell Peppers in Baby Food?

My boyfriend and I often go on picnics together. We usually take a piece of fruit each, a couple of sticks of kabana, crackers, some camembert cheese or pate, fruit juice, and if we are really hungry we will get 1/2 a roast chicken, some rolls and salad ingredients and have chicken and salad rolls awell. My boyfriend likes to dip the kabana in the pate - meaty goodness!! If you are going to take these things it would be a good idea to get a refrigerated pack because the meaty things might spoil - and obviously do not leave it in the heat for too long. Have a lovely time - picnics are great : )

1. Can Pokemon from Pokemon Blue, Red, and Yellow be transferred to Leaf Green or Fire Red?

no. u can only trade between sapphire, ruby, emerald, leaf green, and fire red

2. I bought a pack of Uno cards today and they only contained the red and yellow cards. They were still sealed.?

There are 4 colors,You are not crazy

3. Poll: Blue, Red or Yellow?

Red Sorry still Ill star you

4. What do the colors red, yellow, and green (sometimes black) mean?

Jamaican flag colors

5. In a three-phase system, three wires of colors red, yellow and blue are used to discriminate each phase. Now, how will you identify each phase wire without knowing the color and without any pre-information?

Firstly it is Black, Red and Blue for 208 V systems and Brown, Yellow, Orange for 480 V systems. White is neutral in 208, and Grey in 480 V. The color order is the phase order

6. What does red and yellow stripes on military uniform mean?

The Marines colors are crimson red and gold. The have this red strip running down the trouser to show respect and honor for all the NCO's and Officer who were killed in battle. The NCO is half an inch smaller than the officers. Officers have what is often called scrambled eggs on the bill of the cover as well as coiled rope on the very top. This was adopter during the sailing ship days. If a sniper was in the crows nest they could pick out the officer, some took aim on them because with out the one in charge it often cause a lot of confusion. Yes in part your husband is correct that the army used the red to signify artillery. The Army does have a uniform close to the Marines with the yellow strip but as to why it is I am not sure. I know most all of the branches have a purpose to the colors. Such as we have 7 belt loops for the seven seas, if we were to count the holes in a C-rat cracker it would come up 52, number of weeks in a year. Hopefully some Army salts can in-lighting you more.

7. Which among the flame colors are hotter? Red, Yellow, Blue, Red-Violet? Are they synonymous with star colors?

I was always told Blue is the hottest and it makes sense yellow being on the out side is the coolest and red is in the mid

8. Hulk Hogan red and yellow prime in WCW was 94 95 96 if Bill Goldberg was in WCW during all these times do you think he would beat Hogan during these times?

Goldberg would beat Hogan at the time even though that would be a good match. Here an example Hogan kicks out of the Jack hammer and does not get phased by getting hit. Hogan hulks it up Hogan give Goldberg the boot, and then missed the leg dropped and then Gold berg spears him, and then give him the jack hammer 1,2,3. Goldberg wins.

9. I was star gazing, I noticed that several stars were changing colors, blue, green, red, yellow, white. Why?

As light passes thru the atmosphere, it's broken down into its fundamental spectrum of colors. Like a mini rainbow. The atmosphere has warm and cool spots as well as wind so with all that movement and you get the twinkle phenomenon. In outer space, since there's no atmosphere, you get no twinkle, just a steady white light.

10. Sledging issue - How about giving Red and Yellow cards to players ?

yellow -- deduct 75%of match fee for a test Match & a ban for the next match -- ban for the next two matches as well as 50% from the Match fee (ODI) Red: 100% match fee deuction and ban for 3 Test and 3 ODI's And thats the Bottom line cos Rahul said so!!!

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