Can I Take an NJ Driving Test, in an NY Registered Car, with an NY Driver??

Can I take an NJ driving test, in an NY registered Car, with an NY Driver??

since each state has completely different driver test requirements, skills required and institutions that handle DMV information, you have no choice but to take the test in NJ and schedule it with the NJ DMV office. The car license plates and e-brake location are irrelevant. Practice in the car you will take the test in (it could be that NY state registered car too). who cares about the e-brake anyhow? Its not like you will impress the test examiner your ability to pull 360 degree maneuvers while doing 50 mph

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False Arrest for Shoplifting, NY?

you should have never offered to pay for the item, that's an omission of guilt, when you go to court the charges should be dismissed after that get a lawyer to persue a case

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The Legwear Women Wear In NY

Legwear brand HUE commissioned me to work on a street style project to show the kind of leg wear women are wearing around the city. You can see more photos here (the second half is another photographer). Every now and then I see monochrome white on white. It's striking and looks fresher than all black especially in the heat. I thought her grey dress complimented the white socks and flatforms. It's part sports vibe and part tomboy. Similars: HUE Turnoff or HUE Mini Crew Socks. I liked this girl's playful socks and plimsoll combo. She stopped for a traffic light change in Soho when I snapped this photo. I think we all know that patterned socks add a boyish take to outfits. It's a style accent that men have done forever and was (again) all over mens fashion week which ended recently. Try HUE Smooth Bitsy or HUE Cotton Body sock. This was a personal favorite, mannish loafers contrasted with frilly socks. It's a doable twist on menswear and feels one part retro and one part London. Try HUE Foldover Lace (I actually want these) or HUE Rose Openwork Shortie socks Women are swapping jeans for cropped floral print leggings. These were caught on Broadway downtown. I am seeing them in both large or small floral prints and they are usually worn with skimmer flats, sandals or old school trainers. This pair look like capris. Note the back split detail. Try HUE Floral Chill Rayon Jersey Skimmer leggings or HUE Large Floral Print Super Smooth Denim leggings. Birkenstocks and scrunched socks spotted on Spring street. I mostly see women with a very specific fashion forward style wearing the combo and it works. Try HUE Ribbed Boot sock or HUE Scalloped Pointelle sock. Classic Doc Marten shoes and sheer pineapple socks (cute.) spotted in Nolita district. I am seeing anklette socks the most in New York. They are practical for summer and are just enough for a flash of colour. Try HUE Microfiber Liner Sport or HUE Cotton Liner Sport (6 pack) socks. Summery pastels caught around Astor Place. I am seeing more floral pastel leggings across the city. It's the cool medium between all white pants and floral skirts. I loved how casual her pair was worn with mint Chuck Taylors and a washed out leather bag. Try HUE Floral Print Polished Denim Skimmer, HUE Scroll Print Super Smooth Denim or HUE Pique Skimmer leggings. These are the ways that I am seeing women use socks and leggings to create easy summer looks.

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Taktaharkny is a village in Borsod-Abaj-Zempln County in northeastern Hungary.

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Directions to ny from newark?

My friend, there are two ways to get from Newark to the address in questioned. Option 1 - NJ Transit. From Newark-Penn Station, you can take any eastbound NJ Transit train bound for New York City, terminating at Penn Station. Once arrive at New York Penn Station, follow the directional signs to the New York City Subway. Take the uptown (northbound) 1, 2 or 3 subway line, which is the Red Line on the subway map, from 34th Street-Penn Station to Times Square. Once you exit the subway at Times Square, walk two blocks north along Broadway from 42nd to 44th Street. You can not miss the store. The one way fare from Newark-Penn Station to New York Penn Station is $4, while the fare on the subway is $2.25 with a pay-pre-ride MetroCard or $2.50 with a SingleRide ticket. Option 2 - PATH Train. From Newark-Penn Station, take the PATH's Newark-WTC train (Red Line on the PATH Rail map) eastbound to Journal Square, where a transfer can be made to the 33rd Street-Journal Square train (Yellow Line), which will take you the rest of the way to 33rd Street in Midtown, Manhattan. Once you get to 33rd Street on the PATH train, transfer to the subway. Take the uptown (northbound) "N", "R" or "Q" subway lines, which is the Yellow Line on the subway map, from 34th Street to Times Square. Once you exit the subway at Times Square, walk two blocks north along Broadway from 42nd to 44th Street. Again, you can not miss the store. The fare on the PATH train, which the the commuter interurban line from NJ to NYC, will cost you $2, while the fare on the subway is $2.25 with a pay-pre-ride MetroCard or $2.50 with a SingleRide ticket. I hope this information is very helpful. Good luck Native New Yorker

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