Can't Find and .so When Trying to Fix Surround Sound

Short answer: You do need to compile it as described on the page you linked.I had the same issue on Ubuntu 12.04: The package libasound2-plugins was installed according to Ubuntu's software center and some files belonging to it could be located.However, I gotThus, I compiled it as described on the page linked above, copied itand after that it worked:.

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Traveling within Schengen while waiting for EEA residence card?

Legally speaking she's not allowed outside of Norway without the Norwegian residence card; in practice, for any airline but Ryanair, easyJet and WIZZ, you need no ID at all if not checking bags.For Ryanair, easyJet or WIZZ, the old Swedish residence permit will be fine in practice if you print the boarding pass at home and don't check any bags


Add a egaugnaL to a polyglot

Prints:Try it online!Next answer must not exceed 2922 bytes.The usual Brain-Flak and Somme fixes.. Now the interesting part is how to distinguish Functoid from the other fungeoids:Functoid ends up taking the same path as Befunge-96 but the behaviour is different when it occurs v^ in a string, thus the "v"@ section terminates Befunge-96 whereas Functoid follows the v


ACL multiple default groups?

Try running setfacl -Rdm g:www-data:r-x,g:sambashare:r-x /tmp/temp and setfacl -Rm g:www-data:r-x,g:sambashare:r-x /tmp/temp. Option d sets the defaults, for new files and directories, but does not change existing settings as seen that only root:root has access. -R will be handy to go recursively down existing directories making the required changes.


Does a closed question cancel out that day's valid questions?

If you had a question closed on a given day, then that day does not count towards the badge, even if there were other questions on that day that qualified as 'well-received'.As Jon Ericson explains:Days with negatively-scored, closed, or deleted questions are not counted as good asking days even if you do ask a positively-scored question that day


Second order non-linear ode - am I on the right path?

$$fracd^2 x dt^2 (a x b) fracdxdt 0$$

$$x'' (a x b) x' 0$$

$$x'' a xx' bx' 0$$

$$x'' frac a 2 (x^2)' bx' 0$$


$$x' frac a 2 x^2 bx K$$

$$(xfrac ba)' frac a 2 (x^2 frac 2baxfrac b^2a^2) C$$

Substitute $zxfrac ba$

$$z' frac a 2 z^2 C$$

This last equation is separable


In Episode 9 of Steins;Gate, why did Feris's message affect the past?

Her message was sent back in time to her father's phone. The message she sent changed the fact that he had gotten on the plane and died. Without her father in the picture, she sparked the existence of the moe culture in the city. But with her father in the equation, she had never sparked the moeization of the city


If $x3$ is positive, then which one of the following must be positive?

Here is a valid deduction for A):Let $x -1$. Then $x3$ is positive, but $x-3$ is negative. So $x-3$ needn't be positive if $x 3$ is positive.

Here is a valid deduction for B):Let $x 3$. Then $x3$ is positive, but $x-3 0$. So $(x4)(x-3) 0$ So B needn't be positive if $x 3$ is positive.I'm sure you can do the rest


IIS serving static content gives 503 at random

We finally solved the issue.It was apparently caused by IIS checking for web.config changes in subdirectories.By setting allowSubDirConfig"false" in our applicationhost.config file, the problem stopped.This is somewhat weird though, as we haven't got any more than 1 web.

config file, and it's in the root of the project - still if it works, why complain :-D


Concepts about solving systems of differential equations by elimination

You have:

$x C_1 e^t C_2 te^t$

Now plug these into the original equations to find y.$fracdydt C_1 e^t C_2 te^t$$y int c_1 e^t c_2 te^t dt (C_1-C_2) e^t C_2 t e^t$If you have initial conditions, you can now solve for them. If not, you are done.


Finding adjoint of operator

Hint You need to show that

$$int phimathcalLpsi dx int phimathcalL^starpsi dx$$By definition

$$int phimathcalL^starpsi dx int psimathcalLphi dx$$Therefore, to show that $mathcal L$ is selfadjoint you need to show that

$$int phimathcalLpsi deta int psimathcalLphi deta$$


A Set of Linear Equations Equal to Zero

Are you sure that $vM0$ has infinitely many solutions for $v$?The question asked is more of a matlab question than a math question: you need to find the function that returns the space of all solutions (i.e. the left nullspace of $M$), not just one.Or, you could ask matlab to solve the equation you're really trying to solve:.


Bounds for Khukhro-Makarenko theorems

The Second, Third, and many others "Khukhro--Makarenko theorems" were proved

here, see also

arXiv (so, they are rather

"Klyachko--Milentyeva theorems").

The bound is always the same:


log_2|G:N|leqslant f^d(w)-1(log_2(|G:H|!)).


(In your question, there are several misprints in the estimates.)

These facts are special cases of The Large-Subgroup Theorem from the paper cited above.


Use Media Keys for Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.. in Firefox?

Yes it is possible! For this download Media Keys from

This tool adds a media key event listener to Firefox and makes it possible to

use:on every supported music/video site.For some reason the media keys are only working if Firefox is the active window

(occured on Windows 10). Also add-on currently does not work

with Firefox 57.


How do I stop Windows 10 from updating my graphics driver?

This seems to be hidden in a very strange place.Open up explorer and go to Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsSystemGo to "advanced system settings" and the hardware tab. There is a the new (to me) Device Installation Settings button that lets you turn it off.

This will turn off all hardware updates and such, rather than the GPU


Proof of test of collinearity and coplanarity

Since $xyz 0$ at least one of $x, y$ is not zero and : $$xmathbf a ymathbf b zmathbf c 0 Leftrightarrow x(mathbf a - mathbf c) y(mathbf b - mathbf c) 0.$$ Two dependent vectors lie on a single line through the origin. This works the other way around as well.Extend 1. to cover the coplanar case


How To Include Additional Software In preseed.cfg For Ubuntu Server 13.10

You haven't pasted the exact error, but one place to start looking is that the packages "juju" and "openstack" do not exist. For juju the package name you want is juju-core.OpenStack isn't one package, it's an entire set of services so that also won't work. I would debug by removing those two entries and then see if the preseed works


Can I save Roggvir?

You can try and save him without getting the 1000 Gold Bounty on your head. To do so, you have to transform into Werewolf-Form, then shout so that everybody runs away scared.. If you manage not to be seen when go into Werewolf-Form or turn back to normal, no bounty will be on your head and you saved a life that day. :).


Value of the origin.

You'll need to use the right area element for those coordinates: $dSsin theta , dtheta , dphi$, not just $dtheta , dphi$. (Possibly with $phi$ and $theta$ exchanged, depending on which convention you're using.)You can tell that something is wrong with your integral since it wouldn't give the average value $1$ if you put $u(1,phi,theta)1$ into it.


Find a real matrix $B$ such that $B^3 A$

How in the world would the product of three real matrices turn out to have non-real entries? Something must have gone wrong. Try rewriting $sqrt3-8-2,$ and see if that makes a difference. It may be that your calculator chose one of the two non-real cube roots of $-8,$ instead, or perhaps you accidentally entered some even root of $-8$.


Telnet won't work on Windows 8.1

You need to install additional components into Windows:Settings > Control PanelGo to the Programs category.In Programs and Features, choose "Turn Windows features on or off".A dialog box appears with a list of programs and a check-box next to each one. Scroll down the list to find "Telnet Client" and tick the box.Then click OK to apply the changes


Solving a partial differential equation help

Fix $y$ and name $f(x)u(x,y)$. Then $f$ satisfies the ODE:




The general solution for this ODE is




where $a$ and $b$ are constants.Therefore the general form for $u(x,y)$ is




where $a$ and $b$ are arbitrary functions.


Quotient of the ring of integers of a quadratic field by the ideal generated by a split integer prime.

If $alphaneqbeta$, then $x-alpha$ and $x-beta$ are comaximal in $mathbb F_px$ (that is $(x-alpha)(x-beta)(1)$. So Chinese Remainder Theorem implies $fracmathbb F_px(x-alpha)(x-beta)congfracmathbb F_px(x-alpha)timesfracmathbb F_px(x-beta)congmathbb F_ptimesmathbb F_p$.


HPE Gen10 Proliant 17.10 to 18.04 - GUI does not start - AMD Opteron X3216

I have solved this issue. Even though the proliant gen10 has a VGA port, it also has two HPE D-Ports.I bought a D-Port to HDMI adapter and plugged it in - success. X was working fine.So for some odd reason, 17.10 picks up the VGA and defaults to it, but 16.

04 and 18.

04 ignore the VGA completely. Hope this helps someone else.


Combining all combinations of data from three columns in excel

Untested, I do not have Excel available (using LibreOffice at home, this won't work in LibreOffice). IF IT WORKS ;-) it should/does:

Assumes "ad" is in cell A1 and the rest just beside it.

Fill in D1 and down with combined results as long as the 'current' cell isn't an empty cell in each of A, B, and C columns.


How to find the number of roots using Rouche theorem?

First, we factor by $z1$ to get $f(z)(z1)(z^9-z^8z^7dots-z^2z9)$. Let $F(z):z^9-z^8z^7dots-z^2z9$ and $G(z)9$. Then for $F$ of modulus strictly smaller than $1$, $|F(z)-G(z)|leqslant 9|z| lt |G(z)|$. thus for each positive $delta$, we can find the number of zeros of $f$ on $B(0,1-delta)$


Attack Signatures books closed

So you should be able to recognize different exploits, or different attacks because those aren't the same. You can use wireshark to capture packets and analyses them. For attacks you should look for countermeasures. But for attack I mean D/DoS, arbitrary code execution etc. and for exploits I mean MS08-067 for example. If yo need anything else ask here


Find the slope at $theta pi/3$

the graph of polar equation $r 2 cos theta$ is a circle centered at $(1,0)$ of unit radius. the point $theta pi/3$ corresponds to $P (1/2, sqrt 3/2)$ in cartesian. so the $(0,0), (1,0)$ and $P$ is an equilateral triangle. so the radius makes an angle $2pi/3$ so the tangent makes $pi/6$ with the positive $x$-axis. so the slope of the tangent is $tan(pi/3) sqrt 3/3.$


Show that a function can not be harmonic

Let $Kz in mathbb C:|z| le 1$. Suppose that $u$ is harmonic. Then $max u(K) max u( partial K) max cos t : t in 0,2 pi1$and, since $u(0)1$, the function $u$ has a maximum in $K^o$. By the Maximum - principle, $u$ is constant on $K$, but this is a contradiction to $ u(e^itheta)cos(theta)$


On an Apple 12W USB Charger, how are the D and D- lines configured?

After taking some measurements, a 2.4A charger from apple applies approximately 2.68VDC to both D and D-. Most usb chargers advertise compatibility/charge capability with a simple resistive voltage divider on the data lines. Just calculate the required divider to provide that voltage from Vbus, I would take your own measurements though.

.. And be aware of potential damage to the consumer


Paste at cursor instead of below

Like husB commented you have to use a characterwise motion.

Note that D deletes from the current cursor position to the end of the line and doesn't delete the line itself.You could overwrite what dd does but I would recommend you map your expected behaviour to a new command, d in the following mapping:The command does the following:


Compare 1 column with 3 others and extract values from col1 that do not appear in other cols

You should really add any formulas that are close but here is one answer put it in E2 and copy all the way down as many rows as are in A.Then just filter the table using this new column.If you use an actual range ($B$2:$D$5) it will run faster then using the whole columns like I did above.

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