Can You Convert a Landline Phone Number into a Prepaid Cell Phone?

i know that cellphone numbers are given with certain numbers in them that are not landline numbers. I do not know of any landline number that became a cellphone number afterwards

1. How do you answer the phone after it has been placed on hold (landline phone)?

Try pushing the button that is flashing

2. How do you know when your landline phone is being tapped?

you can tell if your landline is being tapped by listening..( it sound's like the line is OPEN and theres clicking in the background...) cell phones, yes, but you will never know.

3. Should I get rid of my landline phone and keep my cell phone?

Get rid of the landline, unless there is something in your divorce or parenting agreement that you would provide this. The notion that you must pay a monthly phone bill so he can talk to his children is ludicrous. It is his responsibility. Unless it's in the court order. In the "spirit of compromise," send him a copy of the phone bill and a letter letting him know you plan to disconnect it on such and such a day or will keep it on if he sends you the money to pay the bill. My guess is he wo not want to pay it. He grouses about paying the costs of calling and gives no consideration to your costs of maintaining the landline.

4. why does my landline phone have a charging light on it but no dial tone?

It sounds like your phone line is dead. The charge comes from the AC adapter plugged into the wall, it has nothing to do with the phone line.

5. is there software/hardware that will act as a regular landline phone?

Maybe 10 years ago when modems were it. Try searching or any search engine

6. can i get DSL without a landline phone?

No but you may still be able to get broadband by other ways, cable, Satellite, radio etc

7. Is it considered stalking to look up a girl's landline phone number?

If she has blocked you from her Facebook, does not return your calls or answer your texts, then trying to communicate with her further is harassment. She has clearly let you know, even without saying the words, that she does not want to hear from you ever again by any means. Who knows or cares the reason. Move on. I do not know that it qualifies as stalking, but you already know that she does not want to hear from you. Let it go

8. I just got a landline phone through AT&T....I have voicemail, but have no clue what my passcode is...?

You have to set up your own 4 number password. I believe you hit *98 & follow the voice steps. EDIT, They do not give you a passcode, you set it up yourself. I have AT&T, but I have had it for many years.

9. Does having a landline phone always mean someone has to come to your house to install it?

No if the connection is on then plug in your landline phone. If the connection is off, then call your telephone office to active so your landline will work

10. Do some senior citizens continue to subscribe to landline phone service?

There is no need for me to pay for 2 phones anymore, so I cancelled the landline when I retired. I would prefer to have my cellphone because I can use it anywhere that I am

11. What exactly is a landline phone?

House phone. I do not know how to explain it any better. It's basically any phone that is not cordless I would say

12. Drawbacks of getting rid of your landline phone?

One of the draw backs is that people feel they can call your cell phone at any time, day or night whereas they tend tend to show more courtesy and not call after a certain hour with a land line

13. Can i use my PC as a landline phone by connecting my landline's dial up cable without using the internet ?

If your area is not serviced by Cable and phone lines then may be try to connect by WIFI. But to answer your question, No you do not have to have a phone number to use the internet from a phone co. But Internet service comes via Cable or Phone lines the only other means is to connect over the Air (WIFI).

What Happens If You Take a Landline Phone and Take It Away From Home and Use It?
I am not sure what you mean, or I am sure and Yahoo wo not let me say it. What are you going to plug your home phone into? If it's a jack that already has a phone, it defeats the purpose of bringing a phone. The second part is I hope you do not expect your home phone to work without wires.......1. Do I still have to pay anything to my landline phone company if I switch to VOIP service with another company?Highest quality from what I've heard is Vonage. There are less expensive options but you may sacrifice features. I had Comcast digital voice for 30 a month, now I have Tmobile for 10/mo. But now I have no web-voicemail and it can not be used for faxing. There is a thing called magicjack which claims to give you home VOIP service for a year for $30 but there's no human support, which is obvious given it's low price. So, I think the leader in the industry is Vonage, but they are not the cheapest.2. How can neighbors eves drop on a cord landline phone?They can tap your hardline and can even use it without you knowing. It's more like they've cloned your hardline3. Do you still use your landline phone service?Do not even have one4. Why keep a landline phone?It may be more expensive depending on your cell plan. If your phone is charging or accidently turned off than your in trouble and its not listed in the phone book so some1 might not be able to find ur number,which could be good or bad. Some phones at places like schools and stuff wo not call cells, thier phone is like programed not to do it.5. is it possoble to tap a landline phone?It is easy to tap a landline. Cell phones just leave a better record of calls6. Do some senior citizens continue to subscribe to landline phone service?landline plus dialup here in FL Sure, I had 3 cellphones over time but the way they were set up made me go broke at $400 a month. I can do without those.7. Help with landline phone please!!!?Does your friend have a FAX machine on the line.???8. I'm likely moving and need to find the local landline phone provider in the area I moving to how do I do this?As long as you have high speed internet, I would go with Lingo or Vonage. You can call anywhere for free. The only downside is you must speed dial your local fire, police etc...911 does not work on these types of systems. ..yet. I have Lingo, it's 22 bucks a month flat fee, free calling anywhere. Vonage is about 25 bucks a month9. Would having a landline phone be of value in a crisis where cell communications are knocked out?I keep my landline, just in case. You never know, and I would rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it10. What do you call the tones/sounds your landline phone makes when you dial it?Hi..I think this is simple...On the land-lines...comming "off hook" a typical sound to hear is Dial Tone...Its a supervisory tone for the customer, letting the customer know, all is well and keep going. We no longer use the "Rotary Dial" for making a call..Maybe this term is out of date. You actually do not need a dial tone to make a evidenced in the use of cell phones...The buttons, on the phone are actually 2 frequencies put together, for you to hear that you pushed a button...again a supervisory signal for the customer. Years ago someone put out a somewhat popular book of songs you can play, using your touch-tone pad..The problem was you ended up calling some poor guy in Turkey or maybe France, that did not speak English, or understand the value of a music song, using the telephone...Go FigureDave11. please help.. is there anyway to find a non published landline phone # free?There use to be a company that printed a book called the Dickmand Cris-cross or Dickman Cross Connect. Realtors used them and so did the Police. Doubt you can buy one.
What Is the Idea of the Action of a Landline Phone? Can We Benefit From Its Energy in Wires to Light
No, it is still electricity going up and down the wires, it is not a replacement. It has a voltage of up to 60 volts on it with a very small current. Phones and analogue phone lines work by the conversion of sound to electrical current in the phone. You can get an electric shock from the ringer circuit. You could put a bulb in the ringer circuit and it will light it whilst the ringing is occuring, but the amount of current delivery with respect to the talking would not be enough to power a sensible size light1. Do you still use your landline phone service?I got rid of mine years ago. I never used it, so it was a waste of money2. Should I get rid of my landline phone and keep my cell phone?if it saves you money go for it3. video killed the radio star do you think that cell phones will kill the landline phone?It already has in my house. I have not had a land line in years4. When is the last time you used a wired landline phone?I am using one right now. I use one just about every day. Is that so unusual? I also have a fax machine and an answering machine and an alarm system connected to the landline5. Senior citizens: How does one get a basic landline phone service these days?If AT&T is in your area, you can get limited service under 12 miles away for $3.72 a month. That is my back up if my cell phone malfunctions or is unavailable. If you dont use AT&T I guess the others do it. I would never be without a land line.6. Do you still have a landline phone?nope. dont need it. why pay another bill?7. Why do cb calls come through my landline phone? How can I stop it?OK.... this is a problem, the cause is usually a person that willingly violates the law. If you have filters on the phones, this tells me that the problem is "overload". Overload is excessive power. Excessive power is a federal violation. You need to RECORD what is happening so that the FCC Enforcement Bureau has something to listen too.8. How much does it cost to call the Jonas Brothers per minute on a landline phone? Is it a set price or just LD?you should look it up in the Internet9. how to tell if someone is on the other line they have a landline phone?Depends on your area. Call the local telephone company for more details. Sounds like you have trust issues with your BF. Work on those first.10. Anyone else think AT&T landline phone service is getting too high priced with nickle and diming you?VoIP has the landline PSTN phone serveces beat by a long shot. But, many people stay away from VoIP because of technical problems. I recommend the best of both worlds. Find out who, in your area, has cheapest landline PSTN phone service. No bells and whistles, just the basics and with 911 - no extras. (they really ding you on the extras.) Use this for local and emergency call backup. Then, use Internet (DSL or cable) for all your long distance calling with VoIP. Long distance is where most people spend the most bucks and save the most with VoIP. If you do not mind using PC for phone calls, I like Skype. Some people also like Gizmo Project, Magicjack, or Yahoo Voice. If you do not want to use PC for VoIP calling, then many VoIP services can supply you with ATA (analog telephone adapter) that connects to Internet without PC being on. I have InPhonex LiteLine for $7.95/month - including area phone number, all the bells and whistles, 911, free incoming calls; outgoing calls cost 2.5 cent/min anywhere in USA/Canada. InPhonex can supply your ATA - no contracts - no commitments - no fine print - what you see is what you get - pay-as-you-go. I also use CallCentric with a phone number for $1.95/month, including all bells and whistles, 911 in USA; incoming calls are 1.5 cent/min and outgoing calls are 1.98 cent/min anywhere in USA/Canada. Pay-as-you-go; not contracts, no strings, period. Only catch, with CallCentric is that you have to provide your own ATA and be tecky enough to configure it yourself (I use my own Linksys PAP2T). However, CallCentric also provides a free softphone you can use from your PC to do all calling from. (see my profile for links). If you are adventurous, you could pull the plug on PSTN phones altogether and just use strictly VoIP for home phone service - that is what I did for maximum savings. But, I can not recommend this route for everyone, because of 911 issues related to VoIP. (however, I also have UPS power backup for my router and ATA in case of short term power outages)
The Clipper Makes Her Rounds
“You’d be amazed at what people walk around with,” said Serena Merrill.Ms. Merrill should know. Since 2008, she has been a foot care nurse for the elderly in and around West Stockbridge, Mass., and she has seen feet with every kind of problem you can imagine — and quite a few you’d probably rather not. For example: “A lot of men who were in World War II have had fungal nails since the 1940s from the trenches.”Since the 1940s? “Fungus is hard to get rid of,” Ms. Merrill said. Many older women also have this persistent condition, which renders nails yellow or even black, thick and misshapen, and tough to cut. But that’s hardly the only foot problem the elderly may experience: There are the corns, calluses, bunions and twisted toes, too, not to mention the damage caused by years of wearing too-pointy, too-tight, too-high heels. For the elderly especially, the feet can be one of the most neglected and abused parts of the body; simply clipping the nails can be impossible. “When you get old, your eyesight is not as good and you can’t bend down very easily, so you can poke yourself with the scissors,” said Dorothy Elsberg, 90, a former violinist for the Women’s Boston Symphony in Lenox, Mass.That can be hazardous for older patients, especially for those with diabetes. A slip of the clippers can lead to an infection that they may not notice until there’s serious damage. Surprisingly, nurses often can’t help with this caregiving task — they are not allowed to clip patients’ nails in medical facilities. Only in the past six years has there been a certification for nurses specializing in foot care. So every six weeks or so, Ms. Elsberg gets her toenails clipped by Ms. Merrill, who charges $45 for the house call. Elderly patients often are embarrassed by their feet, Ms. Merrill has found. “They’re ashamed,” she said. “They worry their feet are stinky or weird-looking.” And so they put off foot care until the problem becomes pressing. “People come to me with ingrown toenails or corns so painful they can’t walk any more,” she said. Handling people’s feet — cutting and filing nails, inspecting and healing every bump and rough patch, rubbing on lotion and massaging them — certainly sounds like one of caregiving’s less pleasant tasks. But the foot care ritual can also bring deep connections. “It’s sort of like being at the hairdresser for them – it’s amazing what will come out,” Ms. Merrill said. “Men will tell me their war stories and say, ‘Gee, I haven’t talked to anybody about this in years.'”One 85-year-old woman told Ms. Merrill about her husband, who went off to World War II with a major-league baseball career lined up, but lost a leg and came back to nothing. “She still got all teared up even though he died 20 years ago,” Ms. Merrill recalled.“When you get a smile and they walk away on top of the world, that’s pretty great,” Ms. Merrill added. “You don’t get that too much in nursing nowadays.” Marge Piercy, an award-winning poet and novelist, alludes to the emotional power that touching feet can evoke in “The Tao of Touch.” It’s a story Ms. Piercy heard from her own foot care nurse, and possibly the only poem in the English language to mention this profession (if you know of another, please tell us): What magic does touch createthat we crave it so. That babiesdo not thrive without it. Thatthe nurse who cuts tough nailsand sands calluses on the elderlytells me sometimes men weepas she rubs lotion on their feet.The blog is ending, but our coverage of caregiving and aging is not. The New Old Age will run as a twice-monthly column by Paula Span on and frequently in Science Times. Readmore…At many nursing homes and assisted living places, a resident’s passing may be hardly noted.Readmore…Circumstances had changed, and all these documents needed to change, too. Readmore…Lifestyle modification prevents Type 2 diabetes even more effectively in the elderly than in middle-aged patients.Readmore…Julianne Moore gives a wonderful performance in “Still Alice,” but the film skirts the truth about dementia.Readmore…Thanks to the marvels of medical science, our parents are living longer than ever before. Most will spend years dependent on others for the most basic needs. That burden falls to their baby boomer children. The New Old Age blog explored this unprecedented intergenerational challenge. Paula Span will continue to write New Old Age columns twice monthly at and the conversation will continue on Twitter (@paula_span) and Facebook.A few medical institutions have opened their doors to patients’ own dogs and cats. Scheduling and medication errors plague patients with Parkinson's.Dementia doesn't respect public stature.Is there life after caregiving, and if so what it is like?Comprehensive reference and special reports about diseases, conditions, tests, injuries and surgeries.Useful information, tools, and links to organizations around the Web.FollowAdvertisement
What Is a Good Sports Car for First Time Driver?
what is a good sports car for first time driver?I hope this is a stupid dream of yours and that your parents are not that foolish. If they bought you a 10 year old Accent, I would think you were spoiled— — — — — —Sports car racingIn 1963, Volpi began developing his own prototype GT car, the Jungla GT. It used a new V8 engine, designed by Alberto Massimino, with closed bodywork by Francesco Salomone (built by Gran Sport). A later open version was built by Fantuzzi.— — — — — —Best sports car for under 40k?Best Sports Cars Under 40k— — — — — —Is an acura tsx considered a sports car?nope because its a sedan and not a coupe— — — — — —2005 bmw 330ci or 2008 nissan 350z?Apples or oranges? 4 door sedan off of a lease that is to expensive. Or a Two door sports car that is brand new only you have driven is worth something. Both cars handle poorly in the snow. Both cars handle exelent in the dry. Want to take two friends for a ride BMW just you and one other Z. But remember owning a sports car is more expensive than a common sedan. Both cars will return about the same gasmilage. One is 3 years newer that is the one I would go with 307 hp with a 6 speed gear box.— — — — — —Is the Nissan 300zx (1991) a good first car for a teenager?like everyone said, it's gonna be expensive in insure, go for something like a Pontiac Grand Prix, I have an 02, it has about 230 hp, it's pretty quick, and not considered a sports car, so it's cheap to insure— — — — — —What is the most popular muscle car of all-time?The term muscle car generally refers to American made sports cars built from 1964 until present. There were plenty of fast large engine cars before this but 1964 signalled the beginning of a horsepower war that continued until the gas crisis of 1973. The Pontiac GTO with a tripower in 1964. The Ford Mustang debued in the New York World's fair April 1964 but the factory called the car a 1965 model, Chevy had a Corvette since 1954 but initially it only had a 6 cylinder and when they put a V8 in the car in became a muscle car but the factory referred to it as a sports car. Loosely speaking a sports car was supposed to be fast but had great handling. A muscle car was all engine (handling be damned!) So some people might say that even with a tri-power 427 big block the Corvette might still be a Sports car not a muscle car. Whereas a Mustang with only a 289 was definitely a muscle car. In terms of longevity the Corvette goes back longest but in terms of units sold the Ford Mustang far and away would have sold the most. So, using that as my definition I would say that the Ford Mustang would hold the title of most popular of all-time. You could ask what is the most desirable today. That is very different because that factors in rarity. One car that comes to mind for that title is the 1972-73 Hemi Cuda convertible 4 speed. There were maybe a dozen of these made. Why? because they were not big selling cars. The 426 Hemi was a better engine on the track then the 440. However for the street the 475 HP hemi was detuned to 405 HP whereas the much cheaper 440 was making 375 HP but it ran so much smoother. Most buyers back then wanted an automatic transmission. Most buyers wanted air conditioning not a convertible. Even the incredibly valuable Mercedes 300SL and the Shelby Cobras which go for $1 million these days sat in dealers show rooms unsold back in their day.— — — — — —Nice looking sports car/convertible for a teenage girl?I thought girls like BMWs, and yup it's just a suggestion, for your price range, you could get a bmw(any bmw is nice looking sport car), nissan Z 2004 and up, Mini Cooper, but if your looking for cars similar to the vette we would be talking ferrari lambos type of body and your price range is not there, so you either pick the vette or go with camaro,3series,z350
Describing a 'Sanctuary' As in a Safe Place and Not a Shrine Or Church?
what word would you use to describe a properly non-religious safe-placeMaybe these might work:Or maybe phrases that are more descriptively literal:But... and cleverly names the building in Japanese as to allow it to hide in the openDescribing and naming are not the same so...I guess we should not start with such a non-hidden term like as you suggested. If the society persecutes atheists then it hardly makes sense to have words directly describing atheists in the name.Also, hiding while using and as part of the name, is not really hiding.I suppose you could name it anything if the intent is to be hidden and not overt or advertised. Like how speakeasies during the prohibition era would not have their signboard on the outside naming themselves something like "sanctuary for alcohol".Then it depends on whether the place is a publicly recognised safe-house or if it's a clandestine one. If it's a secret, then I suppose the answer to your question is now quite subjective and you get to choose a codeword of your choice.1. Why do women have such a powerful & biased sheep mentality towards their own gender?We love to love :) Girls just want to have fun, and grow up to be women that want to make it fun for everyone. Even when we work. Only women bleed, without being shot at..idk, maybe that's part of it.2. Will Scotland ever been drawn out of the European Union against its will?Scotland is part of the United Kingdom and will leave (or not) the EU when the UK does.Locally, people are anxious to leave the EU because of the benefits to the oil and fishing industries3. I just got my dress! Have you found "the one" yet? did you get a good deal on it?Glad you posted this, I gush about my dress as often as possible! XD It's a halter with a beaded bodice and a tulle bottom (ballgown) with a GORGEOUS back that has a bow and tapers out. I am getting a corset backing added to it for $150 :] I knew it was the dress immediately. It was the first dress I tried on and the only one that made my mom cry. I tried on other dresses to make sure it was REALLY The One and was not just the shock of it being the first dress, but after every dress I tried on, I could not get my mind off that first one :]. Amazingly, it was originally $800 marked down to NINETY-NINE DOLLARS!!!! Thank God for David's Bridal hahaha. But the best part was that my grandpa saw me in it and bought it for me before he was diagnosed and passed away from Leukemia (he passed almost 3 weeks ago). He had part in our special day and got to see me in my dress, which I am so grateful for. -Shelby4. Your opinion on feeding dog's bones?Quick! I need to put my dogs in a big plastic bubble! I choose to feed my dogs RMB's because it's part of their biologically appropriate diet. Instances of choking, bones getting stuck, or whatever you naysayers claim is so dangerous, is no more dangerous than giving your dog a chew toy. And I am not going to let that stop me from feeding my dogs a healthy diet so they can be in top shape.5. Why do American Socialists always use Europe as an example and not Japan for a successful Socialist society?Remember, Japan is a nation, and a very homogenous one at that while Europe is a continent comprised of over 40 nations, with their own languages, dominant religions, tax structures, gun laws, etc. Ireland is part of Europe, and so is Sweden, but they are very different6. What is this plate in a TH-400 Transmission called?They are part of the clutch packs7. What is this part called?Does the part you want have a point on one end and is hollow? or does it look like a regular bolt? You could be talking about the "banjo bolt" that holds the brake hose to the wheel cylinder. Show the parts guy what you need and he can get it. If what you need is gone from one side, get the one from the other side to show him. You also need to find a friend to help you with this project!
The Intriguing History of the Black Madonna'
The US artist Theaster Gates explores the concept of the 'Black Madonna' in his latest exhibition, which celebrates images of powerful black women. Alastair Sooke finds out more. Most people coming face to face for the first time with Dutch artist Maerten van Heemskerck's 16th-Century oil painting of the Virgin and Child, at the Kunstmuseum Basel in Switzerland, would see a perfectly conventional picture: before an imaginary landscape meant to evoke Mediterranean antiquity, a seated blonde Mary, her plaited hair draped in orange cloth, glances at the viewer, while the Christ child fidgets on her lap, ignoring his mother's exposed breast. So far, so traditional. For the celebrated 44-year-old US artist Theaster Gates, however, Van Heemskerck's painting is charged with surprising significance. "Christ has turned away from his mom's milk, and is looking dubious and devious," he tells BBC Culture. "Meanwhile, Mary is the image of a harlot, with come-hither eyes. I call her 'The Ghetto Madonna'." Gates's 'reading' may be unorthodox, even provocative - in particular, his assertion that Van Heemskerck's Virgin "is an octoroon, ie one-eighth black" is bound to make art historians start harrumphing. But it is typical of the way his deft mind works, making startling, unforeseen connections between disparate things. We are standing before Van Heemskerck's panel because Gates - who hails from Chicago and has won international acclaim for his renovations of dilapidated buildings in the city's South Side neighbourhood - has hung it at the start of Black Madonna, his new solo exhibition at the Kunstmuseum, which will run until October. According to Gates, a thoughtful, charismatic presence who began his artistic career as a potter, the exhibition "weaves back and forth from religious adoration to political manifesto to self-empowerment to historical reflection". It makes for a complex but intoxicating mix. Consider, for instance, how Gates presents 'The Ghetto Madonna', which he calls the "anchor" of the show. It appears alongside a disturbing video, by Gates, looping clips from a 1935 film, The Littlest Rebel - in which Shirley Temple, playing the daughter of a plantation-owning family during the American Civil War, appears in blackface. Next to this, we see a large photograph of a beautiful young black woman, her face framed by pretty, white lace, reproducing a vintage shot from a 20th-Century lifestyle magazine pitched at African-Americans. "So, here are three 'Black Madonnas'," Gates tells me, with a smile. Like a virginThe inclusion of Van Heemskerck's painting alludes to the so-called 'Black Madonna' in Western art history. Conventionally, of course, Mary appears in painting and sculpture as a young mother with white skin. Sometimes, however, she appears with a dark or black face and hands - and this Black Madonna fascinates Gates, whose work interrogates the legacy of the civil-rights movement and the experience of black people in the US today. In the past, for instance, he has made a series of artworks out of decommissioned fire hoses called In the Event of a Race Riot. Meanwhile, his show in Basel - staged across two of the museum's venues - contains one of his dramatic black tar paintings, inspired by his father's hard-graft work as a roofer (his mother was a schoolteacher): every aspect of the artwork, from the glossy bitumen applied with a large mop, to the copper nails used to secure the picture to its support, conforms to traditional roofing techniques. "It doesn't leak," says Gates, with another smile. Examples of the Black Madonna may be found all over the world. According to some estimates, there are around 500 Black Madonnas in Europe alone, mostly Byzantine icons and statues in Catholic and Orthodox countries. A monastery in the city of Czestochowa in southern Poland, for instance, contains a dark-skinned Byzantine icon of the Holy Virgin. Meanwhile, a shrine in Einsiedeln Abbey, a Benedictine monastery around 25 miles (40km) southeast of Zurich in Switzerland, boasts a miraculous Black Madonna statue, its skin possibly darkened from centuries of exposure to candle smoke. Gates has also encountered a Black Madonna in a Greek Orthodox monastery on the island of Heybeliada, near Istanbul. "There are lots of stories," says Gates, who is a professor of visual arts at the University of Chicago. He isn't the only contemporary artist drawn to the subject: in 1996, British artist Chris Ofili painted his controversial Holy Virgin Mary, depicting a sensual black Mary in a blue robe, against an orange background, with a lump of elephant dung in place of her bare breast. "Once," continues Gates, "there was a fire in France, and the Madonna there smote the fire, and ingested the trauma. It wasn't that she was charred, but there was something about the trauma that made her black. I'm curious about this idea: could a 'Black Madonna' simply be a white Madonna with trauma? In other words, do Madonnas 'mature' towards blackness because of something bad happening?"It's an intriguing, unsettling notion - but, says Gates, who has two degrees in urban planning, he isn't interested in the 'history' of the Black Madonna so much as the "lived experience of those who worship her". "I got super-curious about [Our Lady of] Guadalupe," he says, referring to a famous full-length representation of a mixed-race Mary in a shrine in Mexico City. He also set out to discover more about Yemoja, a Yoruba deity sometimes viewed as an equivalent of the Virgin Mary, and "the role of the black woman in Haitian voodoo". 'Beautiful, powerful women'Gates says that his interest in the Black Madonna stems from his experiences growing up. He was raised in a Christian household, the youngest of nine children, and the only boy. "I was born in a house of love," he tells me, "surrounded by earthly Madonnas." Aged 13, Gates became director of the youth choir at his church. Is he still a believer? He pauses before replying: "I definitely have a stronger belief capacity than most, as a result of having been brought up religious." He no longer attends church every Sunday, he says, but he does have a gospel-inspired band called the Black Monks of Mississippi (who performed in Basel to mark the opening of his new show). "Having the capacity to believe in things is what artists do," Gates tells me. "Like, I believe that the ugly can be beautiful. I have an amazing belief muscle." When he was 19 years old, Gates visited relatives in Detroit, where he came across the Shrine of the Black Madonna - a church once described by The New York Times as "an important centre for black theology and political power". It was founded in 1967, in the wake of the decade's urban race riots, by the religious leader Albert Cleage. "The proposition," explains Gates, "was that the mother of God was black, therefore Christ was black, and so we were connected to this long lineage of powerful people." As a teenager, Gates found this idea exciting. "It was very radical," he says.Another important, related strand of Gates's Black Madonna exhibition concerns the photographic archive of the Johnson Publishing Company (JPC), which, since 1945, has published the monthly magazine Ebony, conceived as an equivalent of Life magazine for an African-American market. Gates says that copies of Ebony and its sister magazine Jet, modelled on Reader's Digest, could be found "all over my house" when he was growing up: "They were a kind of encyclopaedia of everyday black life."At the Kunstmuseum Basel, Gates has constructed an elegant, saltire-shaped wooden cabinet containing more than 2,600 images of black women from the archives of JPC, which the artist describes as "the most important black publishing company to have ever existed". Many of the images present beautiful models dressed in glamorous clothes - but there are also photographs of 'ordinary' women engaged in domestic activities such as cooking or looking after children. "I wanted to celebrate black female images in the collection," explains Gates, who considers the "beautiful, powerful women" who appear in the cabinet as 'Black Madonnas', ie "everyday women who do miraculous things". "At the heart of it," he continues, "I was super-interested in how powerful women in and around my life seem to be a solution that the world is never looking for." This, says Gates, is the nub of his new exhibition. "So many of the challenges in this world are brought on by men," he tells me. "Sometimes I wonder: if women had the position they deserved [in society], would things be the same? Would we be as greedy, as corrupt, as non-caring, as warring? Those are the questions on my mind."Alastair Sooke is The Telegraph's Critic-at-LargeIf you would like to comment on this story or anything else you have seen on BBC Culture, head over to our Facebook page or message us on Twitter.And if you liked this story, sign up for the weekly features newsletter, called "If You Only Read 6 Things This Week". A handpicked selection of stories from BBC Future, Culture, Capital and Travel, delivered to your inbox every Friday.
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My Husband Is Planning a Fishing Trip to Northern Minnesota This Summer, Any Suggestions?
My husband is planning a fishing trip to northern minnesota this summer, any suggestions?Your mailbox will never be empty again— — — — — —what is the best guided Alaskan fishing trip for the money?What species of fish are you looking to target? If it's Salmon/Trout then def go to Alaska. If you want to catch Pike, Walleye, Trout & Small-mouth Bass, maybe think about heading to Canada. Canada has more diverse Freshwater species than Alaska. And, in some cases, more pristine fishing opportunity's! And it's cheaper. And it's warmer. And the mosquito's are not as bad......(wry grin).— — — — — —If you could take a fishing trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?Halibut and salmon fishing in Alaska— — — — — —Where would you take a 10 yr old for his first fishing trip? What would you bring?For a child's first fishing trip, I would strongly suggest you take him out on a private charter. There's quite a few up and down the coast. Focus on one that is designed for kids. I think the best Captain for that job is Captain David Bacon. He's a very well known Captain world wide. He's located out of Santa Barbara Harbor. He is really good teaching kids and showing them hot spots and keeping them in on action fishing, so they do not get board. They also do tournaments and at the end of the year whatever group catches the most fish, they will receive a 2 foot trophy. His telephone number is (805) 895-3273 Have fun fishing!!— — — — — —I am going fishing trip to Canada on Lake Nippising and i would like to get some tips or advice?I am not familiar with Lake Nippising but I have fished in Canada numerous times. Here is what I've found- Most Border and Canadian Lakes can be easily fished with only a handful of various bait's and lures. Bait's?- Leeches and Shiners will be your best bait for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, medium-sized Northern Pike. If you are dead-set on catching trophy Pike with bait an 8-12" Sucker would be your best bait. Lures?- Jigs are probably the cheapest and most productive lure. 1/4-3/8 OZ being the best weight's and Black & Chartreuse being the better colors. Berkley Gulp Leeches and 4" Curly-tailed Grubs are good trailers for your jigs. Jigs are also perfect tipped with a live minnow or leech. Spoons can be fantastic for Northern Pike/Musky. Rapala's can be productive in the shallower sections of any Canadian lake. Any Rapala that resembles Cisco's, Shiners, or Shad can be deadly if trolled behind the boat. It's important to use Fluorocarbon leaders or a low diameter Braided line in some clear Canadian lakes because of the amazing clarity of the water. I've used Fireline 4/10 "smoke-colored" braid and Power Pro 3/8 braid with very good results. "Dog -walked" Topwater lures can be esp deadly on Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike. Try to find "current" or a stream flowing into your lake. This will increase your odds of catching fish. Remember, it's not unusual to catch 50-100 fish in one day in Canada! Hope this info helped ya? Good fishing.— — — — — —I am going on a fishing trip, to catch perch.?small hooks. nightcrawlers work the best for me!!! everytime we go perch fishing. we catch some pretty nice ones!!— — — — — —Im going to canada next summer on a fishing trip what kind of gear do you reccomed?get your equipment there, it's expensive but great. get a good rod, some lead weights, sturdy blinkers and some lighter bait so you can use smaller fish as bait for bigger ones. and a sturdy nylon rope (1mm)— — — — — —Who offers the best deep sea fishing trip in Galveston, TX?I would recommend, Williams party boats, or Galveston Party Boats. Both have 100 foot catamaran style boats with good crews, they both run 12 hour to 36 hour trips, both outfits you can Google to get there Web-sites.Who offers the best deep sea fishing trip in Galveston, TX?.— — — — — —All Dressed Up For The Fishing Trip?Hah..naughty man.Lol..Thanks.You earn my star— — — — — —What all do I need for a fishing trip?It is indeed. As you get more experienced you will need more tackle. A chair maybe and rodrests and what about a landing net and disgorger, a camera in case you catch a whopper. The list can go on and on. For some no nonsense tackle keep an eye on my site.
Schools Asked to Encourage Students to Wear Canvas Shoes
In a move to sensitise students about the environment and animal welfare, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued an advisory to schools on encouraging students to wear canvas shoes instead of leather ones.The advisory, issued last week to heads of all schools affiliated to the CBSE, states that schools should be encouraged to consider the "eco-friendly canvas shoes which are more resistant to wear and tear, more comfortable and relatively inexpensive".It added: "The production of leather from animals involves highly toxic chemicals, use of which can be reduced sizeably if the usage of leather shoes is not made mandatory in schools."The advisory also said that this would eliminate the need to maintain multiple pairs of shoes.The move has been welcomed by parents and heads of institutions.J. Anantha Padamanabhan, principal, Kendriya Vidalaya, M.G. Railway Colony, said that shifting to canvas shoes was not only a good move from an ethical point of view, but also from the point of view of comfort. "The concept of the uniform is only to bring equality among the children and we need to ensure that the uniforms are comfortable for students," he said.Swarupa Shivananda, a parent, said the move would ensure that students were sensitised about the environment and animal welfare at a young age. "Leather shoes come at a cost. I appreciate the move to urge students to switch to canvas shoes. As an animal lover, I think it is important to make sure that such ethical concerns are instilled among children at an early age," she said.However, Zeeshan Athani, a class 11 student, expressed concern over the durability of canvas shoes. "Canvas shoes get worn out easily and we will have to buy several pairs in one academic year. Leather shoes last longer," he said.Shoe shop owners have, however, said that the black shoes were available in leather as well as polymer. "Urging students to wear canvas shoes may not be cost-effective as they do not last long. If the board wants to discourage leather, they can ask students to switch to shoes made of polymer or synthetic leather as they are more viable," Raghavendra R., a shoe shop owner in Sheshadripuram, said.
Is This a Cute Outfit to Wear to My 7th Grade School Dance?
Is this a cute outfit to wear to my 7th grade school dance?i think it's disgusting— — — — — —Why do I always feel like falling asleep when Iu2019m on a course in a classroom type scenario Iu2019m well rested and listening to the person talking? Itu2019s extremely annoying and Iu2019ve had it since school.I have had this problem since grade school, and I was eventually diagnosed with ADD in my mid 30s! This may not be your issue but it may. I found ways to compensate, and was top of my class, but it's a nuisance to know that every lecture format class is going to be a struggle not to fall asleep/tune out.As a grown up in office settings, I have the same thing happen when people read their dang presentation word for word instead of adding dynamic context or color commentary. Things that help me:Having water or a beverage to sip/something to do when I'm fading. I take small sips so it lasts me the entire session.Counterintuitively, sitting at the front forced me to participate and pay more attention, though I initially always sat at the back. Move forward!Taking notes even if I understand the material, to force my brain to stay tuned even mildly to the content presented.Take notes with my left hand if it's really really dull stuff (I'm right handed) to force my brain to listen and focus on coordination.Write down questions, any questions, again to try to stay tuned in... you can also write down the main themes in the margins, anything to force your brain to extract information from the person talking. Or writing down ideas for a paper on that topic, or project coming up.When it's truly miserable, I make lists of chores or errands I need to do and eventually my mind comes back and I start taking proper notes again... I need to get the distraction out onto paper before I can refocus.Schools have become more accommodating for different learning challengs/styles these days, so go see a counselor and get evaluated in case you have ADD or some other difference in learning that can help you thrive. When I was younger, caffeine had an unexpected reverse effect and I would go to sleep faster and sooner. Now that I am older it's not quite as drastic, and sometimes helps me focus but not as much as I'm told medication would help.Good luck and stay alert out there!Why do I always feel like falling asleep when I'm on a course in a classroom type scenario I'm well rested and listening to the person talking? It's extremely annoying and I've had it since school.— — — — — —POLL:WHAT WAS YOUR FAVOIRTE GRADE IN SCHOOL?5th 8th and I am still in high school— — — — — —Do you agree that a grade school with "hundreds" of kids should be declared "peanut" free?My son's school had to do this because of one kid and one teacher. I think it is just bizarre - the whole politically correct thing. What is always so absurd is that peanuts are legumes, not nuts, but they ban nuts of any kind. Crazy. Do not get me started. .... of course, I feel sorry for anyone with a life-threatening allergy, but do not hold 250 kids hostage!— — — — — —How many people played the game "smear the queer" in grade school?See, when you live around Boston, queer or "queeah" as we pronounced it, only meant one thing...and it's not the definition you gave..but I will chalk that up as a left coast thing. Also, the definition you gave closely matches what we called people like that...and we were tactless enough to actually call them retarded or "wicked retahded" We did not smear them though, we pantsed them, and hoped they were wearing underwear...— — — — — —What type of drills did your grade school have?We had fire drills, air raid drills and tornado drills. Most of the drills were for tornadoes, especially in early spring. For tornado drills, we were to march into the hallways and sit with our faces to the wall, heads tucked in under our arms on our laps. Fire drills, we marched outside probably 200 feet or so away from the school. Air raid drills were from when I was very little, and I remember ducking under the desks, again with heads cradled in arms. After elementary school the air raid drills were discontinued.