Child of Mine

is a British television drama thriller, written by Caleb Ranson and directed by Jamie Payne, that first broadcast on ITV on 13 November 2005. Starring Joanne Whalley and Adrian Dunbar in the title roles, follows childless couple Tess (Whalley) and Alfie Palmer (Dunbar), who adopt two sisters from Canada whose mother was murdered by an unknown intruder. Older sister Heather (Hannah Lochner) is having trouble coming to terms with her mother's death, and Tess begins to wonder if it was Heather herself who killed her mother, and travels with her back to Canada to discover the truth. attracted 6.25 million viewers on its debut broadcast. was released on Region 1 DVD in the United States on 8 September 2006 via Koch Vision, but remains unreleased on Region 2 DVD.

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Child Labour Death Incidents

An eight years old domestic worker Zohra Shah was killed by the couple Hasan Siddiqui & her wife Umm e Kulsoom for mistakenly releasing the couple two parrots from the cage on June 2020 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The couple were arrested and charged same day.

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At what age should a child stopdrinking formula?

Yeah, you are supposed to stop at 1 year. At that age they switch to cows milk. I do not think its healthy for a child that age to still drink formula unless the kid has a medical problem and needs extra nutrition? Even then I think they would give some other supplement not baby formula past age 1. Formula does not have the correct balance of nutrients for a toddler and they should be getting their nutrition from real food anyway?

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Would you consider this hurting a child?

Man that hurts me. Why would any woman do that to a child? Make the kids Christmas and give them presents and they will never forget you. Also teach them the true meaning of Christmas and it will sustain them

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Should this economy stop me from having a second child?

I would make sure you have some money in the bank prior to having another child. Children are expensive and are you able to pay for the medical bills of the pregnancy along with all the bills of a child. I totally support you having another child but I would be more realistic about putting your child in day care. Your children will love their parents more if they can support them instead of struggling non stop so their mom can stay home with them

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Child marriage

Lemmon has written extensively on the impact of child marriage on girls' educational and economic opportunities. In 2014, she authored two CFR working papers on the topic: "High Stakes for Young Lives," coauthored with Lynn ElHarake, surveys strategies to stop child marriage; and "Fragile States, Fragile Lives" examines the correlation between child marriage and state fragility. She has reported on child marriage for a variety of news outlets, including Ms. Magazine, Medium, and NPR. In September 2016, Lemmon reported on the issue of child and forced marriage in the United States for the PBSNewsHour in a two-part series.

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Help! I need advice on how to bond with a step child?

Agree 100% with Bettyswe... "The most important thing is to treat him as you would want his mother to treat your daughter." Do not feel ashamed that you do not love this child. Just be fair and kind to him. Do not try to be his Mom... but, do try to be someone that he respects and trusts. He's a child going through some pretty confusing things. He needs your help and he needs to believe in his heart that he can trust you with the fact that he's confused and probably a little scared. Sometimes small gestures will do more to help you bond than the big grand ones.

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Child's Play

Child's Play is a 1988 American horror film directed and co-written by Tom Holland, and produced by David Kirschner from a story by Don Mancini. It is the first film in the Child's Play series and the first installment to feature the character Chucky. It stars Catherine Hicks, Dinah Manoff, Chris Sarandon, Alex Vincent, and Brad Dourif. Hicks plays a widowed mother who gives her son a doll for his birthday, unaware that the doll is possessed by the soul of a serial killer. Child's Play was released in the United States on November 9, 1988, by MGM/UA Communications Co.. It grossed more than $44 million against a production budget of $9 million. Along with the film gaining a cult following, the box office success spawned a media franchise that includes a series of six sequels, merchandise, comic books and a reboot film of the same name released in the summer of 2019. Child's Play was distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, although the rights to the series were sold to Universal Pictures in 1990, right before production on Child's Play 2 started. MGM retained the rights to the first film and as such, distributed the 2019 reboot.

What Terrible Things Can a Child Do That Justifies a Parent Throwing Them Out of Their Home?
What terrible things can a child do that justifies a parent throwing them out of their home?have no children. But, these would be things that would get a child thrown out of my house. Verbally threatening the life and safety of members of the family. Often. Repeatedly stealing other people's possessions - to sell for their drug use. Being repeatedly destructive to the house and the contents in it. Being so angry that they physically attack and hurt someone in the family. That includes the pets. Repeatedly bringing over people to the house that make you feel very uncomfortable These rules would apply to everyone. Not just the kids.— — — — — —Would you rather be a child forever or be an elderly person forever? Why?Elder or just Older? I guess I qualify as elder since I'm over 66. I wouldn't mind being stuck at this age. I never did forget how to be a child, or the magic of seeing things in ways that so-called "grownups" forget. Probably why I like working in a preschool - to the kids, I'm positively ancient. As an elder, I can drive, reach things on higher shelves, buy toys, books, and gadgets for myself, and still have ice cream for breakfast if I want to. Ages 18 to 50, the years I worked "9 to 5", those would have been where I would not want to be permanently stuck! Horrible! I couldn't take naps any time I wanted and had too little time to play.— — — — — —Is it illegal to take an Uber without your child being in a car seat?It has nothing to with "taking an Uber".Each state has its own laws regarding the requirement and use of child care seats and boosters. Your Uber driver is not responsible for providing you or your children with whatever safety seats are required, you are. However, law enforcement can and will cite ANY driver not exempt from the law for failing to properly protect a child in a car, as required by law. That is why many Uber and Lyft drivers may explain to you that they cannot, under the law, transport you and your children if you do not have have the appropriate child safety seats with you. Do not get mad at them - it's your responsibility as a parent to know the law regarding safely transporting your children in a car!In many localities, taxi cabs, limousines and other public and private "commercial motor vehicle transportation" services, like buses and vans are exempted from the regulations. I do not know of any location where Uber and Lyft drivers are exempt.— — — — — —Worst name to give a child? D:?Yurk, Yurk is a pretty bad name for a child— — — — — —What is the best musical instrument for a child to learn after the violin?The instrument that would probably enhance the childu2019s musical ability the most after violin is piano. Piano is a great instrument to learn because it becomes easy to know how chords and scales work as well as the new ability to be able to read bass clef. Piano and violin also go together very well, so knowledge of the musicality between the two instruments will be gained. Piano in general may be the best first instrument to learn as the knowledge gained from it can translate well to other instruments.What is the best musical instrument for a child to learn after the violin?— — — — — —how do you get your child to eat?she will come around but try to make eating seem like a lot of fun. i work in a kindergarten and when a child did not want to eat his/her food i would play(the classic airplane game, for example)— — — — — —In a nut shell, who promoted more unwed child pregnancies?The way I see it, Huckabee inadvertently made a case for Portman who, as you pointed out, is a grown woman with a thriving career, plenty of financial means to raise a child, a soon-to-be husband, (and a Harvard degree to boot). Huck needs a glass of water to wash that foot down with.— — — — — —Are you getting your child a real rabbit or chick for Easter?Tonight I go pick up a rabbit for my kids, and I just bought them 6 Ameraucanas two days ago along with a duckling. We currently have a goose that we have had for almost 3 years.she was bought at easter also. I think it depends on the family. No parent should buy an animal for a child that they are not willing to care for for the life of the animal. We (my boyfriend and I) plan to make sure that the animals are fed and watered. We do this with all of our animals. Children lose interest so quickly if it is not something that they really want. So I guess what I am saying is that it depends on the family and the situation. I do not believe that you should get an animal to just dump it later. Where I live it just disgusts me because after easter there are several ducks dumped at the local park. I also just rescued 6 rats tha were set lose in a park. .clearly pets as they were pink eyed whites and hairless, some even being dumbos. That is what is sad and a shame
Any Suggestions on Teaching a Child About How Our Lives Revolve Around the Clock and Time?
Any suggestions on teaching a child about how our lives revolve around the clock and time?Just get a cooking timer. State you have X amount of minutes and set the timer. When it goes off, be stern and allow no excuses— — — — — —How do you manage baby formula at night?I was given a great bottle warmer when I had my daughter. It had cooling and heating on a timer. It held three bottles. All I had to do was prepare the bottles before bed and place them in the warmer (cooler setting) then set the timer. The first bottle was ready when my daughter woke. All I had to do was set it again for the next bottle. It was a life saver.— — — — — —First timers sex tips?You have got some good answers already.Do not worry, everything will come automatically— — — — — —Problem with automatic watering - please help!?There's two type of the irrigation control system ,24 volt digital screen ( programing) and wiring to each solenoid bobbin valve command ,which is supply 2 or more sprinkler . battery system ,or solar panel system control ,which is installed directly on each valve mechanism . Both system required timer programing ,first set the recent time and then program period of the timer . In general water must be on before control (solenoid bobbin ) which timer inside the control will be on at set point and water will run to the pipes (sprinkler). Basically an automatic controller is a Valve and you need to check manual that for what psi it is design ,may pressure of water in england it's lower or more than the US water pressure.This will cause that spring inside the controller show resistance or loose . Another problem during installation on pipe line it's air gap ,which you should allow to air coming out of system to act normally .— — — — — —Iterate through series of timersIf you only need the entries once, you could simply keep using shift until there are no more entries:I would also suggest to not make the type of the variable part of the variable name. exercise and exercises are much easier to read than exerciseArray and exerciseObject— — — — — —Do you like this photograph (different one)?i was thinking its a 8 or 10 years old kid pic as i write in my answer of your last question,now you tell its you,its means your editing change your looking,anyway your lens make your eyes bigger, here's a tip take your picture from a little distance it will make you more photogenic,you can use the timer if you do't have any helper— — — — — —I have a hot tub that runs for 5 seconds than shuts off, anyone have any ideas that I can try to fix it?not being a smart a$$ but sometimes you get what you pay for,have you checked the timer switch and all the wiring?is it a typical 240volt hook up and you are sure its wired in the right way.can you go to the nordic web site and see if they have a trouble shooting section,sorry not a lot of help but it sounds like it could be in the timer— — — — — —How to stop water spraying from spigot?Did you insert a rubber gasket in the inlet of the timer?— — — — — —Is a 5 year old too young to be grounded for a day?a five year old is old enough to know the difference between right and wrong so firmly sit her down with no distraction and explain you do not care for her behavior and have her learn that a bad action will be followed with a reaction such as taking items away or sitting on the time out chair for a period of 5 minutes set a kitchen timer for this if she get up place her back on the chair and reset the timer. You may have to find the trigger for her behavior for the past two weeks to increase and then work from there. What Your husband is suggesting is a little extreme to me but limit her activities and have her in sight would work better. May you can have your pastor talk to her she may tell him what is up and why she is acting the way she is.
Will the IRS Make Someone Pay for Claiming a Child That One Parent Keep for 9 Months?
If you are the parent that was entitled to claim the child, then file a paper return. The IRS will send a notice to both parties that the child was claimed twice and that someone needs to file an amended return. They will also request that proof of being entitled to claim the child be submitted to them. This can be school records,Dr records, Copy of a lease recognizing that the child lives at the address of record. This will delay the processing of your return, until the IRS determines who is actually eligible to claim the child. If one party receives a refund that they were not entitled to they will have to pay the monies back with penalties and interest. and their future returns will be subject to reviews and audits1. IRS stimulus for social security disability who is a dependant??He is correct. He can claim her as head of household if he supports 50% of her living exspense. Like room and board,food, etc: now if she files separate from him then both can get the rebate. but unless she files herself as her own dependent then she can not receive it. I suggest them working their taxes separate and together to see wich way they would benefit more2. Starting a business and need help setting it up with the irs?Call them (IRS) they will help you3. What do you think about having the IRS run health care?you get informed. The actual program will be run by Health and Human Services, but IRS is involved in checking on a monthly basis to guarantee your compliance. This is just about how compassionate the whole system will be from the bureaucrat that tells you cannot have the MRI to the type of medication that is not on their approval list. The compassion of the IRS and the love and caring of Obama himself. (More like Attila)4. 2012 IRS Direct Deposit Dates?I got the same exact answer. I just think they are pushing the date out just in-case we do not get it by the 8th. Your not the only one here with the message! :) My state also says we are in the final stages of processing. So go figure lol5. How can I find out who had me investigated by the IRS?You go to the audit. That's how you solve the problem, which you are not even sure what it is yet. The IRS will call or write to you letting you know when the audit is and what records you need to provide. I do not understand why YOU would claim your sister's child on your taxes unless you support him--his father has a legal right to that claim, if he is supporting the child--or the mother does--but an uncle? It's unlikely. You are probably going to have to provide proof that you've supported him all the way back to 2009. So start getting your records together6. Do apartments report to irs how much you make or is it just the employer?Once irs audit, they will probably investigate alot. You lied and got caught, what difference does it make what caused you be honest lol7. What would do if you haven't received the rebate from the IRS?you can check when they will mail the check. i have not get mine yet but i know thwy suppose to mail it on the 2 week of july.8. AND FOLLOW RESPONSE9. Why does the IRS think I'm rich?There are families whose ENTIRE earnings in a year is 24,000. And they live in an expensive town, just like you. So yes, you are well off10. Can The Irs Take My Car If I'm The Co Buyer? Buy The Buyer Owes The IRs.?I would not be overly concerned about the IRS seizing any property from your father. (Except MAYBE real estate) Look at it from the perspective of the IRS. If your car is worth $10,000 and they take it. At auction they may get 6K or 7K generously. Then they would have to contend with the lien on the car. So if your loan has a balance of $5K and they only got $6K.....the full amount they would collect total for all that work is $1K. Not worth their time. Also, one more thing about the vehicle. Your loan payments each month that you are making do nothing toward showing/proving you are the owner of the vehicle - and do not prevent the IRS from seizing the vehicle if they so choose. Your father listed as primary buyer and you as co-buyer do not make much of a difference. Even if you were listed as primary and him co-buyer.....the IRS can still seize the property because the car is held as JTWROS. (Joint Tenant with Rights of Survivorship) Meaning that the car is as much his as it is yours, and as an asset of his, it would be considered when attempting to offset tax debt. As for the property of yours that is stored /kept at his home. I would, for your own sake, get it out of there and put it in storage at a local self storage place. Because if the house is seized, and you for what ever reason do not make it there in time, then you wo not be able to enter the premises to remove things from it. But again in this case......your father's specific situation will really be the best indicator of what they can and can not (will and will not) do. If they do decide to take the house.......he will be warned in advance of that determination........they can not just swoop in over night and take his primary residence out from under him! Overall your best defense is making sure you stay WELL informed about your fathers situation. Have him call an attorney if he feels like he is not getting his issues resolved - or if he just really wants to know what to expect next and what the IRS is capable of in his case. Hope this helps - if you have any follow up questions/concerns.....I am here to help!!
Does Your Child Have Autism? Do You Know a Child Who Does?
First I agree with the person, not to worry what could happen There are several things that could happened to a child, autism is not the worst. You can not control life My daughter has PDD-NOS, it's a high functioning form of Autism She has been put on and taken off the scale of Autism twice The school is fighting with me, about services I talk to my daughter doctor before she was born about vaccines and autism. He said she will give the MMR vaccine at two and not one. My daughter start showing signs at 18 months. I now that the MMR did not cause her vaccine. There is a case in Georgia, that won a federal law suite. For what I understand that it was a group of vaccine and her body that together caused the autism. When looking for a doctor, look for a doctor that will be willing to work with the vaccinations and spread them out for four years and not two. For what I understood, children like the one in Georgia, if they were spread out more like other country, she might not have the reaction she would. Have her doctor give her the MMR at two and not at age one. Most children start showing signs before their second birthday, even if it is not found for years Do not worry about Autism I know many parents that have Autistic children, we go to the same doctors and do a lot of the same things. Parents with really bad cases love their children just as much or more than any parent. Try not to worry about this. The worst thing in my pregnancy was stress. A part of me wonders if that could of caused my child autism. That is not proven, but I have seen others that also had a lot of stress, and wonder the same thing. If you know you are having a girl, you can worry less. Boys are most likely to get Autism, it is something like for every one girl that has autism, four boys has it. If you are having a girl you can worry less. I would look for a pediatrician that will be willing to work with you if you are worry about autism and vaccine1. Why do you think there are so many children diagnosed with autism these day?Todays world is alot different than when I was a child. Parents are gone all the time, kids are raising themselves, there are far more pollutants in the air, more immunization requirements and chemicals used on our foods. I work with children who have autism and other severe behavior disorders and disabilities. I believe autism is caused by the immunizations. I have a child who has autism. He was a happy smiling baby until he got an immunization. Then he changed literally overnight. 1 in 166 children are born with autism of some variation. This is way too many. I would love to find a cure so that the children I work with could be "normal". Until someone does and autism no longer exists I will continue to do my work and help the children with autism learn lifeskills and anything else I can teach them. I do not believe ADD and ADHD exist. I have said this many times. I believe those are some form of autism. Doctors just see kids who are hyper and quickly diagnose ADD or ADHD, give them meds and send them on their way instead of spending time getting to the real problem. ODD is just a bored child who has no rules layed down for them by the way. Edit to my answer: Children will give you exactly what you expect of them. If you expect the child to be "bad" that is what you will get. When the "bad" students come into our room I let them know what I expect of them. I have high expectations. I expect good behavior. I have yet to have a serious problem with a child I have been told is terrible.2. What is Autism and WHY do so many children have it now?THe truth nobody knows.My son is three and was diagnosed 3 weeks ago. I knew something was up when he was 18 months old. Its not a lie THe truth is nobdy knows for sure. I personally dont beleive it was from the vaccines. Im not sure were it came from it just happens and i love my son very much and you know what it part of him and he is in therepy and preschool and hes doing good. so Take it for what you want unless youve experienced it first hand dont make judgements.3. Help - Worried my 15 month old (almost 16 month old) may have autism?What has your pediatrician said about his head growth? Is this even an indication of autism or just something random about him that concerns you? Honestly, from what you describe, your son does not sound autistic to me. I was also a late talker, and I know many other children who barely spoke at all until 2 years
It Takes the Whole Village to Raise a Child
One of my high school memories is of my principal ordering me to shave my dreadlocks off. I found his orders peculiar, as I saw nothing wrong with my hairstyle. I was at the zenith of my adolescence, characterised by infernal impudence, and challenged him to give me money to please his demands. I knew inwardly that I disappointed him with my crude response, since he had invested his trust in me, both educationally and in my promising soccer career. I liked my dreadlocks a lot. The girls were crazy about the bleached mop on my head, and I especially enjoyed hearing their spontaneous boisterous screams on the sidelines of a soccer pitch, shouting my name every time I had the ball at my feet. His dislike of my hairstyle didn't stop and he kept on cajoling me to go bald. He asked one of the teachers to intervene - the same teacher happened to be my dad's cousin, and the principal knew very well that I would ultimately oblige. One day, when coming back from school, I saw a white Toyota jalopy parked at my grandmother's house. I knew it belonged to that stooge of a teacher who would preclude my freedom at school. As hard as I tried to keep looking good with my dreadlocks, they tried to knock sense into my head about the importance of listening to my teachers. I reluctantly relented and opted for a new hairstyle. What brought this vivid memory back is the recent deplorable actions by Gauteng school kids who condescendingly boycotted classes, demanding to wear skinny pants. Just as I wanted to look good in my dreadlocks and refused to have a hair policy enforced on my head, they wanted to be at their elegant best in their tight-fitting pants. To them, their actions, which left teachers and parents in shame, were impeccable as they wanted to make a fashion statement. But, to society, the proverb that "it takes a village to raise a child" was rendered futile. These are the same youngsters who are envisaged as future leaders but, instead of treating school as an institution of learning, they turn it into a bastion of crime, where cases of beating teachers, carrying weapons to school and bullying other pupils are often heard of. I also didn't like my khaki school uniform, but I had to wear it - not only because of school policy, but because it promoted a culture of homogeneity at school. As much as I do not blame them for their actions, I think now is the time for teachers and parents to work in unison for the benefit of pupils' futures. It is also unfortunate to state that, even if we can now start teaching the present generation about conventional behaviour in schools, we really need all the resources and power available to instil this kind of education into our community. We may be theologically divided as a country, but I am of the opinion that religious education needs to be reintroduced as one of the subjects at schools. This will serve as a divine clarion call to what God once prophesied in the book of 2 Chronicles 7:14 when He said: "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi put it succinctly: "Few things in life are as clear as adolescents' seemingly innate drive to assert their independent judgement of social affairs. It is not uncommon for middle and high school pupils to challenge various manifestations of authority, and openly voice their opinions about the justice of the situations they encounter at home and at school." I fully align myself with his sentiment, that some of this wayward behaviour is influenced by the adolescent stage during which issues such as alcohol, drugs and crime can contribute to the pupils' unconventional conduct. But teachers cannot do it alone. Parents must play a primary role and the community should also get involved. After all, it takes the entire village to raise a child.Mogotlane is a public servant
Is a Child also a Dependent in IRS Withholding Calculator?
These two questions are actually about two different things.The first one is about dependents, the second one is about Child Tax Credit .Your dependent child does not necessarily qualify for the child tax credit (notice the "eligible"). Also, your dependents do not have to be your children1. can someone help me write a letter to the irs?the three-year statute of situation replaced into on "utilising for a reimbursement" (amended return, and so on.). consequently the IRS already approved and issued a reimbursement so as that statute would not persist with. in case you talked to an IRS individual on the telephone, deliver it "To Whom it could venture. " merely inform them what occurred. once you are responding to correspondence, they will have the touch information. you are plenty greater advantageous off in case you could deliver it to a individual. yet you nevertheless could have the skill to get the money lower back. The letter would not would desire to be long, and would not would desire to be in a particular format.2. does the IRS look over each e-file return hand by hand?every return is hand handled, if you were to visit, like the Fresno campus, the room the examiners work in is like two football fields big! and if you happen to do your taxes on the kitchen table and some flour happens to get in the envelope, guess what? the minute that envelope is opened the sirens go off and the entire room is sealed shut!3. can you recieve medical insurance with a irs taxpayer identification number?Yeah, well, you can in Oregon. And the get a job thing. Get a clue, ***. I am too sick to work. Did you ever think about that? If it was not for state insurance, I would probably dead because I can not afford my oncologist and my bi-weekly chemo treatments.4. has anyone had a problem with IRS e file direct deposit schedule/ dates?Mine was accepted on 1/17, date changed to 2/3 and then 2/10. Talked to the irs 3 times through 18008290922 and did not get any help except that it will take up to 3 weeks to process. The last name theory seems to be holding true since mine starts with an M and my neighbor who got his starts with a G. This really stinks, but we are at the mercy of the Idiotic Retard System5. Is it time for a flat tax, thus severely limiting the power and scope of the IRS?A flat tax would not do that. There would still be people hiding money and cheating.... so there will still need to be investigations6. Should we abolish the IRS and repeal the 16th Amendment?I agree, the 16th ammendment should be abolished. Mike Huckabee is touting the Fairtax which proposes first repealing the 16th ammendment. So Ron Paul is not the only candidate proposing repeal.7. Irs rejected my return because my AGI or e fileing pin was incorrect?Looks like we are all having this problem. It happened to me just 3 hours ago. I spoke with the IRS and they said that if it gets rejected again, I can file on their website. But yes, the same pin that I entered was given.8. Getting proof of income from IRS for previous years?Mystery, I could not find anywhere to request my W2 forms from the link you provided9. Can a credit card turn your balance in to the irs? and say it was income.?NO!! unless yo9u have found some way to make money off the credit card companies that you not telling us about Credit Card companies es do not can fight it but I can tell you, you are going to drive yourself dad died 9yrs ago and mom was a "user" on a store Card and they somehow put his debt on her they told her it would be removed and here it is 9yrs later and its still there but it does not haunt her. all she does is explain to companies that was his debt and not hers and they look at the dates and tell her its no biggie to then and she ALWAYS gets the credit she needs or wants.
When Do You Think It's a Good Time to Tell a Child About Their Father?
When do you think it's a good time to tell a child about their father?i would personally do it soon. My son is 7 and knows no one but my husband to be his dad, but knows that he has "another dad" out there. We have told him from day one that he has "2 dads" and the other one just decided to go away, but his new daddy is the one that loves him and takes care of him. I know those words are kind of "small" for your son, but i would explain the same concept, that your husband loved you and your son so much that there was no reason to hurt him in the past for a father that wasnt around. best of luck to you!!!.— — — — — —Kid keeps folowing me and is clingy?you've been appointed a father duck,,,,,,,now teachim ta quack— — — — — —Dating as a single father?you have a low chance of dating someone younger than you and expect them to accept you when you have a child but this is only because you are relatively young, so the girls you might want to go for will be 18 to 20 or even 16 and they know hardly a thing about helping out with parenthood, unless you date one of them and she is also a single parent. that one will understand and you can bring up the kids together and understand what each other is going through. A girl one or 2 years older or agemate with a kid can also work. Whatever you do, always tell a girl that you have kid before she finds out on her own. She will respect you and may want to hang out with you for the honesty.— — — — — —My Father's FaceMy Father's Face is an album recorded by American guitarist Leo Kottke, released in 1989. It is his second with producer T Bone Burnett. The same year as the release of My Father's Face Kottke would be featured in a PBS feature, Home and Away.— — — — — —Father's murderLuttig's father, John Luttig, was fatally shot in 1994 in a carjacking by Napoleon Beazley, who, at the time of the crime, was a seventeen-year-old minor. Luttig testified in the sentencing portion of the trial, providing testimony supporting imposition of the death penalty. Beazley was convicted, condemned to death, and eventually executed after twice appealing to the Supreme Court, where Justices Antonin Scalia, David Souter, and Clarence Thomas recused themselves because of past associations with Luttig. Scalia recused himself because Luttig had clerked for him, and Justices David Souter and Clarence Thomas recused themselves because Luttig led the George H. W. Bush Administration's efforts to gain the Senate's confirmation for them.— — — — — —Ode to My FatherOde to My Father (Korean: ; RR: Gukjesijang; transl. "Gukje (International) Market") is a 2014 South Korean family-drama film directed by Yoon Je-kyoon. Starring Hwang Jung-min and Yunjin Kim, it depicts South Korean history from the 1950s to the present day through the life of an ordinary man, as he experiences events such as the Hungnam Evacuation of 1950 during the Korean War, the government's decision to dispatch nurses and miners to West Germany in the 1960s, and the Vietnam War. It is currently the fourth highest-grossing film in the history of South Korean cinema, with 14.2 million tickets sold.— — — — — —How do I handle the baby's father? (It's quite long)?Knowing all the drama you have to deal with your baby's father you should have end it by not being so involved with him anymore since he seems to not care so much about his responsibilities as a father. You should not even care so much, or help him out so much it should be him doing all that. Why do you have to do it? You only have one baby, it's sad that the baby's father can behave so immature. You can keep pushing in hopes that he would want to see his baby more and find ways in seeing his own child without having you drive him around, but at this point if he has not realized yet he may not ever, unless he has plans to better himself for his future for the sake of his child's future. If all he cares is all the other stuff then what his child needs then you do not need to take your precious time helping him out when he does not love your child, care for your child like you do
If a Woman Has a Child at 43 Via IVF, What Are the Chances They Used Her Eggs?
If a woman has a child at 43 via IVF, what are the chances they used her eggs?If a girl has reached a factor in her existence wherein, after having the possibility and capacity to endure youngsters with none scientific assitance, she has handed by way of menopause and now wishes to provide beginning once more, then no, it will have to no longer be "allowed". The scientific technological know-how getting used to aid her was once built for females who've under no circumstances been capable to have a little one in any other case, to not enable a girl who'se frame has clearly handed right into a degree wherein childbirth is not an alternative. I was once the "overdue in existence/menopause" little one. My mom was once forty five, my father forty eight (this was once again within the 60's while females without problems did not have infants that overdue!) . I had 5 older siblings, 2 of whom have been historic ample to had been my mum and dad (one already had 2 youngsters of his possess). I was once constantly conscious of the truth that my mum and dad have been special from my buddy's. They were not virtually as worried in my adolescence as that they had been in my siblings. They cherished me...of that I had no doubts...however it was once complicated in lots of methods. I was once constantly afraid I might unfastened my mum and dad considering they have been so "historic". And I did. ..either one of my mum and dad passed on to the great beyond earlier than I grew to become 20. While there are siginifigant upgrades to wellness care and we all know way more now approximately staying healthful than we did while my mum and dad have been teenagers, it's nonetheless an overly truly likelihood that when you've got a little one as soon as you are to your overdue forty's/50's, you will no longer be there to look your grandchildren. Because of what I went by way of, I made a mindful selection to not have youngsters go the age of 33. Yes, there are lots of females who at that factor in thier existence have the time, cash and capacity to grow to be a mum or dad in some way they would no longer have prior on. My reply to case you suppose you have got to grow to be a mum or dad, seem into adopting an older little one who has spent years looking ahead to any individual to like them— — — — — —What is the difference between IUI and IVF?difference iui ivf— — — — — —My husband has low sperm count and I have tried ivf twice with no success, should I give up?Do not give up hope ot will all work out and try not to be too stressed about it Eat a diet that includes whole, unprocessed foods that are whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Eliminate alcohol intake. In addition to the general nutritional benefits of avoiding alcohol, avoiding alcohol may also assist with sexual performance issues. Drink at least 48 ounces of water every day. also get some of this vitamin Vitamin C Vitamin E Vitamin B12 Selenium Zinc Arginine Carnitine Have him stop eating spicy food check out this website as well— — — — — —Is NHS-IVF treatment free for my wife as she is on spouse visa or is it free only for British citizens?In theory it's free while she's here. The NHS does not descriminate on citizenship, just on residency. In practice you may find some resistance in adding her to the waiting lists for IVF, which can be very long. Also, she would need to be eligible for treatment from a medical point of view - each area has its own, similar criteria, including things like having been trying to conceive for over 3 years, or 1 year if over 35, and no other children of the relationship. It's a long, drawn out process, and this is the reason why over 75% of UK IVF is delivered privately. By seeing a private clinic, you can start treatment much sooner, but of course you have to pay.— — — — — —During IVF, is the retrieval part painful?out of the full ivf technique i chanced on the injections the main painfull as they stung lots. the low factor replace into at egg series looking out that inspite of having 19 folicles i basically had 3 eggs,,and basically 2 have been mature so i couldnt egg share as deliberate,,i presumed it replace into throughout,,,yet then the two eggs fertilised and have been transfered,,one stayed placed,,,he's now 7 years previous . reliable success with the ivf and that i realy realy desire you get a toddler on the tip x.
Question About a Dog in a Fenced Back Yard, and Biting a Child?
Question about a dog in a fenced back yard, and biting a child?Its a really hard one to answer, and I know this would be so frustrating for you. Is it worth getting in touch with local police or RSPCA or someone to that effect, and get a report in first. Would explaining what has happened and then request further info for futrure reference. Get it in written form if you can, if there is anything that leans your way in the argument hand it over to her next time she goes past and play her at her own game. What sort of mother is that anyway, that will not stop her child from coming near if there is a known potential risk.......stupid B!*(#.— — — — — —16 year old stepdaughter is pregnant?abortion or a divorce? what in the hell is wrong with you that's so selfish as if your wife had any part in knocking her up!? I can not even believe what I just read. She cried herself to sleep from being so upset yet your over here thinking about leaving her over something she had no say in? it's THE DAUGHTERS BODY, you have no say in what she does. you cannot make her kill her child. you chose to marry her family, for better or worse. and there's things in life you must deal with. it's not your child you do not have to raise it? And she's out of your house at 18 anyway. you may suggest abortion being as she's young but ultimately it's her choice. but what your saying and putting your wife thru is a real jackass move. She should divorce you. I would choose my children over a man, any day— — — — — —Do you find it offensive if a mother breastfeeds her child in public?Not at all. Should be more of it! People who are offended should grow up.— — — — — —What does a mom buy a daughter as a wedding present?I think if you want to buy her something it should be something she can give her child when they marry. I think you have already bought alot in what you are paying for so another gift should not be required— — — — — —If a Mother leaves her child in a car during hot weather and the child dies. What should be done?Does the mother do this? leave the child in a car unattended? If so, tell her that you will report this action to the police if she leaves the child in the car no matter if it is for a short time. I do not think these women or men are prosecuted because it was not intentional and it is figures that the parent is suffering already. it's a shame that in this society that people are so over-burdened with life and making a living that they actually forget that a child is in the car, It should be mandatory that a buzzer goes off if anyone is in the back seat and it would not reset until that person is removed.— — — — — —I volunteer at a daycare; One parent wants to abandon her child?Is this a joke? I really doubt the woman is like an orphan, there is probably family who would take the baby in first of all. This paper gives you NO rights to the baby, it is not anything legal or binding and you have no legal right to keep the child. You have to call the police and report her and turn the baby over to child protective services. They will search for appropriate relatives to care for the child. You can ask to be in touch with the social worker in charge of his case and if it turns out there is not any family willing to take him in then maybe you can apply to be his foster parent and possibly adopt him if the mother loses her rights. But you can not just keep him, its unethical and also completely illegal. What if there is some family out there worrying thinking she killed him or he was kidnapped?— — — — — —what in hell is wrong with this picture? why is this not going up for manslaughter? she forgot her child butwhat kind of idiot forgets their infant all day? no charges? i would have to call that extreme leniency. maybe she does not deserve the death penalty since she will certainly live out the rest of her life regretting her stupidity, but she should get something. manslaughter, negligent homicide-something. people are charged with crimes all the time for accidents that are way less preventable than this
Can the Ghost of a Child Be Dangerous?
Can the ghost of a child be dangerous?Any Spirit can be dangerous. It would all depend on the spirit. How they were in life. how they died. Each case is different. Much like each person is different— — — — — —Spooky stoires?This happen when I am 17. One night after I slept. Something awake me. The first I though it is angle. I though God has a message for me. However, that "angle" just standing next to me and keep in silence. Then I know it is not a "angle", it is a spirit. I close my eye and hope that it will go away. It did not . Later I remember what the pastor teach in the church and use Jesus name to ask the spirit to go away. It work. This is the last time I see ghost— — — — — —Does God's patience and mercy run out at some point (Luke 13:6-9)?Actually, yes they do. Many people will not receive this because it's rarely preached anymore. That the Holy Spirit will not always strive with men. I do not believe this is for those who love Him. There are many professing Christian's who do not love Christ. For how can you love someone you never spend time with, never take time to hear, never obey. Even though they go through the religious motions and know the talk, How could they love someone they do not know? To them I believe the Holy Spirit will not always strive with them or beckon them to spend time with Him. They will be like the parable of the seed that fell on different grounds.— — — — — —How can you say a human is not an animal?all have the same breath,but who knows the spirit of the man that goes up,and the spirit of the beast that goes down— — — — — —I think my son (3 1/2) has a spirit and I need help!?You may have to sit down in that room as a family and tell the spirit to leave your son alone, and if he wants to communicate that he come to you.....perhaps that was the only way at the time to get your attention through your son because he can easily see him— — — — — —Did I have an evil spirit following me? Any advice? What was it?I do not doubt you opened yourself up to "something". You see, humans have a body, a spirit and a soul. The body is the house for the soul and the spirit. The soul with the body connects with the physical realm and the spirit with the spirit world. That's why you may dream and actually find yourself somewhere. It's your spirit that's gone wandering. God does not draw us close to him by causing our body to be lifted in the air the way yours did. It sounded more like astral travel.... which is demonic. The experience you had was not only associated with the medication, but also you allowing yourself to be inhabited by "any thing". That can be dangerous. From experience dealing with demons and evil spirits in the Christian faith, it's usually your having something of theirs in your possession,(charms,vodoo, wrong relationships,etc) it grants them the leeway/ entry point into your life and they come after you and all you own. If do believe in God, you could pray this prayer and anoint your home with olive oil and you would be fine. Dear Jesus, thank you for your power and presence. I was made in your image and refuse to be intimidated by any evil spirit. So in the name of Jesus, I command all demonic activity in this house to cease. I ask that you surround this house with your angels in Jesus' name. Thank you for answered prayer. Use the oil to anoint the house.Dip your finger in and touch all you need to anoint. Basically, the doors, windows and in this case your bed. One more thing, Make sure you do not have situations in your life which are "sins". Because if you dine with the devil, you will be powerless against him. I hope this helps.God bless you.— — — — — —Is it possible a spirit is haunting me?I've been through your experience I even saw a orb. I've had ghost hunters and priests at my house. My kids even seen the figure. What works to make them go away is alot of prayer like st. Michael the arch angel. I never was religious until I had this phenomenon happen to me and my kids. Eventually it stopped and never happened again. Sounds silly but it's true. As god as my witness this really happened to me. The paranormal investigators brought in to renowned physics and their findings were incredible. I've seen the one physic pusses to the ground by nothing. These things are very real and should not be confronted without the right people there to help you.