China Unicom: 332000 5g Base Stations Have Been Opened, and 5g Will Cover the County next Year

According to domestic media reports, China Unicom announced the latest progress of 5g business today. As of October 22, China Unicom has opened 332000 5g base stations. By the end of this year, the scale of 5g base stations is expected to exceed 380000.

China Unicom has opened 332000 5g base stations in total, and the first tier cities and core cities of urban agglomeration have realized continuous outdoor coverage of urban areas, counties and key towns; Key cities realize continuous outdoor coverage of main urban areas and developed counties; Other cities realize continuous outdoor coverage of core urban areas and hot areas of counties.

At present, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and cities) in China have the end-to-end commercial basic capacity of SA network, and many cities have achieved full coverage of SA network. At present, China Unicom is actively promoting the commercial process of SA.

For the next 5g development, China Unicom said it would continue to adhere to the focus strategy with China Telecom.

2021 is in the period of large-scale deployment. China Unicom will combine business development to achieve 5g coverage above county level and key towns, synchronize network construction with the industry, and improve breadth and depth coverage; At the same time, increase the deployment of 2.1g NR, strengthen 5g basic coverage, give full play to the advantages of 3.5G capacity and 2.1g coverage, cooperate with high-frequency and low-frequency to build a differentiated network, and build the best TCO network; Improve indoor and outdoor coverage through multiple measures, and continuously optimize network coverage and quality.

In terms of 5g package, from the price of China Unicom's 5g package, the 5g tariff is divided into six grades from 129 yuan to 599 yuan. In addition to ordering 5g package, users can also purchase upgrade package to upgrade to 5g package users. The upgrade package has six grades from 9 yuan to 99 yuan.

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