Collar Verses Harness for Shih Tzus?

This Site Might Help You. RE: I was doing some research and found that is bad to use a collar for a Shih Tzu and that, instead, a harness should be used due to them being short nosed dogs and breathing issues arising with collars. Could I still purchase a collar to use to put her tags on (she must wear tags all times in my...

1. Need a wiring harness for a 84 VW rabbit?

u may try a junkyard or ebay


It's a check chain, not a "choke collar" May I ask in what was you were using it? No offense meant but the dog is not suppose to pull on it till he or she chokes, and sadly this is how many people use them. Good training classes may help you to help them, they need to learn how to heel, and walk with you. Do not let them get away with pulling. Take them on walks separately if you need to, when the dog pulls; stop, do a quick pull on the leash with a firm "no" position him at your side saying "heel" (be sure to praise him in this position), and walk. Repeat as necessary, and remember keeping the leash shorter is helpful. If your really dispirit you could look into a prong collar (aka the pinch collar). Be sure to have an experienced trainer if you intend to go this rout though. As I've said before I wo not use anything on my dog I would not use on myself, and though prong collars may look mean, as long as you do not modify them (sharpening them like some of those idiots out there), it's just uncomfortable not painful.

3. Do you take your cat for a walk (leash and harness)? How does it go? Was there a steep learning curve (for a cat and/or you)?

I do not do this so I can not help, sorry. My cats only go out in a cat run now, for safety

4. Having a problem with the wires in the wire harness for my head unit?

I would turn it on and see if everything works. I think the system control terminal would be the remote lead for amps


Do you have the stock 4-pin harness?00 that might work...I would see if the dealer can fix you up, if not, do you have a Truck Toys dealer in your area? There should be some type of Truck Accessories place around you

6. Could we harness the energy from room temperature? [closed]

To harness thermal energy, you need a temperature gradient between the source and the sink. To give you an analogy, suppose that we want to do work using water. For that we need water at different levels, i.e there should be a potential difference so that water can flow and do work as in hydroelectric power plants. In your case, you would need a sufficient temperature difference between the source (the room) and the sink. Since the temperature difference between the different parts of the room is very small,the amount of useful work would be negligible. The efficiency of a heat engine is given by$eta = 1 - fracT_sinkT_source$ where $T_source$ is the temperature of the source and $T_sink$ is the temperature of the sink. In your case both of these would be appromimately equal and hence efficiency would be zero.

7. trixie is now wearing a collar but she wont walk with a lead . should i get her a body harness?

in the past i have trained my cats to walk on a leash and they were much happier using a harness. it took a while for them to learn to like it so just be patient. just take them out on the harness and let them take you to where they want to go. . once they learn that they do not have to be scared you can start walking them. my Allie Kat would bring me her harness the second i walked in the door every day...she got to the point where she loved going bye bye. she was very easy to train. . i think it had a lot to do with her temperament. the two cats i have now i do not think would do well because one is very brave and outgoing but mostly blind and her sister is just so timid and shy... so i have a baby gate on my front porch so they can go sit on the porch when we are out there. . they are both very happy with that.

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