Comparison of Search Speed of Glory V30 Pro Mobile Phone with Other 5g Mobile Phones

On November 16, glory officially released glory V30 Series in Beijing, including V30 and V30 Pro mobile phones, priced from 3299 yuan. In terms of configuration, glory V30 series adopts Kirin 990 series chips, supports dual-mode 5g network, and can bring extremely fast Internet experience. So, how fast is the glory V30 series? On November 28, glory official released a video comparing the search speed of 5g mobile phones, which compared the search speed of glory V30 pro and two other 5g mobile phones. According to the comparison results, the search speed of glory V30 Pro is 233 seconds ahead of the second place.

Glory V30 Pro search speed

Glory V30 Pro network search speed compared with other 5g mobile phones

Glory V30 Pro search speed

The video shows that shortly after entering the 5g network coverage area, glory V30 Pro successfully connected to the 5g network, and the network search speed is very fast, while the other two mobile phones found the 5g network after about 233 seconds, or even did not connect to the 5g network. Glory mobile official said, "they are all 5g mobile phones, and the search speed is very different! Sometimes, the area you pass by is not without 5g network, but your mobile phone has not found 5g."

Glory V30 series

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