Cork Flooring the Right Choice for Your Bathroom

In the past people have always preferred ceramic tiles yet there is a better solution. Consider cork flooring reviews bathroom and have the perfect tiles which are durable and water proof as well. There are just so many advantages of cork flooring for your bathroom. All in all cork is highly resistant to many factors which lead to destruction of floors in bathrooms. How to Install the Cork Tiles Most manufacturers make cork tiles in 12 inch squares. If you want to install the tiles well ensure you prepare the surface well beforehand. Keep it as clean as possible and dry the surface. Also make sure it is absolutely even and of either concrete sub-floor or hardwood. For concrete floors it is better to repair damage and ensure they are dry as well. Ensure the doorframe is at a level which can allow cork tiles to fit. A layer of primer should be there just in case of a glued installation. On the other hand if an installation is to be done on wood it has to be leveled. Waterproof sheets must also be used to cover ground and the wooden floor has to be dry as well. Irregularities on a floor would show up on the cork surface so ensure they are not there at all. Take the tiles through a process of acclimatization which will make them sustain the usually room temperature. The process should take some days. Most people prefer floating floors because they are generally easier to install. Always ensure you get cork tiles which are most pleasing to you. They often come in numerous shapes and sizes. Cork flooring reviews for bathroom also have it that you get colorful tiles which will reflect the right mood you want. You can then apply the adhesive carefully as you allow it to dry. Once you apply each cork tile ensure you apply enough amount of pressure just so they can look smooth and leveled once you are done. In most instances you will have manufacturer’s instructions on the packages. Just before you apply the sealer roll the floor using a roller. The amount of time required to dry the floor will depend on where you live. Finally use the polyurethane cleaner to tidy everything. Once you install cork tiles you will never regret that choice. Now you can always think of cork when you need bathroom tiles. They are comfortable and environmental friendly. They have a perfect structure which is also composed of air. Comfort ability is ensuring by air which composes 90% of cork. The air acts to cushion your feet from pressure points and ensuring that you don’t have pains at all. The can also compress easily making durable and without damage as well.

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