Dancing Under the Full Moon?

I've done naked yoga under the moon by the lake... I've jumped naked into a lake under the moon... Danced clothed under a fake moon in The Nutcracker. .. :).

1. is it bad too hunt deer on a full moon?

yes since it's illegal to hunt deer at night, it's poaching and illegal hunting after sunset/before sunrise, there's only certain animals that you can hunt after dark like raccoons

2. Do you believe in the power of a full moon?

Yes my mom works at the hospital and it is always crowded and the old people get all crazy and more things go wrong!

3. is this a FULL moon this morning friday the 14 ?

Sorry you missed it^. Full Moon was on 12th October 2012

4. When is the moon going to be full?When is the next full moon?

I am not sure how the moon changes other than the angle of the sun or how the Earth is between the two or something. But the next full moon is Septermber 4

5. what is the relevence of a black kitten on a full moon?


6. When do we see a full Moon?

The moon is full when it is in opposition to the sun. Meaning that the moon rises when the sun is setting

7. Anyone believe in the full moon inducing labor???

ha ive been counting down the same thing... im 38 weeks i guess only time will tell.... 2 more days good luck!!

8. do people act crazy on a full moon?

well personally... i foam at the mouth, thrive for human blood, pretend im a dolphin living on land, eat randam shrubs, just the normal day activities. nothing weird. or strange.

9. There is a full moon tonight ...Does you cat act weird?

Our cats are weird all the time... full moon or otherwise!!!

10. when is the next full moon on the first of february, during a leap year?

THAT's a Tough One !! Google "Full Moon Dates"- & see what You come up with. You may have to Wait awhile- for That One !! ;)

11. When is the first Full Moon of 2010?

nicely, ..., If it does then 2012 is coming early this 365 days! ... (it really is a shaggy dog tale y'all) the fast answer is not any. In August 2003 at the same time as the Earth and Mars were in easy words separated by fifty six million kilometers (the nearest in sixty 5,000 years). on the on the spot, in case you had used a telescope with an eyepiece that magnified at 75X, Mars might want to have looked as great in a telescope because the finished moon might want to seem to the bare eye (or so it change into theorized on the time). the project is the click dropped the "Telescope and 75X" area and the notorious "Mars Hoax" change into born. See the link below. BTW, On August twenty seventh 2010 The Earth and Mars will separated by more advantageous 314 million km (5. 6 cases the 2003 distance) so at best it truly is going to easily be a tiny dot at 75x in a lot of telescopes

12. Full Moon today...do you think it will affect pregnant women?

Working as a L&D nurse, I can tell you there is a definite trend where we see more business around the full moon. Whether it has been scientifically supported through research is another matter entirely. But generally, if you are not due and if your body is not ready, the full moon is not going to do a darn thing. If you are due and your cervix is ready and your uterus has been irritable, then the full moon could definitely tip the scales and send you into labor.

13. Does the full moon affect humans or just animals?

Yes the full moon affects all life, including humans. Because in the old days before artificial light, the human ancestors would rest, because they could not see very well at night. Except on nights of the full moon. Then they could see and be active.The unusual behaviour even has a name lunatic, this derives from lunar as in pertaining to the moon. Because it is a hold over from activity at the time of the full moon, some people still behave strangely and unusually at the full moon.So yes the full moon affects all life, including humans

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