Dirac Released a New Platform to Solve the Immersion Problem of VR Experience From the Perspective o

Dirac is an audio fidelity technology developed by Dirac research ab of Sweden and Uppsala University of Sweden, which can fundamentally improve the sound quality by optimizing the performance of the sound system. Today, Dirac research AB officially released the "dynamic 3D audio" AR / VR platform, which will be demonstrated at CES 2017 conference from January 5 to 8, 2017.

Hearing is a key factor affecting the immersion experience of VR / ar. Previously, the audio technology used in VR / AR programming was not perfect, which hindered the realization of high immersion. The "dynamic" platform is committed to removing this obstacle and making the 3D audio of VR / AR sound more realistic.

"The inability to accurately reproduce the dynamic head motion in virtual reality is one of the reasons why the existing 3D sound solutions sound unreal." Dr. Mathias Johansson, founder and executive director of Dirac research, took the response to the phone ring as an example to explain why the dynamic sound quality should be improved from the aspect of HRTF (head correlation transformation function).

HRTF is a function of a specific sound source in human ear perception space. Everyone's HRTF is as unique as a fingerprint. Height, the proportion of the head cap and ear size, and other factors all affect everyone's HRTF. Dirac research AB has developed a mature HRTF measurement method. When it is used in combination with dynamic HRTF, 3D audio no longer needs to measure everyone's HRTF, saving a lot of time and manpower, and less noise and error than the existing methods.

This new "dynamic" platform also marks Dirac's official entry into the AR / VR field. Previously, the company has focused on audio technologies such as sound optimization, room correction and sound field synthesis.

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