Do Vegan Equestrians Ride in Leather Saddles?

Do vegan equestrians ride in leather saddles?

If you are a vegan you really should not (and would not ) be wearing leather at all. As for vegetarians, it's possible that you are vegetarian only for dietary/health purposes. If you are vegetarian for ethical purposes, then yes, you are pretty much rationalizing wearing leather as an o.k. thing to do for your own purposes, but ultimately, a person who does not eat meat but wears leather is still saving more lives (human and animal) and the environment, than a person who does eat meat but does not wear leather. Eg. Amount of U.S. grain fed to farm animals: 70% Pounds of corn and soy required to produce just one pound of pork: nearly 7 Water needed to produce a pound of wheat: 14 gallons Water needed to produce a pound of meat: 441 gallons Of all water used for all purposes in the United States, more than half goes to: livestock production If you look at the big picture, not eating meat helps in a much more significant way than say, turning off the tap when you brush your teeth, not wearing leather, or donating money/food to starving people. If all of north america stopped eating meat, we could use 70% of our grain to help lessen the impact of world hunger, rather than to torture and slaughter animals; which just comes back to bite us in the *** by giving us cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. Ultimately the best/most ethical thing to do is to not consume animals, their biproducts, and leather. But between the two options of "vegetarian but leather-wearer" and "non-veg but anti-leather" the former is more effective.

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Myth? Abortion...saddles women with emotional trauma?

I've talked to women who've had abortions. Some of them truly do not care, but a lot of them feel sad when they think about their babies, and wonder who they would have been. Even years later, a lot of them have regrets. The statistics I've read indicate that many women struggle with depression and guilt and regret after an abortion, sometimes for years. I've also seen stats indicating that the fathers of these aborted babies also struggle with emotional issues.

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What are good everyday western saddles?

A good place to look for a good saddle at a reasonable price is a pawn shop

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do you like brown or black saddles?

I used to LOVE black saddles. I just found them a lot more attractive. lol. But my horse has a weird chestnutty/brownish saddle that looks pretty good on him (dark bay). It just sucks because I can not find a matching bridle because it's such a freakin weird color haha. So brown :)

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How good are Jamis bikes and saddles...?

ive known jamis for being a good company. all bikes show chinese in some way. my specialized says handmade in china. if its a hardtail bike, i bet the frame is mass produced in china and sold to giant, trek specialized, motobecane fuji and many many other companies. i dont own a jamis but i know people who do and i hear nothing bad about them. i test rode a dakar which is a freeride dual suspension and it was a great bike. I havent heard of jamis saddles so im not sure i would buy it. $20 seeems awful cheap for a quality seat

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Where can I buy gently used saddles, rains, bits, briddles,etc?

well i live in texas also and it is easy to find a saddle shop but hard to find a used saddle. Try local horse arenas and offer them a price. Or ebay will have some

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What do you think... ebay jumping/eventing/all purpose saddles?

I have got my saddles from ebay that's a good choice, actually but one here in portage county ohio there's a place called something with a d tax shop. I forget the name. With my shows tack places come in a trailer and sell stuff

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I was looking at saddles today...?

We use synthetics here. They are very practical, easy to maintain and hard to abuse. Plus being quite reasonable. They are better constructed that a leather saddle in the same price range. I like to ride my english horses in western tack when trail riding and I like to use western saddles when I start colts. This looks like a good one, go for it.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Trophies?
what the hell is wrong with you kids?1. What should I do with old gold trophies that I no longer want?put them in the backyard or store room2. What do you think of participation trophies? Do they convey the message that all participants are special? If everyone's special, doesn't that really mean no one is special? Is it so wrong to recognize only the few who were top stellar performers?I used to think participation trophies and certificates were ridiculous, but I've softened on this issue.Those who are at the top of any game get their rewards because that's how the world works, but you have surely heard the old joke about what you call the person who graduates at the bottom of the medical school class? DOCTOR. Everyone who graduates from law school gets a graduation certificate, even that person at the bottom of the class. Why should not all children who participate, show up, and contribute in group activities receive recognition and a record of their effort?3. SELLING MILLSBERRY TROPHIES?Whats your user name though?!4. Do you have obsession with trophies/achievements?yes sorta im satis fied when i have reached 500 gamerscore of a game then it doesnt bother me5. What are the normal levels for 4,600 trophies and up? I currently sit on 4,325 with level 6 epics and level 9 rares with level 12 commons.I can say that you're on a pretty healthy level cap right now where you are. There are plenty of people who have the same level cards as you but can't even surpass 3700. If you've played the game since the release date, you've spent little to no money. I'm on a similar situation as you. 4000 - 5000 are one of the most competitive zones in the game, because all the people who've played the game for 2 years and haven't spent money on the game end up here(incredible amount of experience on the game). It's also where all the overleveled people with hard-to-counter decks appear.From 4500 trophies and onwards, I can easily say that it is all based on level caps, and you'd have to spend money on the gsme to keep up. I personally haven't spend any more than a dollar on the game since I've started, the global release). I constantly are up against people with cards 1 or 2 levels higher than mine.What are the normal levels for 4,600 trophies and up? I currently sit on 4,325 with level 6 epics and level 9 rares with level 12 commons.6. Does the store "Things Remembered" engrave rings if you take it to them?Usually, but it depends on the ring. They cannot guarantee the ring though. Some (larger) jewelers will engrave rings/watches/keyrings for you. If that does not pan out, you could try somewhere that makes trophies and plaques, as they usually have engraving equiptment.7. Why do we care about the European trophies Real Madrid won back when the competition was a joke?I think you need to get some knowledge before you brand it a joke... ''The participants were selected by a French magazine'' You are right, they selected league winners and the most representative and prestigious clubs in Europe, what they've always done in the European Cup. For example. The first final between Real Madrid, Spanish Champions, was against French Champions. A French team who dominated France at that time, they won 6 french league titles and 7 other French domestic cups during that time period and made two European finals (also made the 1959 final) That year the champions of Italy, Germany, Portugal and numerous other champions participated. Next final they played Fiorentina who where Italian Champions, then Milan who were Italian Champions, then French side Stade Reims again who where French Champions. Then Eintracht Frankfurt who where German champions... See where I am going this this? European Cup from 1955 until 1992 has always had the same format, the biggest and best clubs, league champions, compete for the cup. (if anything the CL has gone worse as it lets second, third and fourth place clubs to compete and some minnows). Real Madrid did what any club did in the 70's, 80's etc.... they beat the best league champions across the world... England Champions, French Champions, Germany Champions, Spanish Champions, Italian Champions, Dutch Champions, Portuguese Champions, Scottish Champions, Turkish Champions (and I could go on for ages) Fact is, it was a competition for the best teams in Europe and RM won it, they beat the best and were declared the best in Europe, which they were. That's what the European Cup was all about the best of the best, so it's worth exactly the same as any European cup is in the late 60's, 70's and 80s...
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