Do You Think Plain Color Eg. Pink Or Blue Heels Will Look Okay with a Black Lace Dress and Black Leg

if its the dress alone, then i would think it could work depending on the shades of the colors..but if you add the leggings then no. I do not think leggings would work well with that dress

1. What to wear to a semi formal party?

semi formal is dressy, classy, but also casual. personally, i would wear a tunic, leggings and ankle boots. or a high waisted skirt, cardigan and flats. i think youll be fine with what you wear. maybe lose the heels though that may be crossing the border of being too dressy

2. What is the name of the pants that covers your legs and only the heels of your feet?

peep toe leggings? or as dougaa said, stirrup leggings

3. What are the fashion trends this winter?

knee high boots, black suade booties, leggings, dark jeggings, leather jacket

4. What to wear with leggings?

A loose black or white sweater! Because they are leggings they are tighter on the bottom so wearing a loose sweater or shirt wo not matter!:) Just look confident in it and others will think you look beautiful!

5. Should I wear this dress with Jeans?

Haha yeah you could for the first one. Though I would prefer leggings. Jeans colour..the first dress you should wear a dark coloured one to tone off the flowers. Shoe colour..pumps will be cool paired off with leggings. If with jeans..probably gold heels. Depends on you though. The second one..light/faded jeans would be better to tone off the black & white. Leggings would work well with this though. Well..pumps again. Red ones,to make it outstanding. ^^

6. what to wear with these leggings?!?

Converse and a low cut arm holes (if you know what I mean) maybe black? hope it helped!

7. brown leggings?

Brown leggings are not out of style!! If you can not find's probably because brown legging are out of season as far as what clothing store s are selling at this time. You may want to try Target, Simply Fashion, or Forever 21. They may have some on sale because they are mostly selling bright colored leggings right now

8. What style do you think this is?

well their is some diffrent styles like.... -the boots gloves and maybe leggings are a little scene (the leggings are freakin adorable) -the skirt is girly -bandana is countryish all together i would say its like a girly scene or a girly punk -and idk what the shirt is

9. Are leggings okay to wear?

Yeah totally fine! Black leggings is the best color to get, it will match anything, do not get any bright colors or any with a werid pattern on them. Get them in opaque, so they are not see through. Also make sure the top is long enough to cover your butt and your lady parts :) it will look slutty when they show!.

10. ‏ ‏give me your comment : obama stop arctic drilling?

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