Dose Any One Know Where I Can Get Dora Beads?

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1. Which beads fit on Pandora necklaces?

i think most beads fit on most chanins/bracelets

2. Need help organizing beads! Wire wrap & beading jewelry?

Shelves are a must, of course! Above your bench, next to it, whichever. You can also mount racks and hooks on the wall above your workbench. Some people put up magnetic strips and then stick metal jars (with clear lids) on them. For some beads and pendants/charms, I like those rectangular plastic boxes with the hinged lids and 17-18 compartments. Seed beads are best in tubes if you can find some, although I do keep some in the little plastic resealable bags (have to be careful about static cling and tricky getting them back in). Old prescription bottles with the labels peeled off work, too, especially if they are clear; easy to label and just get a basket or something similar to hold them. Glass jars like ones for baby food are good, too, if you can get them. Also, in some hardware stores, they have these organizers with 20 or so little drawers--I think they are meant for nails and screws and whatnot--that can be good, too. I keep findings in mine. Hit up the local craft and hardware stores and see what they carry. As for the beads themselves, I usually sort by type and color. Blue glass beads here, patterned blue glass there, blue plastic elsewhere. Pendants and charms are sorted by category--animals in one place, celestial in another, etc. Break it down as far as you like; sets either in the little bags or on string. If you are looking for ways to arrange your space, go onto sites like Pinterest--there are tons of ideas out there. Just keep organizing until things are the most convenient and effective for you!

3. Question about using beads on Texas Rigs for Bass fishing?

0) on your preliminary Q "superb bass fishing rig?" there is none, it actually relies upon on your situation. Like temprature, season, water readability, time of day, form of platforms, water point, ect... I understand that's no longer the form of answer you've was hoping for, yet that's the actuality. a million) between the wacky, jighead and carolina rig. I dislike the wacky rig maximum extremely in my opinion. between the jighead and the carolina rig, i might could say the jighead. the two are extremely effectual, although the jighead rig may well be very versatile between open water factors. you may swim, leap alongside the backside, injury it into shape, Vertically jig it, and various different issues. although, in weeded factors and shape that is actually caught on, the jighead does not shine o. k. , as a result the carolina rig may well be greater ideal between those circumstances. yet the two are quite effectual of their very own approaches 2) human beings use "Wacky" Jigheads, and so they use a bypass of the wacky "Rigging approach" And the rig setup form of a "Drop shot rig". A drop shot rig is referred to as a weight under the hook approximately 7"-2ft. you ought to use casting sinkers, and octopus hooks for a known drop shot, although there are specifically designed drop shot weights and hooks. the main uncomplicated drop shot weights are around and function a watch for crimping the line onto. you are able to do the comparable element as a drop shot, the only distinction particularly of nostril hooking the bait stick it in the process the middle like a wacky. . 3) The bead is declared to function colour, although i do no longer care lots for that. whilst the bead is smacked via the unfastened sinker, it reasons noise... much greater so with tungsten weights. It is likewise meant to "guard the knot" From the heavy sinker smashing against it 4) If via bass sinker you advise "Casting" sinker (that have a watch on them, and bullet weights do no longer) Then i can not say, becuase they the two have thoroughly distinctive applications. Casting sinkers could have multiple makes use of, and bullet sinkers for texas rigs, florida rigs, and a few human beings use them for carolina rigs. although for a florida rig the burden must be pegged or a definite screw in sinker could be utilized. And for a carolina rig... the burden is often of a a million/2 oz..or greater. good success with it. "Fishin inspired video games... video games inspired me"

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