Going to See Psychiatrist for First Time, Will Parents See This on My Insurance?

going to see psychiatrist for first time, will parents see this on my insurance?

If you are in the US the HIPAA laws will or should protect your privacy. Legally the doctors office needs a signed form from you to release information to anyone. Some insurance companies send an explanation of benefits to the policy holder after a claim has been filed. But most HMOs do not send much of anything out. Aside from your privacy issue, you need to keep up with the appointment with the psychiatrist no matter what your parents think or say. You are an adult now, and if you feel you need to see someone for some help, guidance, coaching, etc... Go for it!! You will be glad you did. It's your happiness and well being, not your parents. Best of luck!

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any one a psychiatrist that could give me tips on being a psychiatrist myself?

I am one of those people who has been to more shrinks than you can imagine,pushed to the side by society. I've been psychoanalyzed by shrinks who have said that they do not know what to do and have actually feared me afterwords cus theymisunderstood my message (do not do that it makes them not trust you and to hate you) People come to me and ask me questions that they can not even tell their shrink and my advice is to listen and learn take one persons problem and the successful answer a wise man learns from anothers mistakes and that they have found out and apply it to someone else's problem (without revealing your source docter patient confidentiality) Do not and I repeat DON'T be judge mental cus everybody problem is different but yet the same. Do not blame just because of a persons tolerance towards the drugs (imune) just brush them off and label them a without hopeor cut of trerapy. Time will go on and as a professional do not act like you know it all (seen it, heard it, been there) cus your patients will start to distrust you. Remember that there people came to you for help and if you are so arrogant that you can not see past your own sh*t then you can not help anyone

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Who should treat a panic attack? A psychologist or a psychiatrist ?

Well a psychiatrist would prescribe the medicine and basically diagnose you and the psychologist would treat you and give you assignments that would help you get thru it

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im 14 and think i am depressed?

i would go to a therapist or a psychiatrist to properly diagnose you if i were you. but the suicidal thoughts and self harm are a sign that its a possibility that you are depressed/or have depression

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What are good strategies for talking with a psychiatrist?

You are adding to your problem. All the anxiety is making you try and second guess what you should be doing. You deciding exactly what your problem actually is, does not help either. It has been to long a struggle in your system. You definitely have not described Bi-Polar. You said anxiety, not out of control disassociated mania. That is being way over-diagnosed right now as the med companies are promoting it. You are not a bag of chemicals. I would not go to a psychiatrist first. I would be concerned with loading you up on meds enough you will cover up your real problem. Go to a psychologist with connections to a psychiatrist. If you need a medical doctor for boosters while you work, the psychologist will let you know and work with the medical person. Something was off a long time ago and it was normalized in your upbringing. IT DOESN'T MATTER IF IT WAS TRUE OR NOT. It bothered you as a child. Generally they are monsters or losing control in some way. You were trapped. Rational reassurances do not work for a lot of kids. They just learn to cover them up better for their parents.Lines you used:nsome form of depression, along with anxiety, and am unable to verbalize my feelings.nThat means someone did not teach you it was safe to talk. It does not matter what they said they did. I've had children talk to me when they never had to others. After a quick assessment. They decided I was safe. Same with elderly people and those dying. I present as safe, so they risk. One woman had not spoken in a year, I squatted down beside her and asked how it was going. She responded she did not trust her room mate. It went from there, much to the astonishment of family. I do not really think a mental health professional could/would work with me, because I would just sit in their office and crynYou have a story in you and it is some kind of pain you are crying about. Do not believe it is nothing or even should not be. You are not in a position to determine that. I have had a number of patients come in sit down and start crying. They do not like it but it is clearly safe for them to allow that energy out in my office. You might even be triggered reading this. The tears splash out like waves in the ocean. It is because they are real and they count. You need someone who truly would understand so you can move on with your life. The psychologist will get you some tools which will help you look at your life in a new and more way.Ask around or go on the web and look at the reviews of ones in your area. This is way too important for you to continue to stress about. And no, it wo not work for you to continue to hide behind your keyboard. You have been taught to run protection schemes on the very thing plaguing you. In other words, part of you can not be trusted. It will cover as normal and rational. You have an emotional problem. It is hijacking the other parts. You need someone tracking your systems to help you get in real control instead of the artificial stuff you learned as a child. Get back with how to open up and gain insight as well as skill. Happy stress free days are what Eden is all about. The place of peace and no burdens. Blessings.

What Is a Cheap Laptop with AWESOME Battery Life?
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