Great Bathroom Organizers for Large Families

Keeping the bathroom clean is a big enough job when it's only used by one person. When an entire family has to share a bathroom, it can quickly become a gigantic mess. Wet towels hang all over the place. Toothbrushes are piled into a dingy glass. Soaps and shampoos jockey for position on every available ledge, nook and cranny in the shower. Dozens of unidentifiable balms, creams, and moisturizers litter the windowsill. And the medicine cabinet...good heavens the medicine cabinet....

Trying to keep a disorganized bathroom clean is a lost cause. When you don't have anywhere to put your things, they are going to end up everywhere. The best way to maintain a tidy bathroom is with practical space saving organizers. Here are a few examples of products that will ensure not only that your bathroom gets clean, but that it stays that way too.

Toothbrush Organizer

Going into someone else's bathroom and seeing a bunch of toothbrushes piled into a toothpaste-stained coffee mug is just plain gross. But having everybody's toothbrushes leaning against each other is basically pretending that germs don't exist. Well, they do. This sensible toothbrush organizer has four separate slots, ensuring that if one person in your family has the flu, it doesn't necessarily mean everybody else is going to get it too. This unit is easily installed with a vinyl bracket that requires no glue or hardware and leaves no surface damage if you want to move it. It can even be hung in the shower if you want to save water by brushing your teeth while you shower. No matter where you put it, this toothbrush organizer belongs somewhere in every family's bathroom.

Touch-N-Brush Toothpaste Dispenser

Perfect to hang right next to your toothbrush organizer, the Touch-N-Brush toothpaste dispenser provides just the right amount of toothpaste with the touch of a button. You can easily fill and refill it with any size or brand of toothpaste. Two suction cups mean it can be attached to any smooth surface in seconds. By hanging your toothbrushes and toothpaste you are also freeing up more space by your sink, making it easier than ever to clean. The Touch-N-Brush was also designed to include vacuum technology, which forces out every little bit of toothpaste. Save space and minimize the mess around your sink with the Touch-N-Brush toothpaste dispenser.

Toilet Tank Table

Not quite as odious as the shared toothbrush cup, but still pretty icky in its own right, is the bathroom sin of keeping things on top of the tank of your toilet. Yes, it has many similarities to a shelf. It is flat, stable, and you can put stuff on it. That doesn't mean that you should. The toilet tank table is a perfect solution to minimizing clutter without precariously balancing bath products on top of the toilet. The dimensions of the table are 27 ½ X 36 X 9" so it will hover overtop of every normal toilet. It is a great place to keep tissues, spare toilet paper, or other bath products, and the sleek and simple white laminated wood design will spruce up any bathroom.

Twelve Foot Chrome Corner Shower Caddy

When multiple people end up sharing the same shower, shelves and surface space are forever at a premium. Inter-family battles will rage, pitting brother against brother, husband against wife. Proactively stop these fights before they happen with this convenient shower caddy. The chrome pole extends all the way up to twelve feet and locks into place. It has four sturdy shelves, a sponge hook, and a cloth rack so there is plenty of room for everybody's shower supplies. The shelves also incorporate slats so that water seeps through and soap dries out. Keep your bath products organized and your family life drama-free with this practical product.

Over Door Two Basket Towel Rack

Another great way to maximize unused space in any bathroom is with this multi-basket and towel rack, which hooks right over the back of your door. Everyone who has to share a bathroom knows that having lots of places to hang towels is essential. This organizer accounts for that need but features the added bonus of two metal wire shelves on which you can store hair dryers, tissues, toilet paper, or extra soap and shampoo. For big families who need to make the most out of every little bit of space in their bathroom, this space saver is a must-have.

Being a part of a large family is a wonderful blessing. There is always someone there to talk to and count on. Of course, there is also always someone there that you can fight with and pick on. With a properly organized bathroom you can't prevent every little spat between family members. Inevitably, someone will still always be taking too long in the shower, or forgetting to replace the toilet paper. But at least when you finally get your turn in the bathroom, everything will be in order.

How to Choose a Toilet Seat
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