How Can I Tone My Thighs?

squattttts, ride a bicylce and walk

1. will swimming help tone me up?

Yes swimming is a great way to tone up. Heavy resistance and no impact = great way to tone up! Good luck

2. will this workout tone my body?

There is no such thing as "toning". The human body can only gain fat, lose fat, gain muscle, or lose muscle. Toning is not an activity; it's a look of a body with decent muscle mass and low a body fat % And you are doing way too much get some sort of actual achievable goal in mind and build the workout based around that goal.

3. How to tone your stomach!?

i will give u a procedure that it 100% helps you and it is sooooooooo fast but it needs strong people ( if your not i dont advice u to continue reading this ) keoren army used that when they haved to lose 25 kilos in one month stay without eating for 22 hours ( you can drink whatever you want ) when this pass you can eat all what you want even fats every day do this (you will get used to it ) the first 7 days nothing can be seen ( your body geting red of substance that will be fat in futre ) after 7 days you will lose every day one killogram its experiminted believe me i vouch that for u

4. tone my body in a week and a half?

a lot of running even if it hurts your ham strings, do not become dehydrated and stay away from the fatty fooods

5. Blotchy skin tone on my face?

I use proactiv....I had blotchy pale skin....I had reds and browns and such in my face and it was soooo I started cleansing my face with proactiv and I used the repairing lotion and it evend out my skin tone in just a few months...I stopped using it and started tanning outdoors and stuff and the blotches came back. I"m starting to use it again to fix it....I would recommend that

6. Difference between timbre and tone and frequency

Put simply - it's more frequencies! Nearly all instruments, that includes our voices, produce harmonics or partials at the same time as the basic note. It's down mainly to the construction of the instrument along with its material, and often exactly how it's played.So given that, and the fact that each instrument will produce different levels of different harmonics, the timbre or tone of the same note will differ.

7. makeup too dark for my skin tone?

im super pale as well and i use a shade called alabaster by dinair airbrush makeup and its the first foundation ive found that doesnt look orange one me...its amaizng! it also covers up everyhting making my skin look flawless and its all water based so it is not bad for my skin because it doesnt clog my pores...ive been suing their makeup for a long time now and i love their stuff. ..i hope i helped in some way =).

8. want to lose or tone belly fat?

you will have to get in some kind of cardio to burn the fat away so all the muscles you are building from doing crunches and sit ups can show through. maybe try running up and down stairs for 20 minutes to get your heart rate going faster. you could jump rope, that really gets your heart rate up. get an exercise dvd, you can do those inside too!

9. makeup help for skin tone and eye color?

It really depends, I guess, I am assuming you are a brunette? If you have a yellowy tinge, stay away from pinks. It will make you look a tad funny; instead go for peachy pinks and warm rosey colours. If you have an orangy tinge, I would stick to colours that are richer; chocolates, deep greens and olives. I have a friend with slightly peachy undertones and bright red is reeeally her, but she has lighter hair. With foundation, as long as you stick to base-colour that suits your undertones, or ask a professional at a make up desk, you will be fine, they will help you. Your question is kinda vague, so I am hoping that more or less covers it?

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