How Dangerous Are Motorcycles for Mature Adults?

Define mature? I am 53 and regularly scare the shit out of myself on my motorcycle--because it's fun. So much for maturity...How risk averse are you? Getting on a motorcycle is more dangerous than getting into your car. Getting on a hopped up Ducati is much more dangerous than loping over to Starbucks on a Road King. You only want to get so relaxed on a motorcycle. My FLHT is like a rolling La-Z-Boy, but it is a little like the Queen Mary--you have to think ahead before a maneuver. One does not just salumn between the road reflectors on a big Harley and stopping takes some thought and strength. But, it is a safer bike than my KLR, which handles like a mosquito on meth and can boldly go where no Harley has gone before. But, on the Harley I am more mindful of my surroundings because my moves must be considered. Thus, it is really safer. Plus, it's huge, is not as invisible as my little 650, louder, and will up your car if you hit me since it weighs in over 1000 pounds with me on it. This gives drivers pause before they cut in front of me.If you are mature and just now getting into motorcycling, you will likely fall over in your first year, no matter how careful you are. So, can you handle the tumble?--because it IS going to happen. If you went from the MSF class to the Beemer dealer and got the new 1600, you will not be a happy person when you do thousands of dollars of damage the first time you drop that thing in the driveway. So, you should start with a POS bike you can run into curbs and ditches with and not be too upset when you bend the handlebars. Now that I've rambled, I will get to your question, which seems to be: Is being older an advantage in avoiding motorcycle accidents?Yes and no. You are not going to be doing wheelies and burnouts--tho you should, at least once. So, the really stupid stuff many of us did in our teens and twenties is not likely to be part of your experience. The thing is a lot of that stupid shit we did is very helpful when it comes to real world scenarios. I know exactly how far over my motorcycle will go before she tumbles. I know when I've reached the end of my cornering traction--because I've gone beyond it. So, if I find myself having to cut sharply into a corner to avoid a dog/cow/hay bale/Christian Bale, I know what my bike will do. The other thing is bad habits are harder to break when you get mature. Do you drink? Well, do not on a motorcycle. Not even one. Ever. (I erased the part about being a ing idiot if you do) You may go 20 years bar hopping on your Bobber with your buddies and never come close, but the first time you go down you will deny it was because if you had been stone sober, you might have seen that gravel or car or oncoming bus. If you are lucky, like me, you may realize every bad thing that has happened to me on a motorcycle happened when I was one beer away from sober. I still drink--but, not when I ride. Taking medication? Does it cause drowsiness? Then stay away from the bike. Can you not do these things and ride?Motorcycling is not a science. There are no rock solid if/than rules. In the final analysis, in what is left of my mind, being older makes you less likely to do stupid, but it is the stupidity of youth that can give you the skills to get old.

1. Street bike (motorcycles) for tall people?

I am a similar size to you and have ridden BMW GS's for years, local, national, international, etc., and can quite easily sit on it for hours with out any discomfort. There are lots of model variants in the GS range so check out your local B M dealer/s and see what is on offer. There easy to ride and to service and to maintain and basically do wot it sez on the tin. Buy MCN wednesday local paper shop have a trawl through that, it's a bikin' paper.

2. What kind of motorcycles do people like?

It depends on how the owner is going to use it. There are motorcycles that are specially built for sports or travel purposes only. Knowing what motorcycle best suits you is important.

3. Why are there so many scooters and motorcycles in Hanoi?

Hanoi used to be small until they extended more districts to enlarge Hanoi as much as Saigon. I remembered it was 20-30 mins you could ride a motorcycles all around Hanoi; it was that small. Scooters and motorcycles are popular because it is much cheaper than a car, and more efficient than a bus or other public transportation. Even when Hanoi expanded, most people resides within certain main districts for jobs or families, hence it still made motorcycles the best possible solution from point A to point B.However, to sum it up why there are so many scooters in Hanoi:-Cheaper to buy than a car(A car is x3 or x4 times expensive than EU or NA due to taxation to reduce traffic congestion, but it didn't do much IMO)-Low income led to many family members that shares a same motorcycle.-Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki are 3 main scooters; they are very good at marketing their products. The government is planning to ban all motorcycles or scooters in 2025-2030 for the environment and traffic. Unless there is big infrastructure change to transportation investment and lower tax on cars, I doubt this would work at all. Average income in Vietnam is very low, and the country has one of the most expensive real estate in the world($100-$400/month is the average). Why are there so many scooters and motorcycles in Hanoi?

Why Are Teams Like Arsenal, Bayern and PSG Lining Up for Thomas Tuchel?
The former Borussia Dortmund manager may have been out of a job since last May, but that has not stopped some of the world's biggest clubs from pursuing him. We take a look at some of the reasons why the young tactician is receiving so much attention.Rose through the youth ranksWhen Tuchel's largely uneventful playing career ended, he quickly set his sights on management. The German advanced quickly through the ranks. He first coached FC Augsburg II, then moved on to Mainz 05's youth team, before taking on the task of coaching the senior squad. Success with Mainz and Dortmund followed. Because of the way his career progressed, many see Tuchel as having paid his dues. Bayern's Jupp Heynckes recently remarked that Tuchel's experience of working on every coaching level in the German system, makes him a good fit to take on a team of Bayern's stature. Add to this the fact that Tuchel is only 44 and you get the profile of a manager geared towards great success. Managed to live up to expectations set by Jurgen KloppUnder Jurgen Klopp, Borussia Dortmund became of Germany's biggest teams after a considerable wait. Tuchel was chosen as his successor and many saw it as a gamble. But Tuchel's Dortmund performed well. Even though the team only won a German Cup during his management, the general consensus was that the team managed to cement their role as one of Europe's strongest teams. His resignation is said to have had little to do with results or performances. Rather, tensions between the club's hierarchy and the manager arose and Tuchel took the decision to cut his time at the club short.Known for enforcing disciplineTuchel may have been considered a handful while in Germany, but this may now prove his bioggest asset. When he departed Dortmund, he was seen as a difficult character. He was unafraid to take on the board and get into disputes with some of his star players.Almost a year later, the clubs who are pursuing the manager understand the importance of a strong handed disciplinarian. It's one thing that clubs like Arsenal, PSG and Chelsea all seem to have missed this season and a significant factor in their lack of success.Considered a great tacticianEvery report concerning Tuchel includes a great deal of praise for his intelligence and desire to improve his understanding of football. Clubs have faith in him and they are willing to give him a chance. Undeniably there is a sense of excitement of what the 44 year-old would be able to do at the helm of a super club.Also, he has proven to be capable of working under pressure. Things certainly looked pretty bleak when he took over for Klopp as Dortmund manager. Tuchel managed to keep up the level of performances despite losing important players and the general pessimism from fans and media. Simply put, big European clubs are willing to give Tuchel free reign to reorganize their teams and guide them towards success.What teams are rumored to have displayed interestThe big football news story this weekend was that Tuchel was on his way to London to meet with Arsenal officials. The German press has gone back and forth on the report and it's unclear what Arsene Wenger's role in the decision is, if any.Reports also circulated that PSG and Chelsea, afraid of losing their opportunity to speak to the German manager, got in contact with him and effectively offered him the job for next season. Both teams currently employ high-profile managers, but are likely to look for a change at the end of the season. There's also the vote of confidence given by Bayern manager Jupp Heynckes. The 77 year-old encouraged Bayern's board to consider hiring Tuchel as a replacement, when Heynckes is set to retire at the end of the season. This is unequivocally the biggest job in German football besides the national team coaching position. Thomas Tuchel is without a doubt a manager who has been able to do plenty with the resources he has been given. He has also proven to have a vision that he is unwilling to compromise. It will be exciting to see what he is able to do if put in charge of one of Europe's biggest clubs. The Bundesliga and Europe's other top leagues are hosted through FootballCoin contests. Join for free and for a chance to win significant cryptocurrency prizes.what is the difference between mono fishing line and braided line?Mono is made of a single strand or filament,hence the name monofilament nylon fishing line.Braid is just that,multiple strands or filaments braided together,usually out of spectra,or kevlar material,but not always,in the old days you would have braid made of rayon or dacron fibers.Most people fish with at least ten pound test mono for bass,although many use much heavier strength line in heavy cover and submerged trees,braid is thinner pound for pound and is tough to break and cut. It's also very slippery,and getting a knot to hold can be a challenge.Each kind of line has it's uses,where you fish determines what to use
How Can I Tone My Thighs?
squattttts, ride a bicylce and walk1. will swimming help tone me up?Yes swimming is a great way to tone up. Heavy resistance and no impact = great way to tone up! Good luck2. will this workout tone my body?There is no such thing as "toning". The human body can only gain fat, lose fat, gain muscle, or lose muscle. Toning is not an activity; it's a look of a body with decent muscle mass and low a body fat % And you are doing way too much get some sort of actual achievable goal in mind and build the workout based around that goal.3. How to tone your stomach!?i will give u a procedure that it 100% helps you and it is sooooooooo fast but it needs strong people ( if your not i dont advice u to continue reading this ) keoren army used that when they haved to lose 25 kilos in one month stay without eating for 22 hours ( you can drink whatever you want ) when this pass you can eat all what you want even fats every day do this (you will get used to it ) the first 7 days nothing can be seen ( your body geting red of substance that will be fat in futre ) after 7 days you will lose every day one killogram its experiminted believe me i vouch that for u4. tone my body in a week and a half?a lot of running even if it hurts your ham strings, do not become dehydrated and stay away from the fatty fooods5. Blotchy skin tone on my face?I use proactiv....I had blotchy pale skin....I had reds and browns and such in my face and it was soooo I started cleansing my face with proactiv and I used the repairing lotion and it evend out my skin tone in just a few months...I stopped using it and started tanning outdoors and stuff and the blotches came back. I"m starting to use it again to fix it....I would recommend that6. Difference between timbre and tone and frequencyPut simply - it's more frequencies! Nearly all instruments, that includes our voices, produce harmonics or partials at the same time as the basic note. It's down mainly to the construction of the instrument along with its material, and often exactly how it's played.So given that, and the fact that each instrument will produce different levels of different harmonics, the timbre or tone of the same note will differ.7. makeup too dark for my skin tone?im super pale as well and i use a shade called alabaster by dinair airbrush makeup and its the first foundation ive found that doesnt look orange one me...its amaizng! it also covers up everyhting making my skin look flawless and its all water based so it is not bad for my skin because it doesnt clog my pores...ive been suing their makeup for a long time now and i love their stuff. ..i hope i helped in some way =).8. want to lose or tone belly fat?you will have to get in some kind of cardio to burn the fat away so all the muscles you are building from doing crunches and sit ups can show through. maybe try running up and down stairs for 20 minutes to get your heart rate going faster. you could jump rope, that really gets your heart rate up. get an exercise dvd, you can do those inside too!9. makeup help for skin tone and eye color?It really depends, I guess, I am assuming you are a brunette? If you have a yellowy tinge, stay away from pinks. It will make you look a tad funny; instead go for peachy pinks and warm rosey colours. If you have an orangy tinge, I would stick to colours that are richer; chocolates, deep greens and olives. I have a friend with slightly peachy undertones and bright red is reeeally her, but she has lighter hair. With foundation, as long as you stick to base-colour that suits your undertones, or ask a professional at a make up desk, you will be fine, they will help you. Your question is kinda vague, so I am hoping that more or less covers it?
What Did I Find in My Backyard?
That's hard to tell without being able to see it. You should take it to a shop that specializes in identifying this type of stuff. Some colleges have departments that will do it for free, you can also do a search in Yahoo or your local yellow pages for help in finding a place.1. There was a snake in my backyard?Their are many different species of snakes in florida. If it was found in a woody area then it is probably a water moccasin or cotton mouth or a type of viper. If it was found in a water area then it is either a water snake or most likely a cotton mouth or water moccasin.2. Any pointers for fishing for backyard tarpon?live shrimp, live crabs and live baitfish such as Pinfish, Mullet, Pilchards and Squirrelfish. you can bait it many ways. if done very well ion the past using live mullet. peirce the fish on the back about 11/2 inches from back fin in the fatty part. keeps the fish alive and allows it to swim. attracts the tarpon pretty well! Good Luck3. Injured rabbit in backyard help?Google "rabbit stew"4. Best way to practice golf in the backyard?Take practice golf balls (look like golf balls only hollow) and drive them against a shed/ Garage ect5. Can I grow mushrooms in my backyard?The rain or heavy dew is what allows the fertilization of the mushroom so they will reproduce. They grow in the dark and shaded areas. Find the mushrooms you want to grow and put them in a manure mixture keep them damp and they should multiply. The mushroom's job is to break down organic matter. There are many type of mushrooms and toadstools, some are poisonous, some delicious, and some hallucinogenic6. Backyard storage shed for Houston weather?I am originally from Houston and you are right about the humidity. Humidity is only good for your skin and your flowers. I would go for the vinyl. The wood would eventually rot because of such much humidity. I do not know if vinyl or wood either one would protect the furniture though just because the humidity would probably build up over the years and do damage to it. Just be sure to check on the furniture now and then to make sure it's not molding from the humidity. You can easily wipe it off. You might have to do that through the years. Since you have to have some kind of storage though [ everybody needs extra storage] I would still go with the vinyl.They have some really cute storage buildings now. You could plant some flowers around it and put some stepping stones to it from your house. You could make it look like a tiny house. That would be so cute. It would make your back yard look cuter too7. Is it possible to get our dog to stop digging in the backyard?If you get a solution please let me know. We own a beagle mix mutt and he's always digging up the yard8. What makes up the perfect backyard???CHICKEN FECES !9. Is it illegal to kill a squirrel in my backyard?since squirrels carry diseases I cannot imagine there is a law prohibiting killing them within city limits10. Should I try panning the dirt in my backyard?What have you got to lose?11. what's with all the backyard breeders in this world.?I am a supposeably backyard breeder I guess as I breed AKC Shelties with champion lines.I dont have a kennel and all my dogs live in my house and have their puppies inside with me , my husband and another friend in attendance who also raises dogs..My dogs are all kept current on all shots and vet visits and checked while they are pregnant. They are fed puppy food while pg and all are given vitamins all time.My vet is called when they are gettint close to make sure she will be available and if not recommend another and then I talk to them but so far that has not happened.When my dog goes into labor I call my vet and let her know in case something happens and I need to take her in and that has never happened thank goodness. We never have an unattened birth and we help if necessary and keep our Moms calm.After the pups are born one of us is awake around the clock for at least 3 days to make sure they are all doing ok.They are all taken in for a vet check after they are born,and to make sure mom is ok too. Yes I was very inexperienced when I started but I studied And picked everyones brain that I could.Even yet when labor starts I have my books out and my birthing notes and read and reread while we are waiting.Im not in it for the money believe me and sell most of my puppies with a spay and neuter contract and I do not sell to kennels and have to really talk to the people before I will sell to them. I have been known to give pups to disabled or some special needs but only if they can afford to take care and keep all shots,heartworm,flea and tick meds up..I dont let my pups go untill after they have had their 2nd shot,and I start worming at 2 wks and continue every 2 wks .My babies are all vet checked before they are sold and are given a health guarantee. I can give refrences also. Im always available after the puppies go to their forever home if they need me or I can help in any way.i always call back to check to see how they are doing because I do care and love everyone of my babies.They are very social.and loving babies.SO you see all so called breeders are not bad but some give all of us a bad name. I also have an acre yard that is fenced so my dogs have plenty of room to run and play and my house is kept very clean even though my dogs live in our home. We do love our dogs a lot
Can a Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier Cover Up Weed Smell If Blown Into?
v3100 seems like it would work. For an easier/cheaper solution, stuff a cardboard tube from a toilet paper roll with a couple dryer sheets. Blow into that while in a room with a fan on, the window open, and a towel wedged into the door crack. This method worked very well for me at a friends house in high school. However, the best thing to do is just not smoke weed in the place that you are renting1. warm or cool mist humidifier for colds in the winter?My surgeon cautioned a funky mist for the comparable reason the different answerer reported. heat breeds germs, whether it could additionally burn a infant in the event that they by hazard get too close. I additionally went to my community well-being nutrition save and gathered "Olbas Oil" to function. you put in a pair of drops and it smells like mint. It opens up nasal passages and clears up colds2. what is the difference between a cool mist and warm mist humidifier?I assume you mean other than temperature? Warm mist is steam, cool mist is sonically created mini water drops. Steam leaves minerals behind, cool mist still has minerals in it. If you line in a "hard water" area you will have lost of white, possibly gritty, dust from cool mist, but warm mist will mean more cleaning the heater with vinegar.3. Cool Mist Humidifier or Warm Mist Vaporizer for baby?I think cool mist is better. There is no greater risk of bacterial growth. In fact the warmth incourages becterial growth and either needs to be cleaned daily. There is no risk of burning and I dont knwo about anyone else, but I find it easier to breath in cool air then warm air. Warm air is very stuffy and makes me feel more congested. If I have a cold nothing helps clear my sinuses better then stepping out into some cool air4. Vicks vaporizers: Steam or Cool Mist?I believe it is a humidifier, you can find it at Target5. What is the difference between a cool mist humidifier and an ultrasonic humidifier?"Some people are very noise sensitive. For those people I recommend a Air-O-Swiss ultrasonic humidifiers, even their cool mist humidifier is exceptionally quiet." "People who like cool mist humidifiers live in warmer climates, because the last thing they want is to warm the place up a few degrees. If you live in a colder climate, the cool mist humidifier could feel a trifle clammy if you over-humidify the room." Totally up to you if you want 2, but I think you only need one =)6. Is there a way of cleaning cool mist humidifier - "filters" ?"CLR" I assume. Cleans the hard water deposits in mine but I dont have a 'wick' filter7. Using a humidifer for colds, etc?Yes. I find that cool mist works a lot better with my son. We have the Crane cool mist humidifier (frog shape) & it helps with the stuffy nose & cough8. which is better.. cool mist humidifiers or warm vaporizer? whats the difference?the warm works better the cool just brings out cool air9. Cool mist humidifier in baby's room?i understand how you feel. its not your fault.babies get sick do not be to hard on your self10. What are Cool Mist Humidifiers used for?For adding moisture to a dry atmosphere11. What are the pros and cons of a warm mist humidifier versus a cool mist humidifier for relieving breathing issues while sleeping?I prefer air filters but they may cool the air a little like a fan . I think humidifiers take a little to much electric power so I do not have one. I know sometimes their may be paint, or smoke or dust so air filters are a must . Do not forget to use the filter and consider a respirator for the dust and fumes of woodshop. Whenever their is a forest fire or windy day dust and smoke can be a concern factor. Use the air filter and cut down the pollution. They are worth their money.12. I have emphysema, I want to get a humidifier for my bedroom, What is better warm mist or cool mist?There are reasons why one may be preferred over the other and you may actually do yourself more harm then good by using the wrong one
What Is a Cheap Laptop with AWESOME Battery Life?
What is a Cheap Laptop with AWESOME battery life?this is just me...but you can get a macbook for fairly cheap. there amazing and they have about 7 HOURS battery life. and they look sooo amazing too. idk if they fixed all the problems with Vista but OS X 10.5 Leopard is amazing. they have a word processing application too:) but its totally your choice man. Good Luckk:)— — — — — —Roboreptile, How long is the battery life in a roboreptile?thats pretty redundant.... idk!— — — — — —How is wristwatch with 10 years battery life possible?Perhaps those watches use some kind of energy harvesting system to recharge a rechargeable battery?An automatic quartz watch has an energy harvesting mechanism that, like a mechanical self-winding watch, pulls small amounts of energy from the day-to-day motions of the person wearing it.A solar-powered watch uses a tiny solar cell to pull energy from ambient light. (Even indoor light, much dimmer than sunlight, is adequate to keep the watch running).I hear that such watches typically run normally for a day or so when cut off from outside power (taken off the wrist, put in a dark room, etc.). Then they enter low-power state where everything is turned off except internal timing -- the LCD display goes blank, the hands stop. The watch has a power reserve that can keep internal timing going for at least a month; one manufacturer claims it has watches with a 4 year power reserve. Then when you pick it up and shake it, the battery starts to charge up, and the "hands will magically spin to match the current time." ( a ).Are you looking for detailed information on how it's possible to build electronic devices with extremely low power consumption? Then you might enjoy reading Jeelabs's notes on low power electronics ( b ). One JeeNode has run for over 2 years on a single battery charge (charged on August 21st, 2010; still running and continuing to count on Sep 15, 2012). ( c )Or are you looking for techniques to keep a battery from failing prematurely? While recharging a battery many times over 10 years is "easier" than trying to get a primary cell to last 10 years, it does not make it "easy". I've bought new rechargeable batteries for several consumer electronics devices when the original rechargeable battery went dead in less than 5 years -- not merely drained, but completely dead. (What makes this especially frustrating is when 5-year-old equipment uses batteries that are some special shape that stopped production years ago and are now unavailable, and I suspect all the shiny new oddly-shaped batteries will likewise be unavailable in 5 years.). How to keep batteries from failing prematurely would make a good separate question -- I wish I knew the answer.— — — — — —MacBook Pro battery life question?The advertised battery life is never equal to real battery life. Just leave your Mac plugged in all the time. I've been doing that for years. Many people never turn theirs off. Set your computer to shut down after 30 minutes of non use. I turn my MacBook Pro off about two nights per week just for the heck of it. I have friends who never shut down. Mac gear is great gear. It can withstand a lot of stress and has a good surge/spike protector built in— — — — — —Phone battery life and internet?The more you charge a battery, the faster it drains. My suggestions are to use a new battery or only charge it when it is completely or almost dead. Cell phone batteries should be replaced every year.— — — — — —Why is battery life still a weak link in laptops today?1) Longer battery life will make the laptop bigger and heavier, but people need it be smaller and light weight. 2) yes the battery is the worst part in laptop, some pc makers no longer provide the parts thus you have to buy their NEW laptops. I had an old expensive Alienware laptop but no where to get the primary battery. 3) The battery technology is not perfect, even the Apple's gadgets caught fire. and airplanes not allow battery capacity over 100Wh, In fact there are only few battery powered(Electric) cars on the road. btw: the smaller display computing devices last much longer, Li-po batteries performs much better than Li-ion batteries. and some laptops come with slice sheet battery optional.
Energy Efficient Room Air Conditioners
If you only need to cool 1–3 rooms in your home, a room air conditioner may be your most economical choice. Because you are only cooling part of your home, energy cost can be controlled. To optimize the performance of your room air conditioner, select an energy efficient model that is properly sized for the room you are cooling. EER — The Energy Efficiency Ratio is used to compare the efficiency of individual room air conditioners. It is the measure of the number of BTU per hour of cooling provided for each watt of electricity used. Room air conditioners typically provide from 5000 Btu/hr to 18,000 Btu/hr. The average EERs of older units from the 1970’s is about 5. Newer units manufactured after January 1, 1990 must have an EER greater than 8. The best room air conditioners on the market have EERs of 11 or more.Simple Steps to Improving Duct PerformanceBecause ducts are often concealed in walls, ceilings, attics, and basements, repairing them can be difficult. But there are things that you can do to improve duct performance in your house. Start by sealing leaks using mastic sealant or metal (foil) tape and insulating all the ducts that you can access such as those in the attic, crawlspace, basement, or garage. Never use ‘duct tape,’ as it is not long-lasting. Also make sure that the connections at vents and registers are well-sealed where they meet the floors, walls, and ceiling. These are common locations to find leaks and disconnected ductwork.CapacityCooling towers are usually described by their tons of cooling capacity. The cooling capacity indicates the rate at which the cooling tower can transfer heat. One ton of cooling is equal to the removal of 12,000 BTUs (British thermal units) per hour from water. 9 Cooling tower capacities at commercial or industrial facilities may range from as few as 50 tons to 1,000 tons or more. Larger facilities may be equipped with multiple cooling towers.UtilizationNot all cooling towers operate at full capacity year-round. Therefore, it may be necessary to determine the utilization profile of your system. This involves identifying how much of your system’s total cooling capacity is utilized and how often to arrive at an annual number of cooling ton-hours.Equipment SizingFor central air conditioning systems, your contractor should calculate the cooling load of your home. This will make sure you are selecting a system that meets you peak cooling needs without oversizing the equipment. Oversized equipment is a common problem that can lead to poor performance, and early equipment failure. Check to see that they are using sizing guidelines such as the Air Conditioning Contractors of EMergyKool.Data analysis on cooling tower water usage and its relation with cooling degree days was performed. Central cooling tower and satellite cooling tower’s monthly make-up and blowdown levels are recorded in Utility Plant’s monthly reports. The reports show that the cooling water make-up and blowdown levels are low during winter and increase during the summer.Conclusion: EMergyKool is a leading supplier of Energy Efficient Misting fans which can be used in industries, parks, beaches etc., For more information visit·RELATED QUESTIONCould we build a combustion engine on hydrogen using a mixture of plastics and metal?Yes, why not. For sufficiently permitting definitions of "mixture".I think the most difficult part of your question is not the engineering, but the language. There is nothing special about running an engine on hydrogen. And there is nothing special about "plastic" or "metal" parts either.Many combustion engines use a combination of metal parts and plastic parts. There is nothing except the fuel system that needs to be fundamentally different for running it on hydrogen.However, "mixing" metals and plastics into a single material is something I have not heard before. Composite materials with e.g. layers of different materials, sure, but no homogeneous mixtures.Could we build a combustion engine on hydrogen using a mixture of plastics and metal?.
Rex Lighting 82 Hz Downlight Series: for High-end Hotels
Five star hotels are always luxurious, but what is the best? Recently, sleeper, a hotel design magazine, launched ahead awards, which is recognized as a heavyweight award in the design industry.In the shortlisted works, regardless of the differences in hardware, the overall atmosphere of each hotel is very good, which is largely due to the clear primary and secondary and quiet and comfortable light environment.So, how can we get excellent hotel lighting effect? This requires us to combine different hotel types and fully consider illumination standards, lighting level planning, reasonable lighting layout, lighting selection, scene control and other issues. Among them, the selection of lamps is really important. It can be said that the evaluation standard of good lighting largely lies in selecting the right lamps to illuminate the parts you need to illuminate!The hotel itself is a space with complex structure, covering the lobby, lobby, restaurant, corridor, guest room and other areas. The floor heights are different and the demands are different. The lamps should be determined according to the needs of different spaces, especially for the selection of main downlight. However, there are always some problems in the application of downlight in hotels, especially in some high ceiling spaces:1. The power of lamps is too high, which makes them blind; The power is too low to walk in the dark.2. The strobe is too high, which makes people mentally tired3. The brightness of the light radiation area is uneven, some areas are clean and bright, and some areas are dim.4. The light quality does not meet the standard, but only meets the basic standard of "lighting up".5. The installation and disassembly are troublesome, and the later maintenance is time-consuming and laborious.It seems that as the main lighting of the hotel space, downlights have a lot of knowledge. Today we'll talk about how to choose downlights in the hotel space!oneThe role of downlights in all areas of the hotelFirst of all, we should clarify the functional demands of downlights in various areas of the hotel. Generally speaking, the hotel is divided into "high floor area" and "low floor area". Therefore, we should select downlights according to the characteristics of these two areas.1. The hotel lobby, lobby, restaurant and other high-rise areas are selected, and the floor height is usually "high floor height area" with H > 6m. The demands for LED downlights are: embedded (compatible with the environment, not seizing the host), high power, large caliber (large size) and good anti dazzle performance.2. In hotel corridors, guest rooms, toilets and other areas, the "low floor height area" with floor height of H ≤ 2.8m, the demands for LED downlights are: embedded (the ceiling is clean and does not compress the floor height), low power, small caliber (small size) and good anti glare performance.twoHow to choose the right downlight for the hotel?As the main lighting fixture of the space, a good downlight should have the following points:01 lamp anti glare: the light is on where it should be, but the light is not on① Downlight meeting the requirements of light interception angle (light interception angle > 30 ° and > 45 ° is preferred).② Deep hidden downlight③ Various anti glare ring lamps are attached (including through cutting light).④ Special treatment optical reflector.02 the lamp has the function of adjustable angleIt can not only increase the function of downlight, but also make the ceiling cloth lamp realize regularity and improve various possibilities of space.03 relatively accurate beam angleFor hotel space, beam angle is one of the effective methods to build a sense of light hierarchy and atmosphere.In the era of LED lamps, the beam angles of different brands are different. For LED lamps used in hotel rooms, it is recommended to use medium narrow (15-18 °), (medium beam 22-25 °) and medium wide (28-30 °), and wide beam angle (55-60 °) can be used in the hotel lobby. Different angles are used in different areas.04 the light quality of lamps meets the standardLight quality evaluation indexes of LED lamps: color temperature, color rendering, R9 value and color tolerance (SDCM), etc. The light quality requirements of LED downlight are as follows:05 the light spot is clean and regularThe hotel space must be clean and tidy in both facade and plane. Any disordered light or shadow will affect the visual effect and have no significance in creating a soft and uniform lighting environment and displaying the irradiator itself. Therefore, a good spot light type should be regular and beautiful, and the halo should be relieved naturally.May see here, many friends are thinking, there are so many ways to choose a downlight? What if you buy it wrong? Is there any good product recommendation?Here we are - Rex lighting 82 Hz downlight is a set of solutions for high-end hotels, high-end clubs, villas and other space lighting lamps, which can solve different application spaces, different application scenarios and different functional requirements.threeRex lighting 82 Hz series downlight01 appearance & Configuration① Rich specifications:The series is equipped with a promotion box, covering 4 product types 2 installation modes of narrow edge and boundless edge, so as to meet different application spaces.▲ multiple product types to meet different application spacesIn addition, it also includes five basic general opening sizes. Different power can be selected to meet different floor heights below 12m. Hertz series downlights can be easily met in hotel lobby, guest rooms, high-end clubs, villas, etc.② Beautiful lamp body:An excellent downlight, the appearance value is also one of the standards to be considered. The edges and corners of this series of downlights are treated very finely. There is no obvious color difference on the surface of the two lamp body structural parts, and the texture is quite good.▲ there is no obvious color difference in the structure of two lamp bodiesAnd the optical surfaces of lamps are attached with protective film, which is one of the standard configurations of high-end lamps③ Simple installation and easy disassemblyHotel space will often be upgraded and transformed with the needs of the market, and the application of lamps and lanterns should pay more attention to its flexibility. Hertz series downlight adopts module structure design, optical integration of light source, flexible application and convenient disassembly and replacement.The width of the die-casting narrow frame is only 8.5mm, and the frameless stainless steel shrapnel is adopted on both sides. The installation is super simple and convenient, and the design proportion is uniform and beautiful.④ The design pays attention to details and is more humanized:The installation position of frameless embedded parts can be adjusted to adapt to the thickness of different slab layers. This detail is very convenient for construction and can be flexibly combined. This practice is common in lamps abroad and is relatively few in China at present;In addition, the power line designed at the outlet can go into the slot without increasing the height of the downlight, and it is anti pulling and fastening, which is also one of the humanized design highlights.02 optical quality① Precise light controlHertz series downlight reflective cup has 15 kinds of Optics and 9 kinds of high-precision secondary optical lenses, which can accurately control the light, produce light without secondary spots, and is soft and clean.▲ 15 kinds of optical reflective cups▲ 9 different optical accessories② High display finger:To create advanced hotel lighting, the higher the color rendering index of the light source, the better. Hertz series downlights adopt the industry's top imported chips, RA > 90 and R9 > 50. When used in space, they can highlight the skin color of Asians and appear ruddy and shiny.▲ high color rendering③ Deep anti glare features:The downlight with good anti glare performance can create a soft and uniform lighting environment and create a luxurious, warm and comfortable feeling for customers in the hotel space. However, many lamps that claim "black light technology" on the market, their light does not fall on the black light cup after secondary optics, which can be said to be a fake black light technology. The Hertz series downlight has undergone secondary optics, and part of the light shines on the black light cup, and then the light is accurately controlled by the black light cup to achieve better anti glare effect.With 40 ° shading angle, it is a very powerful black light anti glare technology.④ Rich optics:This series of downlights has five beam angles: narrow, medium, wide, ultra wide and polarizing. It can accurately control the light and provide options for different objects, focusing or basic lighting. It can be said that with this set of Hera series downlights, it can almost cover more than 90% of the application of the hotel's downlights.03 power supplyHertz series downlights are equipped with thyristor dimming, 0-10V dimming drive and Dali dimming drive. When the dimming is adjusted to the lowest brightness, there is still no stroboscopic.Its high PFC stroboscopic drive (power supply) is also a bright spot. The non stroboscopic power supply on the market is almost low PFC (about 0.5), while the high PFC (at least 0.9) of Rex Hertz series is also the standard configuration of high-end lamps.The power supply adopts a pair of plug-in connectors, and the fool proof design makes the installation more convenient and firm.04 heat dissipationThere are two important indexes to judge the quality of an LED lamp: thermal and optical. In the previous introduction, we have seen the excellent optical performance of Hertz downlight. What about its heat dissipation?Because they are cast aluminum heat dissipation and heat dissipation rib is deeper, the surface area is more, so the overall product heat dissipation is good, helps to extend the service life of lamps and lanterns.In addition, too many heat dissipation ribs will not affect the appearance value of the lamp. It not only meets the requirements of engineers for large heat dissipation area, but also takes into account the aesthetic requirements of product managers. It can be said to be a product with appearance value and strength.In the hotel lighting design, only by constantly coordinating the harmony between the whole and the part, the whole hotel lighting project will be more perfect. With this set of Hertz series downlights of Rex lighting, it can basically meet the application of cylindrical spotlights in 90% of the hotel space. Both the whole and details can be perfectly considered.Original title: [WanMu new materials · market] Rex lighting high-end hotel barrel spotlight - Hertz is coming!The source of the article: WeChat official account: Gao Gong LED] welcome to add attention! Please indicate the source of the article.
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