How Do I Get Ink Off of a Leather Sofa?

Rub it with a little bit of alcohol on a cloth, if not, try clorox wet wipes... if not, try nail polish remover... Hope this helps! Let me know how it goes!

1. how to remove scuff mark from brown leather sofa?

Mr Clean makes a sponge that will work called a magic sponge. Available at any grocery store in cleaning isle

2. What did the band Cake mean with the following lyrics from Italian Leather Sofa? No obvious answers please?

If Mr. Happy calls "it" a sofa...I will oblige

3. What colors work best with a mint green leather sofa?

The beige carpeting and cream walls you have now as well as your wood furniture are great for mint green leather furniture. Most of the time when dealing with greens and beiges, I will adivse clients to stick to nature for their search in colors. That's exactly what I suggest here for you. So, here is my suggestion: Curtains: go with a dark espresso coffee color. Aim for the same dark brown as your tables. Area rug: do the same as above. Look for a dark brown rug but with a white pattern in it. Since your couch is streamlined, go for a bold geometric and modern look for the rug. Tie it all in with some silver accessories: lamps, vase, mirror frames, etc. Add three cushions to your couch: one white, one brown, one beige. Keep them plain and simple. Feel free to email me by clicking on my avatar and I will help if I can. Sorry you had to go thru a fire. It's such a devastating trauma. Hope you are okay and are not having bad dreams...

4. Is it OK to get a new leather sofa before I get my house painted?

Go ahead and get it now if you want it. It's no problem at all to cover it with painter's plastic. I cover ALL furniture when I paint for someone. Never had a call back for splatter. hope this helps

5. What is a good asking price for a black leather sofa at a garage sale?

Well depending on the condition you could probably ask up to $200. at a garage sale. If it's extra large and perfect condition I would put it on Craigs list instead. You could ask and get more from Craigs list.

6. What kind of leather sofa can I get that my cats will not destroy?

The type of couch you get wo not matter,they will tear leather to shreds, if puddy is scratching furniture then its discipline that they need. sternly rep remand them vocally when they scratch and get them a scratch post where they can scratch their hearts out. There is also a spray that repels cats, maybe try spraying that where you do not want them scratching and put cat nip where they can scratch. Best of luck

7. How do i take ink off a leather sofa?

you can get a stain remover from an upholstery shop

8. Would this rug go well with a black leather sofa? Would red walls go as well? What should I do for curtains?

I would do two walls red and two walls a matching shade of the blue from the carpet, and then do floor length curtains in another color picked out from the rug. I am tired so I could not really see too much from the carpet. A nice dark brown would look good. Good luck!

9. how do u remove permenent marker from leather sofa?

I like $$$jithi answer. Liquid hairspray works great to remove a lot of stains. It will bleed the stain just keep wiping up the stain with wet cloth

10. Anybody know of a quality leather sofa brand (or best furniture store to shop at)?

I would try Pottery Barn. Good luck!

11. what colour on the walls in my living room ..with black leather sofa's and red carpet?

Go with calm neutral colors. You have 2 bold colors so you do not want to add more color. Go with the same family of colors, vary the shades. to make the stripes, pain the wall the lighter color, after it dries use masking tape to make your sections and paint the darker colors.

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