How Do I Install Bitcoin in Ubuntu?

Bitcoin has now an officially maintained PPA with a release candidate version of the peer-to-peer daemon and the client.Bitcoin has a launchpad project i.e. same project status as Unity/Docky/Openshot etc. The maintainer - Matt Corallo - is a major contributor to the official bitcoin. org website. This will upgrade all versions from 10. 04 and later. The following instructions will upgrade your system to the latest version of the clientConfirmation that this OK to use is via the bitcoin forums

1. Securing bitcoin addresses in database

You can always sign the address in the database, but you must be careful about it. When the user register you would to verify their info, sign their address on an offline computer (with an offline private key) and put both of them in different field in the database. Then when you take the address in the database you verify that the signature can be verified with your public key. That way if someone temper with the database they shall not be able to forge an valid signature (because your private key is offline and protected) and when a signature is not valid it calls an alert. You must be careful that the verification is made by your public key.The bitcoin client supports signature with any addresses. And in anyway you should really try to secure your database, have a low privilege user for the program that uses the database, do not give any access to other than you and your trusted employees. And secure the physical access to the server

2. Why did bitcoin just break 5700 this morning? Does this mean the bulls are back and bitcoin will rise to new highs now?

It appears that Bitcoin has stabilized over a long period in a range. The big players who own the larger amounts of Bitcoin can raise or lower the price at will by either buying or selling and getting others to follow suit. "New highs" is a relative term. They can move the price anywhere at any time. Over time the price will rise but the exact path and timing is never known ahead of time. It is all seen in hindsight.This is a patience game like all trading and investing. You buy and stop watching the price and go do something else. And you will be pleasantly suprised when you check the price in 6 months and you made a profit

3. How can I split my bitcoin wallet?

It seems there's a more secure and easier method. I am a noob so please correct any mistakes, but I would suggest he create a paper wallet on, print it off or memorize it or keep it on a USB flashdrive. Then he can go to his Bitcoin client, send 8 bitcoins to the public address of that newly-created private key and that will be most secure. Even if his client is hacked or PC crashes, those 8 bitcoins are damn secure

4. Will Bitcoin cause the stock market to crash?

Stock Market 1 weekVS Crypto Market 1 week

5. Is there a Bitcoin gateway for PrestaShop with these specific features?

Blockonomics prestashop plugin is free and has all the above features in addition to others such as:

6. So… bitcoin is dying? [closed]

Mining services are paid for using a subsidy. Currently this subsidy pays out 3,600 BTC (worth about 400K USD) each day.Some miners will save their proceeds, others will cash out to fiat (especially the GPU miners who have high electric bills) and a small minority of miners will spend their mined coins in the Bitcoin economy. So it matters little to the Bitcoin economy that the GPU miners will no longer be receiving enough to cover their electricity costs (and will be forced to retire that hardware)

7. What are the best and legit mining sites for bitcoin?

I would not suggest that you invest in mining bitcoins with any company or website, since you earn a little as compared to you doing the mining with your own hardwares. However buying and holding bitcoins would be of great value, due to the fact that the rate at which bitcoins rise is unpredictable

8. How does Bitcoin have an intrinsic value?

Talking about intrinsic value is always a difficult discussion. What gives Gold or really anything intrinsic value?If people believe it has value, trade in it, and it lets you do things that were previously impossible it seems like it has intrinsic value by any definition

Both BTC and BCH May Become Bitcoin
There has been a lot of debate about which currency should call itself bitcoin. Although one would think that bitcoin itself is the most obvious choice, this is not the case. Supporters of bitcoin cash believe that there are better currencies on the market, including BCH. A recent bitcoin official tweet must have sparked a lot of new debate.The debate between BTC and BCH continuesThe debate over whether bitcoin cash is real bitcoin seems not to be over. However, there is clear evidence that BCH is a digital currency, although these statements are very complex. There is a view that bitcoin cash was originally conceived in 2008. Part of holding this view is forming a real worship mentality. Although obviously, this title still belongs to BTC itself.Both currencies can become bitcoin, depending on how people describe bitcoin and bitcoin cash. They are all products of the same idea. Although Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the white paper and will launch bitcoin to the world in the purest form, bitcoin cash did not exist at all. At that time, there was only BTC, while BCH was only related to this debate in 2017.Over the years, it can be considered that BTC has deviated from the path originally envisaged by Satoshi Nakamoto. According to people's interpretation of the original bitcoin white paper, it can be safely said that the BTC we know today does not necessarily meet Nakamoto's expectations. At the same time, bitcoin cash may not necessarily meet this classification, although its developers do very different things.Bitcoin cash is the earliest cryptocurrency. Its white paper was published in 2008, and Chuangshi block was mined in January 2009.Bitcoin core (BTC) is an experimental currency. It has no white paper and has only run in the existing mode for two years.@Bitcoin's Twitter account has been restored after the recent ban, and its recent tweet has once again caused chaos. Specifically, the account claims that bitcoin cash is the earliest cryptocurrency. Its white paper was published in 2008 and Chuangshi block was mined in 2009. This is actually incorrect, although to some extent, it is an official statement.However, calling bitcoin core (or BTC) an experimental currency is obviously distorting the facts. Because without bitcoin core, it's like without bcash. The name is a little outdated and lacks professionalism. BTC is bitcoin, which has been so since its introduction in 2008. Although not everyone agrees with the development mode of this currency, it is still the world's leading cryptocurrency, despite different opinions.As expected, the bitcoin community is not satisfied with @ bitcoin's tweets. Some people will even regard this blatant error message as a legitimate reason for Twitter to be suspended again. It is unclear whether bitcoin twitter will be deactivated again, but at this stage, it is very likely. Although no one doubts the success of bitcoin, the dispute between the two sides needs to stop. Unfortunately, this childish behavior seems unlikely to stop soon.
Can Bitcoin and Blockchain Be Separated
The revised title does reflect the views of many people who want to distinguish virtual currencies such as bitcoin from blockchain technology. In fact, this is a long debated issue. Is bitcoin and blockchain, the "currency" representing economy and the "chain" referring to technology separable or inseparable?To discuss this issue, you can go back to Nakamoto's paper bitcoin: point-to-point e-cash system and the context of his technological invention. The bitcoin invented by Nakamoto is not the first and certainly not the last thing to try to create value in digital space. According to the statistics of Jimmy Clark in the article "the long road to bitcoin", there are hundreds of similar systems, among which PayPal is well-known and still in actual use in the world. Of course, for the current Chinese, we are more familiar with the Internet payment, such as Alipay and WeChat wallet. As for the design method of currency and other things representing value in the digital world, paypal and others actually use credit. When we pay, what we pay is actually credit, which is recorded and confirmed by them.However, there is another unsuccessful attempt in the technology circle, that is, trying to use the idea of cash to create something so that people can use it like cash in the digital world. Predecessors have made many explorations, but none of them succeeded until Nakamoto invented bitcoin, a "cash" - bitcoin. It is worth mentioning that David JOM first put forward a complete and feasible idea more than 30 years ago. In 1983, he first proposed to use encryption technology to create a kind of cash in digital space, and in 1989 he founded a company to realize his idea commercially. Bitcoin can be regarded as a wonderful improvement on JOM's original idea. Now we will not recognize it as a circulating currency equivalent to cash in the real world, but it technically realizes something logically similar to cash.When referring to the "cash" of bitcoin, I put quotation marks on the word cash, because if we go back to 2007, Nakamoto does not want to invent something equivalent to cash in the real world or change the status quo, but to solve a technical problem and build a game. To create such a toy, Nakamoto has to solve many problems, including two. In Jimmy Clark's words, the first is how to "issue money out of thin air" and the second is "record all information in the account book". First, although it is only a toy, it is still necessary to choose an effective mechanism. The mechanism chosen by Nakamoto is that a certain amount of mathematical calculation can be carried out to generate new "cash". What people say now, such as "mining" and "decentralization" known by the public, or professional "computing power" and "workload proof" (POW), are related to this mechanism. Second, the ledger is now known as the "blockchain". The foundation of the blockchain is a large distributed, open, interconnected and tamper proof ledger. Nakamoto has made several very important changes to the technologies and mechanisms related to blockchain. His design truly invented "blockchain" and made it the basis of a series of innovations.In the history of Internet development, there are many such toys. Tim Bonas Lee invented the world wide web (WWW), Linus invented the operating system Linux, Mark Anderson developed the m osaic browser (he later developed the Netscape browser), and even Larry Page and Sergey Brin first developed Google. By analogy, I mean that no matter what people think of bitcoin at present, whether it is regarded as currency, commodity or asset, one of its important attributes is a technical toy. In fact, for quite a long time before the price of bitcoin soared, it was a toy. Technicians liked to tamper with and modify toys. There were also cases where someone exchanged 10000 bitcoins for a pizza. After a technology is invented, what practical use it can eventually find and how much impact it can have on the world are other things.As can be seen from the above discussion, Nakamoto created a wonderful toy in the process of solving problems: he created a basic technology, namely blockchain (ledger), and an application, namely bitcoin ("cash"). More specifically, the things invented by Nakamoto include three layers: the bottom layer is the technical blockchain (account book); In the middle is the bitcoin protocol based on blockchain; At the top is the application, the "cash" of bitcoin. Ledgers have both technical and economic meanings. The economic meaning of ledgers will be discussed in detail later.Next, people in different fields further agitated the toy and gradually wanted to make the potential toy practical. People first created a variety of coins similar to bitcoin, and then many people tried to separate coins from chains. Later, the team represented by Ethereum tried to create blockchain 2.0 system and turn it into a "next-generation smart contract and decentralized application platform". Now more organizations are trying to develop a new generation of systems, claiming 3.0 and 4.0. Interestingly, Ethereum has not actually become a new generation of operating system that can run applications. Issuing tokens that meet its erc20 standard has become the core application scenario of its smart contract. In this way, there are many more application tokens all over the world, which is the scene of virtual currency from mid-2017 to now.Anyway, at this time, bitcoin and blockchain technology as a whole have developed to a new stage. It no longer only has the function of issuing "cash" like toys, but also has the function of issuing tokens / tokens. The emergence of pass has opened up the economic possibility and application prospect of blockchain, and the two wings of blockchain, technology and economy, have gradually taken shape. Although it is difficult to predict how the last two will develop, the "currency" representing economy and the "chain" representing technology, economy and technology are intertwined. In a sense, it is a bit like saying at the beginning of the development of the Internet that the Internet is only used to transmit information and should not develop e-commerce. At present, the high price of bitcoin and other virtual currencies and the speculation around them may not be expected by everyone. The chaos of virtual currency speculation should indeed be standardized, but only emphasizing technology, its development may fall into a misunderstanding. Blockchain technology and blockchain economy are intertwined and inseparable.
A Japanese Company Plans to Pay Its Employees with Bitcoin
Recently, we have suddenly entered the trend of bitcoin, which has become popular all over the world. The value of this encrypted digital currency has soared in the past few weeks, and then plummeted without warning. Nevertheless, there are even apartments that can support bitcoin to settle rent. Now, a Japanese company plans to pay its employees with bitcoin.It is reported that the Japanese network giant GMO Internet will pay employees with bitcoin. From February next year, they will pay employees 100000 yen (about US $899). If employees like, they can also receive bitcoin as salary. A company spokesman said: "employees can get paid in bitcoin if they want." we hope to improve their cognitive ability by actually using virtual currency. "This behavior is completely voluntary, with a minimum of 10000 yen, about US $88. The company also provides 10% bonus for employees willing to try, which can make up for the loss caused by the fluctuation of bitcoin price. In order to facilitate employees to trade bitcoin, GMO Internet will also provide network services including bitcoin trading.At the same time, GMO Internet also plans to launch its own virtual currency. The company also plans to develop a top-notch 7 nm processor process to reduce the energy consumption of bitcoin mining. The company's "coin" can not only be used to buy bitcoin, but also be used as part of the next-generation mining board or cloud mining business. The company plans to develop "cutting-edge 7 nm process technology" , high performance mining with lower power consumption than existing chips can be realized.At present, the function of bitcoin as a currency is not strong. It is more like an investment, which has soared from about $800 a year ago to $19000 or even higher. In any case, this will be an interesting experiment, especially in a country that adopts a forward-looking approach to currency.
Still Digging for Bitcoin? Lightning Network
Those who run lightning network nodes are earning a little extra bitcoin.As a capacity expansion method prepared to deal with the possible adoption of bitcoin by the mainstream, lightning network can also bring you a little-known additional income, that is, you can make users complete the real-time payment of low handling charges by running lightning network nodes, so as to earn bitcoin.At present, the average handling charge for using the lightning network is about 1 Satoshi, and it costs less than a cent per jump (when the lightning network node routes the transaction to another node). Therefore, Alex Bosworth, a famous lightning network application developer, said that the monthly income of its lightning network nodes was about $2.Although profits are meager now, this may be a sign of the development of lightning network over time.Lightning network, as its name suggests, is a network. In order to send payment information to someone, the payment information usually jumps on several different nodes before reaching the receiver, which is similar to the previous postmen who passed letters or parcels from one person to another to deliver the mail to the destination.In the lightning network, the operator of each node can choose to charge a small fee to facilitate the transaction.The emergence of this charging market shows that cryptocurrency enthusiasts are more willing to take high risks (people who use this early lightning network are actually regarded as very "reckless" by protocol developers).In this regard, Bosworth recently tweeted:"I think that for many people, even for those firm holders, the bitcoin obtained by running lightning network nodes to provide routing will become the first bitcoin they can earn in addition to trading cryptocurrency."Handling charges are adjustableNevertheless, there are still some obstacles to earning bitcoin in the lightning network.At present, if you want to use lightning network, you still need to have some technical knowledge and considerable storage space. Anyone who wants to use the lightning network to pay needs to download nearly 200 GB of complete historical transaction data of bitcoin, and then download the components required by the lightning network.At present, there are at least 3000 lightning network nodes on the bitcoin network.After becoming a lightning network node, the user needs to update the default handling fee setting, which is set to zero by default. For LND (lightning network daemon), one of the most popular lightning network implementations, this function of changing the handling fee and monitoring how much revenue you get from the handling fee is relatively novel.Bosworth told coindesk:"In the past, you couldn't see how much commission you earned in LND, but after this function was added, it stimulated more charging activities."However, another thing to remember is that users are also "competing with each other" here.In order to enable more people to choose their nodes as the jumping point in their payment route, nodes can't charge too much commission (that's why Bosworth earns so little Commission).However, even if the node chooses to charge the lowest handling fee, it will sometimes be ignored. However, for whatever reason, many lightning network nodes still do not charge any fees; It is possible that the operators of many nodes are just lightning network enthusiasts. There is no need to worry that they will make a profit from their interests.Bosworth believes that some users may be avoiding the nodes passing through him because they charge a certain handling fee.Bosworth guesses that the users who complete the payment through his node routing may only be those who do not have any other routing options.Reasons for charging handling feesAlthough it is impossible to know how the market will develop at present, the developers of lightning network believe that it is beneficial to allow fees to be charged on Lightning network."You don't want this system to work just because people are kind," Ben Woosley, developer of zap, a lightning wallet application, told coindesk,"With the development of lightning network and a small number of people using it for conceptual reasons, the handling fee model will develop economically."Although the fees are insignificant, Woosley continues that charging these fees can be useful for a variety of reasons.First, lightning networks need sufficient liquidity. Each lightning network node has a certain "mobility". How many bitcoins can be sent through the lightning network depends on how many bitcoins the node operator locks in the lightning network channel. Woosley believes that channels with more bitcoins will be able to complete larger or more payments, and charge the handling fees required to pay these large jumps.In addition, charging fees "provides a way for nodes to encourage or prevent people from using their channels," Woosley added.In this way, lightning network developers even set negative fees for nodes trying to compensate their users. For example, this may happen if a channel runs out of funds in one direction and needs to replenish more funds to "rebalance".Bosworth also pointed out that dedicated lightning network payments, such as those that trade one cryptocurrency into another cryptocurrency, will be more complex and may cost more.Is it possible to predict the handling fee?However, according to Bosworth:"This is a market, so it will be very difficult to predict the handling fee cost."Nevertheless, many developers still believe that the handling fee for using lightning network will remain at a very low level in the future.Firstly, the cost of running lightning network nodes and completing payment through lightning network routing is not high. Of course, this takes a little time and takes more time than downloading traditional mobile payment applications. But its economic cost is not high.For this reason, tadge dryja and Joseph Poon, the cooperative developers of lightning network, predicted that the handling fee of lightning network "will actually be zero" in 2016. So far, their predictions are still valid.Zmnscpxj, an anonymous lightning network developer, said:"I think the payment routing system will eventually turn the problem into the level of 'I scratch your back and you scratch my back'."In other words, developers speculate that people can route their payments with very little Commission, so that others can route their lightning network payments with very low commission.In view of this, many people believe that using lightning network to complete payment will cost much less than using the existing online payment system. This use scenario will excite people who have long been keen on bitcoin. They are full of enthusiasm for this technology because it can subvert the old payment system."The handling charge for payment by credit card is about 3%, so the handling charge for using lightning network may be several orders of magnitude lower than that for using credit card," Woosley concluded,"My expectation is that the handling charge for using the lightning network can always be ignored, less than a penny, forever."
Can Any Cryptocurrency Surpass Bitcoin in Price Without Bitcoin Crashing?
The crypto market is so much unpredictable that still capable of surprising many of us.Currently, Bitcoin is the most expensive, popular and reliable coin. And I think it will remain a leader for a few years more. But there are high-potential coins that can surpass bitcoin.ETH is second on market capitalization after bitcoin. It's a platform with open code for creation of decentralized online services based on blockchain technology. It is can already be considered as a successful project, and no doubt the most innovative development team in cyberspace stands by it. When crypto market experiences hard times, improvements and resolving of problems have special value.XRP also has objective reasons to surpass bitcoin, although it is not exactly a cryptocurrency. It's a decentralized platform for making payments.Ripple fruitfully cooperates with large companies and banks worldwide. It's steadily fixated on the third place in terms of capitalization and has all chances to surpass bitcoin. Can any cryptocurrency surpass Bitcoin in price without Bitcoin crashing?1. Is investing in Bitcoin in 2020 a wise decision?Absolutely, buy bitcoin right now.Coronavirus pandemic must be the major event in 2020. It has dramatically changed the economy's forecasts in recent months, making investors seek security in the traditional financial market which is continually transforming. So, this question seems to be quite a heated discussion recently. As the most popular virtual currency, Bitcoin has not been influenced by the effect of the health emergency. It even showed the resilience and exceeded the value days before the pandemic was declared. Bitcoin having the largest market capitalization, greatest liquidity, and the longest track record. Although I could not deny that Bitcoin is risky with relatively higher volatility, it can also provide investors with diversification, given that its price would be initially unrelated to that of assets such as the stock market or fixed income.Here comes to the OPPORTUNITIES of investing in Bitcoin in 2020.In the last six years, Bitcoin has had a yield of 3 thousand percent. It is quite attractive in the current situation to start investing in this type of cryptocurrency, as it is an alternative to the traditional system. Its value is determined by supply and demand and is usually very volatile, with large changes in hours.Therefore, it can be concluded that the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is the future of global investment. I think it will never be late to invest in Bitcoin.2. What encourages Bitcoin miners to relay blocks?There has been a partial analysis as part of an academic claim that not relaying a block in some situations is advantageous for a mining pool. The paper is currently in preprint and its conclusions are hotly disputed, including on the Bitcoin Foundation's Blog.The problem is that there is indeed no direct reward for relaying blocks. According to that preprint, in some circustances, there is even a penalty for too quickly relaying blocks you mined yourself, because it allows others to work on the most profitable chain. The existence of this negative incentive depends on the assumption that you can (at least partially) monopolize the network, such that when someone else mines a new block you can more quickly (or widely) spread your own block, in the nick of time, than the other new one propagates3. why did cox disable my internet?1 to all the previous posters. As a matter of business, cox (and any other cable company) wants to keep your check coming in every month if they can. The cable companies and other providers argued to extend the number of warnings before they have to shut you down. Reasons they may shut down a customer include: .. nonpayment .. trying to hack the company servers .. a court order ( usually after you have already seen the FBI or others for kiddie pron, BitCoin or currency fraud, or other fairly major crimes) .. interfering with the other paying customers ( either by hacking, a virus you do not know about, or by using up a large share of bandwidth) .. even this usually gets at least one or two warnings; .. repeated offenses of the TOS; usually after several warnings. If you are paying the bill each month, and not causing them big problems with the law or for other paying customers, they will usually put up with a lot to keep you paying. they will warn you, and try to "educate" you to keep you as a customer. But - if you were really messing up their network with viruses, or if someone filed complaints that you did not answer.. they may have shut your connection off to protect themselves. If you use wi-fi, and leave the access point accessible (or poorly protected).. your account is still the "responsible party" for anything that passes through your "box". Whomever is paying the bill/ name on the account needs to speak with cox and get the answers you desire.
Blockchain Hype Giving Way to the OG at Packed London Bitcoin Conference
This was evident in many of the well-known speakers' presentations on the status of the industry.Blockchain hype giving way to the "OG" at packed London Bitcoin conferenceConference report. "Everybody is talking about blockchain vs. bitcoin," Harry Yeh of Binary Financial said. "But any time you have a coin backed by something physical you have a counter-party risk. "Banking representative Massimo Morini provided another example of the blockchain-overhype as he brought up the widely circulated quote from Goldman Sachs from last year: "While the Bitcoin hype cycle has gone quiet, Silicon Valley and Wall Street are betting that the underlying technology behind it, the Blockchain, can change… well everything."The quote in question was sent to the bank's clients in its newsletter "Emerging Theme Radar" but got outright laughs from the audience in London as they were reminded of it a year later. Morini went on to explain how banks and financial institutions have "sobered up" and started to come to the conclusion that the technology called "blockchain" was not that magical solution that would change everything, at least not in the near-term. "If you do not hear the words immutability and exahashes at a blockchain conference you are not at a real blockchain conference," as former Bitcoin Foundation Director Jon Matonis summed up this view while questioning a panel of industry bigwigs.Read the full report hereever been to london?So, on one hand you complain else where about the dumb blonde stereotype and then here you seem only interested in shopping while visiting one of the major cities on the planet. Irony? The Oxford Street suggestion is spot on. Nothing but shops and boutiques all over the place.Planning to move to London?The problem wirth London is its expensive Americans however have no problems in London and certainly are not hated in London - London is a hughly cosmoplitan city and many Americans find themselves thereSightseeing for family in London?I think you would be pleasantly surprised by the museums - they are VERY interesting and not at all dry, especially the new Darwin Center at the Natural History Museum.People tend to be quite polarised about the London Eye - but the ability to go up high above central London in a glass ball is fun for all.Richmond Park (if walking is ok) is a great trip just outside of London. Take the train to Richmond (20 min on the fast train) and walk up the hill - it's a beautiful view as you walk up. Then in the park, there are two herds of deer - Red and Fallow - about 600 in total. My goal is always to find the deer - it's a huge park and not always immediately obvious where they've moved to on any given day, but you will find them if you look. Stop for a break at the ice-cream vendor in the middle, just above the lake on the eastern side of the park.And if you are into seeing animals, London Zoo has an amazing collection, and all types - be it mammals, reptiles, birds, fish or insects that you might want to see. World famous, highlights for me was seeing a live Okapi, and the giant anteaters!. It's open from Thursday to Saturday, and the cheeses are fantastic! Also have a Monmouth coffee at the southern end of the market. Afterwards, a walk up to the Thames and along Southbank is a really nice walk in either direction.Studying abroad in London? ?I just got back from studying abroad in London and it was amazing! Best choice I ever made:) I had no problem making friends but then again I am a very social person. I would suggest that if you do go, to have back up money because even though I planned it out carefully, my parents had to send me money because food and bus tickets vary a lot. But I would do it again if had the chance and do not worry! The people are great Good luck to you:).London VS New York VS Tokyo?With the things you described it would Have to be London apart from maybe the transport and the girls lol. Tokyo would have the best transport fashion and shopping New York would also be close to London on everything you described
Is It Better for Bitcoin to Be Taxed As Property Or Currency?
Fungibility And The 19.6% SavingsThis is really relative and subjective *. The thing that is better: Bitcoin and all other digital currency have been recognized by the IRS and thus creates a foundation. This foundation allows for business plans and capital formation to move forward as prior to the Notice 2014-21 (Bitcoin ruling) one could guess but not be certain.There has been endless debate since this ruling that suggests that the IRS would impose a huge burden on digital currency for typical transactions. The reality is Notice 2014-21 primarily relates to Bitcoin as an investment and the potential of capital gains and losses based on the market price at the time legal tender was converted into Bitcoin and the market price at the time Bitcoin was converted into legal tender. Bitcoin as property: Long-term capital gains taxes are capped at 20%Bitcoin as currency: Potential top rate of 39.6% on federal income taxesThus if one were to buy Japanese Yen and you experience a 50% gain you would have to treat gains or losses as regular income for tax purposes and if you were in the 39.6 tax bracket you would pay 19.6% more. Buy Bitcoin and see a 50% increase you pay just 20% long-term capital gains.Some have presented a debate that Notice 2014-21 creates a premise where Bitcoin has lost Fungibility (A property of a good or a commodity whose individual units are capable of mutual substitution.) Meaning that one Bitcoin can not equally be substituted with another Bitcoin in the manner you and I would trade one $10 bill with another one and not need to concerned about if one is worth more or less if there is not a numismatic value difference. It seems certain that either the Treasury Department or Congress will apply a "personal transaction" exception similar to the one that exists for foreign currency. In fact Keith A. Aqui at the Office of Associate Chief Counsel at the IRS who was tasked to write Notice 2014-21 has clarified this:"The rulings wo not hinder Bitcoin's use on a daily basis for simple purchases. I do not think they have to worry, people using bitcoin to make regular purchases. If the digital currency is not being held as an investment, it wo not be subject to property taxes. It all depends upon your intent in holding onto the bitcoin." -Keith A. Aqui of the Office of Associate Chief Counsel (Income Tax & Accounting), IRS Thus one can conclude the intent of Notice 2014-21 and the resulting clarification that will be released at some future date. At this point most tax professionals suggest when calculating your gain or loss, you must determine "amount realized" and "basis." When buying goods or services with bitcoin, the amount realized is equal to the fair market value of whatever you received. When selling bitcoin, the amount realized is the sales price less any transaction fees.The largest issue for most Bitcoin users is determining the basis. The IRS will permit you to use the FIFO method (First in, First out). Any other method such as LIFO or Average Cost Basis is not advisable, particularly now that foreign currency rules do not apply.At this point one can not ask for a better ruling then Notice 2014-21 and it is certain that after public and professional comments are reviewed by the IRS the "personal transaction" exception will prevail and eliminate any barrier to using Bitcoin as a regular currency.*I am not a tax professional and would seek true domain experience professional advice.___ Page on BitBeat: IRS Calls Bitcoin 'Property,' Not Currency - MoneyBeat - WSJ1. How can I make Bitcoin jump tenfold?If you are a whale you can buy hundreds of bitcoin with a limit order of 10x it's current price on exchanges2. What are the chances to attain profit through investing in bitcoin?In my recommendation, you can go for eToro. It has been around for a while in the UK and throughout Europe, and they are now allowing traders in the United States. They offer a huge variety of digital assets to buy and sell on their platform, and even better, they have a practice trading account. Or try the coin base, it is by far the most popular because you can invest directly with USD. However, you can only currently purchase ethereum, and bitcoin on the platform3. How true is it that the Bitcoin Revolution is a scam?From the perspective of a hot head who heavily bought BTC when it used to be $20k per 1 BTC and hoped to make profit it might seem a scam. Investing in crypto is taking a risk (like any other business is) for sure, but it's no scam, it's just a dangerous tool to lose money for those who invest too much with too little thinking
How Does a Bitcoin ATM Work?
In the truest sense, bitcoin ATMs are not actually ATMs. They serve as centers to buy and sell bitcoins. These "BTMs" offer bitcoins to people who are not a part of the banking system. Bitcoin ATM's can be referred to as Mobile ATM Colorado.Bitcoin ATMs are preferred by people because of the privacy they have to offer.How to use BTMs?• The BTMs can be easily found online. Once you locate one near your house, you can use their services.• Not all, but most of the BTMs offer a two-way support system, where you can buy as well as sell bitcoins. The common bitcoin ATMs found will allow you only to buy bitcoins with fiat money. Fiat money is a legal tender issued by the Government of any particular country in the local currency.• Most of the BTMs require a valid ID and a phone number for any sort of bitcoin transactions through the ATMs. It all depends on the operator and the machine the level of personal information that one may have to reveal. This, in turn, helps keep your bitcoins safe.• A BTM is very similar to an ATM. Here also you need an OTP to proceed with your transactions.• You will require entering the fiat notes one after another in the machine after you have gone through the verification procedures to buy the bitcoins. They act as best mobile atm colorado.• Once the money is deposited, you will get a printed offline wallet or bitcoins in your Bitcoin wallet. In some cases, you may also experience bitcoins being sent to your email address.• For the ones using a Bitcoin wallet for the first time, you get a paper with a QR code on it. Upon scanning the QR code, you get a private key that gives you access to your wallet and the Bitcoins you have bought. You can alternatively receive bitcoins through emails after the QR code is sent by mail. These emails can also be encrypted by setting passwords.After purchasing the bitcoins, you can either use them or invest them. Usually the price of bitcoins is 5-10% higher than the present rates at the exchanges.Selling bitcoins is an easy procedure. You just have to enter the amount of Bitcoins you want to sell. Next, send it to the address as displayed on the machine. The fiat money will be dispensed once the transaction is completed.The selling price offered at BTMs is also 5-10% lesser than the exchange rates.BTMs are secure in the sense that they save Know Your Customer (KYC)/Anti Money Laundering (AMC) and look over any suspicious activity. Once everything is verified, you are allowed to buy bitcoins. One can withdraw bitcoins from their wallets and buy as many as they want provided the operator has those in stock.The BTM operator has to meet some stringent rules and operating a BTM is a challenging task for them. By registering themselves under the federal financial crimes enforcement networks and obtaining the money transmitter license they can carry on their process of helping people with the bitcoin transactions.Should I sell, or ship?With the scenario you gave it might be best to ship unless you plan on buying or leasing a better vehicle when arriving. In the question you said, "We will need 2 cars there". I do not know that you will be able to get a better vehicle with the $1,500 from selling the car, but $1,500 might be enough to put down on a lease. Leasing sounds the best in my opinion, "IF" you know you are not moving within the time that car is being leased. These are just my opinions, not what I am saying you should do.HOw to Sell Stuff On Ebay??Usually it requires buying before selling. Find a wholesaler or direct company and buy as much as you can then start selling! WARNING: Stay very very far away from Drop Shippers. They are not at wholesale price. $7 might sound good for something that cost $9 at a store after theres shipping fees you pay $10 for it! Not to mention you would have to much competion with people that use real wholesalers. Example you would have to sell your item for about 10.75 to break even, but wait there is someone selling the same thing for $6!
Impact on Bitcoin Value Due to Lost Bitcoin Wallets [duplicate]
If you never traded bitcoins(just hold them), market can not know that you lost them1. What are three reasons to invest in Bitcoin?1) Improved Crypto regulationsArguably, the biggest benefit to come out of the unprecedented rise in cryptocurrency is the introduction of better cryptocurrency regulations which are now beginning to taking shape. The reduction in uncertainty as a result of such regulations has been significant in boosting trading activity and subsequently, coin prices. Tighter regulation will help to tackle many of the crypto scams which have thwarted investment desirability previously, as all new coins and investment opportunities will have to adhere to certain criteria. Consequently, such regulation will help calm the fears of potential investors and provide a stronger foundation for future investment growth.2) Blockchain is here to stayMost of the industry and media attention on crypto-investment to date has focused on Bitcoin, when in fact there is a plethora of cryptocurrencies in circulation to choose from, all backed by really exciting, innovative individuals and teams. The underlying technology, Blockchain, is going from strength to strength and is actually far more exciting than the daily fluctuations of a specific coin. If you delve deeper into the technology of Blockchain, you will quickly find that many global organisations are starting to invest significant funds and resources into crypto, including brands like Microsoft. Many brands are researching how crypto could be infiltrated into their already successful business plans and strategy for the future, further cementing widespread opinions that blockchain will inevitably become an integral part of the way businesses operate across the globe.3) It has never been simpler to investFrom personal experience as a crypto investor, the prospect of making the leap into cryptocurrency can be a daunting prospect at first. I was lucky to have received advice from an experienced friend when I made my first crypto-investment and this certainly helped to alleviate some of my initial concerns and worries. However, times have changed and there is now much more information out there to enable investors to quickly navigate the world of cryptocurrency without many of the previous barriers to entry. Coinbase, which has a huge customer base of around 10 million investors, is one of the most popular digital wallets at present, allowing investors to purchase Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to name a few. New to market investment funds such as the 10x Growth Account, a UK-based investment opportunity, have surfaced which allows investors access to a portfolio of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple through a collaboration with the Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance (CCEG) and their secure platform This organisation offers secure and easy access to cryptocurrency with a tax-efficient Social Enterprise Investment managed by experienced cryptocurrency experts, perfect for those individuals who want to invest in cryptocurrency but do not know where to start.What are three reasons to invest in Bitcoin?.2. If Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme, why are governments not taking actions on it?"Killing the chicken to scare the monkey."Governments know what is going on; they are just waiting for the initial crash so they can make an example out of some fools and use it to crack down fully3. Why is Tether more popular than Bitcoin?What is the definition of popular? Among the whole market capitalization of crypto currencies, which is around 210 billion USD, bitcoin's market cap is around 140 billion USD, while tether is 4 billion USD.Bitcoin is much more widely recognized and accepted by the public, as of now.If you are interested in learning more about how to make your bitcoin holdings work for you,.4. What is the operating system share of bitcoin users worldwide?It's tricky to figure out stats on "bitcoin users" because there are many ways to use bitcoin, for example someone could get a wallet, or download electrum, etc etc. However if you want to know stats on people who have downloaded the "reference client" or "satoshi client", which is the original bitcoin client that is still used by many people today, go to:nSourceforge Bitcoin Download StatisticsLooks like Linux amounts for around . 5% of the Year To Date's downloads. Although unknown amounts for around 8%, so a portion of that could be from Linux computers, who knows. Hope this is helpful.What is the operating system share of bitcoin users worldwide?
Should Someone That Has No Background in Investing Start with Bitcoin?
offcourse. no one has background in everything yet they try new and different things1. Can you create a new bitcoin?Hello my friend It is possible to create (i.e) generate a bitcoin , but it takes more time which was beyond our limits. But if you want to earn your own bitcoin then you can go with bitcoin exchange platforms, where you can trade for bitcoin and can earn it. But in my opinion, building a own bitcoin platform is quite simpler than you think. Yeah!, set up a own bitcoin exchange platfrom , offer trade to others, and earn more money beyond your expectations.Thanks for Reading..,If u want more info, then click on below name to follow & see the magic. .Rudraksh Kapoor.2. Can a Trezor (cold storage device for bitcoin) be hacked?Yesterday, January 31, Kraken blog published the following announcement: "Kraken Security Labs has devised a way to extract seeds from both cryptocurrency hardware wallets offered from industry leader Trezor, the Trezor One and Trezor Model T. "It's followed by the pretty meticulous report on how exactly it was done: "Our attack begins by re-enabling the integrated bootloader (it, basically, writes, reads and erases the program flash memory which holds the application code) of the processor using a fault-injection attack (simply saying physically monkeying with error handling code paths). ... By repeating the attack it is possible to extract all of the flash contents. Additionally, . . we developed a script to crack the PIN of the dumped device."Then Kraken hackers threaten: "we estimate that we (or criminals) could mass produce a consumer-friendly glitching device that could be sold for about $75."... and advise: 1) "Do not allow anyone physical access to your Trezor wallet"; 2) "Enable Your BIP39 Passphrase with the Trezor Client". What can I say? Nihil adeo sempiternum est: omnia eveniunt et mutant.3. Is the crypytocurrency Ethereum going to be the next Bitcoin in terms of growth?It may exceed Bitcoin in terms of real world adaption of the platform. Depending on whether they can pull off Casper and sharding. Vitalik and Co secured enormous name recognition, funding, partners. Their proposition of ethereum as general platform to be built on is excellent.I would say conditional yes4. What are the different things that hackers are trying to target for Bitcoin?LBC::ServerLBC::theory5. CGMiner — when will I start earning Bitcoins?Depending on the hardware you are using it could be quite a long time before you see a Bitcoin, since they are valued at around 1,000 USD. You would see quicker results by mining Litecoin [LTC] or even Feathercoin [FTC]. Those are known as 'Scrypt' coins because they are mined in a different way from Bitcoin, in an attempt to allow 'latecomers' [with small budgets] to join the 'Goldrush'. Note: The would etected new block' messages refer to the whole Pool and you only get a small share, it takes thousands of shares to build a single LTC or FTC.How are you mining? Unless you have an ASIC rig you will almost never get any coins, the 'big boys' have Bitcoin totally under their control. LTC and FTC can be mined using your CPU but to see real results you need to use a fast GPU [a high power Graphic Card]. Really serious miners, who can afford it, use multiple GPU's in a special rig.Good luck, keep reading and you will get there. Drop more questions here if you like and I or some other enthusiast will eventually help you learn the ropes. Cheers, AJPS - personally I am now retired and making more from LTC than when I worked :6. Why can we have small fractions of a Bitcoin?A psychological perspectiveMost currencies allow for 2 decimal places for common use because they are strongly regulated by their issuing government. Some provide 3dp, others, like the Yen provide none (integer only). It should be noted that stock exchanges offer shares priced down to 4dp but given the surrounding fees it is not economical to purchase a single share at that price so is used mainly as a multiplying factor during a bulk purchase. Nullifying an argumentWhen Bitcoin was being created it was completely unknown how the economy would grow and by pushing out to 8dp it immediately nullified the standard argument of "21 million bitcoins, why, that's not going to be enough to run the world - I wo not bother with it". This is because the total number of currency units available becomes 21 * 1,000,000 * 100,000,000 which is 2.1 quadrillion - more than enough to run a global economy. Forcing developers to work up frontA secondary effect of this decision is that it sets the tone of Bitcoin as being completely apart from other currencies. No other currency operates with 8dp and this has the effect of introducing some specialised currency handling for Bitcoin calculations. This is necessary for other currencies too, but having 8dp forces the issue in the mind of a developer far more than a standard 2dp currency. Once that specialised handling is in place it can be scaled further than 8dp to any number within reason and this makes Bitcoin very scalable. If the time should come that 2.1q units is not enough, then the code can be altered to accommodate the new demand