How Do I Make It a Norm in My Relationship with My Boyfriend to Call Each Other at Times Just to Say

How do I make it a norm in my relationship with my boyfriend to call each other at times just to say hello and hear each other's voices?

The best thing you could do is talk to him about your desires in this relationship. If he is not comfortable with regular/frequent calls, then the two of you can hopefully negotiate a deal. If you want daily calls and he does not , you can maybe agree on every other day. I do not know how new this relationship is, but no matter the duration, you should always feel free to discuss anything that is bothering you. Good luck!

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keeping you busy on this friday nite (or whatever other time of day it is where you are) What team......?

1. tottenham 2. wigan with all there big black =D 3. liverpool 4. hmmmm real madrid for spending so much

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why does a fart smell more in the bathtube or shower than it does any other time?

haha im going out on a limb here...but i assume bc there is less open air for the smell to get diluted bc there is moisture taking up space?

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HELP sometimes my hair looks good and other times it looks bad ?

well what i would do to scrunch my hair is after i take a shower i put my hair in a bun while its wet and then i put a ton of hairspray. after 30 min i take it down and i have that Tresemme volumizing mousse so i put some in my and i start scrunching it then i have to got to be glue gel and i pour some in my hand and start scrunching it. then i spray with hairspray. it makes a really cute scrunched wet look(: hope this helped!!!.

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Do you think people are less kind to one another than people were at any other time in history?

I think that, when people are less kind to others today, they receive more attention for it, because of media and social media.During the government shut-down, employees affected by that were told to get loans to live and provide for their families. The person who suggested this is obviously not used to living from a paycheck.

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Why does Jimmy Johns only put Mayo on some sandwiches and other times give you the packet to do it yourself?

Short Answer; Corporate wont let us.Long Answer: The 3 (Totally Tuna), 5 (Vito/Perfect Italian), and 15 (Tuna Club) do not get mayo on them because the recipe does not call for them. However, you can add mayo to these. Slims dont get nayo because they are made for people that only want meat and cheese (and sometimes avocado for an additional fee) and are priced accordingly.Why does Jimmy Johns only put Mayo on some sandwiches and other times give you the packet to do it yourself?.

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Why does my Lutheran Church sometimes use real bread for communion and other times use wafers?

There is, more likely than not, a pattern to when it is done one way and when the other - for example, at our congregation we use bread and cups at the altar rail in the first Sunday of the month and most festivals, and intinction (dipping wafers into one large cup) the rest of the time. But you would not spot the pattern if you were looking for theological reasons. THAT we celebrate the Lord's Supper when we gather is important; HOW we do it is not, and is largely a logistical issue. Who's washing up all those little glasses? Will the bread hold together when dipped, or are wafers better constructed for that? And while we like to get out the pretty stuff when company is coming, we do not use the little glasses on Christmas Eve because we have no idea how many people to expect. We answer the call to "do this" and claim Christ's promise to be present among us, and it all works. How we set the table, though, is a matter of local custom and tradition and the will of the altar guild. Why does my Lutheran Church sometimes use real bread for communion and other times use wafers?

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Why do farts and poop smell so bad? And how come sometimes it smells horrible, other times not so much?

It depends what you eat - poo is basically decomposed food waste, and farts are the gases produced by that decomposition. Vegetarians tend to be less smelly because decomposing meat is nastier than decomposing vegies. Avoid sulphurous foods like cabbage and cauliflower, as well as undercooked legumes (beans, lentils etc). Eat a high fibre diet to keep your digestive system moving.

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