How to Find the Best Bed Sheets According to the Season

Just as you swap out your sweaters for T-shirts and your jeans for shorts, your sheets and seasonal bedspreads could also use a change. Having the right layers on your bed not only provides a restful and comfortable sleep environment, but they also save energy, from the dead of winter to the dog days of summer.

Before we get into the varying sheet types, there are some other things to consider for your comfort. Make sure your sheets fit your mattress. This is more than just visually appealing. A good fit allows the fabrics to function as they should, from warming your toes to cooling your back.

The thread count is not everything-different fabrics have different sized fibers, so the count matters for some materials more than others. This is why 200-count linen sheets and 200-count cotton sheets do not feel the same, so if you see a number that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Matching sheets that fit your lifestyle will save you time and frustration. If they require more attention than you typically want to give your laundry, then do not buy them. Cotton blends and microfibers can go into the washer and dryer without much fuss, but Egyptian cotton or linen require a softer touch.

So what kind of sheets should you buy and why? Well, you only need sheets for two groups: Summer and Spring and then Winter and Fall.

Those hot summer nights are great except for when you are trying to sleep. Balmy and annoying, they can leave you sweaty and sleepless. No need to run your AC, though! Update your sheets for some summer sleepin' all night long. It helps if you sing the last part of that sentence a la Lionel Richie.

More than just panda chow, bamboo has made a name for itself these past few years. You can find bamboo clothing, toilet paper, paper towels, straws, cocktail stirs, etc. The list goes on and on.

The material has climbed the proverbial consumer ladder as it is a renewable resource. It can grow 36 inches in a day! It is also naturally antimicrobial, mildew resistant, and great for anyone with allergies. Most importantly, it wicks away moisture while staying light and airy.

Once you are done walking like an Egyptian, you can now sleep like one, without all that pesky mummification. Egyptian cotton fibers are long, with a crisp feel, and moisture-wicking. When woven in a percale style, they are a dream.

This material is pricey but maybe worth it if you or anyone else who sleeps in your bed happens to run hot.

There is not much too Prima cotton. It features similar fibers as Egyptian cotton but way more affordable.

Linen is the ultimate material for seasonal bedspreads and summer fabric, from the sheets on your bed to the clothes on your back. It can soak up 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling at all wet. It's like one of those novelty sponges that you add water too. It keeps soaking and soaking!

Pro tip: it will take a couple of washes to soften linen for optimal comfort, but it is worth it.

Best Sheets for Fall and Winter

If you have a case of popsicle toes every fall or winter, then you probably need a warmer, seasonal bedspread and better sheets during your sleepy time. Besides, when it is cold outside, nothing feels better than snuggling up. Bears do it for a reason. Doing so saves energy and money.

Not to be confused with satin sheets, Sateen sheets are a cotton blend that is versatile enough to be comfy all year long.

Sateen is the type of weave, and cotton fibers are what the sheets are made from. They are silky, smooth, and feel luxurious. Yet, the weave forms a more substantial cotton sheet, so it's the perfect blend to hunker down with.

Typically made for a polyester blend of some sort, microfibers are an excellent choice for bedding. First, they are inexpensive and come in a variety of patterns and colors. But best of all, they are super comfortable and smooth. Sleeping never felt so good!

These are very similar to microfiber sheets, as they too are often a polyester blend of sorts. Unlike microfiber, these sheets are fuzzy and warm, perfect for snuggling.

These sheets are bar-none the heavy hitters of winter bedding. Unlike microfiber and fleece, these sheets take no time at all to warm you up.

They are fuzzy and comfy. It's like sleeping inside of your favorite sweatshirt. Flannel sheets also offer a variety of fun patterns and holiday looks. If you are cold, this is the bedding for you.

Now that you are an expert on the various types of linens and sleep materials that you can use to get through any season, why not give our experts a call? We would love to answer any questions and help you find the right mattress so you can start the summer season on the right side of the bed.

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