How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

You are looking forward to summer but not the large spike in your electric bill. What if you could save money but still keep your home at a cool temperature? How can you prepare your home for the hot summer months? There are many small improvements that you can make to lower your cooling costs this year. Keep reading to learn how to save money on air conditioning costs this summer. Ceiling fans help to circulate air within a room. This is important because it can help the room feel cool without setting the thermostat at a lower temperature. If you do not want to install a ceiling fan, box fans work well too. They can push the air down a hallway or into a room quickly. Their large size will help get more cool air where it needs to go. We offer add-ons to our AC units, and one of them is the fan-only mode. This allows you to save money overnight by circulating the air that has already been cooled during the day. That's right, you can save money while you are asleep. Replacing your air filters helps your AC unit run more efficiently. Making sure that the air can flow easily through your system will help it cool down your home faster. Filters are inexpensive, and you can replace them without calling an HVAC contractor. This is important to check often because your filter can become clogged and not let any air through. If this happens, your AC unit would be running continuously but the temperature in your house would be unaffected. We offer a filter-check light as an add-on that you can get as a reminder to check your filter. Instead of using your oven or stove to cook dinner in the summer, use an outdoor grill. Cooking inside generates a lot of heat that can build up within your home. This heat stays trapped within your home and can cause your air conditioner to work harder to eliminate it. If you need to cook inside, there are alternative ways that you can cook without using as much heat. Using a griddle or crockpot is a great alternative. You can also focus on making more recipes that do not require any cooking and can be served cold. One way to keep your home cool is to keep the sun from getting in. Studies show that 76 percent of sunlight on windows comes into your home in the form of heat. Protecting against this heat will help keep your home cool and comfortable with the AC unit running less. There are a few ways to go about blocking your windows. Blackout blinds and solar screens are designed to keep sunlight out of a room. It is important to cover the windows that face east and west, as they will see the most direct sunlight during the day. With the rise in smart technology, the options for an automatic thermostat are endless. By using an automatic thermostat, you can conserve energy when you are not home. When you use less energy, your electric bill will also be less. Whether you program your thermostat or control it from an app, you should keep your home warmer when no one is home and then set it to be cooler when you are home. This will allow you to control how often your air conditioner is running. Think of how much you will save by not having the air conditioning run when you are gone for the weekend. Similar to the idea of an automatic thermostat, the strategy of zone heating helps to maximize the cooling efforts within your home. Homeowners can have greater control over their home's temperature and save on annual heating and cooling costs by using this approach. The basic idea of this is to divide your home into "zones". Once you have done this, you can decide on the temperature that you want each zone to be set at. The customization can help save you from cooling rooms that are not being used. For example, let's say you have a guest bedroom that rarely gets used. You can keep this room at a higher temperature during the summer so that it will use less air conditioning and adjust it if you have friends or family in town that will be using the room. This approach also works well for bedrooms. Some people prefer to sleep in cooler temperatures than others. This would allow for customization in every bedroom to reach the desired temperature during the summer. We offer an add-on that allows you to use this approach within your home. Ask Your HVAC Expert How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Costs Going directly to the source is a great way to learn how to save money this season. We offer our VIP Care Club plan in which you receive two annual tune-ups of your HVAC system per year. Having us come out and make sure everything is running efficiently before summer is a great way to get ahead of any potential issues. Getting regular maintenance on your HVAC unit will also help to extend the lifespan of it. Early detection of any big issues could save you hundreds of dollars. When your AC unit is running efficiently, your home will be using less energy to keep cool. If you have any concerns about your AC unit not running properly, it is important to get it looked at prior to summer starting. This will give you peace of mind heading into the summer. Call us today and we can provide a free consultation. Depending on how hot the summer is, this strategy may or may not work. If the weather cools at night, you can save money by turning off the air conditioner and opening the windows to allow the cool breeze flow through your home. This will prevent the air conditioner from running all day and night. You can also use the fans to help bring the cool air inside. Setting up fans in a few windows can accelerate the outside airflow into your home quickly. It would help drown out some of the outside noise as well. If your home has a basement, it will be cooler than the rest of the home. Planning to spend more time in your basement during the summer months can help you run your AC unit less often. You will feel comfortable in the cooler climate of your basement and be saving money using this approach. If your home does not have a basement, the lowest level will be cooler than any upper level. Heat rises and causes higher temperatures in those areas. Similar to heat escaping your home in the winter, it is important to check for proper insulation in your home during the warmer months of the year. If you have an older house, it could be a wise investment to install new insulation. Proper insulation will help to prevent the cool air from escaping your home. Small insulation measures like sealing under doors or keeping certain rooms closed can help too. The location of your thermostat can have a major impact on how it regulates the temperature within your home. If your thermostat is placed near a sunny window or the kitchen, the heat could convince your thermostat to turn on the AC more often than needed. Placing your thermostat on an interior wall or area that does not receive direct sunlight is important in keeping an accurate temperature reading for your home. Even a TV can emit enough heat to cause issues, so thermostat placement is important to keep in mind. Windows play an important role in how warm or cold your home is year-round. Making sure your windows are properly sealed prior to summer will prevent any cool air from escaping outside. If you see several issues with your window seals, you can replace them. This will cost more, but there are many energy-efficient window options out there. The cheaper alternative is to re-seal the windows on your own and monitor them for any future issues. We are happy to help you save money this summer on your air conditioning costs. Now you can get excited for summer without worrying about AC costs.

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