I Am Looking to Buy a Humidifier As the Fall Is Here and Winter Is Coming Down the Pike Very Soon.?

I found a very good one last year, that served me well and I expect it to again this year. The link where I found it is below.

1. Is a warm mist humidifier okay in toddlers room?

If its a new one its not going to get hot enough to hurt anyone. They only heat a very small portion of the water directly under the top of the unit- the rest of the water is only lukewarm. Its not going to burn anyone or anything if it spills. I've tripped over my sons in the middle of the night quite a few times, its never ever been hot on my feet, the carpet, or even where the mist come out.

2. How do I clean my humidifier?

I would fill the tank with cold water Add 1 tablespoon of bleach and let sit for 30 minutes Then sit the filter in vinegar for 30 minuets Rinse both out and it should work a lot better

3. Could Na ions in water used with a humidifier cause dust everywhere?

In the end, the solution was that instead of using an "ultrasound" based humidifier, we bought "evaporative humidifier". delete this line if it cannot be said, but we bought a "trotec aw 10 s"

4. Humidifier for baby's room to act as a white noise machine also?

Humidifier White Noise

5. Est-ce « humidifier » ou « humecter » ?

Ils sont synonymes : mouiller lgrement, superficiellement Il sont interchangeables, avec peut-tre une nuance mdicale ou corporelle pour humecter o l'on mouille lgrement un organe :alors que l'on humidifie, on rend humide un objet... qui devient mouill

6. does using a humidifier in the winter help your home retain heat? (or just feel warmer)?

i just got one no it does not but it can help with respiratory problems

7. Where can I install a house humidifier?

I just installed one of those. It needs a gravity drain and has a ton of overflow, so definitely you will need to install above the pump. Be aware you need to tie into both the supply and the return ducts (one will be above the furnace and the other to the side). Also, I would recommend against using that brand in an unconditioned space. It is not very tightly sealed and leaks a fair amount of air and the housing is not insulated. The controls and the sensor are the same device and needs to be mounted onto the wall of a duct upstream of the unit. I would recommend a steam injection unit rather than a bypass, however they are more expensive.

8. can I simmer Vicks on the stove to help runny nose of an 8mo old? I don't have a humidifier. Need answer NOW

You can also try some saline solution for your babys nose. You can find it on the net. I used this when they where little and it really helped. Good luck!

9. The best baby humidifier

When you are preparing the nursery for a new little one, you take every precaution to create a safe, healthy space. But many parents forget one key addition when they are shopping for baby gear: a humidifier. Having a humidifier in your child's room prevents the air from getting too dry when you run your HVAC system. It's important because dry air can lead to a stuffy nose, sore throat, or other respiratory illnesses. It can also cause dry, irritated skin and trigger skin conditions like eczema. A baby humidifier does not just prevent dry air in your nursery -- it can also produce soothing white noise that helps lull your baby to sleep, even in a noisy home.

10. How do you make a humidifier for a snake?

This Site Might Help You. RE: How do you make a humidifier for a snake? I want to have the perfect humidity. How would i make a homemade humidifier for my snakes cage? Please help me!

11. Can I successfully use a humidifier to distribute caffeine to wake someone up without the usual morning drowsiness?

It looks like at least one person/organization has thought of this and patented a delivery mechanism ("Delivery of caffeine through an inhalation route").That said, you might be able to couple the system outline in the patent documentation with an alarm clock of sorts to trigger the release at a specified time. I would certainly buy one if the price was right. Edit: The inhalation part has been investigated. As far as I can tell, the business about administering caffeine to a sleeping person and then having them awaken into a fully alert (or pseudocaffeinated) state has not

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