Implementation of 3G Wireless Road Test Optimization System in Data Service

1 Introduction

With the operation of 3G network and the popularity of data services, users' experience of data services has become a key element of operators' competition. At present, wireless road test has become a conventional means for operators to optimize and evaluate the network. Using wireless road test to optimize data services can easily and effectively eliminate business blind spots and improve the network service level. Especially for a 3G network that provides high-quality voice services, through optimization case analysis and communication, it can help solve most of the optimization needs of data services.

2 optimize the user experience of data services

After Chinese telecom operators obtained the third generation mobile communication license in early 2009, after more than a year of network construction, transformation and reorganization, major operators have basically defined their network market positioning and business strategy, and the competition of mobile communication has also entered an era of comprehensive competition in service and business capability from the price war.

For operators, although the revenue of voice service is irreplaceable, data service has become the core strategy of operators in terms of operating revenue, user loyalty and new user attraction. 3G network means higher data rate and more powerful service platform. Based on 3G network, video services and Internet services have been rapidly improved, which not only attracts users, but also makes the data flow of the network rise exponentially.

According to the experience of foreign 3G operators, within one or two years after the 3G network is put into large-scale operation, with the introduction and wide use of business applications, the amount of data services will develop by leaps and bounds. At the initial stage, the bandwidth and capacity constraints that are not obvious due to low utilization will become increasingly prominent and become the bottleneck of business development. At the initial stage, the customer's better experience will also deteriorate, which is reflected in the decline of network speed, longer delay, and even inability to access, dropping lines, etc. This restricts the sustainable development of new business. At this stage, European and American operators generally suffer from the rapid rise of customer complaints against data services, which seriously affects customer adhesion and even has a negative impact on operator brands.

The traditional concept holds that the requirements of data service for wireless link are no different from that of voice service. As long as there is good coverage and network optimization for voice services, data services can naturally meet the expected indicators of design and planning. Another idea is that data services involve a wider range of network levels and interfaces, and wireless links are only a small part of them. Users experience end-to-end service quality, which requires full multi-level optimization. Mobile network optimization should be extended to the network layer, packet domain core network, even business application and server level, so as to effectively locate faults, Address end-to-end user experience. The optimization work needs to adopt special instruments at each network interface, integrate the whole process test records, and complete network analysis and optimization. In fact, the traditional road test method is the only one that can truly reflect the user experience. The experience of foreign operators has proved that the current road test method can complete the optimization of most non voice services. Especially in the early stage of data service scale opening, targeted wireless network optimization for packet domain data service can effectively solve most problems and effectively improve user experience.

Chinese mobile operators attach great importance to network voice services. The increasing improvement of network construction and regular inspection system ensure the universal experience of users. On this basis, carrying out targeted optimization of data services (such as throughput optimization) will not only improve users' satisfaction with data services with half the effort, but also improve the revenue of data services, gather more service providers and launch new services.

3. No line test and Optimization for data service

3.1 common test methods and processes

For the growing user data service requirements, such as FTP download based on HSDPA / HSUPA, network optimization must be more targeted. Taking the low data throughput as an example, combined with anitenemo's wireless test software, this paper makes a case analysis and introduces the general solution.

(1) Front desk test. In order to collect wireless parameters, combined with digital map and base station database, wireless information can be displayed and played back in real time.

(2) Background analysis. Statistics are made for the collected log files, and targeted optimization is made for specific parameter KPIs. According to the analysis results obtained by the road test software, the optimization toolkit of anite Nemo's background analysis tool will provide optimization suggestions and adjust the network parameters to achieve the purpose of optimization.

Test the front and rear software based on anitenemo, cooperate with FTP test server and FTP download software. During the road test, record the data throughput, analyze the sampling section where the index deteriorates, and determine the optimization measures.

3.2 case 1: wireless link quality problem (Figure 1)

Figure 1 Summary of low throughput events and phenomena filtered by Nemo software

(1) When it is found that the data rate drops abnormally, the road test data analysis needs to distinguish the situations

● fault discovery: compared with the FTP server rate, the average uplink or downlink rate of radioaccessbearer is much lower, or it is inconsistent with the current wireless network and core network settings, terminal capacity and current traffic.

● fault phenomenon: during the road test, the data rate is relatively high for a period of time, and then suddenly drops below the target rate; Roundtriptime is very long and there are many packet losses.

● analysis: the average CQI index is low and the mac-hs3rdretransmission rate is high. It can be preliminarily confirmed that there is a problem with coverage or strong interference.

(2) Solution: improve wireless link quality

Through Nemo road test software, observe the coverage (see Fig. 2) and interference (see Fig. 3) of the data collected from the foreground, determine the fault cause through synchronous comparison of multiple parameters in the background software, and it is recommended to modify network related parameters to achieve the goal of improving wireless link quality.

Figure 2 Analysis of wireless environment in event area

Fig. 3 Schematic diagram of interference analysis in low throughput section

As shown in the screenshot of NEMO software (see Figure 1), the deterioration of wireless link quality will lead to the increase of packet loss. In order to recover the lost packets, the RLC layer needs to retransmit the packets with problems. Therefore, too many retransmissions will lead to longer RTT and lower data rate.

The link quality deteriorates, which may be the poor coverage signal or the interference of pilot pollution. Experienced engineers can draw conclusions according to figure 2 and figure 3 and implement optimization measures to improve the wireless environment. However, improving network coverage often involves increasing base stations and carriers, which requires investment and long engineering cycle. According to the optimization experience, this paper provides suggestions on parameter optimization, which can improve the cell throughput.

(3) Optimization measure 1

Considering that for a user, the wireless environment is constantly changing with the movement of the user, the down switch caused by the coverage problem should be minimized, that is, the data traffic should be migrated from HSPA to WCDMA (R99). The specific measures are to set the reporting cycle of Sir error measurement to 0; Sir error measurement is prohibited; At the same time, inter carrier switching is also prohibited to save system resources.

(4) Optimization measures 2

As in measure 1, data services are often migrated to WCDMA bearer, which will not improve throughput. Therefore, the wireless parameters can be optimized to reduce the down switch caused by cell update (see Table 1).

Table 1 IUR parameters

3.3 case 2: reasonably allocate the business volume of WCDMA and HSPA

At present, there are two kinds of 3G terminals in the market, one supports HSPA and the other does not support HSPA (R99). The latter can only reside on the WCDMA link, while the former can migrate between R99 and HSPA bearer according to throughput, that is, the data service of HSPA terminal can be carried on the WCDMA link or HSPDA link. If a large number of services reside on WCDMA, the power allocated to HSDPA will be limited, thus reducing the total cell throughput. In the sector where the second carrier of HSDPA is opened, the terminal traffic of HSPA should be placed on the second carrier of HSPA as far as possible, so as to reduce the load of WCDMA and the interference in the system caused by HSPA.

(1) Phenomenon

In low throughput events, the wireless link factor can be excluded. The road test (batrana detection) or RNC real-time detection finds that R99 data traffic is full. The PS service diagnosed as excessive R99 reduces HSDPA throughput.

(2) Solution

● give HSDPA higher weight than R99 business.

● service weight can be set for R99 and HSPA for different releases

● interactive THP1, thp2, thp3 and background can be set for different traffic classes

● limit ptxtargetpsmax and reserve more power for HSDPA.

Set the maximum allowed HSDPA power to be the same as Max cell DL power capability, which allows HSDPA to occupy all the power remaining after common channel and rel99 traffic are occupied in the system. Check whether all 15 codewords are activated. Check Max throughput license

The network optimization experience shows that the average throughput of the problem cell can be improved by more than 40% by reasonably configuring the service weight. Give full play to the potential of equipment and strive for valuable time for network expansion.

3.4 case 3: insufficient system capacity configuration

(1) Phenomenon

As shown in Figure 4, it can be seen in the NEMO software window that the wireless signal level does not deteriorate significantly. At this time, the low occupancy rate of HS-SCCH indicates that there are problems in power capacity, server or transmission; When analyzing data, several relevant parameters must be combined for meaningful analysis. Typical parameter setting errors include: the TCP / IP window is too small, the MTU window is too small, the server is congested, and the upload and download bandwidth of the server is reversed.

Figure 4 low data throughput caused by non wireless link

(2) Solution

● check the service load of the network. If the data throughput is limited due to the load, consider increasing the carrier.

● check the transmission of the service cell. There may be a setting error or insufficient transmission capacity.

● adopt FTP software downloaded by multi thread. Try using another FTP server for comparison.

3.5 parameter analysis

The occupancy rate of control fach is high. You can check the parameters "RRC state" and "packet technology" in anite Nemo software during the road test

Solution: set lower "low utilization" threshold, longer trigger time and larger measurement window size (see Figure 5).

Figure 5 reasonable setting of network parameters

The above lists several common parameter adjustment schemes to optimize throughput. In practice, through the data optimization training for engineers, combined with the use of road test optimization system, it can greatly reduce customer complaints, improve the service level of the overall data business, and provide a reliable basis for network planning and tolerance.

4 Conclusion

Wireless road test is an effective mobile network optimization method widely used in parallel. It can truly reflect the experience of end users. With the introduction of 3G network and the popularization of non voice services, no line test is also applied to the optimization of data services. The application of the existing road test system and test data can locate the fault point of the data service and suggest relevant parameter adjustment and optimization measures, which can quickly improve the data service indicators of the network, and play a guarantee role in improving the user experience and launching new services. With the further deepening of network optimization, the whole network can be realized by integrating the data collected by various technical means (such as road test, interface detection, network log data, etc.)

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How to Choose the Best LED Road Street Light?
What are the important factors to consider before purchasing LED Road Street Light?LED road lights are one of the most efficient lighting devices in the world. They can save you money and increase the quality of your life. LEDs can be found in many different shapes and sizes, which is an advantage of LED road lights. You can also find different kinds of LED road lights at very low prices. They are one of the best types of LED road lights that can be found in many different styles and colors. These types of LED road lights are also popular in restaurants and homes because they are much brighter than other types of LED road lights.I would love to spend some time with my family and friends, but for now, I just want to tell you that there are many things that you can do to make sure that you get the best quality LED road lights in the market. One of the things that you can do is buy a good quality LED road lights. You can find them at your local auto body shop and they will work with you on installing the best LED road lights. It is always better to make sure that you get the best quality LED road lights.If you are buying LED Road Street lights then it is very important to check their compatibility with your vehicle. Most of the time, people use LEDs for lighting and this will make them more efficient in their daily use. Also, you can get LED Road Street lights if you have an understanding of the specifications of the vehicle. If you are buying LED Road Street lights then it is very important to check their compatibility with your vehicle. Make sure that you have all the necessary tools to ensure that you get the best quality LED Road Street lights.Size of LED Road Street LightThe average street light is about 2 inches. However, there are some other factors that affect the size of LED road lights. These include their shape, color, weight, and how much they consume. They also affect the quality of the light. If you have seen these things before, it is good to check your lighting options to make sure that they are correct for your needs. There are many types of LED road lights and you can use them to control your lighting in a variety of ways.The lighting industry is becoming more and more dependent on how they operate. They have to make sure that they have enough money to pay for their services. So if they don't have enough money to pay for their services then they need to look at other options like solar street lights, water heaters, energy efficient street lights, etc. This option is very important because it will give you a comfortable feeling of privacy in your garden. You can choose the type of light that you want and what kind of color you want.When we are looking at LED road lights, we want to use a large variety of bulbs and find the best ones for the task. This will allow us to find the best light for the task. We can also choose from our range of different street lights, ranging from solar street lights to gas street lights. If we have an issue with our bulbs, we can fix it quickly and make sure that they are properly calibrated.With so many different types of LED road lights, choosing the right one is important. If you are looking for a light that is capable of producing high brightness and will last for a long time then it is best to get one from a reputable company. There are several types of LED road lights available in the market and if you are interested in buying one then please contact us at [email protected]'. We have also listed some of the other kinds of LED road lights in the market.How to install LED Road Street LightLight up your city with an LED street light. It is not only about saving energy but also improving the light quality of your city. With LED street lights, you can add more lights to your home, increase the light output and reduce lighting costs. You can even choose to have a battery bank installed in your home to provide power to your lights.We have seen many things in the road and they are not as bright as people think. But how do we know if we can fix it? This is what we do, so we need to be careful when we install it. We need to make sure that the bulbs are working properly and that they are running correctly. If they don't, then they will not work properly. It is very important to make sure that the bulbs are working properly and that they are running properly. You need to check that the bulbs are working properly and that they are working properly.With our work, we are continuously developing and improving our LED road lights. The best LED road lights have been around for years and have helped us achieve our goal of offering high quality products at competitive prices. They are energy efficient and very easy to install. We also offer different types of LED road lights in different colors. If you want to know more about the different types of LED road lights then you can visit our website.The light fixture industry is rapidly expanding. There are many types of LED lights and different types of LED lights, so it is important to pick the best one for you. When choosing the best LED lights, make sure that they are well designed and durable. A good LED lights should be installed properly, so that they do not get damaged or become overloaded. A good LED lights should also be tested regularly to make sure that they are safe for use.
Scott County Central High School
Scott County Central High School
Scott County Central High SchoolScott County Central High School is a high school at 20794 US Highway 61 Sikeston, Missouri, Scott County, Missouri. The school colors are black and orange and the mascot is the Braves. The High School has an enrollment of 151. The school was created in 1958 by the merger of the Morley, Missouri, Blodgett, Missouri, Haywood City, Missouri and Vanduser, Missouri high schools. The school colors were retained from the original Vanduser High School (black and orange) and Morley High School (black and white). It competes in the Scott-Mississippi Conference. Scott County competes in Class 2 and is a member of the Missouri State High School Activities Association.— — — — — —Evansville Central High SchoolEvansville Central High School, also known as Central High, is a public high school on the north side of Evansville, Indiana. It is the oldest high school in continuous operation west of the Allegheny Mountains. It was established in 1854 as Evansville High School. The name was changed to Central High School in 1918 when FJ Reitz High School was built. Central moved to its current location on the far north side of Evansville in the early 1970s. It is sometimes called "Vanderburgh Central" because of its location near the geographic center of Vanderburgh County, in addition to its status as the county's oldest high school. For many years, it was the northernmost high school in the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation; it was four miles northwest of Evansville North High School. However, with the completion of the new North High School campus in northern Vanderburgh County, geographic correctness was restored to the name.— — — — — —Central High School (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)Central High School is a high school in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States, enrolling grades 9 to 12. The school enrolls approximately 700 students, and is one of three traditional high schools in the Tuscaloosa City School District along with Paul W. Bryant High School and Northridge High School. Central High School offers the International Baccalaureate program.— — — — — —Central High School (Aberdeen, South Dakota)Central High School is a high school located in Aberdeen, South Dakota with an enrollment of approximately 1,200 students. Since 2004, the school has been located at a new site located at 2200 South Roosevelt Street. The new location is on the outskirts of the southeast side of town. The Thomas F. Kelley Theatre is the fine arts and multi-purpose venue. Golden Eagles Arena is the high school gymnasium that has hosted a number of South Dakota High School Activities Association state championship events. Clark Swisher Field is the outdoor athletic complex located on the Central High School Campus. This complex is an ongoing joint project between Northern State University, the Aberdeen Public Schools, and the City of Aberdeen. The complex hosts both university and high school events in football, soccer, and track. Central High School is committed to meeting all requirements under the No Child Left Behind Act and was honored with the Siemens Award for Advanced Placement achievement in math and science in 2008. This award is given to the top performing high school in the state of South Dakota. Central High School ACT scores beat both national and state averages. The staff consists of over 100 people. Central students may earn college credit through the Rising Scholars Program or one of the many Advanced Placement opportunities available. Central High School partners with the Hub Area Vocational School to offer a large number of vocational learning experiences.— — — — — —North Central High School (Spokane, Washington)North Central High School is a four-year public high school in Spokane, Washington in the Spokane Public Schools District 81. It opened in 1908 as the second high school in the city; the original structure was razed and the new building opened in 1981. Each year Newsweek magazine ranks the top public high schools in the nation when it comes preparing students for college and life. In 2009, NC ranked 692 in the nation. In 2010, 608th in the nation. In 2011, NC ranked 697th in the nation, 10th in the state of Washingtonand 1st in Eastern Washington. North Central was home to the 2008 Nike Cross National Champions.— — — — — —Central High School (Camp Point, Illinois)Camp Point Central High School is a public high school in Camp Point, Illinois, United States, and is the high school of Central Community Unit School District 3. As of 2015[update], the school had 280 students in grades 9-12.
Dont Noe Wat 2 Say 2 Parents?
Dont Noe Wat 2 Say 2 Parents?
Maybe they do not have enough money— — — — — —poll: what would you get for a new car if you had enough money ?i like my old junky one. i just now have extra spending cash for anything else— — — — — —Products for my new puppy?You have a pretty good list, but do not forget to save and have enough money for the vaccines required to keep it healthy plus the occasional situations that will arise and require vet care. You may also want to get yourself a video or a book on training a puppy as this is one of the most important things you must do when you become a dog owner.— — — — — —Does Bloomberg have enough money to beat Trump?He may have enough money, but that does not mean anything. Romney has more money than Obama and still lost. If Bloomberg was really serious about running for President, then he would enter the Democratic 2020 US Presidential debates.— — — — — —How much for making a gaming pc ground up?Well. you got enough money I tell you what— — — — — —What would happen ifThen I would steal his bag and get everything i want then sell the rest of the stuff on eBay to make enough money to bulldoze Santa's factory, as well as Santa. Then, I will make my own toy factory where kids pay lots of money for toys on Christmas. I will rule the world! Bwa ha ha!— — — — — —If everyone had enough money to live without working, who would work?What would happen, is that all goods would run out. Unless people realize this and instead keeps working. In this scenario no-one needs to pick a job for money, leading to the majority working their dream job or something close.— — — — — —mOney limit on wedding what to do???My wedding budget was $5,000 too. I think we came in just under it. My mother did all the food, we downloaded our own music onto an MP3 player(no dj), we did all the decor ourselves.had a friend perfrom the ceremony($0) and with all of that, had enough money to hire some hula dancers for the reception. Everyone said my wedding was fantastic and beautiful. You would not be able to tell that we had such a small budget. It's all in the presentation. Let me know if you want to see pictures— — — — — —Is this enough money to have a baby?It will be tight, but should be doable. (You will pay less in taxes.) You will, I am sure, plan to breastfeed, so baby wo not need any money spent on food for 6-12 months. (Why are you assuming you will have to buy formula? Have your breasts been removed? Are you HIV If not, you CAN breastfeed, and should make every plan to do so. You will also save on medical expenses.) You may want to put that extra $500 in the bank for a year or so before you start trying, to give you some breathing room in case of emergencies.— — — — — —????????Will i have enough money for a 360???Also save up money. Your goal is to get up to 199.99! That's the price of a 360! So trade those games and save up money that you get. If you have cents, go to Fred Meyers or something to exchange cents with nice dollar bills. But the way it works is. The cents has to equal a certain amount of money. Say if you get 50. 89. You will get 50 dollars and your 89 cents back— — — — — —What are good things to pawn at pawn shop for money?For good money, is relative. The more expensive an item is at retail price, the more you will get for it at a pawn shop, unless it is some weird item that will likely sit on the sales floor for a long time.I worked at a pawn shop for awhile, and I can tell you that while certain items will get you more money from them, none of it will be "good money" in comparison to what you could get of you sold it to someone else.Here is what you are up against when selling to a pawn shop:When the item is purchased outright (rather than pawned) the item has to be held for (if I recall correctly) 30 days. I am not sure if this varies by state or not, but during that time it is taking up storage space and the pawn shop is going to want to essentially make you pay for the storage for those 30 days by giving you a lower price.The pawn shop has to make a profit selling the item, so demand, resale value, and target profit will all come into play here.Some items sell faster than others, and the items that sell faster will typically get you a bit more money, specialty items that are slow to sell will have the same mentality applied to them as the 30 days of hold time, it will be taken out of your end. Most people who come into a pawn shop need money quickly, and are susceptible to being taken advantage of, so they are.That last point sounds particularly horrible, but let me give some examples from my own personal time working at a pawn shop.TVs sell fast. Especially newer ones. Let's say someone brought in a current year model Samsung smart TV that retailed for $500, if you were pawning it, the shop I worked for might have given you $150u2013300 on a pawn depending on how often you pawned and your repay rate. If you were selling it, there was a pretty good chance that they could sell it within a week of it being on the floor so they would likely give you $250-300 for it assuming like new condition.There was once a set of specialty tools for Volvo cars that was sitting on the sales floor. It sat there the entire time I worked there with no one even so much as asking to take a closer look at it. It was taking up space in one of the display cases, so that guy probably got 10-15% of retail value for the tools.Speaking of tools, we got those all the time. If you are going to take tools to a pawn shop, take them out of the tool box and only bring ones that have some real value. I once saw a guy walk away with $5 for selling a toolbox with tools in it. There was probably around $200 resell value sitting there once we inventoried it.As for the final point I made, there was a woman who had pawned a family heirloom ring. She had defaulted on the ring and it was going to the sales floor. She had made several payments on the pawn before defaulting. When she was able to put together enough money to buy it back it had already been sold. She would come in regularly to check to see if it was still there. I was unfortunate enough to be working the shift where she found out it was not .Working at a pawn shop was one of the most soul draining experiences I've ever had. It is a surprisingly predatory industry, to the point where I am surprised it is even legal.What are good things to pawn at pawn shop for money?What can I sell at a pawn shop for a good amount of money?
Questions About Belly Button Piercing??
Questions About Belly Button Piercing??
My stomach button piercing harm worse than my ears, tragus, and three tats mixed lol. I might slightly transfer at all of the first day, and after nine months it nonetheless had not healed so I took it out. BUT, he positioned it via within the unsuitable location and crooked at that. I've had a few piercers inform me that it do not have felt like that and that it was once all of the his mistake. Almost every person I realize mentioned it was not that dangerous after a few hours1. how long should you wait before changing a belly button piercing?Only after it is completely healed2. is fourteen to young for a belly button piercing?belly no thats an okay age..tongue no 14 is too young for a tongue piercing, sorry3. Belly Button Piercing Experience? Should I get it?I am not going to lie,it's not painless,& the healing time is long,but if it's something you really want,I think you should go for it.It's only a piercing so if it did not end up working out for you or if you decided you did not like it down the road,you can just take it out.I've had mine done two different times,& I would have to say I think it feels like a really hard pinch for the piercing part,& the insertion of the jewelry is more of a discomfort than pain. By the time you feel any pain,it will be pretty much over.So even if it was the worst pain in the world(which it's not),you are only putting up with it for like,a second.But if I had to rate it on a scale from 1-10,I think I would give it a 7. But like I said,it's done so fast that it's really not a big deal.They do take longer than alot of other piercings do,& it may be a minor issue at first when you work out,but I am sure you can figure out something to wear that wo not knock or rub against it when you do your work outs.Surface piercings take awhile to heal & have a greater chance of rejecting,& it will be sore for the first little bit,& then you might notice you will have times where it's healing,then you will wake up one day & it's all irritated again,even if it's been a couple of months. This is normal,& the best thing to use on it is warm saltwater.Even if it's not irritated,you should still use that because it will help soothe it & it will help w/the healing process.But this is not your body rejecting it-when your body rejects it,it will look like the skin's receeding,as though it's growing out almost. Or,if it's been like,a really long time & it still has not healed.Like with me,the second time I had it,it was still getting irritated & pussing over a year after I had it,so I took it out.But give yourself some time if this happens in the beginning,most likely,it's just typical irritation most people have until it fully heals. I do not know what the laws are in your state,(like in CA,I think you can be 16 w/no parent)but where I live,& in alot of other states,if you are under 18,you need a parent/guardian signature,& it has to be your parent/guardian.And they ask for proof of the relationship,so keep that in mind.If it's 18 where you are,you may need to go another time when your mom or dad or if you have a legal guardian can take you.4. How do I convince my parents to let me get a belly button piercing ?first off get a fake one first and make sure you actually want one. Second tell them that they would probably much rather you express yourself by having a belly ring than shooting up heroin in a basement and getting pregnant5. i need help with my belly button piercing ASAP?You should definitely wait the full healing time if you do not want an infection. If you take it out too soon and put a new one it you can aggravate the piercing which can lead to more serious things.6. Belly button piercing and x-ray?Yes both will show up in the X-Ray. The metal will be very obvious. The piercing will show up as a spot of pure white with a strange outline. The plastic will not be as noticeable because it will be right over your spinal chord. Chances are your parents will not go in with you to get your X-Ray done, and the Dr. will most likely ask you if you have anything on, such as your belly button piercing. Here is my advice: When you get to the Dr.s just go to the bathroom and take it out. Get your X-Ray taken and go back to the bathroom and put it back in. No one will ever know, unless they see the hole. I would not leave it out for too long. My cousins closed in 6 hours while we were at an amusement park. Hope this helps, and good luck!
Macbook White Unibody Or Macbook Air?
Macbook White Unibody Or Macbook Air?
Keep the white Macbook. The only good thing about the Air is that it fits into an envelope1. Should I buy a MacBook or MacBook air?hey listen it is good to have 40-50 gigs of space as a backup and u will be saving like $500 by buying it and its battery life is way better but if u do want a laptop thats as thick and useful as a piece of paper, u can go for the macbook air2. Itunes wireless sync between iPad and Macbook AirFrom the Apple support page: iOS: How to transfer or sync content to your computerSyncing over Wi-Fi requires iTunes 10.5 or later and iOS 5 or later. Also, your computer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iOS device3. what is better macbook air or windows laptop?A Macbook Air? Those things are better used as frisbee's or cooking eggs on than doing any real work. Check out the ASUS TimelineX series, great performance on a budget and amazingly long battery life.4. Macbook air or Macbook Pro...?If its purely for university (note-taking, ect) then it will be the obvious choice because you do not need anything high end at all and it is the most mobile. If you want something to be a desktop replacement then you should choose the macbook pro, because it has the specs for a average home use, programs and light gaming. Plus its not that heavy.5. Macbook Air - battery drains while sleeping (but not when shut down)I had this issue with my new MacBook Pro once. I found that I had NoSleep enabled (even with the app closed). If you have NoSleep installed make sure you turn it off.6. External hard drive for macbook air?If you are talking about installing games on an external hard drive, that would only make the computer run slower. Best bet is that if you are going to be doing heavy gaming that requires a lot of hard drive space, then buy a new computer. Something with at least an i3 processor7. How can I keep my MacBook Air's battery cool?I got an iLap for my wife, and it works great8. Which do you recommend? Macbook Pro or Macbook Air?The Air is garbage. It's underpowered and like you said, does not have a CD/DVD drive. You are basically buy a $300 netbook when you get the Macbook Air. Between the two choices, go with the Pro. However, PCs are equally good (perhaps even better) than Macs for making movies, managing pictures and songs, browsing the internet, etc. It's just that Apple would like you to believe that Macs are better through their propoganda, but many large corporations use PCs for their movie editing (like Dreamworks)9. Macbook Air, good for law school?I am also a law student. Your first consideration should be what the law school itself recommends and then what most of its students say about how that turns out. My law school recommends Dell or Lenovo, has an academic discount program, and has an IT office that supports the computer if you bought it through the program. Lots of my fellow students have not bought through the program and/or have Macs. They seem to be doing fine, for the most part. Every once in a while you hear a horror story about how their computer could not connect to this or that law school resource and they had to spend a lot of time figuring out the problem, whereas if they had bought from the discount program, the problem would have been the school's responsibility. There's also the SofTest issue. You want a standard, ordinary computer that is not going to do anything special or out of the ordinary to disrupt SofTest. I've sat in exams where someone's non-standard computer rebelled against SofTest and they were left to write a 3 hour exam with a pen. Your other primary consideration should be power/utility. I do not think the computer you are proposing to buy is going to cut it most days. You spend A LOT of time on your computer in law school. If you are limiting yourself to the 11 inch because of money, then you probably need to apply your budget to a PC to get more bang for your buck. If you simply do not want a big computer to lug around, you've just got to accept that your are going to be lugging a lot of big, heavy things around as a law student and that's just the way it is. As for my personal experience in this consideration, one of the classmates that sits near to me has a computer just like the one you are proposing to buy. He brags about it . . . . but I've seen him using one of the library's PC patron/reference computers for the most basic tasks on more than once occasion.