Installing LED Lights in a Mini Fridge?

Yeh, battery operated led lights with adhesive back would be kewl, stock up on spare batteries

1. Connect an Arduino directly to RGB LED strip

No. Two reasons:Figure 1. The IR controller.The IR controller supplied with the kit interfaces the power and provides the data signal to the strip.The simplest way to control from your micro is to fit it with an IR (infra-red) LED and transmit the codes to the IR controller. This method also makes it almost impossible for you to damage your micro or the LED strip as the only connection between them will be by infra-red light. Someone has probably figured this out already and you may find the complete code for an Arduino in a web search

2. Who led the 1994 Republican Revolution?

You are correct, Gingrich was one of the main leaders who widened the abyss between rich and poor in this country and cemented Republicans as the Party of the Wealthy

3. who thinks led zeppelin is overrated ?

I do not think there's ONE best band in general... They are a very good band though... it's all opinions...

4. Who was the American capture of Mexico City led by? was General Winfield Scott

5. For atheists raised as Muslims, what led you to stop believing?

The fact that I have to answer this question anonymously. i.e. Because there is a death sentence on anyone who says there is no good reason at all to believe any religious claims. If I had the power to threaten anyone who dared question anything that I said it begs one question:Why is that necessary if what I am saying can be shown to be true? Clearly it can not be otherwise it would not be 'necessary' would it?!.

6. What is your favorite Rock & Roll singer? Sting, Bono, Led Zepelin,or Doors?

BONO out of this group, but my all time faves are Roy Orbison and Steve Perry ofJourney

7. ac/dc, led zeppelin?

The probably these days is that t-shirts and button up shirts of (what I consider some of the all time greats of rock and roll and the precurser of metal)AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. I know that these type of shirts can be purchased at Hot Topic (which to me is poser central) and whatever other mega store chain feels like they can make a fast buck from them. I look at wearing a music groups shirts, at least listen to their music more than once (or a snippet and think oohh thats cool), learn some of the bands history and members as well. Like me I am a fan of nine inch nails, the main person of this "band" is Trent Reznor, he has a backing band when he goes on tour and the guys in his band are always changing.

8. whats the led zeppelin song?

with a purple umbrella and a fifty cent hat da DA da DA DA DAH duh duh da DA DAH DUH

9. How do I convert an LED rope that is powered by four AA batteries to an electrical power source? What size should the output be on the electrical power source?

Each AA battery is 1.5v, so 1.5x4=6v. You can pick up a 5-6vdc Wall transformer at most electronics stores. Or even an old cell phone charger you might have lying around, since USB is 5v. Just be sure you wire the polarity (/-) correctly....

10. Multi Color LED Car Kit?

There will be designated bulbs to designated colours. Most likely going to be the 3 primary colours. So if it is the 3 primary you will have 10 bulbs of each colour.

11. How to Wire LED Strips

If you've ever walked into a dark theater in the middle of a movie, you know the power of LED strips. According to Forbes, using LED lighting in your home can save money over incandescent bulbs for over ten years. LED strips are an excellent light source for dark areas. They are very convenient for children's rooms, because they do not burn hot, and can give off a nightlight consistency to help children sleep. They can even change colors, which children will love! LED strips are a perfect soft light source for your home, business, or outdoor area. They do not take a lot of technical know-how to install and look great. We will show you how to connect your LED strips using a power source. Before You Install Your LED Light Strips Before installing your LED strip, you will first measure the space where you will be using your LED strips. You will want to get a rough estimate of the length of the LED strips you will need for the project. You can purchase LED strips online. If you are placing LED strips in different parts of the home, make sure to measure each area so you can tally up how much you will need for the whole project, then you can cut the length you need for each space. Once you've done that, you will want to check the area for power supplies. The reason for this is one option for LED lights is using a simple plug with a dimmer, switch, or even a Bluetooth device to control the lights. This is also the easiest option for installing LED strips. The easiest way to install strip lights is to use a power source like an outlet with a switch. Another option is to hardwire it to the panel in your house. Neither is better than the other, just personal preference. STEP 1: Check Your LED Strip to See What Voltage They Require Typically, LED strips come in two voltage options, 12-volts and 24-volts. You must have a power supply that matches the volts required for the lighting. Having an amount that is different from your LED strip voltage could damage the lights, or be unsafe. 12-volt strips are an excellent choice for most locations and use less power. 24-volt strips have twice the run length of 12-volt strips so they are suitable for projects that require a longer length of the area, such as outdoor lighting. The brightness of the lights does not depend on the voltage, but instead, depends on the quality of the diode. STEP 2: Determine the Maximum Power of Your LED Strip Each LED light strip uses a certain amount of wattage on the strip. Check your package to see how many watts are used per foot. Then multiply the watts by the length of the strip you will be using. For example, if I have a LED strip that is 25 ft long and has a requires 5 watts per foot, you can find the total wattage by multiplying 25 x 5 = 125 watts. Once you've found out the total wattage of your LED strip, you will want to find the minimum power rating. This will give us the least amount of wattage the power source needs to light our LED strip. To do that, we multiply our total watts from before (125 watts) by the number 1.2. The power supply should have at least 150 watts to ensure the LED strip will work. At times, your LED light may need more power, so to ensure we have enough power in this instance, we add 20%. STEP 4: Divide the Power Consumption by the Voltage to Find the Minimum Amps Required Amps are how fast the electricity moves through a current. If there are not enough amps for a long strip of LED lights, then the lights may dim or shut off, which is an essential part of the process. Luckily, it's easy. Let's go back. You will recall we had 125 watts of power. To find the minimum amps required, we will just divide our strips voltage (either 12 or 24) by the power 125. Let's say we use 12-volt wiring. This will give us the information we need to power the LED strip. The adapters look like ones similar to what you would use to power a laptop. With the math out of the way, now let's get into the installation. To install an LED strip to a power source, you will need the following items: By connecting these three sources, you will have a fully functional LED strip. You will want to test it a few times to make sure it's good to go. Just follow these steps. Most LED strips will come with a plug, but you may need to use only a portion of the strip. In that case, you will need to cut and add wiring. This sounds complicated but is not . To cut your LED strip, simply look for the cut symbol marked with a scissor line. These can be found at different points on the LED strip. Simply measure, then cut on the line, and that part is done. Next, to connect the LED strip to a switch, you can use a strip connector, or you can solder the wire to the LED strip. Soldering makes a more reliable connection but requires more skill. Using a strip connector makes this a much simpler process. These easy to use accessories make installing LED strips a snap. Simply slide the LED strip into the short end of the connector and fold over. Next, connect the switch to the other end of the connector using either the strip connector or, if no cutting was required, the attached connector. STEP 2: Attach Your Switch to the Power Supply Once you have attached your LED strip to a switch, dimmer switch, or Bluetooth wireless switch, it's time to connect it to your power supply. You can either wire this through a wall-mounted switch or a simple switch with a barrel connector. If you are using a simple switch, simply connect your switch to a power supply that resembles a laptop cord, and plug it in. You now should have a working LED strip. LED strips come with adhesive backing to make it easy to stick to a wall, under a bed, or even under a cabinet. Wherever you are placing your LED strip, make sure to wipe the area with warm water to ensure it is clean of any debris. Next, pull back the layer and stick the LED strip in place. Test your light. Now you know how to install LED strips in your home using a simple power source and an outlet. We hope this helps you with your next LED project. For more information about our products, or information about lighting, check our blog regularly.

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