Introduction of Technical Parameters of Grain Moisture Tester

Grain moisture tester [Hengmei hm-l80] is an upgraded product of the old grain moisture tester. On the basis of the original, it increases the automatic accumulation of measurement times, the function of calculating average value and the function of automatic conversion and display of capacity. Its performance is more stable and reliable. It has a national patent for appearance design and has a novel and beautiful appearance, It is completely comparable with similar foreign products. It is an ideal upgrading product of moisture measuring instruments.

Bulk density conversion: the unique patented bulk density sampling device can directly convert the bulk density index of wheat while accurately measuring wheat.

Measurement range: it can measure non-metallic granular substances such as cereals, corn, northeast corn, barley, wheat, white wheat, rice, soybean meal, peanut kernel, rapeseed meal, sorghum, black sesame, cottonseed, cottonseed meal, indica grain, soybean, rapeseed, feed and vegetable seeds.

Fast and accurate: the results can be displayed in a few seconds, and the measurement error is ≤± 0.5%

Simple operation: 20 common varieties have been calibrated in advance, and the moisture can be measured immediately after sampling without weighing samples and using materials

Moisture measurement range: 3-35%

Operating ambient temperature: 0 40 ℃

Temperature compensation: automatic

Calibration: floating four point calibration with unlimited varieties (20 common varieties have been calibrated in advance and can be measured directly)

Working power supply: DC 6V (four No. 5 dry batteries)

Automatic shutdown: automatic shutdown without operation for more than three minutes.

Portable and convenient: it weighs about 1kg, has a small appearance, and can be used for AC and DC power supply. It is suitable for all kinds of working occasions

Suitable for national conditions: users can use the original four-point calibration method for local special varieties to calibrate and correct the moisture value by themselves

High cost performance: high technical content, advanced performance and low price compared with similar products.

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