Is a Child also a Dependent in IRS Withholding Calculator?

These two questions are actually about two different things.The first one is about dependents, the second one is about Child Tax Credit .Your dependent child does not necessarily qualify for the child tax credit (notice the "eligible"). Also, your dependents do not have to be your children

1. can someone help me write a letter to the irs?

the three-year statute of situation replaced into on "utilising for a reimbursement" (amended return, and so on.). consequently the IRS already approved and issued a reimbursement so as that statute would not persist with. in case you talked to an IRS individual on the telephone, deliver it "To Whom it could venture. " merely inform them what occurred. once you are responding to correspondence, they will have the touch information. you are plenty greater advantageous off in case you could deliver it to a individual. yet you nevertheless could have the skill to get the money lower back. The letter would not would desire to be long, and would not would desire to be in a particular format.

2. does the IRS look over each e-file return hand by hand?

every return is hand handled, if you were to visit, like the Fresno campus, the room the examiners work in is like two football fields big! and if you happen to do your taxes on the kitchen table and some flour happens to get in the envelope, guess what? the minute that envelope is opened the sirens go off and the entire room is sealed shut!

3. can you recieve medical insurance with a irs taxpayer identification number?

Yeah, well, you can in Oregon. And the get a job thing. Get a clue, ***. I am too sick to work. Did you ever think about that? If it was not for state insurance, I would probably dead because I can not afford my oncologist and my bi-weekly chemo treatments.

4. has anyone had a problem with IRS e file direct deposit schedule/ dates?

Mine was accepted on 1/17, date changed to 2/3 and then 2/10. Talked to the irs 3 times through 18008290922 and did not get any help except that it will take up to 3 weeks to process. The last name theory seems to be holding true since mine starts with an M and my neighbor who got his starts with a G. This really stinks, but we are at the mercy of the Idiotic Retard System

5. Is it time for a flat tax, thus severely limiting the power and scope of the IRS?

A flat tax would not do that. There would still be people hiding money and cheating.... so there will still need to be investigations

6. Should we abolish the IRS and repeal the 16th Amendment?

I agree, the 16th ammendment should be abolished. Mike Huckabee is touting the Fairtax which proposes first repealing the 16th ammendment. So Ron Paul is not the only candidate proposing repeal.

7. Irs rejected my return because my AGI or e fileing pin was incorrect?

Looks like we are all having this problem. It happened to me just 3 hours ago. I spoke with the IRS and they said that if it gets rejected again, I can file on their website. But yes, the same pin that I entered was given.

8. Getting proof of income from IRS for previous years?

Mystery, I could not find anywhere to request my W2 forms from the link you provided

9. Can a credit card turn your balance in to the irs? and say it was income.?

NO!! unless yo9u have found some way to make money off the credit card companies that you not telling us about Credit Card companies es do not can fight it but I can tell you, you are going to drive yourself dad died 9yrs ago and mom was a "user" on a store Card and they somehow put his debt on her they told her it would be removed and here it is 9yrs later and its still there but it does not haunt her. all she does is explain to companies that was his debt and not hers and they look at the dates and tell her its no biggie to then and she ALWAYS gets the credit she needs or wants.

What Is a Good Sports Car for First Time Driver?
what is a good sports car for first time driver?I hope this is a stupid dream of yours and that your parents are not that foolish. If they bought you a 10 year old Accent, I would think you were spoiled— — — — — —Sports car racingIn 1963, Volpi began developing his own prototype GT car, the Jungla GT. It used a new V8 engine, designed by Alberto Massimino, with closed bodywork by Francesco Salomone (built by Gran Sport). A later open version was built by Fantuzzi.— — — — — —Best sports car for under 40k?Best Sports Cars Under 40k— — — — — —Is an acura tsx considered a sports car?nope because its a sedan and not a coupe— — — — — —2005 bmw 330ci or 2008 nissan 350z?Apples or oranges? 4 door sedan off of a lease that is to expensive. Or a Two door sports car that is brand new only you have driven is worth something. Both cars handle poorly in the snow. Both cars handle exelent in the dry. Want to take two friends for a ride BMW just you and one other Z. But remember owning a sports car is more expensive than a common sedan. Both cars will return about the same gasmilage. One is 3 years newer that is the one I would go with 307 hp with a 6 speed gear box.— — — — — —Is the Nissan 300zx (1991) a good first car for a teenager?like everyone said, it's gonna be expensive in insure, go for something like a Pontiac Grand Prix, I have an 02, it has about 230 hp, it's pretty quick, and not considered a sports car, so it's cheap to insure— — — — — —What is the most popular muscle car of all-time?The term muscle car generally refers to American made sports cars built from 1964 until present. There were plenty of fast large engine cars before this but 1964 signalled the beginning of a horsepower war that continued until the gas crisis of 1973. The Pontiac GTO with a tripower in 1964. The Ford Mustang debued in the New York World's fair April 1964 but the factory called the car a 1965 model, Chevy had a Corvette since 1954 but initially it only had a 6 cylinder and when they put a V8 in the car in became a muscle car but the factory referred to it as a sports car. Loosely speaking a sports car was supposed to be fast but had great handling. A muscle car was all engine (handling be damned!) So some people might say that even with a tri-power 427 big block the Corvette might still be a Sports car not a muscle car. Whereas a Mustang with only a 289 was definitely a muscle car. In terms of longevity the Corvette goes back longest but in terms of units sold the Ford Mustang far and away would have sold the most. So, using that as my definition I would say that the Ford Mustang would hold the title of most popular of all-time. You could ask what is the most desirable today. That is very different because that factors in rarity. One car that comes to mind for that title is the 1972-73 Hemi Cuda convertible 4 speed. There were maybe a dozen of these made. Why? because they were not big selling cars. The 426 Hemi was a better engine on the track then the 440. However for the street the 475 HP hemi was detuned to 405 HP whereas the much cheaper 440 was making 375 HP but it ran so much smoother. Most buyers back then wanted an automatic transmission. Most buyers wanted air conditioning not a convertible. Even the incredibly valuable Mercedes 300SL and the Shelby Cobras which go for $1 million these days sat in dealers show rooms unsold back in their day.— — — — — —Nice looking sports car/convertible for a teenage girl?I thought girls like BMWs, and yup it's just a suggestion, for your price range, you could get a bmw(any bmw is nice looking sport car), nissan Z 2004 and up, Mini Cooper, but if your looking for cars similar to the vette we would be talking ferrari lambos type of body and your price range is not there, so you either pick the vette or go with camaro,3series,z350
TOP 7 Massage Chairs for Tall Person (Over 6'2") | #1 for 2021!
TOP 7 Massage Chairs for Tall Person (Over 6'2") | #1 for 2021!There are three things I look for when I am shopping for a replacement for my Luraco: size, massage quality, and price. Let's take a closer look at these three factors: • Size - many are built for under 6 feet tall users. I like to make sure the chair can comfortably fit big and tall users alike. It should cater to different body types and not just taller people. • Massage Quality - this can be determined by a number of factors: • Heat therapy - this is an important feature that will help your body thoroughly relax and facilitate blood flow throughout your extremities. Some units have lumbar heat, which is also important. If anything else, prioritize a unit that has lower back heat functions for back pain. • Deep tissue massage - this technique in massage therapy helps release built-up tension in your body. This is also ideal for those who suffer from sciatic pain. • Multiple massage programs - ultimately, there should be at least five preset massage programs with the option to manually control your chair. This gives you a more custom-tailored experience so you can target problem areas more specifically. This should include an effective air massage, sufficient massage rollers, calf massage, foot rollers, and body scan technology to maximize the effects of the massage track or roller track. • Price - do not be afraid to stick to your budget. Truth be told, I would not have discovered how much I love my Luraco if I did not sternly stick to my budget. This was before I knew I did not need cup holders or the extra mini-monitor for watching movies. The price should be reasonable enough and within your budget.— — — — — —Girls, do you like your boy friends get training on ladies' hair dressing, beauty/ massage therapy & cooking?my guy has a fashion sense and knows how to cook very well. otherwise, he's clueless on hair dressing and massage therapy— — — — — —I need to get 25 C.E.U"s for Massage Therapy, ,,,,?There are a bunch of advertisements in Massage & Bodywork magazine. These companies make a lot of money on these tapes which is good in one way because they offer such a wide variety in modalities that you can really find anything you like. However, you need to be weary of tapes that show techniques that might be hard to learn from a videotape, such as the temperature and texture of stones for hot-stone modalities. Always check out the website posted on the ads. Just go to Barnes and Noble with a pen and paper and make sure you do your research. Or you can call area massage therapy schools. A lot of them off CEU classes. Good Luck! - Mr. Nick— — — — — —How Shiatsu Massage Reduces Both Stress & PainAccording to the National Center for Complimentary and Integrative Health, there has been a great deal of research to date that demonstrates how massage can benefit health, including back pain relief and an improved quality of life for people struggling with depression, cancer or HIV/AIDS. (2) There are many amazing known benefits of Shiatsu massage as well comparisons between Shiatsu massage vs. Swedish massage vs. acupressure. But first, what is a Japanese Shiatsu massage? Shiatsu is a physical, hands-on therapy designed to support and boost the body's natural ability to heal and balance itself. Shiatsu massage aims to improve the health of the whole person including physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Shiatsu is often used as a preventative therapy or it can be employed as a compliment to conventional treatment. Shiatsu means "finger pressure" in Japanese, but Shiatsu massage techniques can include a therapist using more than just their fingers. Shiatsu massage therapists may also use their palms, elbows, knees and feet to apply pressure. You can now find a shiatsu massage machine online or in stores, but it certainly is not the same as having a trained shiatsu therapist working on your body. Shiatsu is known to help with all kinds of health concerns including anxiety, depression, digestives issues, headaches, muscular tension and sinus congestion. (3) Acupressure is a type of touch therapy which follows the same principles as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture. Both acupuncture and acupressure focus on the stimulation of certain points located all over the body called acupressure points or pressure points. Acupressure uses finger pressure while acupuncture uses needles on these specific points. (4) Sometimes shiatsu is referred to as acupressure or acupressure massage, but depending on who you ask, Shiatsu is its own unique form of massage therapy. For more clarification, this Shiatsu massage definition is helpful: Shiatsu is a manipulative therapy developed in Japan which incorporates techniques of anma (Japanese traditional massage), acupressure, stretching and Western massage. (5) There's no doubt that acupressure and Shiatsu massage both focus on acupressure points and encouraging healthy energy flow in the body, but many shiatsu practitioners put more of an emphasis on the body's meridian lines than on pressure points. What are meridian lines? In TCM, meridian lines are considered to be pathways are channels in the body that carry energy and each of the twelve major meridians corresponds to a specific internal organ. (6) Swedish massage is another common form of massage therapy and many people wonder, which is better: Swedish or shiatsu massage? Well, it depends on what you are looking for. Shiatsu practitioners tend to focus on meridian lines and pressure points to get rid of any energy blockages in the body and increase overall well-being. Swedish massage also focuses on the entire body and aims to improve overall circulation as well as physical and mental health. It definitely depends on your goals and your massage therapist, but Shiatsu Japanese massage is often considered more therapeutic while a Swedish massage is considered to be a more relaxing massage option. A Swedish massage with light to firm pressure (depending on your personal preference) will include long, smooth strokes as well as some kneading and tapping. (7) Both Swedish massage and shiatsu massage are known to reduce stress and improve circulation so it all depends on what you prefer. You might want to give them both a try and then choose which one you prefer going forward! Related: Massage Gun Benefits, Best Types & Do They Really Work? What are the benefits of a Shiatsu massage? There are many possible benefits of this Japanese massage therapy including: Massage therapy is generally well-known for its ability to help with stress. If you've had a particularly rough week, a massage might likely be at the top of your wish list by time the weekend rolls around, if not before. Shiatsu massage can be a great choice if stress relief is your goal. According to a systematic review published in the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal, "Shiatsu aims to balance, restore and maintain the body's energy balance and prevent the build up of stress." (8) A case study published in 2014 has even shown that zen Shiatsu may be able to provide a practical alternative therapy option to relieve short-term as well as long-term stress levels in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. (9) A randomized, single-blind clinical trial published in 2018 also demonstrates how addressing specific acupressure points (like what is done in Shiatsu massage), can help to decrease anxiety and the need for pain killers for women in labor. (10) Natural pain relief? Shiatsu massage is known for helping with all kinds of pain. Research has even shown that it can help with the pain experienced by burn victims. A clinical study of 120 burn patients published in 2014 found that Shiatsu to the hands and legs of the burn patients reduced pain. In addition, the researchers conclude that Shiatsu can be recommended along with analgesics to reduce the dosage. (11) Multiple studies have shown that acupressure, the main component of a shiatsu massage, is an effective alternative medicine that can decrease lower back pain. (10, 11) One of these studies published in the Journal of Holistic Nursing evaluated how Shiatsu massage might help 66 patients experiencing lower back pain. Over time, the study subjects experienced a significant reduction in both pain and anxiety. The researchers also note that, "Extraneous variables such as gender, age, gender of therapist, length of history with lower back pain, and medications taken for lower back pain did not alter the significant results." (12) If you've ever struggled with anxiety, you probably already know how much finding healthy ways to reduce stress can really help. Massage therapy is a great therapeutic choice for stress and anxiety relief. Research has even shown that Shiatsu can help with the high levels of predictable anxiety often experienced by severe burn victims. A study published in the World Journal of Plastic Surgery looks at the effects of Shiatsu massage on 60 burn patients with underlying pain. The anxiety levels of the patients were measured before and after massage using the Burn Specific Pain Anxiety Scale (BSPAS). The researchers conclude,"Based on our findings, 20 minutes of hand Shiatsu massage in conjunction with analgesic medications can be beneficial to control the anxiety of burn patients." (13) Practitioners of Shiatsu will tell you that the way this massage modality works is that it aims to improve the health of your entire body by positively affecting the body's internal energy system. Using the TCM principles of acupressure and meridian lines, Shiatsu massage therapists apply pressure and massage the body in a very intentional way. By stimulating these meridian lines and the acupressure points located along these lines, Shiatsu tries to accomplish its ultimate goal which is to remove blockages and encourage a healthy flow of the body's vital energy, also known as qi or chi. (14) Many experts say that Shiatsu evolved from anma, which is a traditional form of Japanese massage founded by Akashi Kan Ichi in 1320. (15) Even though Shiatsu is considered a form of Japanese massage, some sources say that Shiatsu got its start in China thousands of years ago. (16) Tokujiro Namikoshi, who lived from 1905 to 2000, is often labeled as the inventor of modern Shiatsu. He developed his personal Shiatsu massage skills while helping to treat his mother's rheumatoid arthritis. He founded the the Japan Shiatsu College around 1940 and to this day, he is remembered for making Shiatsu an independent method of treatment in Japan. Graduates of Namikoshi's college have gone on to create other branches of Shiatsu Japanese massage, including Meridian Shiatsu, Zen Shiatsu and Hiron Shiastu. (17, 18) Make sure you are receiving your Shiatsu massage, or any massage for that matter, from a trained massage professional. Training standards and certifications for massage therapists are different from state to state, but many state require that massage therapists have at least 500 hours of training from an accredited training program. If you find a Shiatsu massage painful, always speak up and let your therapist know. Massages are often at their best when there is good communication between a therapist and client so that the massage can be adjusted to your particular feelings and goals. • Shiatsu is a form of Japanese massage therapy meant to encourage the body's natural ability to heal and balance itself. • Shiatsu massage therapists focus on the acupressure points and meridian lines which Traditional Chinese Medicine believes are so crucial to our physical as well as emotional, mental and spiritual health. • Definitely check with your doctor before getting a Shiatsu massage if you have cancer, are pregnant, have a bleeding disorder or are currently taking medication such as blood thinners.
Best Method to Determine If a First Order Formula Is Logically Valid?
First order logic is undecidable, so there is (as you note) no mechanical method for determining first order validity. So what's the next best to a mechanical method for trying to establish (in)validity?The trouble with looking for natural deduction proofs is that the introduction rules allow you to deduce more and more complex wffs, and thus don't stop you spinning off down blind alleys (even when there is a proof to be discovered).Better, then, to use a method without introduction rules, where as you grow a proof the length of wffs at least doesn't grow and ideally decreases. Two options spring to mind. One is downward-branching tableau proofs as in Richard Jeffrey's lovely Formal Logic: Its Scope and Limits, or my Jeffrey-for-Dummies, officially titled An Introduction to Formal Logic. The other option is certain sequent systems. The tableau system in particular is very student-friendly, and with a bit of practice, on "nice" examples you'll usually find a closed tableau if there is one to be found, and find an open tableau and be able to read off a valuation which falsifies the wff being tested if the wff is invalid. This is perhaps your best buy!For example, let's use a tableau to test $(forall x P(x) rightarrow forall x Q(x)) rightarrow forall x (P(x) rightarrow Q(x))$. We start by assuming that's false (i.e. its negation is true), which comes to assuming$$forall x P(x) rightarrow forall x Q(x)$$$$negforall x (P(x) rightarrow Q(x))$$The latter is equivalent to$$exists xneg (P(x) rightarrow Q(x))$$So, if that's true there must be an object in the domain which satisfies the condition, which we can dub $a$, so$$neg (P(a) rightarrow Q(a))$$whence $$P(a)$$$$neg Q(a)$$Now look at the first line. We have to consider cases. We have either the negated antecedent or the consequent:$$negforall x(Px)quadquad|quadquad forall xQ(x)$$On the right hand branch we immediately have a contradiction, however, because we can instantiate the universal $forall xQ(x)$ with $a$ to get $Q(a)$.So look at the left branch. We can continue that $$exists xneg P(x)quadquadquadquadquadquad$$ $$neg P(b)quadquadquadquadquadquad$$ where we have to use a new name to dub the witness for the existential. And now we are stymied. So the assumption that the original wff is false doesn't lead to contradiction. So it can't be valid. In fact, we can read off the open branch of the tableau the interpretation with just two elements in the domain -- call them $a$ and $b$ -- where $P(a)$, $neg P(b)$, $neg Q(a)$ and it doesn't matter for $Q(b)$. And that interpretation will falsify the test formula! For a more careful exploration of this kind of thing, if it is unfamiliar to you, see my book.I know there isnt a "standard method" to determine if a formula is logically valid, but i would like to know if there is something you can always try first of all to determine it.Not all formulas look obviously valid like $forall x P(x) rightarrow exists x P(x)$. This can be proven with natural deduction, if its required.For example, i think $(forall x P(x) rightarrow forall x Q(x)) rightarrow forall x (P(x) rightarrow Q(x))$ is valid, and i am trying to prove it by contradiction, asumming there is some intepretation in wich it is false, but i can't figure out how to do it.So, any advices?
The First Batch of Adaptive Models of Huawei Hongmeng System Will Be Announced soon, and a Total of
The latest news shows that the release time of the mobile phone version of Huawei Hongmeng system has also been determined. On April 24, at this year's Huawei developer conference, the mobile phone version of Hongmeng system will meet you for the first time, and the first batch of suitable models will also be announced.Wang Chenglu, CEO of Huawei software, said in an interview: Hongmeng is no longer a simple operating system like Android and IOS, but a new intelligent terminal control system, which enables different devices to interact and work together.Huawei's ranking in upgrading Hongmeng system is mainly arranged according to the chip type. Emui 11.0 and glory magic UI 4.0 mobile phone systems are upgraded according to this situation. As long as Huawei and glory mobile phones equipped with Kirin chip and above Kirin 710 version can be upgraded almost within this year. At that time, matex2 folding screen will become the first model to be carried. In addition, mate40 and P40 series have also entered the list of the first batch of upgrades.This time, Huawei gave everyone a shot in the arm. Hongmeng system has officially determined the list. Huawei products on this list can directly upgrade Hongmeng system. A total of 55 products, including computers, can be equipped with Hongmeng system. Before that, Huawei mobile phones need to be upgraded to emiui11, which will smoothly transition to Hongmeng system at that time. Unfortunately, Huawei mate10 series, P20 series, nova4, nova3, glory 10, etc. equipped with Kirin 970 can not be equipped with Hongmeng system, especially the Kirin 960 chip.If the mobile version of Hongmeng system is officially released, it will lay a foundation for the development of domestic mobile phone systems. In the future, if domestic smartphone manufacturers choose to use Huawei's Hongmeng system, it will also be a great help to Huawei!
Waymo Received External Financing of US $2.25 Billion for the First Time, and the Competition for Au
This financing will promote the development of waymo's automatic driving multi line business and accelerate its step out of the United States and into the global market.Waymo sounded the horn to enter the global market!Following the round B financing of US $462 million obtained by pony wisdom bank and the strategic financing of Bosch announced by Yushi technology, Google waymo has just announced that it has obtained external financing of US $2.25 billion for the first time.This round of financing is led by Silver Lake, Canada Pension Plan Investment Committee and Mubadala investment company in Abu Dhabi, followed by Magna International, Andreessen Horowitz, AutoNation and Google parent company alphabet.Among them, AutoNation showed in its filing with the SEC on Monday that they had invested $50 million in waymo.Waymo CEO John kravchick made it clear that everything is to promote the global deployment of waymo driver. Some media believe that this huge amount of financing will promote the further development of waymo autonomous truck.Waymo is in a hurryIt is reported that waymo's external financing has lasted for a long time. A year ago, media reported that waymo was seeking external investors with a valuation several times that of cruise, GM's largest holding subsidiary.The current round of investors can also be described as a gathering of big coffee.Silver Lake is a venture capital company located in Menlo Park. It has invested in Alibaba, GoDaddy, broadcon and other technology companies. In addition, it also helps Dell return to the stock market.Mubadala investment company manages more than US $225 billion in assets and owns shares in the largest company in Abu Dhabi and global companies such as xibaya energy company cepsa and Audley OMV.Therefore, it is no wonder that waymo CEO krafsik said in the publicity release: "we are expanding our team and adding financial investors and important strategic partners. They have brought decades of experience in investing and supporting technology companies to successfully develop transformational products. “In addition to financing, waymo is also adding external representatives to the board of directors. After this round of financing, Silver Lake and Canadian pension fund representatives will join the leadership team of waymo and alphabet. Alphabet hopes that these ambitious "other bets" can help the business development outside the company's core business.For this financing, alphabet CEO Pichai forwarded the financing news on Twitter and said: "I'm excited to see the latest progress of waymo."Krafsik talked about the key point, that is, with the support of this financing and alphabet, they will further strengthen their investment in talent, technology and operation, all of which are to support the global deployment of waymodriver.This is the core issue of waymo's anxiety.Waymo's global ambitionsAs a "leader" in the field of automatic driving, waymo has always relied on the generous donation of its parent company, alphabet, without external financing. With the rapid development of the automatic driving industry around the world, waymo is facing more and more competitors and developing rapidly.At the technical level, take Baidu as an example. In the "2019 California autonomous driving takeover report" released by the California vehicle administration not long ago, Baidu ranked first in MPI, pulling waymo, who has been the top for many years.Although waymo expressed "dissatisfaction" and questioned that there is no unified and strict standard for judging the trusteeship of this report, the strength of Baidu, Didi, autox and other companies from China can not be underestimated. In addition, there are GM cruise, Aurora and other companies competing on the same stage in the United States.At the business level, waymo's core business can be divided into two parts: on the one hand, passenger transport business, automatic taxi service waymo one; on the other hand, freight business, automatic truck and truck.As early as 2018, waymo launched the self driving taxi business waymo one in Phoenix, Arizona, and launched IOS version software for more people at the end of 2019. However, as mentioned earlier, waymo one has many competitors.Last year, auto x announced the launch of self driving taxi operation in California. It also plans to expand the self driving taxi business to China in cooperation with FCA. Didi's self driving Department has also obtained the qualification and will provide self driving taxi Hailing service in Shanghai. In addition, Tesla CEO musk has long said that it will provide self driving taxi service.At the freight level, in January this year, alphabet announced that it would expand waymo's automatic driving technology to a new market, that is, the field of automatic driving trucks and trucks. In February, it also announced that it would cooperate with ups to test the use of its automatic driving trucks to transport packages in the Phoenix metropolitan area. At the freight level, Tucson's future and Zhijia technology are its competitors.With the further support for automatic driving from all over the world, waymo wants to go out of the United States and march around the world to seek a larger market, which is reasonable, but the premise is a large amount of financial support.Therefore, this $2.25 billion financing is very urgent and will accelerate waymo's pace towards commercialization and globalization.It is reported that waymo will greatly expand its business scale in the next few months, and its fleet is expected to increase by 62000 Chrysler Pacifica. In addition, waymo also announced plans for self driving trucks and trucks. They named various forms of goods delivery waymo via, and in the future, waymo will test self driving trucks on roads in two states of the United States.Commercial attempt of automatic driving and intense competitionIn less than ten days, the three financing have brought a "breath" of spring to the field of automatic driving, and it is also more expected that the automatic driving industry will have a good performance in the capital market this year.From waymo's strategy of announcing this round of financing and accelerating its entry into the global market, we can also see that whether automatic driving can be fully realized in a short time, the related commercialization attempts and competition among enterprises have become increasingly fierce.It is conceivable that waymo's march to globalization will not ignore China, an important market, and even the Chinese market is likely to become one of the important areas of its deployment. So maybe we can remind Chinese self driving entrepreneurs that waymo may be coming and ready to meet the challenge!
Why Do Women Pluck Their Eyebrows for the First Half of Their Lives, then Draw Them Back on During t
Why do women pluck their eyebrows for the first half of their lives, then draw them back on during the last?Because they feel that their natural beauty is not enough for a Guy to like them. But the artificial beauty is better than natural beauty— — — — — —First half of 1923In interfering with the local hakims, who though notoriously corrupt have maintained some semblance of law and order in their respective districts, the amir tries to introduce more civilized methods for which the population is not yet ripe, and consequently lawlessness and unrest increase considerably, culminating in the revolt of the formidable Alizai tribe— — — — — —Performance in the first half of the 20th CenturyBetween 1870 and 1900 the financial strength of savings banks increased significantly. During this period, the pawn and emergency loan operations of the Mount of Piety were unable to absorb all deposits made at the savings bank. Unlike savings banks in other European countries, Spanish savings banks were not required to purchase government debt with excess resources. Instead, savings banks began making short-term advances and issuing mortgages directly to the public. Initially they issued short-term loans using public and industrial goods in stock as collateral. Between 1862 and 1867, 40 per cent of the amount of the loans was granted against pawned items and the remaining 60 per cent was secured by stock. Diversification continued and by the outbreak of World War I, Spanish savings banks were readily issuing mortgages directly to retail customers. The Mortgage Act of 4 June 1908 contributed to the development of this phenomenon as it pioneered exemption from having to pay different forms of capital gains and corporation's tax for mortgages issued by the Mount of Piety. Most early-established savings banks had located in the biggest urban centres, and grew in financial strength through retained surpluses. By the turn of the century most assets were held in the savings banks located in seaports and industrial cities. Between 1900 and 1925 the number of Spanish savings banks tripled to 150 banks, although no major change in regulation policy or the banks' business portfolio had taken place. Between 1900 and 1914 the Spanish banking sector experienced a sharp increase in its levels of activity. Some banks also observed increased efficiency and enhanced competitiveness. Assets of private commercial banks grew significantly due to both the repatriation of capital due to the colonial crisis and World War I, in which Spain remained neutral. These circumstances favoured geographical expansion throughout Spain of regional private commercial banks based in Madrid and the Basque Country. In 1921 the first banking law was enacted, and that year the Consejo Superior Bancario or CSB (High Banking Council) was established by private commercial banks. The role of the CSB was to co-ordinate the actions of private commercial banks as their economic power became more important. By the beginning of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), private commercial banks dominated financial markets, and were organised through the cartel that built around the Consejo Superior Bancario and supervised by the Ministry of Employment, Commerce and Industry (and later on by the Ministry of Employment and Welfare). During the 1920s assets in savings banks started to abandon their charitable nature and gradually turned into broader financial intermediation institutions. Growth was limited because competitive pressure to find new opportunities within the private commercial banking sector resulted in a policy of expansion of the geographic scope of retail branches networks and diversification of sources of business. These strategies brought the competitive challenge of private commercial banks to markets being serviced by savings banks. Individual savings banks enhanced their profile within their local communities as greater asset size allowed them to increase the funding of social welfare- and agricultural projects (Obra Social, a practice that is nowadays part of their corporate social responsibility). However, a new approach to how people saved and to the working environment of savings banks came about as a result of legislation enacted in 1926, 1929, and 1933 during the dictatorship of General Primo de Rivera, a period in which the economic policy was marked by an authoritarian corporatism, and the Spanish Republic brought.[clarification needed] These regulatory changes brought to an end the savings banks' charitable nature. They also turned their profits into the main source of funds (and therefore to support the "Obra Social"). Regulatory innovations put to an end the broad discretion that the directors of savings banks previously had and established specific and detailed guidelines whose use (and abuse) grew in Francoist Spain.
The World's First Folding Screen Mobile Phone Was Released, Folded 100 Times a Day, and Its Service
At 3:00 p.m. on October 31, 2018, the global new product launch of Ruoyu technology was held in Beijing International Convention Center. The absolute protagonist of this press conference is Rouyu's flexpai ("roupai"). According to Liu Zihong, chairman and CEO of Rouyu, this is a two in one product that can integrate mobile phones and tablets. It is worth mentioning that Liu Zihong was selected from the global list of 35 people under the age of 35 in 2017 MIT Technology Review.Liu Zihong released the direct point of flexpai. Flexpai has both the portability of smart phones and the large HD screen of tablet computers. It can realize the free switching between mobile phones and tablets through the folding of the screen. Including Samsung, LG and Huawei, it has been reported that they want to launch products with similar concepts. After holding this year's mate 20 press conference, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's consumer business, said that the next focus of Huawei's mobile phones is 5g and folding screen mobile phones. However, different from the traditional mobile phone manufacturers' press conference, as a professional player in the field of flexible screen, Rouyu mainly focuses on its own flexible display screen and flexible sensor.The second generation of "cicada wing" flexible screen was on the scene. Dr. Liu Zihong introduced the second generation of "cicada wing" flexible screen, the core component behind flexpai, with the words "light, thin, soft and beautiful". It is reported that the "cicada wing" flexible screen integrates more than 20 million flexible ultra precision devices, 6 million level flexible integrated circuits and nearly 100 kinds of micro and nano film materials. In order to make this product, Rouyu has accumulated more than 2000 core technology intellectual property rights. The screen used by Ruoyu flexpai is a complete 7.8-inch high-resolution full flexible display touch screen, which has been strictly tested by more than 200000 bending tests, twist tests, tension tests, drop tests, etc. in other words, even if the user folds it 100 times a day, the service life is more than 6 years.In addition, flexpai adopts an external folding screen design, in which the innovative design of multi axis linkage precision hinge is impressive. The multi axis linkage precision hinge in the middle area of the whole machine is composed of hundreds of parts. Only this part integrates more than 110 core technology patents of Rouyu. After more than 1000 days and 117 rigorous tests, this innovative bending structure design ensures that the flexible mobile phone screen can bend freely at any time. However, the "cicada wing" is not achieved overnight. Rouyu company has been established for more than 6 years. As early as 2014, it released the world's first full-color AMOLED flexible display with the thinnest and thickness of only 0.01mm in the industry, and successfully connected with the mobile phone platform. What is the concept of 0.01 mm (10 microns)? This is almost a fifth of the hair. Due to its ultra-thin thickness, the bending radius of the flexible display can be as small as 1mm, even smaller than the refill, and high-quality display effect can still be achieved after bending 50000 100000 times.The 0.01mm full-color AMOLED flexible display whenever we talk about a technology or a product, in addition to the needs it can meet and the pain points it can solve, we are most concerned about the capacity of mass production. Looking at the mainstream mobile phone brands such as apple and Huawei in the current market, hundreds of millions of shipments every year reflect the importance of strong production capacity. In order to achieve large-scale production capacity, on June 6, 2018, the world's first large-scale production line of six generation full flexible display screens established by Rouyu with a total investment of about 11 billion yuan in Shenzhen began to be put into operation, with a full production scale of more than 50 million flexible display screens per year. In addition to the biggest highlight of collapsible screen, flexpai smartphone also deserves attention in other hardware configurations. It is reported that flexpai adopts the new generation of Qualcomm Xiaolong 8 series flagship platform, and supports dual cards, dual standby, fingerprint identification and dual photography. After expansion, it can support 5g applications.Flexpai adopts the new generation of Qualcomm Xiaolong 8 series flagship platform. In addition, flexpai adopts a new super fast charging technology - soft charging, which is independently developed by Rouyu. It can not only help electronic devices greatly improve the charging life experience, and can charge about 70% in 30 minutes.Soft charging technology in terms of software and operating system, Rouyu has specially customized the water OS operating system for flexpai, so that when it is used in large screen and folded at different angles, the app can adapt to different screen sizes. Now that one foot has been included in the ranks of self-developed operating systems, it is natural to build a corresponding application ecosystem around water OS. After all, Liu Zihong has mentioned jobs, apple and the evolution from functional machines to smart machines on site more than once, which shows his recognition of its concept.In this regard, Liu Zihong announced the "200 million yuan Developer Support Plan" and the "flexible planet million creation plan". Rouyu will spend 200 million yuan (about US $30 million) to support and reward global software developers of flexpai flexible screen phones to develop various new apps. At the same time, Rouyu launched the millions of creation plan of the flexible planet and solicited the theme song of the flexible planet, the logo of the flexible planet and the creative design of flexible electronic products from all over the world. For consumers, some of the above parameters and concepts will not be different from the traditional mobile phone manufacturers' press conferences. Whether the only attractive flexible screen can be transformed into product sales also depends on the final price. In terms of price, flexpai has three prices of 8999 yuan, 9998 yuan and 12999 yuan, respectively corresponding to three different configurations of low, medium and high. At the same time, Rouyu also provides flexpai developer version for consumers all over the world. Both types of products will be officially opened for pre-sale on the official website of Rouyu technology at 10:01 a.m. on November 1.Flexpai price in the end, whether the emergence of flexible screen can become a "catfish" in the long silent smartphone industry and bring a sensational effect such as the original iPhone, we still need to keep a clear understanding of everything. It is estimated that by 2027, the global market scale of printing and flexible electronic products will reach 330 billion US dollars, of which the flexible display screen will become the main market segment.
Hisense U9 HD Picture Appreciation of the World's First Multi Screen TV
On the afternoon of July 8, Hisense released the world's first multi screen TV Hisense u9 in Beijing. The biggest highlight of this TV is the use of a new display scheme with two upper and lower LCD panels, which has significantly improved the color, contrast and other parameters.Wang Wei, general manager of Hisense Electric Appliance Marketing Company, pointed out at the press conference that Hisense has achieved overall leadership in TV image quality technology. Hisense has become a leader in the industry in terms of large screen laser TV, uled and OLED leading the high-end market, and vidaa platform with 44.5 million users. In the core chip field of color TV, Hisense has a 14-year history of core making, This year, we are spending a lot of money to build SOC chips and AI chips, and firmly grasp the initiative to define our own native products. This is the key to Hisense's strong leadership in the high-end large screen market represented by laser TV and 65 .Hisense u9 star stacked screen TV released today is only a 65 inch version with a resolution of 4K. Hisense u9 is equipped with five self-developed cores to manage different functions respectively. Meanwhile, Hisense u9 has a running memory of 4GB and a body storage space of 64GB, which can basically meet daily use.The "folding screen" display scheme of Hisense u9 is not the "folding screen" of the fire some time ago. Hisense u9 divides the LCD panel into image layer, light control layer and backlight layer. The image layer is in charge of color, and the light control layer screen is black and white, which is in charge of fine adjustment of picture brightness.Meanwhile, Hisense u9 also improves the brightness and color saturation of the picture through HDR technology to make the bright places brighter and the dark places darker. The black part is closer to the OLED screen, and the brightness will exceed the OLED TV. Hisense officials said that the contrast is more than 10 times higher than that of ordinary TV, which can achieve an ultra-high contrast of 150000:1 and a visual angle of 178 degrees.Hisense u9's screen stacking technology can also effectively reduce the "light leakage" phenomenon of ordinary LCD screen, and make the dark field brightness index reach the level of OLED screen. Hisense u9's screen stacking technology has no concerns about burning screen and residual shadow, and the power consumption is lower.Meanwhile, Hisense TV also launched a speaker product, equipped with the black gold tower subwoofer jointly developed by Hisense and Dolby, and Dolby dass panoramic sound interpretation. The 17kg counterweight effectively avoids the sound effect vibration caused by the high-power operation of the bass package.In terms of price, the price of Hisense u9 65 inch star stacked screen TV is 17999 yuan. Next year, Hisense will launch 55 inch and 75 inch stacked screen TV products.At present, LCD TV almost dominates the whole TV industry. The backlight technology of LCD TV has also experienced the transformation from CCFL to LED and then to OLED. LCD TV with OLED panel is more popular because of its self illumination and faster response speed. Today, Hisense u9 has launched the stacked screen technology, which not only improves the display capacity, but also reduces the manufacturing cost of TV, which is also expected to become the next wind vane in the field of TV display.
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