Is It True That the British Don't Take Good Care of Their Oral Hygiene?

Is it true that the British don't take good care of their oral Hygiene?

well, oral hygiene changes from person to person even here in Britain

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how do i take really good care of my tarot cards?

The best thing to do with tarot cards is TEAR THEM UP, DIG A HOLE AND BURY THEM DEEP.

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My vagina.. What should it smell like, and am I taking good care of it?!?

im a guy and i can tell you that just do what you are doing and you are fine. we are not picky. unless it is really bad your boyfriend wont care

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Could you give away an I love you today?

Thank you, I do that often.I say it to good friends, I say it to my children, and of course, I say it to my beloved.But more than that, I say it WITHOUT WORDS in many ways.I say it when my husband and I perform a Sabbath service every Friday afternoon at the assisted care facility near our home. I say it when I volunteer to help run the bazaar at our temple, by pricing things so that even the poorest who come by can have something nice that they really want.I say it to my cats when I pet them, and feed them, and take good care of them.I say it when I call my friends just to listen to them vent or talk about their plans, or to make arrangements for lunch, or to travel to see them. I say it when I collect the little bottles of soap and shampoo when I stay in a hotel and send it to the homeless shelter.I say it when I offer a helping hand to acquaintances in need.Undoubtedly, I say it more by my actions than by words, but I say it because not only do I make the people I say it to feel good, but it makes ME feel good as well. Thank you again, for the question, bubala!Could you give away an I love you today?

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I'll Take Good Care of You

"I will Take Good Care of You", written by Bert Berns (aka Bert Russell) and Jerry Ragovoy, is a song recorded by Garnet Mimms for United Artists in 1966. Though more obscure than the Berns/Ragovoy/Mimms song "Cry Baby", "I will Take Good Care Of You" is another in their joint body of work. A cover version of the song was released in 1967 by Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers.

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Would this be a good care package?

send him a picture of you, send him anything that might have sentimental value and a letter to him, what makes a care package great is the thought and effort you put in it. Also a bit of junk food in there like cookies and candy help too

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Do I take good care of my dog?

You are taking good care of his basic needs. But he might be talking about training. Is he well trained? I think your doing fine. If I was you I would not crate him all night.

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How do I take good care of headphones?

Buy a carry case if it dos not come with one. Try to bend the cord as little as possible Keep a tight fit over your head Most important than anything else: try to get a cover for the jack, that is usualy the thing that goes first. I just use a small to big converter, thats the easiest to find, but seriously do this and you wo not regret it.

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What are some good care package ideas.?

if he has a laptop you could send him a web cam so you could see and talk to each other. that thing is great. send whatever it is that he likes. also put a card inside the box with little messages on them that you wrote about how much you appreciate and love hime. also send pictures of yourself with the notes. lots of his favorite snacks. books, magazines or whatever he is interested in. i used to cut jokes out of the newspaper and put them in the box also

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Does anyone know how to take good care of damaged hair?

Try using a hair masque. i recomened: PAntene Pro-V triple amino instant repair treatment-instant restoration for tiered,damaged hair. It works instantly to make tiered,damaged hair moreresilient. Over time hair loses amino acids,which are essantial ingredients of healthy hair. Pantene's product repairs the look of hair and protects it against damage.

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