Is This Alot to Pay for a Winter Coat?

its not that expensive

1. Brown spots in Rats coat?

What did you use to wash him? Rats are VERY sensitive to chemicals, you should only use natural, organic, baby or small animal products. It sounds like an allergic reaction. Are the spots on the fur only, or do they follow to the skin? If they are coming from the skin, they are probably lesions. The brown is from blood. If this is the case, please call a vet and just talk to them!! You do not need to pay anything to simply call and explain the situation. If they are not connected to the skin, and they are on the fur only, then they are most likely residue from urine. Light coloured males especially tend to allow urine to seep into their coat as they lie on it, and do not bother to groom it out properly. So eventually, their sides or underbellies become reddish-brown at the tips. This does not come out easily, you really need to soap them up. I do not even bother to clean my males, they are fine with it on them, it is not harmful. So maybe you just did not see the specks before you washed him, and assumed they appeared after?

2. Nail polish: can I use a base coat as a top coat?? I am at work and left my top coat at home lol?

go to your local pharmacy they will have loads of base coats.they can be clear with minerals and vitamins but they can also be other colours like light pink,green,or blue,but that doesnt matter because the colour wont show through the nail varnish thatts on top. sally hansen are good but kinda expensive. you can also just use a clear top coat varnish for the base coat!

3. Is there an adhesive that will stop a leak in an underground PVC swim pool pipe

You can dig to the pipe, clean it and roughen it, then use purple primer and Weld On 711 to repair it.. I would wait 12 hours for this to cure then do another coat of 711. - I have done this on PVC pipe that was carrying mains water at 85 psi.

4. whats the best tattoo to get if i want to do family oriented symbol? like a crest or something?

Definitely something custom. Take your family's crest, or coat of arms to a tattoo artist and get them to draw it up, and size it for the part of the body you want it on. They are usually pretty good, and can match colors very well. Good luck, and cool idea

5. How do you make chocolate covered strawberries?

i usually buy a chocoloate that is for baking in the baking aisle at your local grocer. white or dark or Milk chocolate..Melt it in a double boiler, or melt it in the microwave but keep any eye on it as it tends to BURN faster in the microwave. INGREDIENTS: 1 dozen ripe strawberries 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips/bar PREPARATION: 1. Prepare a baking sheet by lining it with aluminum foil. 2. Wash the strawberries and dry them thoroughly. 3. Place the chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave them until they melt, stirring every 45 seconds. 4.dry the berries and dip into chocolate mixture and coat well. 5.Place on wax paper to cool. you can even double dip like white chocolate then milk chocolate but do it when the 1st layer is dry and cool.

6. I need a coat?

burlington coat factory!

7. I am looking for a Peanut Chicken recipe like the ones at a Chinese place?

Give this one a try. I might even try it myself, it sounds good. There are no veggies in this one, like you said. * 2 cups roasted peanuts (if peanuts are not roasted, see * below.) * 5 garlic cloves, minced * 1 1/2 inches ginger root, minced * 3 scallions, chopped * 4-5 boneless skinless chicken breast halves, cubed * 3/4 cup soybean paste, sweetened (found in Asian markets) * 1/3 cup sugar Directions 1. Fry garlic and ginger on medium-high heat until beginning to brown. Add green onion and let fry for half a minute. 2.Add chicken cubes and turn up the heat to high, stir-frying until opaque. 3.Turn heat back down to medium. Toss in peanuts and soybean paste, stirring to coat. 4. Sprinkle sugar over the mixture and stir for a minute or two longer. 5.Serve with rice. 6.*If your peanuts are not roasted, put them in an oven preheated at 350 for 15-20 minutes. Stir once before done. Take them out before completely roasted because they continue to cook once out of the oven. Hope I helped!

Asian Chair Craft Brand of Ergonomic Office Chairs, Modular Office Furniture, Powder Coated Steel Furniture, Canteen Furniture
Asian Chair Craft Brand of Ergonomic Office Chairs, Modular Office Furniture, Powder Coated Steel Furniture, Canteen Furniture
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What Pants Look Good with a Cowboy Coat? How Can I Wear a Cowboy Coat?
The weather is getting warmer and warmer. In spring, cowboy coat is an essential style for everyone. It's very beautiful and versatile. It looks very small and fresh. The following Xiaobian will tell you what kind of pants look good with a cowboy coat?1. Denim coat with leather pantsRock is just leather pants, handsome Cowboys wear punk leather pants, and handsome girls are just boys.2. Denim coat with SweatpantsIn the past two years, no matter who wears hot pants will be very fashionable. No matter what coat goes with a pair of pants, you can wear clothes full of high-end feeling. Therefore, the matching of denim jacket and sweatpants should not be missed.3. Wide trouser legs with denim coatWide Leggings are the best choice to show temperament. They not only show temperament, but also show slim leg shape.4. Jeans jacket with pencil pantsPencil pants are definitely the first choice for long legged girls. The Korean version of oversized denim jacket with small leg pencil pants can easily create bird legs. The matching method of wide top and narrow bottom will never lag behind.5. Knitted pants with denim coatIn pursuit of laziness and comfort, knitted pants must be the most gentle and comfortable choice. Half off shoulder tops and knitted pants easily create a soft and mature style, which is very charming.6. Denim jacket with jeansCowboys in jeans will never lag behind Whether pants or shorts, matching with denim top will have a unique taste.How to wear a denim coat to be fashionable?Speaking of denim jackets, almost every girl has grass! There are only a few styles, basic and printed. If you want to wear different clothes, you must work hard. Denim jacket is one of the most indispensable items in this season, especially when the temperature is cold and hot. Denim coats are warm and fashionable. The basic denim jacket has a long tradition. It not only has a wide range of uses, but also looks clean and tidy. The texture of denim is also stronger. Cowboys themselves bring people a feeling of rudeness and madness. The casual cowboy jacket with tight black dress makes people feel very conservative.
Nursing Homes Fined for Poor Upkeep of Facilities ...
The nursing home owners, Devey Healthcare Ltd pleaded guilty to a number of charges under the Nursing Home Act, including one of failing to provide a high standard of care.Fines totaling just over e6,000 were imposed on the company by Judge Flann Brennan at Dundalk District Court.Barrister John Martin acting on behalf of Devey Healthcare defended some of the companys aThe nursing home owners, Devey Healthcare Ltd pleaded guilty to a number of charges under the Nursing Home Act, including one of failing to provide a high standard of care.Fines totaling just over e6,000 were imposed on the company by Judge Flann Brennan at Dundalk District Court.Barrister John Martin acting on behalf of Devey Healthcare defended some of the company's actions. He stressed to the judge that 'no-one in the care facilities had complained about the conditions'.The HSE prosecution case focused on two inspectorate reports done in the summer and autumn of 2005 on Delvin Lodge, Gormanston and Castle Lodge, Castlebellingham.The company, with an address at St Doolagh's Park, Malahide Road, Balgriffin, Dublin, pleaded guilty to eight charges relating to Delvin Lodge.A further 17 charges were not prosecuted.At the centre of the prosecution case was Mrs Helen Thornton, a former general nurse and midwife of more than 35 years who headed up the HSE nursing homes inspection teams.Ms Thornton's report stated: 'The carpets were dirty and highly stained on both floors. There was black mould growth on the wall of the corridor.'She also saw how some of the bathrooms were 'disorganised with equipment and clothes thrown about'.She said that some of the rooms were no longer used as bedrooms but they had been turned into unorganised storerooms.A room where a patient had died some days earlier still contained personal effects and the bedlinen had not been changed.Bedlinen and towels were 'of a poor quality and in some cases threadbare' and there was no mattress cover or undersheet on a bed.A PEG pump, used for artificial feeding, and a nebuliser were 'dusty and dirty.' The former nurse and HSE inspector said this could have led to infection if used in that condition.The pharmacy was found to be disorganised and 'a considerable number of medicines were out of date or no longer used.'There was no visible system in place for the proper disposal of medicines.In the second part of the facility, a bathroom was found to also house a garden watering can, a fire extinguisher, shelving for a cupboard and a wheelchair footrest.Clinical waste was stored in the pharmacy and both dining rooms were untidy, with uncleared trays lying about.When Mrs Thornton asked the person in charge a number of basic questions about how waste should be disposed of properly and staff training, the person in charge didn't know.Ms Thornton criticised the fact that the manager of the facility had also been on duty as the registered nurse three times in the previous week.She also complained about the fact that mechanical vents were not working in the smoking room and the overhead lights in two of the rooms were broken.The doors to sluice rooms had been jammed open with black bags of rubbish or bins and there were open containers of cleaning products.Ms Thornton sharply criticised the fact that a patient had been admitted to the home without anyone having sight of their medical condition or history.She said that it could prove 'disastrous'.In September 2005, the HSE inspectorate made a return visit to the home. On that visit they found a soiled incontinence pad lying in the shower of one of the en suite bathrooms.Devey Healthcare's barrister said the bathrooms were checked every two to three hours and the problem would have been dealt with within that time frame.He also contended that 'deep cleans' had been done on the carpets which had now been replaced with lino.As for the disorganisation of the bathrooms, they were no longer used for that purpose.The state of the dining rooms could be explained as it was in the afternoon when the inspectors arrived and the staff were caring for the patients.Mr Martin said: 'In all the reports from the inspectorate, there is not a single detail of mistreatment or complaints of abuse from the patients, is there'Mrs Thornton replied: 'Most of the patients are incapable of speaking and therefore incapable of making complaints'.Devey Ltd also pleaded guilty to four charges relating to Castle Lodge nursing home in Castlebellingham.When the inspectors visited the County Louth home on September 26 last year, they found a bin overflowing with used incontinence pads.A PEG feeding tube was missing a stand and someone had hooked it up to a light fitting using a bent coat hanger.Mrs Thornton said it was totally inappropriate, adding: 'You wouldn't do it at home'.Mr Martin said that an 'inventive' person had hooked up the coat hanger and it was better than the patient not getting the drip.Judge Brennan imposed fined totaling e6,100 for both cases.
How to Match Denim Suspenders? What Kind of Coat Do You Wear in Jeans?
What Xiaobian shared with you today is how to match cowboy suspenders? Recently, Xiaobian heard a new word: first love pants. Xiao Bian was startled when he first heard about it. Check it out to find out it's cowboy suspenders. Cowboy suspenders can be said to be very body - less clothes. Do you know what kind of top looks good with denim suspenders? Let's follow Xiaobian to learn more about it.What kind of coat do you wear in jeans?1. Denim suspenders T-shirtT-shirts are versatile whenever they are. We often wear jeans with T-shirts, of course. Strap jeans can also be matched with T-shirts. These two clothes are casual and fashionable together, and they are also convenient to wear. You can hold it whether you go shopping or go to work.2. Denim suspenders loose sweaterThis collocation can be said to be very autumn. You can try to match with a dark sweater, and then match with a dark denim suspender, which can be said to show your figure very much. Knitted loose sweater with classic denim suspender pants can be said to reduce the age, which is very suitable for anyone to wear.3. Denim suspenders white shirtThis one is highly recommended with Xiaobian. The shirt itself is a popular item, and the cowboy suspenders are clothes with age reduction effect. Shirts and suspenders can add a stronger sense of youth. Pure white shirt and loose cowboy suspender pants don't look so lazy, but have a kind of energy and simplicity. This collocation is not only suitable for ordinary shopping, but also very suitable for white-collar workers who have just entered the workplace.The above is what Xiaobian shared with you today. I hope it can help you.
Is This Coat From Abercrombie Cute?
cute! and better? you are already getting out over a benji!(;1. Does anyone know where to get a toddler sewing pattern book or at least one for a coat?any fabric store will have pattern books by Simplicity, Butterick and McCall. All of which would have a pattern for a babies jacket or coat. the patterns books at a store like JoAnn's fabrics is going to have more of a selection than what you see on line.2. A good nail polish/base coat/top coat?I work out quite a bit and I love Opi it's great. Be sure to wipe your nails with acetone polish remover first to get the oil off. Then use bonder, polish, then 2 coats of topcoat. Be sure to put topcoat on the outer edge of your nail to seal it well so it does not chip as easily. Hope this helps. Good luck with your nails and your tryouts3. Rat tail question- Experienced owners or vets (techs too, of course)?Hm...It might just be that your labrat has a bit of rex in him. The curly fur of the rex could cause a disturbance in the direction of the hairs on the tail. Keep an eye on the interactions between his brother and him. Although, I am a bit worried that you say that he looked more disheveled than usual. This could be an indication of illness. I would check him thoroughly for any other signs of illness. Does he feel thinner? Is he wheezing or squeaking with each breath? Does he have discharge from the nose, eyes or ears? Do you notice any head bobbing, labored breathing? The other thing: what are you feeding? If its just a normal lab block diet, which is better than seed, I would start adding to his diet. Cheap dog food like "Old Roy" or "Milk Bones". They have more protein in them which will help to nourish the skin and coat. This should be a supplement and not the staple of the diet. Also, a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables is good for a rat. Just like dogs and cats, a poor diet is usually to blame for itchy, flaky and dry skin and coat.4. 30 Best Blush Pink Coats and Jackets For Winter and The Holidays!As a fashion lover and garden rose grower, I often hear the word blush! Blush pink is the hottest color in the world of wedding bouquets, home decor and fashion too. For years I detested the word because I heard it so much, and can not believe I am saying this but it is now one of my favorite colors on the planet! I fell in love with this gorgeous blush pink faux fur coat at the Shopbop Sale last week and I am beyond obsessed with it. I love it so much that I thought I would feature a few of the best blush pink coats for winter and the holiday season since they are so popular. Blush pink coats can be worn anywhere and everywhere! They come in a variety of styles - from moto jackets to puffer jackets, faux fur coats, and more! They have the power to accessorize and brighten any outfit. You can wear them with jeans and a sweater; a basic top and skirt or over your favorite dress! The best part is you can wear a great blush coat or jacket during the winter, in the spring on a cool summer night and of course, come fall. Today, I am excited to share 20 of the best blush pink coats and jackets for winter 2020-2021 and the holiday season! Are you searching for a fabulous coat that will brighten your winter wardrobe? If so, you can not go wrong with these classic blush pink coats! A few years ago I featured this high collar Cocoon coat in bright pink and I still can not get enough of it. It's classy, chic, and timeless. I can see wearing it with a gorgeous dress for date night. You can also wear it with a sweater and pants to church, brunch or the office! The options are endless. The super popular Effie coat is back and better than ever for winter 2020/2021! This gorgeous coat is just as perfect for working from home, as it is for the office. You can pair it with high waisted denim and mules or with a classic dress! The options are endless. You can not go wrong with this wool-blend boucle coat! It's available in quite a few different colors and is currently on major sale and under $140! If this coat is on your wish list make sure you grab it ASAP before it sells out! I simply adore this beyond gorgeous cashmere coat! It's selling out very quickly just in time for the holidays and 54% off! It's no secret plaid is incredibly popular, especially for winter! This Linda Plaid Coat in "pink motif" is a favorite! The Best Blush Pink Faux Fur Coats For Winter and The Holidays I am officially obsessed with this waist length quilted light blush pink faux fur coat! It will dress up any outfit over the holidays and throughout the chilly winter season! PS: This coat is also available in tons of different colors! This is the faux fur jacket I bought recently. Is not it gorgeous? Not only is it pretty, but it is so cozy and warm! It will look great over a lace blouse, a pretty camisole, a sweater, turtleneck, dresses, and more! You can wear it to a holiday party or a college graduation! Like many of you, I graduated in the month of December and know how chilly it can be. This coat will look great over your dress at dinner and drinks with the family! The most perfect casual faux fur jacket! It will look great with joggers, distressed denim jeans or high waisted pants! The best part is it is 70% off and currently $75.99! Do not you love how they paired this fabulous jacket with a black top and a leopard print skirt? Pink looks amazing with black, ivory, taupe, and animal print! This casual faux fur coat will be one you can wear all winter long to run errands, to the mountains to pick the perfect Christmas tree, and more! How fabulous is this faux fur coat? It is perfect for the holiday season and winter date night! Is this not the most perfect trendy outfit for winter? I love the hoop earrings, white top, high waisted denim, white ankle boots (they've really grown on me this winter!) and midi length faux fur coat. Perfection! Last fall I purchased my first teddy bear coat and I am obsessed with it! I wear it all the time. It is so warm and cozy! If you love teddy bear coats as much as I do, you are going to love these trendy blush pink coats in a variety of styles. This casual teddy bear coat will look great with jeans and a top or a cute denim skirt (if the weather is still mild in your area)! PS: It's currently on major sale. This must have teddy bear coat is currently 74% off! This elegant coat is perfect for church on Sunday, brunch with friends, or the office! It's currently deeply discounted and 60% off. Believe it or not, but it's actually under $70! This week I updated my super popular puffer jackets post with the latest and great jackets because they are incredibly popular this season! Somehow I missed this fabulous packable hooded puffer jacket. It's under $100 and would make a great holiday gift for every woman on your list from middle school on up! It's available in quite a few colors and is the perfect jacket for chilly winters. It does not get any better than this Moncler Rain Semi-Fit Puffer Jacket! This is one item you will wear time and time again for years to come. I simply adore this trendy puffer jacket with sherpa and corduroy panels! Like many of you, I can not get enough of fleece pullovers and fleece jackets. I live in mine throughout the year, especially in the winter! In fact, I am wearing my beloved Patagonia fleece sweater as I type. If you love fleece as much as I do, you can not go wrong with this trendy and affordable Billabong Switchback fleece jacket. It's available in blush pink and charcoal grey. I love them both, especially since they are less than $100! I can not get enough of this warm and cozy fleece coat! It is so popular that it is selling out extremely quickly. It's under $150 and will be a staple in your winter wardrobe. I love how they paired it with a white blouse, high waisted crop denim jeans and snake print boots! I will forgive KUT from the Kloth for spelling Candace wrong because I absolutely love their Candece faux shearling moto jacket! It is so fun for winter outings with friends! This must have leather moto jacket is perfection! It's so popular that it's almost sold out. This is one you can wear all year long with anything and everything! This must have faux suede moto jacket is available in three colors and is only $100! Like many of you, I am a huge fan of biker jackets! This fab cropped biker jacket is definitely on my holiday wish list. Blush Pink Blazers Will Dress Up Any Outfit This Holiday Season You can not go wrong with a fabulous blush pink blazer this holiday season! They will look absolutely amazing on. You can dress up a basic top or wear one with a fabulous sequin blouse! The options are endless. Here are a few favorites that you are sure to love! How gorgeous is this satin blazer? It is classy, sophisticated and cool! The most perfect blush pink velvet blazer for the charming holiday season! It retails for $549 and sold out immediately. I am so excited, I just found it in stock at 65% of with an additional 25% off for a limited time!!! Believe it or not, but this beautiful blazer is on sale for $149! This is such an amazing deal. Do not miss out!!! I have long been a fan of tweed jackets! When I was in college I bought a tweed coat and wore it to my internship 24/7! Tweed jackets are elegant, sophisticated, classy, and are always on trend. They look amazing with jeans, skirts, and over chic solid color dresses! This blush tweed jacket includes a variety of colors, and is so pretty!
How Can I Wash My Pea Coat?
How can I wash my pea coat?They have to be dry cleaned, otherwise you will ruin it. Pea Coats are actually what I consider haute coutre (intricate sewing), so they have to be cleaned carefully. Use a steamer and a lint brush if you want to just freshen it up— — — — — —Any black eyed pea recipes?Black-Eyed Pea Jambalaya 4 ounces tasso sausage, diced into small pieces 1/4 pound chorizo sausage, sliced in half lengthwise and cut into1/4-inch pieces 1/4 pound smoked sausage, sliced in half lengthwise and cut into 1/4-inch pieces 1 cup chopped yellow onion (1 medium onion) 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon cayenne 4 cloves garlic 4 bay leaves 5 sprigs fresh thyme 3 teaspoons finely chopped parsley 12 cups chicken stock 1 pound black-eyed peas 1 tablespoon mincd garlic 1/2 pound medium shrimp, peeled, deviened and chopped Essence, recipe follows 1/2 pound long grain rice 1/4 cup chopped green onions In a large pot over medium heat, add the olive oil. When the oil is hot, add the tasso, chorizo and sausage, render for 5 minutes. Stir in the onions, salt, cayenne, garlic, bay leaves, thyme and parsley. Saute for 5 minutes, or until the onions are wilted. Stir in the chicken stock, peas and garlic. Bring the liquid up to a simmer and cook for 1 hour. Sprinkle the shrimp with Essence to season. Add the shrimp and rice to the mixture. Cook for an additional 30 minutes or until the peas and rice are tender. Stir in the green onions. Serve warm. Emeril's ESSENCE Creole Seasoning (also referred to as Bayou Blast): 2 1/2 tablespoons paprika 2 tablespoons salt 2 tablespoons garlic powder 1 tablespoon black pepper 1 tablespoon onion powder 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper 1 tablespoon dried oregano 1 tablespoon dried thyme— — — — — —Biology help?! Offspring probability of heterozygous pea plants?It's OK that you do not understand. When I was first learning these in high school, it was very difficult. First you need to know what homozygous and heterozygous means along with the term dominant and recessive. Each plant (and human) has two copies of a given gene. For example, let's assume that eye color has one gene that determines what you actually look like. Each person and plant would then have two alleles (types) of genes because you get one from your mother and one from your father. Homozygous means that you have the same alleles. (Homo means "same"). Heterozygous means that you have two different alleles (hetero means "different"). Dominant means that the allele at a gene masks the effects of another allele for that given characteristic. Dominant alleles are normally written in capital letters. Recessive alleles are the genes that are being masked and do not show up when a person has the dominant allele. These are represented in lower case letters. For your homework problem, let's say that plant color is represent by the letters Y and y as the two types of alleles. Now we need to figure out which color is dominant and which color is recessive. The problem gives you important information. It says, "a homozygous recessive plant with green peas" this shows you that you need two alleles to give you the green color, which shows that green color is the recessive phenotype (phenotypes are traits). Then it says that a "heterozygous plant with yellow seeds" this shows that they can have two different alleles -both the dominant and the recessive allele and they will still look yellow even if they have a green gene. In summary, a plant with the following genotypes (the set of alleles that they possess) will have the given phenotype: YY = yellow Yy = yellow yy = green One plant's genotype is yy and the other is Yy. Make a punnet square with these two genotypes. As from the punnet square, the chance of having a "child" with Yy=yellow phenotype is 50% and the chance of having a child with yy=green is also 50%. Now, for the probability question, if the question asks, "What is the chance of having 2 green peas THEN 3 yellow peas?" then you will use what is called the "multiplication" rule. When a word problem says AND/then = multiply the probablities together. So, in other words, if the order matters in this type of combination, then you will need to multiply the following: G G Y Y Y (mutliply 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 = 0.03125 or 3.125% chance of the plants having 2 green peas then having 3 yellow peas. However this problem can get more complicated as the question most likely is asking, "What is the probability of having 2 green peas and 3 yellow peas in any order?" When order does not matter, then you have a higher probability. For example, the plants could have two green peas followed by 3 yellow peas, or they could have a green pea first, then a yellow, then a green, then two more yellow. Here are the different combinations: G G Y Y Y (chance of getting 2 green and 3 yellow in this order) G Y G Y Y (chance of getting 2 green and 3 yellow in this order) Y G Y G Y (chance of getting 2 green and 3 yellow in this order) Y Y Y G G (chance of getting 2 green and 3 yellow in this order) I believe I found all the different combinations. You will then need to multiply the probabilities together across the row and then add up all the chances of getting 2 green and 3 yellow peas. Basically this is 3.125 % x 4 = 12.5% chance of having 2 green peas and then two yellow peas in any order. If you are having trouble with the math, there are videos on Khan academy or even Youtube. Type in "multiplication rule probability" and I am sure that you will find some videos explaining what the multiplication rule is all about. I hope this helps.
The Best Swimming Pool Coating for Pool Type
Learn which swimming pool coating is suitable for your pool type Not every pool coating can be applied to any surface. For example, coatings that are especially suitable for porous substrates such as concrete are not suitable for baths made of fibreglass because of different requirements for adhesion. It is also important to define the expected looks of the finished pool: do you wish to protect the surface without changing its appearance, or is the purpose to give the pool a makeover while making it safer and more hygienic? Whatever the case, here are some general guidelines to which coatings are suitable for your pool type and material. For stainless steel and aluminium baths it is important to opt for a coating with an anti corrosive effect, or a rust-inhibiting primer. Always consult a specialist before choosing a swimming pool paint to prevent any issues related to adhesion or premature corrosion and further deterioration. Epoxy coating adheres well to fibreglass and is extremely resistant to chemicals (chlorine and detergents). The disadvantage is that the application and curing of epoxy is a relatively long process: 3-7 days depending on the layer thickness. Polyurea coating, however, is applied with high-pressure spray equipment and dries much faster. For small fibreglass pools or local repairs, one component epoxy-based paints are also available. Almost all two component coatings are suitable for applying over tiles, as long as a good primer is used. If you wish to retain the pool's looks, you should choose epoxy because it is the only option that can be applied as a transparent layer. However, it can crack as a result of temperature fluctuation and UV radiation when applied to an outdoor pool. Epoxy can also be opaque, however multiple layers are required if you wish to hide the tile structure and seams. Chlorinated rubber is the cheapest option, but it comes in a limited range of colours and is not recommended for commercial baths due to its poor resistance to oils. A concrete pool almost always requires a primer; the top coat can be epoxy, chlorinated rubber, or polyurethane based. Epoxy pool paint is not recommended for new pools due to its lack of flexibility; new concrete may "live" requiring the coating to stretch with it. Polyurethane is more flexible and can better absorb small cracks. Chlorinated rubber systems provide a fully watertight swimming pool as well as being resistant to chlorine and preventing algal growth. The disadvantage of chlorinated rubber is its poor resistance to fats and oils (including sunscreen), so it should not be the first choice for commercial outdoor swimming pools. Other surfaces that benefit from swimming pool paint In addition to actual swimming pools, other areas such as wellness facilities and saunas can also benefit from a watertight swimming pool coating which can also be made slip resistant to prevent slips and trips. Swimming pool paint makes pools durable and hygienic, and also does this for the areas around the pool. For example the following areas may benefit from pool paints. In and around water attractions (eg slides or children's pools) A high-quality swimming pool coating ensures that both the recreational swimmer and sauna visitor can safely enjoy the swimming pool and the area around it. What defines the price of swimming pool coating job Pool coating specialists often produce a quotation based on 5 factors. Therefore, you should take the following into account: The results of the inspection: Moisture in the subsoil, potholes and bumps, difficult to access spaces; these are all matters that must be taken into account before application. The fewer pitfalls and obstacles there are, the lower the quotation price. The preparation required: One of the most important steps for application. A good surface ensures that the coating adheres optimally. Are there a lot of repair and equalisation works required in advance? Or a thorough cleaning? Or maybe a primer? These costs come on top of the coating. Application method: Some surfaces are ideal for application with a roller/brush, others require application with high-pressure spray equipment. Sometimes one layer is sufficient, but often several layers are needed. This all affects the price calculation. Finishing wishes: Do you want a specific colour or special effect? There is a lot possible in terms of finish, including details like the lane lines and markings in competition pools. Of course there is a price tag. Extra options: Often the coating is not only applied in the swimming pool, but also around it. Think of the foot baths, pool edges or shower rooms. Here you can opt for an anti-slip finish at an additional cost. Our coating experts are happy to help. In cooperation with our partners we can also provide you with a tailor-made quote.1. the length of a rectangular swimming pool is twice its width. the pool is surrounded by a cement walk 4 m wide?I have to assume the area of the cement walk is 784m^2? It's 4m. wide, so first I would subtract 4 x (4 x 4)m^2 from the area, to account for the corners. (784 - 64) = 720m^2. Now. The area of 1 side and 1 end will be 1/2 of that, 360m^2. Divide by 3, = end path area of 120m^2. The side path area will be (120 x 2) = 240m^2. (120/4) = pool width of 30 metres, so side length will be twice that, = 60 metres. (60 x 4) x 2 = 480m^2, and (30 x 4) x 2 = 240m^2. Add both, then add the subtracted 64m^2 in the beginning, = total area 784m^2, so answer checks. Pool measures 30 x 60 metres.2. ON YOUR PERIOD AND GOING SWIMMING TO THE POOL?yes, i always use this whenever the situation arises. but make sure you get a size that fits you VERY comfortably or else it's going to bother you a LOT. and make sure the tampon does not LEAK. cus you dont want to leak into the pool :)3. Can I wear shorts, a tank top, or a t-shirt to go swimming in a pool?What is more important is for you to wear what makes you feel comfortable. Remember that there are many types of swimsuits. Maybe you are not shy about wearing a string bikini. Great! Why does it matter what other people think? Too skimpy? You could wear a one piece. Still too skimpy? Some swim outfits are made almost like shorts and tank top. It's quite common for people to wear clothes not specifically designed as swimsuits. Especially if they go to a conference and did not anticipate there being a pool available, lol. Depending on the situation, a girl might go skinny dipping, wear underwear (that often looks like a bikini anyway) or wear shorts and a top. However, the material of day clothes is made differently from swimsuit material. A swimsuit will not retain as much water. Regular clothes will absorb more, causing them to be heavier and drip more once out of the water. Also, avoid loose clothing; it might float around as you swim in embarrassing ways, or make it difficult to swim. If that's what you want to wear, wear it. Maybe that's what all the other girls will be wearing, maybe nobody else will. Do what you think is right. However, Colina's suggestion is a good one: be ready for anything. If you have both, then you are prepared. If you go there and everyone is in swimsuits, change or strip down. If everyone is in regular clothes, then you are ready to go. Bear in mind that you may want to bring a change of clothes, or larger/looser clothes for when you are done swimming. Have fun!
Look Good for Less! Stylish Winter Coats for Under $100
In this troubled economy, the sale rack has never looked more attractive, as women who are shopping are looking for affordable, high-quality clothes. And with winter quickly approaching, many women are likely seeking the perfect coat. Although coats generally cost more than $100, "Good Morning America" teamed up with Glamour magazine executive fashion editor Suze Yalof Schwartz to find coats that cost much less - proving that high fashion doesn't always have to have a high price tag.Puffer jackets are the perfect weekend option, and this sleeping bag coat by Norma Kamali for Wal-Mart is no exception. In this coat, you will stay warm running errands outdoors, or at winter events. It's so chic, you can wear it to work, Schwartz says. The booties, cuffs and gold aviator sun glasses add extra sophistication to this ensemble.As seen on "GMA":Coat: Norma Kamali for Wal-Mart Sleeping Bag Coat, $35Turtleneck: American Apparel, $28Cuffs: Lulu', $17 eachLeggings: American Apparel, $26Booties: Steve Madden, $120Pea coats have always been a favorite style among women. This bright pink version is an updated, 2009 version of the classic navy or basic black. Schwartz encourages women not to shy away from color in a coat.Although this coat was paired with black leggings and booties, it will work with jeans, your favorite shift dress, or many other things in your wardrobe, she says.As seen on "GMA":Coat:, $99Top: Old Navy, $20Scarf: Fred Flare, $22Bag: American Eagle Outfitters, $30Gloves: Tulle, $18Leggings: American Apparel, $26Booties:, $33 On a recent trip to Paris, Schwartz noticed that lots of young French girls were wearing leather motorcycle jackets. This faux version, from Lulu's, looks and feels real, but costs a fraction of what a real leather jacket would.Pair it with something fun and flirty, like a short, full miniskirt with booties.As seen on "GMA":Coat:, $75 ( H&M, $7Top: H&M, $25Skirt: H&M, $25Booties: Bakers, $60Vintage shopping can turn up some great finds. This vintage coat, from, is lined with fur, and is belted to show off your waist. The best part? It's $50.When you're shopping vintage, take the time to search for good, quality pieces with structure and shape that you can incorporate into your wardrobe for the rest of your life.As seen on "GMA":Coat:, $50Hat: Urban Outfitters, $30Turtleneck: American Apparel, $28Tights: Spanx, $26Boots:, $35Schwartz says the boyfriend trend has become very popular.One of her favorite ways to wear it is to incorporate a plaid piece into the overall look. This buffalo plaid coat from Jack by BB Dakota shows off the waist for an feminine look.The faux fur trapper hat from Gap and faux shearling heeled booties from combine to create a fun and warm look.As seen on "GMA":Coat: Jack by BB Dakota, $72 at www.lulus.comHat: Gap, $29Scarf: Urban Outfitters, $40Top: Aerie, $30Bag: American Eagle Outfitters, $30Booties:, $27If you want to give back this holiday season, you can donate a gently worn coat to the Warm Coats & Warm Hearts drive. Click Here for more information.Click here to return to the "Good Morning America" Web site.
How Long Do I Wait Between Coats of Oil Based Paint on a Bookshelf?
As long as the label on the paint can suggests. You may want to add a bit more time to account for the humidity but in 90F weather it may dry in good time regardless1. I want to paint a wall bookshelf. I was told I should use an oil based paint. Because I have a Parrot I don'tLightly sand the wood. Clean all dust off of the sanded wood. Apply a latex primer and let the shelf dry. Then use latex paint to paint the shelf2. Who is the most frequent author on your bookshelf?Has to be T.C. Boyle.I own most of his books and have been a fan of his for a long time. However, his more recent works are not as good as the oldies. I was not too fond of When The Killing's Done or Talk Talk. Things improved a bit since The Harder They Come.His older releases though are some of the best novels I've read in my life. I was stunned by the story of the Mexican immigrant in the Torilla Curtain and amazed by the quest of a few weirdos to become rich in the Marihuana business as described in Budding Prospects. My personal favourite though is World's End - I always saw this work as some kind of a modern-day American epic3. rat cage made out of a bookshelf?it does not sound like a bad idea. however, I would rather make a book cage out of a ratshelf4. how would u react if u found a book about witches on ur bf/gf's bookshelf??And this is a big deal why? I would be far more concerned to find a book on Satanism5. Provide A Programmer Bookshelf With Your CVFantastic idea, perhaps we can include some form of ISBN auto-lookup as well6. I want to paint a wall bookshelf. I was told I should use an oil based paint. Because I have a Parrot I don'tWhy not just paint it outside or in the garage?7. What books should a teenage girl have on her bookshelf? classics, series etc?For a teenage girl (or anyone regardless of age or gender) they need to have books that they like. What I like could be something completely different from what you like. I do not like Twilight, but some of my friends are all over it. Would I have it on my shelves? No.8. Stocking 6.6 gallon bookshelf Aquarium...?This Site Might Help You. RE: Stocking 6.6 gallon bookshelf Aquarium...? I just bought a bookshelf aquarium (by Petco) to put in my dorm room... It's supposedly about 7 gallons, but I expect that I can put alot more fish in it because the dimensions are like a 20 gallon long. It is only 6" deep and 6" tall, but it is a whole 24" (2 feet) long. I also...9. What's the best pair of bookshelf/monitor speakers for under $500(US)?When in the market for speakers, you should always demo them with your own source of music and listen to only one song on each speakers. Paradigm is a very good speaker in the higher end of the audio. Here are some other brands to consider: Bowers & Wilkens, Thiel, Focal, Monitor Audio, PBS, Canton and Sonus to name a few. Hope this will help you out.10. What is the best approach to painting a bookshelf?spray it with a gun. it will look so much nicer11. How do I test whether my bookshelf home stereo speakers are damaged or blown?Play music loudly. If it sounds bad, it's busted12. Impossible to sort iBooks PDFs in Bookshelf view?Problem seems to have been insufficient RAM, since only iBooks was receiving a memory warning and dumping nonvital objects, or something which would have similar behavior.It would be nice if it iOS was a little louder about this sort of situation. Oh well.Belated Edit: Closing some other apps in the background is what fixed it. Yeah.13. What steps would you take to care for your pinky toe if a bookshelf fell on it?That sounds terrible. How recent was the injury?Likely, I would vent the pain via my mouth and ensure that plenty of loud swear words were said. However, after that, I'd try to strap my toes together as a kind of splint and put my foot into a sock, then a plastic bag...and then into as much ice as I could get hold of.Well, I'd like to think I would. In reality, I was once having a meow-conversation with my very cute cat, fell down the steps and broke my big toe but did very little about it. I was OK in the end, but the toe is still crooked, so I'll never forget Liberace the cat for as long as I live.What steps would you take to care for your pinky toe if a bookshelf fell on it?