Light Therapy Benefits for Your Spa Clients

If you do not already offer light therapy to your clients, then you may want to start! It's a mainstay treatment in the spa world, with a number of skin care benefits for your clientele. With the right professional skin care treatment supplies, you can incorporate light therapy into your spa services.

Types of light therapy There are many different types of therapy using lights - some use UV light to treat skin conditions and mood disorders, some are alternative treatments reputed to reduce pain and discomfort - but such treatments are used outside of spas.

In spas, light therapy means using LEDs to provide anti-aging benefits to the skin.

Light therapy benefits There are many benefits of light therapy that can add value to your customers' spa experience. It is the ideal add-on to facials and other spa services. These benefits are delivered by delivering specific wavelengths based on the desired outcome. Photoreceptors in the skin are targeted. These photoreceptors respond to the distinct wavelengths and can help improve the appearance of your clients' skin.

One of the leading tools in light therapy is the Quasar MD PLUS LED Light Therapy Device. This is an FDA-cleared tool that delivers four wavelengths of amber, red, and infrared light. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, particularly periorbital wrinkles around the eyes. It also helps reduce redness in the skin, making it ideal for use after treatments such as facial peels and microdermabrasions. The larger treatment head on this tool makes for shorter treatment time so you can get your clients results in less time.

But what really differentiates the Quasar is its unique strength. The Quasar is 60% stronger than other devices on the market. This means more effective treatment for aging.

How to get started If you're thinking about adding light therapy to your spa business, make sure you have the right professional skin care treatment supplies. Universal Companies is a major distributor of spa supplies and has specific tools to get you started in the light therapy business.

The Quasar MD PLUS LED Light Therapy Device mentioned above is great as a standalone treatment and after a peel, microdermabrasion, or enzyme exfoliation. The Baby Quasar PLUS LED Therapy Device is perfect for use on the brows, and mouth. It is three to four times stronger than similar devices on the market, delivering more power. Spa supplies like these will get you well on your way to rejuvenating your clients' skin through light therapy.

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