Living Room Dcor Furnishing of Your Home

Living room is an important space of a home where a family spends time together whether they are living in a joint family or a small family. For some people it is a formal room to entertain the guests and for some it's a just a casual room that they use for their daily activities like watching T.V and reading. A typical living room usually contains seating like sofa and some chairs, love seats, coffee tables, side tables, LCD units, wall cabinets etc as per usage. Don't ever blindly purchase the furniture that doesn't match your requirement and space in the living room. The space should be well measured before going to buy any furniture. Here are some useful tips that may help you make your living room look attractive and beautiful. Making Plan - Whenever you are going to plan interiors and furniture for living room, you must consider about the space first and usage of the furniture that has to placed there..Whatever furniture you choose for your living room, keep in mind that some space should be left around the room to walk. Try not to push the furniture against the walls. Make sure that your sofa or other seating should at least be 10" from the walls. . Proper placing of the seats can make the room more attracting and welcoming. One more thing should be kept in mind while placing furniture in the room that every piece of furniture should complement each other. It should match with other piece, otherwise your room will look so dull and down. Materials and Fabrics- Now it's the turn of choosing material and fabrics for the furniture. Although luxurious and high quality materials are little expensive but they are tend to last for longer. You may opt for solid wood like teak wood for your sofa with wooden frame as compared to ply. The leather and the fabrics both can be chosen for the cushions of the sofa in terms of comfort and durability..Both materials have varieties of options in the market like leather is available in different colors and fabrics have unlimited tones and designs that can be suited to any decor of a room. But leather as compared to fabric is less strain resistant and is more vulnerable to scratches and humidity but with its classic appearance, leather can give an elegant look to any living room. The maintenance of both the materials mainly depend on the life style and usage. Accessories- Once the seating and material are finalized, then you must consider about the accessories that has to be used in the living room as accessories also play a major role in the interiors of any living room. In accessories usually we include table lamps, wall paintings, lights etc. But these should not be used in excess as too many pieces of accessories can make the room too busy and less attractive.. The paint and flooring should also be picked according to the furniture so that it gets matched with the furniture. So many living room furniture manufacturer, suppliers and dealers are available in the market that may help you plan your furniture as per your choice by providing the assistance of their designers to furnish your living room.. If you follow all these tips before going to design furniture for your living room, then everyone who visits your home , will definitely be saying 'wow'!

Eskayel Unveils Moody Floor and Wall Coverings at Salon Design Boston
Salon Design will unveil its latest installation, Laissez-faire, on Friday, February 22, in Boston. Its founder, Amanda Pratt, has brought together two Brooklyn artisans at the Beacon Hill gallery for the occasion: Eskayel founder Shanan Campanaro and sculptor Patrick Weder.The presentation of Eskayel's new Belize Blooms wallpaper (inspired by Henri Matisse) provides a moody backdrop for Weder's wood furniture. They join a selection of Pratt's own vintage furniture pieces, like a Milo Baughman teak-backed sofa and matching club chair (both upholstered in the Belize Bloom jacquard) and Vladimir Kagan Nautilus swivel chairs. Campanaro and Weder also plan to cocurate Next Level together (along with Asher Israelow, Hart, and Here Design) during the NYCxDESIGN fair.Campanaro first met Pratt, whose showroom also represents the designer, at her booth at the Architectural Digest Design Show in 2017. "She really got what we were doing straight away and became a great client and supporter of my work," says Campanaro. "For this installation, my husband, Nick, and I suggested also showing Patrick's work so as to see the wallpaper in context with furniture. We are huge fans of his."Weder's new conceptual creations include a live-edge maple, concrete, and steel credenza, a pair of live-edge maple and concrete side tables, and a large-scale walnut, concrete, and steel wall-mounted case piece. "Amanda truly believes in the work and supports the art you are producing," says Weder. It's a rare opportunity to have this many pieces together at one time." The Belize Bloom collection was born out of a collaboration between Eskayel and the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena on a backdrop mural for its exhibition Matisse/Odalisque, also opening February 22. In addition to the wall coverings, the firm is offering fabrics and hand-knotted rugs in silk and merino wool in three colorways: Night Fog, Lumier, and Jardin."The gallery setting gives the work a lot more room to breathe compared to a trade show or even a home so you can see it in a different light," says Campanaro.
End Tables Can Be the Best Additions for Your Home ...
There is a wide range of home decor products you can avail at the local market as well. Despite this fact, many homeowners now day's preferred to shop for these items online. They know that online stores are there which can bring a wide range of such items for them and in the best price range. Due to this reason, when you are looking for the best home decor item that can make your home more functional and appealing, you should go for the end tables available online now. At some parts of the world, it is also called as the coffee table and can make a big difference for the overall decor and look of your home once added. If you are still thinking that buying such an item can be a costly business, then you should shop for it online now. There are leading online stores that specialize in home decor items and they can bring the best price for you on side tables. There are a few home decor items and home appliances without which you cannot call your home a complete one. These are the must do additions for just any modern home. Even the interior designers offer a great importance to the addition of these items when they are looking forward to make the home decor projects successful enough. When you add these things, the overall comfort, convenience and safety of your home can be enhanced in an effortless manner. These items also bring a great level of comfort for the family members and can make their life more convenient. One such item is the end table. This is surely a great addition for just any modern home. On the other hand, this also brings a great level of convenience for you, as it provides you additional space where you can keep or store things like newspapers, coffee cup, etc. When it comes to the decoration of the living room, the addition of side tables seems to be must. There is a wide range of end tables and side tables you can avail now online and in the best price. These items are also made from different materials. However, the ones made from wood are still in demand and also coming in different color schemes. This allows you to choose the right end table or the side table that best suits the color, decor and design of your home. A living room can look really a lively and highly functional one, once you add one of these tables for the place. On the other hand, you can use these tables for different purposes. Whether you want to use them as the coffee table or you want to store the daily newspapers on them; these tables are going to bring the best result for you. The side of the bed looks vacant and you are desperately looking for a home decor item that can fill that space in a more effective manner. This is where the use of the side tables can make a big difference for you and for the room. It not only fills that vacant space but also makes it more functional and usable.
Living Room Decorating Ideas
The sky is the limit with living room decorating ideas. The living room may be the area where you spend most of your time: hence the name living. If you rent a small apartment the living room may be the only area to entertain visitors. Living rooms also need to be functional to entertain guests in. Your living room can make a statement about your personality since it's the first things that visitors will see when they walk in the door. There are plenty of living room decorating ideas out there even if you are working on a budget.Create your own set. You don't have to spend a lot of money to use living room decorating ideas. If you can't afford a traditional living room set then just buy a large couch. Accessorize with two smaller slipper or accent chairs. You'll have the same amount of seating while using less space. It also gives you a chance to add your own personal touch. Paint mismatched side tables for an interesting set that is unique to your home. Blue living room decorating ideas will focus a lot more on end tables and coffee tables instead of colorful couches. This is different from years cast.Need to know how to decorate a living room on a budget Make a focal point. If your living room has a fireplace, center the furniture around it. If not, place the furniture to take advantage of the view or even your TV. Stone or bookshelves will make the fireplace grander. Focal points give the eyes an area to rest and a place to express your personal style in a way that gets noticed.Use new living room paint ideas. Paint is one of the cheapest living room decorating ideas. Finding the right color sets the tone for the room. For a modern look paint one accent wall in a daring color. Paint can also transform furniture and lighting fixtures. You can makeover an entire room for a few hundred dollars if you keep most of your furniture. Try your hand at creating your own custom modern art work. Simplicity is best for the beginner because it still looks high end. This makes even popular living room paint colors like white interesting.Go with a theme by using interesting living room paint schemes. Living room decorating ideas can be fun and whimsical. Turn your living room into a tropical oasis, beach cottage, or old world library. This dictates what pieces you should buy. Avoid over accessorizing or using too many small elements. One or two grand gestures will get your point across. A theme room helps your visitors to know your personality as soon as they walk in and it can even be a conversation starter.Credit: Shells Vacation Hospitality ( at thrift store for new inspiration pieces. This could be a series of trays or paintings that you hang around a flat screen to give it more ambience. White walls don't have to be a snooze fest. If you have a cottage design then just paint your trim in either sage or taupe. This will highlight vintage windows or molding.Living room decorating ideas should focus on the fireplace. You want to make sure that this matches your design style. This could use floral wallpaper for a shabby chic look over a white painted mantle. Stone will usually seem very rustic but you can take it in a slightly more elegant French Coutnry design direction. Just paint out your basic picture frames in a glazed turquoise or yellow.
How to Host a Rockin' Party in a Small Space
Manyhomeownerslove entertaining guests at home,particularlyover the holidays. The problem: Plenty of us have small or even teeny homes that aren'texactlyaccommodating to tons of visitors. So do you trim your guest list to the bare bones, or pack 'em in like sardinesNeither. There are actually many genius ways to host a large number of guests in a limited amount of square footage. Check out these brilliant small-space entertaining ideas from the pros to make your nexta huge hit, regardless of howlittle space you have to roam."A set of ceramic garden stools in front of the couch can be used as a coffee table, side tables, or for extra seats when entertaining," points out of in New York City.Or consider a multipurposeottoman."I love the ones with flip-top lids that can stand infor seating, trays, and storage," says , organizing expert and author of "Keep This, Toss That."Many people tend to gravitate toward a big central table in the home, but a few smaller ones can make much more sense-especially when it comes to entertaining."With small tables that fold or nest, you can bring them out as needed and move them around and then stack them when they're not in use,"explains Novak.But if you want a single table, get one that expands with extra leaves or a drop-leaf that opens up. To maximize the table space you do have, create elevated areas using tiered platters or cake stands. If you don't already own these, you canturn some bowls upside down and rest plates on top.Sometimesa change in the color scheme can help you makethe most of yourwee house, according to , a senior color expert at ."Paint is the least expensive and easiest way to improve a small space for entertaining," she notes.Covering all the surfaces in a small room with one color actually makes it feel larger, she adds."Choose a warm and rich or soft, soothing hue to envelope the space, including the ceiling, and this unified hue will fade defining lines.""A bookcase is a very versatile piece of furniturewhen entertaining in a tiny house,"says Novak.The shelves can hold all the everyday stuff you own (books, collections), but when you're having a bashyou can clear it off and set up plates and cups, she says. Or arrangean instant buffet by lining your empty bookcase shelf with sturdy rattan mats to hold party food.You can also arrange a few liquor bottles, mixers, and glassware on another shelf for a fast, self-serve bar. And to keep peoplefrom squeezing between you and the stove every time they need ice, empty your kitchen sink and fill it with cubes. Guests can grab a few for drinks, and you can stash wine bottles to chill.Nosmall abodeshould be without this three-in-one secret weapon."Use a kitchen cart to store glasses, plates, and serving pieces; prep on the upper surface; and then wheel your appetizers on it to serve guests," recommends , a spokesperson at. A bar cart functions similarly-it can be an end table, holding a lamp and magazines-as well as a spot for stirring drinks or serving dessert.Opt for smaller plates. "Try 8-inch ones, instead of 12-inch," suggests Novak. Smaller plates fit in smaller cabinets and on smaller tables."And when you're entertaining, the 8-inch size is much easier for guests to carry around," she adds. The same holds for glassware in a tiny house. Usesmaller, all-purpose glasses for red, white, and sparkling wines (those big Burgundy globes shatter in a heartbeat).The last (and best) bit of advice is to dig deep in your cabinets and closets for anything you can use in a new way. For example, you might string Christmas lights overhead to decorate and illuminate-and you can remove a couple of floor or table lamps, which freesup space in the process."Or take advantage of kitchen items like pitchers for flowers or place single booms in a few old wine bottles," suggests ofin New York City.Smith also recommends bud vases lined up on your dining table or grouped on side tables: "They're small enough to store for future parties, and they can be used as decor even without flowers in them."The post appeared first on .
What Are Project Ideas for Using Old Golf Clubs? | EHow
Sometimes, you just do not want to sell those old golf clubs, but you are tired of them taking up space in the hall closet. They may be broken or just worn. Turn them into furniture, and get them out of the closet and into another room of your house. They can have a new use and remind you of the fun you had with them when they were new.These tables are especially nice in a Florida or game room as side tables. Take four golf clubs and cut them in half. Use the bottom halves for the legs of the table. Use hot glue or bonding glue to mount the club heads on furniture coasters. (Get help selecting the best glue at a craft or hardware store.) Let them dry. Hot glue or glue brown or black golf balls on the tops of the golf clubs. Glue the other ends of the golf clubs to the golf balls, connecting the shafts in a square with golf balls at each corner. Let them dry. Now you have the frame of the table. For the top, use an old wooden chess board. (If you don't have one, you can probably find one at a pawn shop or junk store.) Glue the chess board to the top of the golf balls, and you have a table. You can either set drinks on it or play chess with it.Buy a shadow box, and display mementos of special golf events in it. Create a frame for the shadow box by measuring the sides of the box and cutting an old golf club to match each side. The four heads and shortened shafts of these clubs make a frame. Line up the clubs so that a head is at each corner of the frame and a shaft connects one head to the next. Use bonding glue to stick the shortened clubs to the sides of the shadow box. Hang the shadow box in a favorite spot so that you can be reminded of fun times all day long.Get an old wooden crate, and paint it green. Glue different colored golf balls on the bottom at each corner of the crate. Cut old golf clubs to match the length of each side of the opening of the crate. Spray paint the clubs to match the colors of the golf balls. Glue the clubs along the edges of the crate opening. Paint golf flag sticks on each side of the crate to match the color of the balls and the clubs. Keep new editions of sports magazines or favorite old editions in the crate.
Great Tips for Car Camping Enjoyment
Camping is one of my favorite activities and my favorite type of camping is car camping. However, there are many other types of camping such as base camping, canoe camping, RV camping, tent trailer camping and back yard camping. Regardless of how you spend your time out of doors or how much time you spend out of doors, there is always more to learn. I have compiled an extensive list of camping tips and this installment is for car campers. Here are my favorite tips for getting the most out of your car camping experience.Organize your gear before you go. The basic principle is to organize or categorize your gear by "when" and "how quickly" you will need it. When I get to the campsite, the first thing I do is prepare shelter. So my tent and shade awning are the easiest pieces of gear to get to. Plan your campsite. Understand how vehicles, wind, sun and rain will enter the campsite. For example, if the wind is coming out of the west, you'll probably want your tent and kitchen west of any campfire to reduce smoke nuisance.Always have a first aid kit in camp. Everyone in camp should know where it is, have access to it and know how to use it. I keep mine in plain sight in my kitchen. If it's locked in my truck, no one can get to it except me.Every camp needs a shovel. I believe a shovel is the most important tool in camp. You'll use it to manage your campfire, leveling sleeping spots and countless other uses. Don't leave home without it.What tent should you use? I recommend a tent that is bigger than you think you'll need. If inclement weather sets in, you'll have a spot out of the elements for reading and playing games. My tent is big enough for two people, two cots, two chairs and two dogs.There is nothing wrong with having a checklist. Things frequently forgotten are: extra batteries, trash bags, kitchen towels, hats, reading material, sleeping pillows, hiking boots and pet food.Your most important camping gear should always be on your body. Not in your pack, not in your tent or in your vehicle. Whenever you leave camp always have a watch, a whistle, a cell phone, a flashlight and a knife on your person.Some neat tidbits I've picked up over the years are: a golf towel is perfect for hanging in your kitchen because it comes with a grommet, you can never have enough zip lock bags, you won't find me camping without a flare - it's perfect for lighting wet firewood, my camp chairs have side tables attached to them, I pre-cook baked potatoes at home and warm them up in the camp fire, in good weather my hammock gets lots of use.Car camping allows you to take virtually anything with you when you camp. But the most important of all is good company. Take along good friends and family. When you do, it doesn't really matter if you have the best gear or the best techniques, the one thing you will have is the best of times. Use this information and you'll Get It Right The First Time. Get Outdoors!This article was posted on March 16, 2005
Sfa Design Transforms Macarthur Place From Victorian B&b to Luxe Hotel
Built to be the family estate of one of Sonoma's wealthiest families in 1869, MacArthur Place was a Victorian-style manor that was considered the height of luxury at the time. Since 1997, the manor has operated as a boutique hotel. A new renovation to the property has turned the space into one of Sonoma's chicest new places to stay, changing an old B&B into a stunning 64-key hotel and spa, along with a new restaurant named Layla due to open the first week of May. Still connected to the history of the area and surrounding wine country, the hotel was reimagined by SFA Design, with structural changes by RDC Architecture and experiential branding by Love & War. The remodeled destination is welcoming new guests just in time for its 150th anniversary.As part of a $20 million overhaul, nearly every facet of the six-acre property received an upgrade. Rooms and suites, the reception area, and a food and beverage program led by award-winning executive chef Cole Dickinson are all new. The space was redesigned as a country-style retreat with a modern twist. Think hand-painted tiles and distressed and bleached oak wood floors paired with clean lines, iron accents, and contemporary art."The property had such a quaint historic feel, and in bringing it to a luxurious new level, we sought to maintain the sense of being in the country while enhancing the vibe to be that of modern and exciting design," says Kara Smith, president of SFA Design.In the guest rooms, new doors and windows with leather valances were installed, in addition to fully refinished interiors. SFA Design created a "clean box" aesthetic with linen wallpaper and oversize plaid molding on the ceiling. Bespoke furniture with an over scaled, posh feel dominates; much of it was commissioned from Harbour Outdoor. Pieces include a white oak minibar credenza, inset black granite and faux suede upholstered drawer fronts, portable lighting by Scott Group, illuminated vanity mirrors by Séura, woven benches by JLF, and faux concrete dinette and side tables by Skypad."We have touched just about every square inch of the property, with a goal of transforming MacArthur Place into a five star-level, luxury property," says Justin Bain, director of marketing and brand management at IMH Hospitality. "The six-acre property consists of 20 different buildings, and each one had extensive work. Most were stripped down to the studs and there were even a few new structures added."MacArthur Place is located at 29 E. MacArthur Street in Sonoma. Bookings are available online.
Best Portable Gas Grill - Coleman Roadtrip Grill Lxe Review
The Coleman Roadtrip Grill LXE mannequin is a robust and effective propane grill. This Roadtrip grill model has a 285 square inch cooking surface created of porcelain-coated forged iron. This grill is superb for any outside climate situation. With its 20,000 BTU and 2-adjustable burners, this model affords constant cooking performance even if you may be in a high altitude place or in a chilly weather. Like other Roadtrip fashions, the LXE also attributes matchless lighting. It will possibly final as much as 4 as well as a half hours on low fire, and one particular hour on high fireplace. Barbecue instrument holders and stainless steel carry handles are there on your comfort. The Coleman Roadtrip Grill LXE suits into most auto trunks/SUV. The scale makes it finest to put into storage that's definitely if you happen to ever not choose to grill. Take into account the comfort when you visit that next tailgating celebration prior to the Important game. When your new Coleman Highway trip Grill arrives, it requires about 15 minutes to set up. The Coleman Roadtrip Grill LXE full-size grill is the two transportable and foldable and is prepared for nearly any camping trip. The Roadtrip Grill LXE is meant to be utilized entirely assembled, on the other hand if you need use it being a tabletop grill, just eliminate the 4 plastic cap screws and start cooking. The Coleman Roadtrip Grill LXE is easy to assemble, simply attach the wheels and insert the plastic cope with and it is able to use. This design is moreover excellent for outside journeys simply due to its compact size and foldable wheels and handles. Coleman was in the place to increase this grill's operation with its built-in facet tables and tool holder. You will must put money into individually, sixteen.4 ounce disposable propane cylinders, no individual ships these. Though on medium heat they final around 4 hours, let's face it if ain't cooked in 4 hours you may need to take it outside of the can. An individual nice technique is, for anyone who is using your Coleman Grill LXE though cooking at house or somewhere the place portability isn't too much of a concern you may see about hooking as a lot as a type of larger sized, refillable propane tanks. Other Features Of the Coleman 9949-750 Road Trip Grill LXE Towing deal with, wheels, and removable side tablesThe collapsed grill measures 36 by 22 by 13 inchesColeman 9949-750 Road Trip Grill LXE supply a limited 5-12 months guaranteeAmerican made at the Coleman plant in Wichita KS It has two warp resistance porcelain coated forged iron grates take make clear up up a snap, simply use a moist soapy sponge and also you happen to be all utterly ready for the following meal. The forged iron may very well be the simplest metallic for holding the warmth; you'll use much less gasoline whenever you let the residual warmth hold factors very hot. Although there exists an open flame place to cook dinner in extra of the burner place is roofed, this will enable hold the flare approximately a minimum. Would be the Coleman roadtrip lxe moveable grill as robust as different producers? This Coleman Roadtrip Grill LXE arrives outfitted by having an instastart electronic starter, which suggests no additional fumbling throughout with matches or making an attempt to bear in mind who had the lighter past. Using the digital begin wind will not ever another time change into a fear when lighting the burners and that morning coffee is but a quick just one contact of the button from brewing. Between the two burners with your Coleman 9949-750 Highway Journey Grill LXE you've a whopping twenty,000 BTU's of warmth to cook with. Reminiscent of the primary RoadTrip Grill, the LXE options authentic open up flame grilling, two spectacular burners which are solely adjustable, digital ignition. Usually you would be having to pay 2 occasions as significantly for this sort of energy. With 20,000 BTU's you will be feeding that hungry group rapid.
Inside Pregnant Marnie Simpson's Five-bedroom Bedfordshire ...
PREGNANT Marnie Simpson shares a modern five-bedroom Bedfordshire home with boyfriend Casey Johnson - and she's given her fans an inside look at the pad with her various social media snaps.The 27-year-old splashed out on the house in 2017 and transformed it into a chic and stylish place to call her own.Speaking about the house last year, Marnie said: "It's a lovely detached house with five bedrooms."It's really pretty. It's just outside London - in Bedfordshire."The proud homeowner often shares pictures of her pad revealing the stylish décor - in particular her impressive walk-in wardrobe.Marnie's dressing area features a white wooden floor with a chaise lounge where she can sit to make outfit choices.There are floor to ceiling wardrobes full to the brim with clothes, shoes and handbags.In the centre, there is a pale pink puff to sit on and there is a stunning chandelier hanging from the ceiling.Their kitchen is just as impressive with state of the art equipment and an island in the centre.The floors are white marble and in keeping with the calming and clean feel of the house, the walls are white.The couple's bedroom is also white, with white marble effect side tables beside the her large bed, which features a stylish headboard.She has curtains in bronze and silver hanging across her floor to ceiling windows.In the living room they have a huge grey sofa that looks more like a bed after being pushed together.Marnie revealed last month that she's pregnant after worrying she'd never become a mum after her heavy drinking.She said: "Because I'd done Geordie Shore I'd convinced myself that I couldn't have kids because of all the alcohol abuse."Last yearMarnie admitted making baby plans with her boyfriend of two and a half years.The couple - who met on Single AF - are now ready to become parents.Marnie always feared she would be infertile after having an abortion when she was younger.She added: "When I look back I definitely feel I made the right decision. I don't regret it. I was so young, I didn't have a job, a driving licence, or any money."The reality TV star has always wanted to have a little boy - and says she's on target to give birth at the right age in life."I think 27 would be a good age," Marnie said previously about having kids."I've always wanted a little boy - I think it's because my family are all girls."Got a story? email or call us direct on 02077824220.We pay for videos too. Click here to upload yours.
The Room Planners: How to Make the Most of a Basement
Paula and Phil Robinson, an interior design team, offer space-saving solutions, architectural advice and style tips. This week: how to make the most of a basement Paula suggests: Turning a basement into liveable space offers the luxury of additional floor space and takes the strain off the rest of the home by moving different activities below stairs. Basements can fulfil many different functions; they can also multi-task depending on their size. Consider A large kitchen, breakfast room and family room combination with a utility room; a pool and gym; a home cinema and games room; a library and music room - with additional work surfaces and storage for hobbies; guest accommodation or au pair's room; a wine cellar. Don't forget Invest in good lighting. Variety is crucial; washing the ceiling and walls with mood lighting works well if combined with task lighting but don't forget direct light. Dimmer switches are invaluable.Create concealed storage space wherever possible. Consider storage within seating units; floor-to-ceiling flush cupboards; built-in shelving and storage units that also house the home entertainment system. If there's a spare square inch, use it.Ensure that your wall and floor finishes have interest. A lack of daylight, a plain floor and walls can make a basement feel like a cell. Play with texture and colour, but avoid anything too vivid.Consider adding soundproofing if the basement's main activities are likely to be noisy.If your basement is dark, opt for a well adapted use. A home cinema is an ideal candidate. Use your imagination to create your personal ideal of a cinema - anything from sleek and hi-tech to old-style movie theatre glamour.Get your surround-sound and screen position right and work the rest of the room around that.Decide on the number of people that you want to accommodate and choose your seating accordingly, from bespoke sofas to old cinema seating from salvage yards. Make sure that your seating is plush and easy to sink into. Leather and faux-suede are good fabric choices for durability.Include accessible surfaces for drinks and snacks. Forget conventional side tables and be original - anything from adapted polished wheel rims for a sleek retro look, to old urns with glass tops for a vieux monde look.Opt for original, striking floor and wall coverings. For a fresh look in a combined cinema and games room, consider teaming panelite (translucent wall panels that can transmit light) with a concrete floor in a polished, matt or painted finish. For a more plush and sedate look, panel walls in fabric (a rich velvet or wool are ideal) and choose a luxurious carpet for a hushed atmosphere. Phil cautions: Useful contacts Home cinema installation: Finite Solutions 0113 255 4765; Audiovision Online 01480 471202; Libra Solutions 020 8428 2776 Panelite: Cafe Interiors 0161 371 5550 Games room supplies: Carousel Games 01653 668547; My Games Room Federation of Master Builders guidelines and finding a basement specialist: 020 7242 7583 General basement information: The Basement Information Centre 01276 33155 Information on waterproofing basements: Basement conversions: Basement Living 01706 831223; Basement Force 020 7924 1434; London Basement Company, 020 8847 9449