Man Shot Over Lebron James Sneakers. Does Lebron Not Care About His Fans?

Man shot over Lebron James sneakers. Does Lebron not care about his fans?

This robbery occurred at 5:30 AM before the store even opened. No one even had the shoes yet. This was a robbery over money--not shoes

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Hey y'all Ultimate Michael Jackson Quiz for his fans?

OK, I'M HONESTLY DOING THIS WITHOUT A N Y HELP WHATSOEVER, so if I leave some blank, its because i am doing it on the top of my head. Woo.. HERE WE GO! *nervous* 1. 1958

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So yesterday Trump launched his 2020 campaign and he mentioned Hilary Clinton 7 times while his crowd was chanting the usual "Lock her up!" But she is retired from politics, so why are Trump and his fans so obsessed with Hilary Clinton?

Most people would get bored doing the same thing over and over again, but boredom implies both a capacity for imagination and the ability to realize that a tactic has gone on too long with no practical reward, two things that both Trump and his audience lack

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Buy Or Sell: Most regs on here dont hate Immortal Technique BUT hate his fans dor being so extremist into him?

Well i think he on the lame side of the spectrum..... A good lyricist sure....but not an elite one.... He really does try to hard to be pretentious...which to me is lame. His flow is horrible...actually he reminds me of bizzare somewhat in relation to flow...its that bad. Mr. Lif is political...but at least he can ride a beat... i think Immortal Tech forgot that part of rap is to actually make music, not just ramble you thoughts to some music. He does have some good songs....but as a emcee he really is not complete and is flaws are rather major when judgement is concerned. Also he's usually the first person named from someone who does not really follow music that fits that similar criteria...but that has nothing to deal with him as a emcee. So i guess i do not like both the fans nor him...but i do give credit where its due.

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Who thinks Ricky Hatton's theme song and his fans are kinda, well, stupid?

lol they are from manchester what you expect you go there witout either a stab vest or a bp vest ur asking for it these days imo hatton will win only if he cant stop mayweather running round the ring like a little girl

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What sign is most likely to be rude to his fans and say no to taking a pic?

Taurus because they think it's nonsense

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did justin bieber really spit on his fans?

at least he did not do what Marylyn Mansun did, he masturbated onto his fans

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