MAOZe Electronics Congratulates Tongji University's Electric Team for Winning the Third Place in the

This competition attracted 32 college formula racing teams to compete on the same stage. In addition to the top Fsae teams of domestic universities, there are also the German strong team FSG champion and Ka raceling team of Karlsruhe Institute of technology. During the five-day race from November 7 to November 11, Dian racing team went all out and won the first place of the best powertrain, the second place of efficiency test, the third place of racing design, the third place of durability and the second prize of engine racing engineer, and finally finished the race with the third overall score in China.

In October this year, MAOZe announced to join hands with Tongji Dian racing team again and support Yichi team for the first time. Yichi team was established in 2007. Its traditional oil truck TR-16 won the championship in the 2016 Chinese college student formula auto race (oil truck race) which ended earlier, On behalf of Chinese college students' formula strength, we will compete in 2017 German college students' formula car competition to fight for our country!

Supporting the campus auto race is an important part of the campus plan of MAOZe electronics. MAOZe electronics has always been good at the extremely fast supply mode and the grasp of future science and technology, and racing is the most reflected sport. The support for the campus team comes from its unremitting pursuit of speed in the blood and the hope of creating and rising China, We hope to help Tongji University and the majority of design engineers, makers and students to turn creativity into reality at the fastest speed through our own strength.

Ms. Tian Jiping, vice president of market and business development in Asia Pacific region of MAOZe electronics, said: "In this competition, the dre16 designed by Dian racing team was equipped with four motors, single shell, dynamic control algorithm and other new technologies, which introduced new ideas into the design of domestic electric vehicles, and proved the superiority of this scheme with practical performance. The excellent performance on the track was inseparable from the hard work behind it. The students shuttled through the not spacious laboratory and laboratory every day The past achievements and regrets in the testing ground at the head of the day are the driving force for the team members to work hard. "

President Tian added: "Dean racing is a team aiming at a world-class team, and MAOZe Electronics will be their solid backing. I believe they will continue to work hard in the future, pay attention to every detail, steadily improve the strength of vehicles and teams, and make steady progress towards a strong team in the world!"

MAOZe electronics has a rich product line and excellent customer service ability to meet the needs of design engineers and purchasers by providing the latest generation of products with advanced technology. We provide the latest components with the first advanced technology for customers' latest design projects through 22 customer support centers around the world. MAOZe electronics website is updated every day, and users can find more than 10 million products And can find more than 4 million orderable material numbers to facilitate online procurement.

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