Men and Women Please Pick a Chore?

Cook dinner, set the table, do the dishes and put a load in the washing machine. I just shovel out some cars/walkways this last storm. Still a little sore from it. I would cook every night if I never had to shovel snow, cut grass, paint, and/or fix anything again.

1. I'm eating snow crab for the first time tomorrow what can I expect and how much is it usually?

It's pretty good, but never CLOSE to the best. Being from Maryland and a bit biased, I insist you can never bear Blue crab-- the filet mignon of crab meat-- extremely sweet with a silky, moist. texture. Many from the Pacifica coast will argue you can not beat Dungeness, which I admit is very good. King is the favorite of many around the county. I would say Snow comes in about last. I find it rather dry and generic tasting compared to the others. With that said, do not be discouraged, I would eat a pile any day.

2. Have you ever hunted Canada goose?

I would describe it as gamy roast beef as well. I like it. I prefer snow geese though. For duck it really depends on what type you get. I do not like the taste of shoveler or merganser. I really like teal. They are supper tasty. I like the taste of almost any other duck as well. I have been using a crock pot, slow cooking them in beef broth. My favorite would probably be sharptail grouse, and pheasants.

3. What would the short term consequences of the sun disappearing? [duplicate]

Assuming that the planet continues in its orbit... actually not very much, physically (no cataclysms or hurricanes or suchlike). The world would end - "not with a bang but a whimper". And I suspect you do not have a full week. Consider that everywhere on Earth the Sun does go out once every 24 hours. In those 24 hours, temperatures drop by as much as 40 K depending on cloud coverage, air temperatures and so on. Nothing really drastic happens, even though the areas that had not seen the Sun in the 12 hours prior now do. So, keeping them without the Sun actually introduces less energy in the system.But that's not the full story. Consider an area at around 45 N; the air in the ecosphere averages, say, 10 degrees Celsius. The volume closest to the ground starts losing heat and, after 24-36 hours, drops below freezing; meanwhile, the dew point falls much more slowly, and saturation reaches 100%. Temperature drop decreases as water condenses out of the atmosphere, first as rain, then as snow. This will happen faster away from large bodies of water that act as heat buffers, but wo not probably lead to any violent atmospheric phenomena (except that massive rains might perhaps trigger landslides?).Nonetheless, when temperature reaches around -40 C - which I expect by the fourth day, more or less - most plants will die or already be dead. Past that point, you have an ecological catastrophe on your hands.The consequences of the cold and the snow and ice - no transportation, etc. - will also be much more severe than simply "stay at home". And, unless everybody knows exactly what is happening, just a single day without the Sun will lead to chaos, with people believing they are going to die (most will be right, at that) and they have nothing to lose

4. Can walking around in snow for a few minutes hurt a child with asthma?

The snow is just frozen water, water doesnt effect asthma, at all. i have asthma, have ever since i can remember, what effects asthma badly is smoke, pollution etc. Anything from car fumes to cigarette smoke and even dust. But snow will do nothing, stop over worrying.

5. For those of you with showcats that are white or bicolor - which whitening shampoo do you like best?

Actually I showed White Cornish Rexes and Bicolor HHPs - in both cases, I used Nexxus Simply Silver on them and they were as white as snow. Its purple shampoo but whitens coats. Never had a problem using it. There are other cat shampoos for white coats. I use Kenic Sno-Flake Pet Shampoo (for white/light coats) for my Oci's (he's chocolate) and it works great for putting on a shine. Never tried it with whites but I am sure it would work for you.

Snowtown Bank Sells for More Than $185,000
THE infamous Snowtown Bank has sold.The bank, which has been on the market since February this year, has sold to interstate buyers for more than $185,000.Hale Real Estate director Nigel Christie said the buyers planned to renovate the attached house and run a business from the bank.But Mr Christie said the bank's history - convicted murderers John Justin Bunting and Robert Joe Wagner used the former bank's vault to store eight bodies in barrels in 1999 - would not be forgotten."There will be a plaque acknowledging the bank's history and commemorating the victims," Mr Christie said.Bunting and Wagner were sentenced to life in prison, while two associates also received long jail terms.The bank was used to shoot scenes for the film Snowtown and props, including two barrels and black plastic sheeting, remain in the vault.Mr Christie said the bank had more than 20,000 views on during its sale.It also featured on adelaidenow, TV and radio."It was certainly a different property, most people knew what happened but some asked and were put off by what they found out," he said.He said running a business from the bank was a good way to move on from its grisly past."It will take away the mystery of what's inside. I think it's been a mystery since it all happened."Originally published as Snowtown horror bank sells
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