My North Star 4.6 Engine Is Over Heating. What Test Can I Do to Find Out If the Head Gasket Is Blown

Sounds like the thermostat. Be careful because most small engines have alot of aluminuim and they warp. Take it too a mechanic who has a machines that can tell if it is the thermostat. The newer cars are in the radiator so unless you are a mechanic with tools you will need one any way.

1. How can I tell which head gasket is blown?

yep, start pulling spark plugs out one by one, if water/antifreeze is entering a combustion chamber, I would expect the plug to be rusty. Call your trusted mechanic, and ask him, often times, a car with this problem will blow the same head gasket in the same place if its a factory defect of somekind, and your mechanic (or a local parts guy at a dealership may know

2. Is my Head Gasket Blown?

you have a cracked head or a blown head gasket. Oil interior the coolant comes from the passages ni the top seperating oil gallies from coolant gallies. in the adventure that your rings the place undesirable it may be sucking a variety of of oil into your cylinder and burning particularly some blue smoke and then fouling out your plugs promptly. so which you will could desire to be certain which head is defective. whether it purely a head gasket blown, you have the fill up and that's proactive to have the top rigidity examined and look at valve facings at an identical time as you have it off. merely pulling plugs wo not constantly artwork. through fact the crack or the blown head gasket specifically go over from gally to gally and do not leak into the cylinder. If it exchange into leaking right into a cylinder you would be getting white smoke that's indicative of coolant being burnt interior the engine

3. 95 ford ranger 4.0 v6 head gasket blown DIY?

It would be very hard for someone who has not done it before. You do not really need any tools more special than a torque wrench, but there are a dozen tricks and things you need to know. Shops vary, but most would run you around $800 to do the job. Go for it if you want the experience and are already a fair mechanic. You buy a head kit that includes all the gaskets and seals you will need to do the job. It can take longer to get all the other junk off to access the heads than replacing the head gaskets takes. A Clymers manual will take you through it. But, if you need that vehicle fast and can not take time to redo things, do not try it. It will be a real bear the first time you do it.

4. 2004 chevrolet aveo head gasket blown?

Sounds like you may have a valve stem seal leaking. this keeps oil from going in the space between the valve stem and the valve guide. usually a head gasket will show up with skipping and/or loss of coolant. overheating is also common due to compression heat entering cooling system. only a compression test would show for sure if a head gasket is bad. either way with the warranty you should be covered...hope this helps

5. Can a Head Gasket be blown without Smoke coming out of the tailpipe?

go to a radiator shop and have whats called a CO2 test...block check, that would determine if exhaust gas was making it into the cooling system... I would pull each spark plug first, and check to see if one is wet, if one is wet with Oil, it would indicate worn rings.. You can then get an ANTI-FOUL spark plug tip, and screw the sparkplug into the anti foul tip and then insert it into the cylinder... that will buy you some time, until you can either sell the car or fix it...use a new plug... and I would buy an extra one, as if one cylinder is going bad, another will be following shortly after... remember that this is a TEMPORARY solution to a problem that cannot be fixed properly without a complete engine overhaul... and you have to weigh the cars value over the cost of that repair= likely 1500-1800 to be done properly... Hope this helps.... Also another way to check for a miss, is wait till dark, and with the car running in a dark area, open the hood and see if you see any flashes of spark..if you do, then you have a worn spark plug wire or other problem that caould cause the miss you are experiencing... Good Luck

What Is a Cheap Laptop with AWESOME Battery Life?
What is a Cheap Laptop with AWESOME battery life?this is just me...but you can get a macbook for fairly cheap. there amazing and they have about 7 HOURS battery life. and they look sooo amazing too. idk if they fixed all the problems with Vista but OS X 10.5 Leopard is amazing. they have a word processing application too:) but its totally your choice man. Good Luckk:)— — — — — —Roboreptile, How long is the battery life in a roboreptile?thats pretty redundant.... idk!— — — — — —How is wristwatch with 10 years battery life possible?Perhaps those watches use some kind of energy harvesting system to recharge a rechargeable battery?An automatic quartz watch has an energy harvesting mechanism that, like a mechanical self-winding watch, pulls small amounts of energy from the day-to-day motions of the person wearing it.A solar-powered watch uses a tiny solar cell to pull energy from ambient light. (Even indoor light, much dimmer than sunlight, is adequate to keep the watch running).I hear that such watches typically run normally for a day or so when cut off from outside power (taken off the wrist, put in a dark room, etc.). Then they enter low-power state where everything is turned off except internal timing -- the LCD display goes blank, the hands stop. The watch has a power reserve that can keep internal timing going for at least a month; one manufacturer claims it has watches with a 4 year power reserve. Then when you pick it up and shake it, the battery starts to charge up, and the "hands will magically spin to match the current time." ( a ).Are you looking for detailed information on how it's possible to build electronic devices with extremely low power consumption? Then you might enjoy reading Jeelabs's notes on low power electronics ( b ). One JeeNode has run for over 2 years on a single battery charge (charged on August 21st, 2010; still running and continuing to count on Sep 15, 2012). ( c )Or are you looking for techniques to keep a battery from failing prematurely? While recharging a battery many times over 10 years is "easier" than trying to get a primary cell to last 10 years, it does not make it "easy". I've bought new rechargeable batteries for several consumer electronics devices when the original rechargeable battery went dead in less than 5 years -- not merely drained, but completely dead. (What makes this especially frustrating is when 5-year-old equipment uses batteries that are some special shape that stopped production years ago and are now unavailable, and I suspect all the shiny new oddly-shaped batteries will likewise be unavailable in 5 years.). How to keep batteries from failing prematurely would make a good separate question -- I wish I knew the answer.— — — — — —MacBook Pro battery life question?The advertised battery life is never equal to real battery life. Just leave your Mac plugged in all the time. I've been doing that for years. Many people never turn theirs off. Set your computer to shut down after 30 minutes of non use. I turn my MacBook Pro off about two nights per week just for the heck of it. I have friends who never shut down. Mac gear is great gear. It can withstand a lot of stress and has a good surge/spike protector built in— — — — — —Phone battery life and internet?The more you charge a battery, the faster it drains. My suggestions are to use a new battery or only charge it when it is completely or almost dead. Cell phone batteries should be replaced every year.— — — — — —Why is battery life still a weak link in laptops today?1) Longer battery life will make the laptop bigger and heavier, but people need it be smaller and light weight. 2) yes the battery is the worst part in laptop, some pc makers no longer provide the parts thus you have to buy their NEW laptops. I had an old expensive Alienware laptop but no where to get the primary battery. 3) The battery technology is not perfect, even the Apple's gadgets caught fire. and airplanes not allow battery capacity over 100Wh, In fact there are only few battery powered(Electric) cars on the road. btw: the smaller display computing devices last much longer, Li-po batteries performs much better than Li-ion batteries. and some laptops come with slice sheet battery optional.
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