My Swim Team Coach Ses That I Have to Wear a Speedo?

Nobody is gonna care about your package lol. Besides, all the other guys on your team will be in a speedo, and I would be willing to bet some of them feel self-conscious in speedos just remember you are not the only one who's feeling weird about it. And you will get used to it, do not worry. Also if your coach wants you to wear one at a swim meet you can always just put shorts on over your speedo to walk around in, and then take em off right before you swim.

1. What supplies do you need for point class ?

Your shoes, ribbons and elastics attached unless you are doing it in class. Moleskin (to cover the toe box. Makes your shoes last longer and makes them less slippery. Ask your teacher how to use it) Tights Gel pad or lambs wool Resin unless your teacher has it Bandaids Lettuce (no lie. If you put a piece of lettuce and a bandaid on a blister they go away) If you can get the Bandaid brand blister stick I would do it. They are about $10, look like a tiny deodorant, come in a blue package, and are sold either with the bandages or with the insoles. Rub that stuff on your heels and wherever else you are prone to blisters. It will help minimize them. Show up in a black leotard with ballet pink tights (unless you have a dress code), hair up and off your face. If you are allowed a ballet skirt or shorts then go for it. I would bring a water bottle and a banana too Also bring a pair of socks. After class take your gel pads or lambs wool out of your shoes, stick the shoes together and wrap the ribbons around them, and stick them in a sock. It will keep them clean in your dance bag. When you get home take them out and let them dry so the glue can re-harden. Do not wear your pointe shoes at home without a teacher's supervision, wait until you start class. Good luck and have fun

2. do you wear short skirts? how short?

I do now and I am a guy! Having only watched short skirts for decades I tried on a "Cargo Mini Skirt" on a hot day and was instantly hooked. Guys have no idea what they are missing. Observations as a guy: 1. A short skirt provides freedom of movement men have no idea about. It has to be short about 12" or shorter or you could have some restriction of leg movement. 2. A 12" mini skirt IS the median length of a mini skirt. A mini ranges from about 10.5" to 17" long but most sold are in the 12" long area. Guys can rock that easily. A 12" mini skirt is the same length as most mens gym shorts. A 10" micro mini skirt is the same length as some mens running shorts so anyone can wear a mini. A micro mini is a skirt shorter than about 10" long. 3. Men are (slowly) discovering a skirt makes more sense for a male to wear than a female due to anatomy crotch binding inseams is a big deal. A skirt is perfect for running (as women are discovering), hiking, and sitting for a long time. 4. Best of all the chicks know you are not sexist, homophobic or sexually insecure like many guys. They know a skirt wo not make you gay. You will positively get more action than the jocks! (Men have worn skirts far longer than women throughout time and leading clothing designers say there are no reasons for men not to wear skirts. Skirts are an option for men to wear in nearly 70% of the world. For several thousand years skirts guys wore were often micro mini length). Guys are still afraid to try a short skirt but they should. It is more comfortable, cooler and provides unlimited freedom of movement and looks better than mens shorts. The chicks have ALL said the "Short Cargo Skirt" looks far better then any mens shorts. Give it a shot you will be surprised and it's all good...

3. What is a "modest bikini" for a 16 year old?

cant have any cleavage showing. or *** showing. preferable a bikini where the top covers your tummy and the bottoms are like shorts and do not ride up your crack. showing stomach might be considered bad. can you ask whoever is hosting it? is it through school?

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