NFC Function Will Become the Standard Configuration of Domestic Smart Phones

On November 27, with the rapid development of the mobile Internet industry, China's mobile payment has ushered in an unprecedented explosive growth point. Financial institutions, operators and third-party payment platforms are eager to try this huge market.

Li Hongwu, general manager of product innovation Department of China Unicom, accepted an exclusive interview with Sohu it

China Unicom officially launched its first commercial mobile payment product "Unicom China Merchants Bank mobile wallet" in Shanghai yesterday, officially joining the competition. Users can directly swipe the card on the China UnionPay POS terminal (with the China UnionPay QuickPass logo) by loading the China Merchants Bank Account on the special mobile phone USIM card through the designated Unicom business hall. It is planned to pilot in Shanghai and other regions in December this year and gradually promote it throughout the country.

Li Hongwu, general manager of China Unicom's product innovation department, said in an exclusive interview with reporters that there are three bottlenecks in the domestic launch of mobile payment: scheme standards, terminal support and benefit sharing in the industrial chain. China Unicom has decided to increase package subsidies to support NFC mobile phones. It is expected that NFC function will become the standard configuration of domestic smart phones in the future.

Swp-usim card will become the only payment standard solution in the future

At present, the "mobile wallet" solutions launched in the domestic market mainly include apple skin solution, SD card solution and full terminal solution. Among them, the SD card scheme is the leading scheme in the early stage of China UnionPay, which needs to be customized and transformed on mobile phones. At the same time, different positions of SD cards placed on different mobile phones will also have an impact on near-field payment. At present, the mobile wallet launched by China Mobile and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank in June this year adopts this scheme, but it has only been supported by a few manufacturers such as HTC and Coolpad. The whole terminal scheme needs to complete the point-to-point preset and initialization before leaving the factory. It is often difficult for a single data manufacturer to complete the multi application management role. Other non connected IC cards in the form of patches or pendant are just opposite sex bank cards, not mobile wallets in the real sense.

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