Nights in White Satin, Blue Velvet, Cotton Eyed Joe, Black Leather, Or Hell Bent for Leather?

Nights In White Satin never reaching the end

1. girls,do you think a short pink pleated skirt with boots ,ivory satin blouse will look good on a guy?

ppl will think you are gay

2. What to wear with satin mocha color cocktail dress?

cream or ivory would go well with this color and look very polished

3. What kind of petticoat should I wear under a white satin tea length wedding dress (think mariyn monroe dress)?

Bridal shops do have petticoats Also ebay-under rockabilly dresses, look there under slips or petticoats

4. How wood I prepare a guitar top to paint, which does have a satin finish, no gloss! I need to sand the top?

Start with 100-200 grit sandpaper, then sand again with 400-600 grit to smooth it out. You do not have to take it all the way down to the wood, but you might need to primer it before just painting over the old paint because it probably wo not stick or it will bubble later on down the road. For best reults, sand all the way to the wood, clean it, paint it 3-4 layers, and then add some clear-coat 4-5 layers depending on how would eep' you want the paint to look. Make sure you use some tacking cloth between layers of paint to remove any nasties and impurities. For the final coats, you shuld let them stand for about 6-12 hours between applications and spray VERY LIGHTLY. If you hose it all up on the last few steps, you will either have to live with it or re-do the whole darn thing! Good luck with the painting. RE:designs; draw them out on paper FIRST!!! Make sure you practice actual painting on a mock-up surface before trying it on the real thing especially if it's your first time. Practice makes perfect. Get yourself some of the blue painter's masking tape, and use an Xacto knife to cut out sharp lines and edges for the designs. If adding shadowing or layering designs, make sure you use dark first, then go lighter until you are on the last layer where it shoud be glints of white or bright colors. As mentioned before, let things stand between coats/desgins to dry and use tacking cloth to rid yourself of the nasties. If the paint runs DON'T FIX IT!!! Wipe up as much as you can, and sand it off AFTER it dries (You can use paint thinner too, but you ave to be very careful and only use it on a q-tip so you do not go smudging up everything around it. Hope this all helps!!!

5. Did satin talk to me through this dream? i am christian please help!?

Satin is a material. Satan was a myth made up by the Church a long time ago to scare pagans into converting. He doesnt exist. You have an overactive imagination.

6. How do I pack nice clothing (satin or other fabrics besides cotton) in a suitcase without wrinkling?

Fold and roll, yes indeed. And I do not know why, but placing a dryer sheet on the piece of clothing before rolling seems to protect my silkier items better

7. We have a lot of embroidered satin shoes and bags for sale?

wow. free advertising. how smart of you people.

8. What shoes color goes good with a cream satin dress?

That gown is extremely quite! so good selection with that :) if i became you i would possibly positioned on shoes a similar colour because the gown or in case you pick a diverse colour shoe purely adventure it with the colour of the bag! have you ever regarded on Asos? or matalan can do magnificent shoes in certain circumstances and New seem are interior of your skill

9. Can you sit on satin fabric?

The problem is not the weave of the fabric (although it will be slippery to sit on). The "bleeding" you describe is technically called "crocking" if it's color rubbing off onto dry surfaces. To test for that, take a clean piece of white cotton fabric, stretch it over your fingers tightly and rub the fabric to be tested about 50 times, firmly. If the cotton fabric discolors, you've got crocking, and the fabric is defective. Wet dye transfer is called "bleeding"... you can test for that similarly, but wet the fabric first.

From the 26 Letters of the Alphabet, How Many Subsets of Three Letters Are There Such That No Two of
Order does not matter with regards to sets and subsets. ABC is equivalent to BAC1. How do you think about probability questions?This is just a simple problem on derangement, which says that in how many ways can $n$ letters be put in $m$ envelopes, such that no letter goes into its correct envelope. And by simple inclusion-exclusion or using a recursion relation involving derangements of $n,n-1$ and $n-2$ objects, the answer comes out to be: $n!(frac11! - frac12! frac 13! - ... - frac 1n!)$. So, the required probability is actually $e^-1$ as $n ightarrow infty$.2. Do these chain letters really work?This is the classic Ponzi scheme. They are illegal3. A triangle formed of three lettersSierpinksi-like triangle mates with pachinko-like machineFollowing selected funnel-shaped dependencies, a large size-10 triangle recursively breaks down into a size-4-triangle-like arrangement of medium size-4 triangles. This amounts to subdivision by a linear factor of 3. Turns out that most top-row letters have no effect on the corners that matter here.As a check, the relevant sub-triangles in the examples do follow the same rules as size-2 triangles.Any top-row combination of x,y,z can be obtained by beginning with all x and converting one position at a time. Thinking of x,y,z as 0,1,2 with modulo-3 wraparound addition, here is a summary of how converting any position maintains the 3-corner rule just the same in a medium size-4 triangle as in the equivalent small size-2 triangle. (0 = no change, 1 = change to the next letter, 2 = change to the twice-next letter = change to the previous letter)Thanks to symmetry, only the above two cases and the following 6 representations need to be considered. (Actually, there are only 2 truly unique cases below, one where the original top corner letters are the same and one where they differ.)The effects of each addition ripple down for either no effect or for a combined effect of changing two corners in opposite directions. This preserves the required condition where all three corners are either the same or all different,Bonus answer, incompletely justified: The recursive effect clearly scales up by factors of 3 to include all top rows of size $n = 13^k$. Without explanation, the following diagram is a tilted representation of changing a single letter. It convinced me that this is a 3-fold Sierpinski triangle and that no further sizes will work. Each marked diagonal shows that changing a top letter (by 1) will result in a change at the diagonal's level only if the top change is at a corner. The resultant change (by 2, same as -1) will be opposite in value.Further musing: Seems like some hay could be made from the fact that these triangles obey the same rules regardless of which side is considered top and which direction is considered down.4. The Enchanted Cave: Letter DictionDan Russell's answer gives us the letters ptaiaaoaiAnd taking the first letters of the words in Gareth McCaughan's answer acmvmgbyeUsing Vigenere Cipher taking one of string of letters and using the other string as the key. I got: pronounceAnd I guess this is the password to enter the cave.Edit:Quench all but your thirst As the hint suggests $th=f$. So the motto of the Keith's Fresh Water becomes "Quench all but your first". So only first letter remains in the words of Gareth's solution. (As I did above). Also "Keith's Fresh Water" also gives us the same clue as the hint gave. "key th is F resh water".5. Help with letters to boyfriend in bootcamp?Ask at the post office and they will make sure u get the right postage. address goes front and centre of the envelope, return address in upper left corner. As for the letter, just write to him as if u were talking to him, tell him u miss him, what u have been doing etc. hope this helps :)6. Can my bank take all of my money?I am skeptical about what you are saying. I do not trust the banks, but I do not believe a bank such as Chase would treat you as if you are a feudal peasant on their land. Facts are missing from your story. The best you can do for now is write letters. They have to investigate, but do not expect the OCC to be your best friend. They pretty much suck, but if you are persistent, you should get your answers.
What Do I Do If My Baby Will Only Take the Breast Sometimes?
I advised you yesterday that you need to get a medela supplemental nursing system the only way you are going to get your supply to increase is to have baby suck. You can buy the sns from ebay or amazon for a decent price. The pump does not extract milk like a baby does. If you want your milk supply to increase buy domperidone I used it and its amazing I went from pumping 1oz to pumpung 6oz. You can buy it from inhousepharmacy.biz1. does anyone sell things on pretty much have it right: 1) You list a book on Amazon for no fee upfront 2) Amazon adds a shipping credit to you to that price. The shipping credit may not cover the actual shipping cost 3) When the book sells, Amazon puts the money in an on-line seller account minus the Amazon fee. NOTE: You have to click on a link to put the money in your checking account when the money gets put in your on-line seller account, otherwise Amazon will put the money in your checking account every 14 days. My experience: - Once you tell Amazon to put money in your checking account, it can take up to 5 business days. It is not fast like PayPal payments from eBay. - The last book I sold was for $75 to a customer in England. Amazon had given me a $12 or $15 shipping credit, so it sold for $90. After fees I think I got $78 in my account. It cost $32 to ship, so my true gain was $46, not bad, but that was half of what I got for it. My advice, check your books on Amazon as if you were a customer and see if they are selling for a good price and then calculate fees and shipping and see if it is worthwhile for you to sell your own. Amazon provides a lot of information on how to sell and it can get intimidating, but it is easy. It may be helpful to find a postal scale you can borrow to better calculate shipping costs. Comparisons: Amazon: no upfront selling fee,they assign shipping credit to you, longer wait to get money in checking account eBay: fee to list item even if it does not sell, you get to assign shipping costs, can get money faster if you have PayPal I have actually sold books that were given for free to me, damaged or had pages missing, so it can be rewarding if you were going to toss or donate the books anyway. Good luck!2. how much money can i make, in your opinion, opening a music store?Not much, this category is fading because of online music. People do not shop for clothing and go buy music there, you cannot sell them for what the box stores and amazon can3. Are there any business-savvy Pennsylvanians who can help me?Hi Blitzen, I just saw this question. I have a little "mini-MBA" from UCLA but can not really weigh in very knowledgeably for your purposes here. Here's a little bit, though. Scranton is one of those older cities and may have more of a unionized tradition because of its coal-mining roots. The area I was telling you about before, which is considerably south and to the west is not particularly unionized. In fact one of the last big union shops was just broken there when IAC closed down in December. Carlisle is a major distribution center for Ross, Amazon, and other big retailers, so is it too late to look at it for Target? It's just that I know that the infrastructure is already there. Not that I know enough about Scranton to say that you could not find it there as well, but it IS in Carlisle/Middlesex and is ready to go. (If Target is serious about this, which it probably is, you might score a job out of this.) This is where I81, 76 the PA Turnpike, 11, and other major routes all come together. Again, not to say Scranton/Lackawanna would be wrong, but I just know the other area, and it is a distribution powerhouse. I think compared to certain other areas, however, the socio-economic level in Scranton is lower, but... these days, these distribution centers are so very automated, I have to ask, why is that such a large factor? The high tech solution is the answer, is it not? As I understand it, the staffing of these centers is remarkably low. And truck drivers go everywhere. Just my two cents. Good luck from CarlisleGirl!
How to Avoid Light Pollution in the Use of Landscape Lamps
Urban landscape construction is an indispensable part of urban planning. The colorful garden landscape lights make the City show another beauty at night. However, there is often something hidden behind the beauty. This is not true. The lighting line of this beautiful garden landscape is too dazzling, which really makes the surrounding residents unable to adapt and unbearable.At present, many cities are bidding for garden landscape lighting planning based on the principles of high efficiency, energy saving, green and environmental protection, and avoiding light pollution has become an important evaluation content. This indicates that the concept of landscape lighting construction in Wuhan is changing: it is not "the brighter the more beautiful", but "bright" reasonably and carefully. The concept of "never night city", which was proud a few years ago, is no longer applicable.How to correctly use landscape lamps to decorate the night scene of the city, landscape lamp manufacturers feel that they must first do the following:1. To strengthen the management of urban construction, reduce and prevent urban light mattress dyeing, we should strengthen the management of urban construction. Firstly, the scope of use of decorative materials such as glass curtain wall should be controlled; Restricted to busy areas, traffic intersections and residential areas; Limit the installation area. Large glass curtain walls can be separated by partitions and straight bars in the middle; Adopt advanced glass with small reflection coefficient. The urban night scene lighting shall be scientifically and reasonably planned and designed in strict accordance with the lighting standards, and the light source, lamps and scenery scheme shall be reasonably selected; We should not only make the city bright and beautiful, but also meet the requirements of energy and environment, and build and implement the "green lighting project";2. The establishment and improvement of laws, regulations and relevant standards, and the trial process of many light pollution cases show that the current laws and regulations on light pollution are very insufficient.To control light pollution, there should be direct and specific provisions in laws and regulations. First, define what is light pollution in the environmental protection law; Formulate prevention and control measures for light pollution and build a supervision and management system; Implement subregional management and determine the quality standards and emission standards of light pollution in various regions; Environmental protection systems such as environmental impact assessment system and "three Simultaneities system" have been implemented in the field of light pollution. When formulating corresponding standards and specifications, it is recommended to refer to the relevant regulations and standards of the international lighting Commission (CIE) and developed countries.3. Strengthen publicity, education and technical research, and publicize the harm of light pollution to human and ecological environment, so as to attract more people's attention. Only with enough attention can we better implement the legislation, monitoring, planning, management and technical research of light pollution. Learn from foreign experience and measures to prevent and control light pollution, and establish the concept of ecology, environmental protection and energy saving.
What Can I Do About My 2004 Audi A4 Quattro Turbo?
turbocharging: Using an exhaust-driven turbine to drive a air compressor that compresses air into the cylinders and increases the power of the engine. This process produces more power because cars run on air more than they run on fuel. The more air the engine can take in, the bigger the bang is during the power stroke. How turbocharging works. 1. The hot exhaust gases leave the exhaust manifold in much the same manner as they usually do. But instead of going directly through the exhaust system and out of the car via the tailpipe, they first pass through a turbine, which is nothing but a fan that's set in motion by the velocity of the passing gases. 2. A shaft connects the fan to the compressor, which blows fresh, filtered air into the cylinders. (On a gasoline powered car, it takes the fuel/air mixture supplied by the carburetor and blows it into the cylinders.) 3.The excess and used exhaust fumes pass from the turbine to the exhaust system and continue on their way to the tailpipe and out into the air in their usual manner. 4. The more load on the engine, the hotter and faster are the exhaust fumes that turn the turbine. The faster they turn it, the more air the compressor sends to the engine and the faster the engine can go. This unique way of converting exhaust gas energy into mechanical power has a nice merry-go-round effect. * I have no comment on $500 for a tune-up. Good Luck.1. Why the similarity in the Equations of Motion for Rotational and Rectilinear Motion?The two sets of equations are mathematically equivalent.The angular velocity is defined as the rate of change of the angle: $$ omega=fracdthetadt$$ Which is analogous to the equation for rectilinear velocity $$v = fracdxdt$$ In the same way, the angular acceleration is defined as the rate of change of the angular velocity (so the second derivative of the angle): $$alpha=fracdomegadt=fracd^2thetadt^2$$ This is again analogous to the rectilinear case: $$a=fracdvdt=fracd^2xdt^2$$ So, it does not come as a surprise that the equations for both types of motion look similar.2. Device to allow camera to rotate on an axis that runs down the center of the lens?There are devices called Camera Rotators that might facilitate this. They are designed to let you rotate your tripod-mounted camera between portrait and landscape orientation, so most of them seem to be limited to 90 degrees of motion3. How do I protect my elderly parents at home?If you are tech savvy, put out a camera in the living space. Some of them could be hooked to motion detection triggers so that you may be able to even remotely monitor them and if anyone's in the house. Besides that, make sure they do not go hungry, eat and sleep on time, are not socially secluded and that they have some hobby. Make sure the bathroom floor is not slippery, stairs in the house are friction lined. Make sure the floor carpet is soft enough and that the areas are well lit4. Linear motion in the Euclidean plane?So, to build upon the answer by user21820, your book on linear algebra seems to state the situation the wrong way around, since scaling is not a geometric motion which preserves distance. The case of a linear transformation mapping into a lesser dimension is the extra case of adding a geometric projection (which is also a linear transformation). All linear transformations in 3 dimensional space can be represented geometrically by a rotation followed by a projection, a (optional) mirroring, a positive scaling, and a final rotation.5. Anyone know why i get muscle strains a lot?Neck muscles do not get much of a break from constant use. You may need a muscle relaxant while it heals, possibly even a collar to restrict motion. Then once it heals, careful strengthening. See your doctor and/or a physical therapist. Meanwhile, try not to turn your head. Turn your eyes, or your body to turn your view. Wear turtleneck sweaters to keep it more warm and relaxed, help it heal.6. What is quantum Brownian motion?A. To the extent that you think of Brownian motion as a random walk, the natural quantum extension is the quantum random walk. For a physics perspective, see Quantum random walks - an introductory overview, but you might prefer the more math-oriented exposition of Martin boundary theory of some quantum random walks and On algebraic and quantum random walks.We give a concise prescription of the concept of a quantum random walk (QRW), using the example of QRW on integers as paradigm. It briefly explains the notion of quantum coin system and the coin tossing map, and summarizes two emblematic properties of that walk, namely the quadratic enhancement of its diffusion rate due to quantum entanglement between the walker and the entropy increase without majorization effect of its probability distributions. We conclude with a group theoretical scheme of classification of various known QRW's.B. Concerning the relation between Wiener processes and quantum Brownian motion: A quantum version of the wavelet expansion of a Wiener process has been developed in A Levy-Cielsielski expansion for quantum Brownian motion and the construction of quantum Brownian bridges.Classical Brownian motion has a delightful wavelet expansion obtained by combining the Schauder system with a sequence of i.i.d. standard normals. Our main technical result is to obtain a quantum version of this expansion and so construct quantum Brownian motion in Fock space. Consequently, only the discrete skeleton provided by a "quantum random walk" is required to generate the continuous time process. Our result seems easier to establish than the classical one of Lvy-Cielsielski as we do not require logarithmic growth estimates on the squares of i.i.d. Gaussians, thanks to the nice action of annihilation operators on exponential vectors.C. Concerning a mathematical description of the physical phenomenon of Brownian motion: We are then concerned with the effect of an environment having a large (infinite) number of degrees of freedom on the dynamics of a particle with a few degrees of freedom. So we are seeking a quantum theory of friction, diffusion, and thermalization. The seminal paper here is the path integral theory of Caldeira and Leggett. The literature is very extensive, an older but still relevant review is Quantum Brownian Motion: The Functional Integral Approach.The quantum mechanical dynamics of a particle coupled to a heat bath is treated by functional integral methods and a generalization of the Feynman-Vernon influence functional is derived. The extended theory describes the time evolution of nonfactorizing initial states and of equilibrium correlation functions. The theory is illuminated through exactly solvable models.
The Usage Distinction Between Via and Pad When Protel Designs PCB
With regard to "via cover oil" and "via window opening" (the usage distinction between via and pad), many customers and design engineers often ask what this means when placing an order on the system, and which option should I choose in my document? This issue is explained as follows:        We often encounter such problems. The design is seriously non-standard, so we can't distinguish between pad and via. Sometimes the conductive hole is treated with pad attribute, and sometimes the keyhole is treated with via attribute. The design of via attribute and pad attribute is confused, resulting in wrong processing. This is also one of the problems that often complain. For circuit board production plants, when processing CAM data, Some film processing engineers will make mistakes because the customer's design documents are not standardized. They help the customer modify the documents, make the non-standard design right, and process the engineering data with their own experience, which leads to and contributes to the customer's non-standard design. Jieduobang hereby explains that what you did right last time does not mean that your documents are right! All engineers must pay attention to the design standards and specifications! Jieduobang will again strictly require all film processing engineers to maintain the status quo of customer documents as much as possible! Try to deal with it according to the design specifications and standards, not according to the so-called experience! Reflect the problems, so as to make a reference for all design engineers, improve the design quality and reduce the occurrence of problems!      This article mainly explains the conductive hole, keyhole, and the connection between Protel / pads / and Geber files. Conductive hole: via keyhole: pad is particularly prone to several problems: first, the mixed use of pad and via leads to problems. 1. When your file is pads or Protel, send it to the factory and ask for hole cover oil. Pay attention to it. You should carefully check your plug-in hole (PAD) Is it also useful for via? Otherwise, green oil will be applied to your plug-in hole, resulting in the inability to weld. The dispute points: the plug-in hole must be sprayed with tin. How can you cover the oil and how can I use it? Please check the documents when saying this, whether it is designed by pad or via!      When your document is pads or Protel, send the document to the factory, and the order requires via cover oil. Many customers use pad (plug-in hole) to represent the conductive hole, which leads to the opening of your conductive hole. Maybe what you want is via cover oil. At that time, the dispute may be that what I want is via cover oil. Why did you open the window, Please check your document design!Again, if you are via, press via. If you are pad, press pad! Because no one will know that you are a conductive hole, that is a plug-in hole, and via and pad are the only signs. Please be clear!      During the conversion process of via, problems are caused by non-standard design or unclear Gerber setting rules. When you send Gerber files, the factory can't distinguish which are through holes and which are keyholes. The only thing that can be identified is processing according to the file, which is helpful for welding layer and opening windows! Dispute point: you open the window for me now. I may cause a short circuit. Please check your file. The Gerber you sent out is a film file. The factory has no way to check whether you have a conductive hole or a keyhole. Please check the Gerber file to see if there is a welding aid layer. If there is any, open the window and cover the oil. III How to design the oil of the through hole cover in Protel or pads—— This is the most standard practice. If the design standard is, there will be no mistakes!      In the via attribute of Protel, there is a holding option. If it is checked, it must be oil capping, and all you transfer out are oil capping. In pads, the oil capping method of holes (via) is to be considered when transferring pads to files: when outputting soldermask, i.e. solder resist layer, just check the upper soldermask top - lower via, which represents all through-hole windows, If you don't check it, you can use the oil on the cover of the through hole. To sum up: pad is made according to pad, which is the plug-in hole. Via, you have two choices. If you provide the original file, you can choose it when placing an order. If you provide Gerber file, you must check whether the Gerber file meets your requirements!
Recording an Instructor While Filming Him From a Distance
Simple solution is for you to get all your audio from the PA mixer, and for when the instructor does his walkabout, just turn down or mute the signal to the speakers instead of muting the mic.This way you keep the same audio signal throughout for your recording, so no messing about with other microphonesOK, so here's my problem:I snuck myself into our Ninjutsu club's sporting event as the "photographer" - I have to video the event using my consumer Canon HF10 camcorder, and I'll have to produce a DVD of the event.Now, I have also videoed the previous event, and have detected a problem with recording the instructor's speech:The process is that the instructor demonstrates a technique, and then everyone practices the technique. The instructor then walks around, correcting mistakes. During the demos there is little problem: Everyone is (mostly) quite and the instructor wears a mike (connected to a little box worn at belt level) transmitting to an amplifying system (at least he did during the last event). So theres no problem there.However, when the instructor moves around he turns off the mike (because obviously he neednt be heard all across the mat). Its tough to run after him with the camera and the tripod, because people are spread all over the mat. Moreover, when he says the interesting things, people gather around him listening (and speaking). Also people around me go on training, which may get quite noisy. So I can't get a clear recording of the instructor and we miss the best parts, the corrections people could really learn from.So, what I need is some way to capture what hes saying while he's far from the camera. Any suggestions?Points to consider:This is Ninjutsu, so the instructor is moving around and is active, especially when doing the class demos. However, as hes the one doing the throws etc., and considering hes already wired to the amplifying systems mike, hes not overly active.Its a hobby. Im not going to be paid so expenses should be not too high.The result should be merged as a soundtrack to the video.The camera has no genlock.Im much more into it than the instructor is. Its a little like the cat and the bell, so it needs to be as little a hassle as possible.Thanks!·OTHER ANSWER:OK, so here's my problem:I snuck myself into our Ninjutsu club's sporting event as the "photographer" - I have to video the event using my consumer Canon HF10 camcorder, and I'll have to produce a DVD of the event.Now, I have also videoed the previous event, and have detected a problem with recording the instructor's speech:The process is that the instructor demonstrates a technique, and then everyone practices the technique. The instructor then walks around, correcting mistakes. During the demos there is little problem: Everyone is (mostly) quite and the instructor wears a mike (connected to a little box worn at belt level) transmitting to an amplifying system (at least he did during the last event). So theres no problem there.However, when the instructor moves around he turns off the mike (because obviously he neednt be heard all across the mat). Its tough to run after him with the camera and the tripod, because people are spread all over the mat. Moreover, when he says the interesting things, people gather around him listening (and speaking). Also people around me go on training, which may get quite noisy. So I can't get a clear recording of the instructor and we miss the best parts, the corrections people could really learn from.So, what I need is some way to capture what hes saying while he's far from the camera. Any suggestions?Points to consider:This is Ninjutsu, so the instructor is moving around and is active, especially when doing the class demos. However, as hes the one doing the throws etc., and considering hes already wired to the amplifying systems mike, hes not overly active.Its a hobby. Im not going to be paid so expenses should be not too high.The result should be merged as a soundtrack to the video.The camera has no genlock.Im much more into it than the instructor is. Its a little like the cat and the bell, so it needs to be as little a hassle as possible.Thanks!
Understand Rainbow,an Introduction to Rainbow
An Introduction to rainbowThe following have served as Masters of Magdalene College, Cambridge:Track listing of rainbowOriginal release7""Gravity's Rainbow" 2:37"The Bouncer" - 2:1512""Gravity's Rainbow" 2:37"Gravity's Rainbow" (Van She remix)"Gravity's Rainbow" (Nightmoves remix)"Gravity's Rainbow" (To My Boy remix)Re-releaseCD"Gravity's Rainbow" 2:36"Gravity's Rainbow" (Soulwax remix)7""Gravity's Rainbow" 2:36"Electrickery" produced by Erol AlkanEtched 7""Gravity's Rainbow" (Live in Glasgow)Service history of rainbowRoyal NavyRainbow was ordered as part of the Naval Defence Act of 1889. The vessel's keel was laid down by Palmers at Hebburn-On-Tyne in England on 30 December 1889. The cruiser was launched on 25 March 1891 and entered service in 1892, completing in January 1893.Rainbow served on the China Station in Hong Kong from 1895 to 1898 and in Malta from 1898 to 1899. She had an operating cost that was deemed excessive and between 1900 and 1909, saw very little service. Most of her operations at this time were closer to England. On 17 December 1901 she was commissioned at Devonport by Captain Thomas Young Greet for service in the cruiser squadron as an additional ship in home waters. She arrived back at Devonport from a tour of the Mediterranean with the squadron in April 1902, and took part in the fleet review held at Spithead on 16 August 1902 for the coronation of King Edward VII. Captain Charles Delabere Granville was appointed in command on 20 August 1902, and visited Souda Bay, Crete with other ships of the squadron for combined manoeuvres the following month. In October 1902 she was order back to Devonport for a refit. During the following years, she saw a severe reduction in fleet support due to her high operating cost, resulting in only minor modernization. Her crew rotation at this time was used as a training cycle. In 1904, the cruiser was restricted to harbour duty. In early 1909, the Admiralty ordered her decommissioned and placed on the inactive list.Royal Canadian NavyRainbow was presented to Canada in 1910, and was recommissioned HMCS Rainbow on 4 August. She and HMSNiobe were purchased from the Admiralty to be used as training ships at Royal Naval College of Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia. During discussions on the type of cruisers to be sent to Canada, the Admiralty believed that the Apollo-class cruiser was the right choice. Canada paid $225,000 to acquire Rainbow, using outstanding money from the Marine and Fisheries Department. Before departing Great Britain, the ships required alterations to make them suitable for training. This required new heating systems, an up-to-date galley, the latest in Marconi wireless, the enlargement of the cadet gunroom and principal messes and the removal of the obsolete secondary armament.After commissioning, Rainbow was assigned to the west coast of Canada and was the first Canadian ship to sail around South America by the Strait of Magellan. After a 12-week passage of over 15,000 nautical miles (28,000km; 17,000mi) the cruiser arrived at Esquimalt, British Columbia on 7 November 1910. However, after commissioning, the status of the Canadian vessels and their ability to operate without direction from the Admiralty kept the new ships within coastal waters. This limited Rainbow to fisheries patrols until the matter was settled. In 1911, the cruiser had her 6-pounder guns removed and replaced with QF 12-pounder 12 cwt naval guns. Her service was quiet on the west coast, performing ceremonial duties, training and coastal fisheries patrol, notably apprehending the American fishing schooner Edrie in February 1913 for illegal fishing. When Niobe was laid up in 1913, her crew was sent west to fill out Rainbow's complement.In July 1914, Rainbow was called to Vancouver to assist with an international incident that was unfolding. Komagata Maru, a Japanese merchant ship filled with Sikh immigrants from India, challenged Canada's immigration law, designed to prevent immigration from South Asia. The ship's passengers were not permitted to disembark even though they were British subjects and the ship had sat in Vancouver harbour for two months. After the local authorities were rebuffed in their attempts to make the ship leave, Rainbow was ordered to intervene. After some discussion with the passengers, who had taken over the vessel, those aboard Komagata Maru agreed to leave Vancouver only when supplies for the ship were provided. Komagata Maru sailed from Vancouver on 23 July, escorted by Rainbow. Twenty of the passengers were killed upon returning to Budge Budge, India, after they resisted an attempt to forcibly return them to Punjab.When the First World War broke out, Rainbow was sent to cover the withdrawal of the British sloops, HMSShearwater and HMSAlgerine, which had been engaged protecting British citizens during civil unrest in Mexico. She was the largest armed ship the Allies had at the time in the western Pacific Ocean and was ordered to find and engage ships of the Imperial German Navy in the Pacific Ocean; in particular the light cruisers SMSLeipzig and SMSNurnberg. Rainbow never met either of these ships, although she missed Leipzig by only a day at San Francisco. The vessel remained the only source of protection for shipping in western North America until the arrival of the Japanese armoured cruiser Izumo. Following the destruction of the German Pacific Fleet at the Battle of the Falkland Islands in December 1914, the greatest threat to shipping in Pacific was considered to be armed German raiders and Rainbow was considered to be a match for all but the fastest. However, in 1915, her patrols were shortened due to the lack of a collier to refuel Rainbow while out on patrol.In early 1916, Rainbow was still patrolling the west coast of North America, performing reconnaissance on German shipping. On 23 April 1916, she seized the German-owned but American-flagged schooner Oregon and then followed that up by seizing the Mexican-flagged schooner Leonor on 2 May. The cruiser returned to Esquimalt with the prizes in tow on 30 May. In 1916 and early 1917, Rainbow was used to transport $140,000,000 in Russian gold bullion (valued in 1917 Canadian dollars), between Esquimalt and Vancouver. This money was placed in trust with Canada by the Russian government for protection due to the impending Russian revolution.The Royal Canadian Navy found that the cost of operating Rainbow was using up too much of the West Coast naval operations budget, and the crew of Rainbow were sorely needed on the Atlantic coast for the fight against the U-boats. Rainbow was decommissioned and deactivated on 8 May 1917, her crew sent east. On 5 July she was recommissioned in Esquimalt as a depot ship. She served in this capacity until 1 June 1920, when she was sold for scrap to a Seattle shipbroker.
Working Principle of Parallel Switching Power Supply
Figure 1-11-a is the simplest working principle diagram of parallel switching power supply, and figure 1-11-b is the waveform of output voltage of parallel switching power supply. In figure 1-11-a, UI is the working voltage of the switching power supply, l is the energy storage inductance, K is the control switch, and R is the load. In figure 1-11-b, UI is the input voltage of the switching power supply, uo is the output voltage of the switching power supply, up is the peak voltage of the switching power supply output, and UA is the average voltage of the switching power supply output.When the control switch K is turned on, the input power supply UI starts to energize the energy storage inductor L, the current flowing through the energy storage inductor L begins to increase, and the current also generates a magnetic field in the energy storage inductor; When the control switch K is turned from on to off, the energy storage inductor will generate back EMF, and the direction of the current generated by the back EMF is the same as that of the original current. Therefore, a high voltage will be generated on the load.During ton, the control switch K is turned on, and the voltage El at both ends of the energy storage filter inductance L is exactly equal to the input voltage UI, that is:El = LDI / dt = UI - during K-ON (1-35)By integrating the above formula, it can be obtained that the current flowing through the energy storage inductance L is:Where IL is the instantaneous value of the current flowing through the energy storage inductor L, t is the time variable, and I (0) is the initial current flowing through the energy storage inductor, that is, the current flowing through the energy storage inductor immediately before the switch K is turned on. Generally, when the duty cycle D is less than or equal to 0.5, I (0) = 0, so the maximum current ILM flowing through the energy storage inductance L can be obtained as follows:ILM = UI * ton / L - during k connection (d = 0.5) (1-37)Where ton is the time when the control switch K is turned on. When the control switch K in figure 1-11-a suddenly changes from on to off, the energy storage inductor L will release its stored energy (magnetic energy) through the back electromotive force. The back electromotive force generated by the energy storage inductor L is:The negative sign in the formula indicates that the polarity of the back EMF el is opposite to the symbol in formula (1-35), that is, the polarity of the back EMF of the inductance is exactly opposite when k is on and off. The first-order differential equation of formula (1-38) is solved as follows:In the formula, C is a constant. It is easy to calculate C by substituting the initial conditions into the above formula. Since the current IL flowing through the energy storage inductor L cannot change suddenly when the control switch K suddenly changes from on to off, I (ton ) is exactly equal to the maximum current ILM flowing through the energy storage inductor L, so formula (1-39) can be written as:When t is large, the value of the output voltage of the parallel switching power supply will be close to the input voltage UI, but this generally does not happen because the off time of the control switch K can not wait that long.As can be seen from equation (1-42), when the load r of parallel switching power supply is large or open circuit, the amplitude of output pulse voltage will be very high. Therefore, parallel switching power supply is often used in high voltage pulse generation circuit.
3 Simple Tips for Doubling Your Facebook Ad Results
Let's face it. Running Facebook ads is no easy task.Businesses around the world are all trying their hand at Facebook ads, only to figure out it's a bit more complicated than slapping some text on an image and calling it a day. Sound familiar?Do not worry. We've all been there at one point or another. It's important to remember that running Facebook ads is a constant battle. Luckily, there are a few proven methods you can use to immediately see more results from your efforts. If you apply and build off these tips, you will see your profits rise in no time.First off,A/B test your ad sets.Facebook ads are a guessing game. You can not know what is going to work well for your target audience without trying a ton of different options. So instead of publishing one ad set and hoping to hit home with your targeting, start A/B testing multiple ad sets!Before you launch your next campaign, build 5-10 different ad sets for the same ad, all equipped with different targeting, images, demographics, and more. I recommend that you run these ads under the "Engagement" goal to save a bit of cash.Once those ad sets have racked up about $10-$15 in ad spend, analyze which ad sets are performing best. Then, drop the losing ad sets and start to scale the winners.Now you are saving money and reducing your risk.Secondly,Use a call-to-action in your headline. One of the best ways to gain and hold your potential prospect's attention is to include a call-to-action in your headline.Most Facebook users who see your ad will decide if they are interested in your offer within the first 7 seconds of viewing it. That means you do not have a lot of time to get their attention. So instead of writing vague and boring headlines like,"We made an e-book. Check it out!"Write an exciting and detailed headline like,"Download now to learn how you can triple your Facebook ad results in 7 days, without spending twice the cash!". See the difference?Not only will your potential prospects be more interested in your offer, they will also know exactly what to do after reading your copy and viewing your image. And lastly,Drill down your targeting. If you are not targeting your potential customers correctly, there's no way you are going to achieve your sales goals. 99% percent of the time, businesses are not targeting correctly because they are not going deep enough.Let me explain:Your goal when running ads is to make sure the most passionate group of your target audience will see them. That way, you guarantee more sales. Let's say you sell running equipment. Instead of targeting people who list "Running" as an interest, target people who subscribe to popular running magazines, who follow influential figures in the running community, or who have bought running gear in the past.Now that's a passionate audience.All in all, if you use these three tips in your next Facebook ad, you are going to see amazing results in no time. So get out there and start advertising!If running and testing Facebook ads is not your strong suit, let's talk. We specialize in social media advertisements that guarantee powerful results. No more guessworkWhy did univision have an ad in english?You said you are bilingual. So are other people. Language is not regulated. In fact, I applaud them for doing it. Running an English Public Service blurb on a Spanish station was an excellent idea. It got your attention, did not it?Grub: adding Windows 10If you are booting in BIOS mode, there's not much you can do to make this work reliably (at least, last I knew there was not a reliable way without having separate hard drives for each install).If you are booting in UEFI mode though, it largely consists of creating a GRUB entry to chainload /EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi from your EFI system partition. You will also need to modify what Windows thinks the bootloader should be (or make your EFI variables read-only (only some firmwares let you do this)), otherwise Windows will update the EFI variables to point at it's own bootloader as the default every time you boot into Windows. I am not 100% certain about the exact command you need to pull this off (it's been too long since I had to set up my own system), except that it's done with bcdedit