Please Help Me to Get Name for My New Born Girl Baby As Per the Astrology and DOB Is 23/01/2009 Time

How about : Jan Olivia Jenna Kay Hannah Rose

1. If a Chinese man has a baby with a irish girl will the baby have asian eyes or irish eyes?

East Asian men and White women make beautiful babies together

2. Help with twin girl baby names? Pick your fave from my list please!?

You did not LIST the names. You suck

3. i want a girl baby name which starts with jha/tha?

Renee Rose Rosalie Rhiannon Rachel Rebecca Riley

4. should i try and make it work with my ex girl/baby mama ?

Maybe talking to her and telling her how you feel might be a good start. And you know something? Regardless of what she says, it is NEVER too late to step up and do the right thing specially when there are children involved. But you have to think about it carefully if you want to be with someone whose personality you do not like. If you feel like things can be worked out, go for it and best of luck because it sounds like you want to be there for your family

5. What do you think about the name Gentry for a girl Baby name game?

Gentry seems like a strange name to me. 1. My husband and I have been married for three years, I am 26 and he is 27. We live in Seattle and we have decided that we want kids. 2. It's a girl from Romeo and Juliet: Juliet Karenna 3. Twins, Austin Logan and Anna Leigh 4. Triplets: Caroline Rose (Sweet Caroline), Joshua Adam (Singer Josh Groban), and Lyric Danielle 5. I adopt two kids from Italy who are living here, so they have one heritage name and one literature name Isabella Rae- 6 Marco Samuel- 3 (Mark Twain- also Italian name) 6. A labrador named Sadie Kids: Juliet, Austin, Anna, Caroline (Carrie), Joshua (Josh), Lyric, Isabella (Izzy), Marco (Marc) Sadie the dog

6. Give me some Tamil Girl Baby Names starting with S...?

sandra sankavi ,thats my neighbours name shruti swati swetha my friends my name shalini shushanti shanti soundaria sai krupa selvi shanta sinduja simran sandya sadana shreya shridevi saraswathi sundaralashmi sundari shakthi sivagami suhasini sneha shrigowri -----i hope these names help u

7. How do I stop my dad (As a new mom) from spanking my 3 month old baby girl? Baby keeps kicking her feet and my dad gets mad. I love my dad so I donu2019t say anything, but I canu2019t tolerate the spanking. What should I do?

Keep your baby away from him. He obviously knows absolutely nothing about children and he is a child abuser. Tell him you will report him to the authorities and follow through. I would NEVER leave my child with him EVER again, as that would make you complicit in the abuse. Just my opinion. Stand up for your child.

8. Looking for a fun unique girl baby name. Please help.?

Scarlett. Clara. Penelope. Francesca. Abigail. Freya. Lisette. Daniella. Theodora. Tess. Charlotte. Arabella. Adalynn. Stella. Norah. Lucy. Lacey. Astor. Aspen. Harper. Genevieve. Giuliana. Meredith. Brynn. Gianna. Seraphina. Violet. Zoe. Lilah. Athena. Vienna. Serena. Sabrina. Bethany. Reagan. Jillian. Cameron. Elisabetta. Matilda. Carrie. Sasha. Annalise. Mila. Marina. Anya. Veronica. Evelyn. Miranda. Alessandra. Carmindy. Noelle. Leighton. Lana. Alana. Molly. Best of Luck!

9. What are some good boy or girl baby names?

Girls: Jodie Josie Macy Sabella Grace Emma Noelle Evangeline Megan Louise Gracelyn Delainey Carrie Samantha Cleo Brooke Arabella Kaylee Kailyn Brianna Bianca Leigh Blair Emillie (Emily) Tara Tessa Tammie Cadence Eden Dakota Callie Olivia Adele Lana Lainey Hayley Amelia Allie Joan Salena Rachel Vicki Mae Camilla Cora Aurora Rose Rosa Nora Hattie Charlotte Miranda Holly Erin Bella Brookelyn Jayah Paige Sage Jane June Marie Ariel Bridget Teagan Eloise Kristen Krystal Kristi Cadence Tyler Tayler Molly Alex Claudia Lucy Loren Laurel Lorri Kelly Leanne Isobel Elizabeth Aubrey Audrey Alira Asher Lacey Sarah Hannah Nikita Brielle Neisha Bree Shanice Pam Katrina Dale Shantell Mandy Kim Kimberly Jade Zara Zander Xena Lola Layla Stella Marci Stephanie Ella Kianndra Bonnie Maddie Madison Mary Ruthie Bethany Megzy Leah Ellie Ashlee Taliika Teresa Sienna Savannah Ciarra/Cierra Natasha Tash Corey- Lee Casey Finley Joselyn Jackie Leelo Rebecca Tiffany Simone Nelly Fiona Veronica Victoria Talia Boys: Todd Daniel Dale Charles Charlie Jimmy Billy Nathan Craig Greg Blaine Ehren Scott Troy Brett Nelly Brody William Declan Seth Theodore Oliver Samuel Liam Jace Joseph Zeke Malakai Tyler Harry Harrison Hickson Henry Adrian Aiden Timmy Tommy Thomas Gavin Luke Tony Michael Bentley Flynn Finley Justin Jason Benjamin Benny Bob Bobby Barry Bart Cade Caden Corey Tristan Jacob Jake Jack Lindsey Lucas Lori Lake Beau Ashton Astin Linkin

What Is a Recipe That Calls for Garlic and Onion and Only 1 Or 2 Other Ingredients?
What is a recipe that calls for garlic and onion and only 1 or 2 other ingredients?Spaghetti with butter and garlic. It's delish. Edit: You need to boil water in the microwave. Then add the pasta and cook until done. Be careful though.— — — — — —What other ingredients can I add to my grilled cheese sandwich to make it better?How is not not a reall grilled cheese? You have cheese that is being metled between to sliced of grilled bread correct? A grilled cheese can be made with ANY kind of cheese. As fasr as extras: Tomatoes Grilled Onions Avacado Bacon— — — — — —What other ingredients do they use for a Big Mac?The "secret sauce" is very similar to Thousand Island salad dressing in texture, consistancy and taste. Nobody can tell you exactly what is in it because it would no longer be a secret sauce if they did. In basic terms Thousand Island dressing is nothing more than a mixture of mayo, ketchup and pickle relish.— — — — — —What is a recipe for waffles which uses beer and whiskey for the batter (possibly as a substitute for other ingredients)?Hmmu2026. I wouldnu2019t put it in the batter, though. I would reduce it with maple syrup or honey. You could certainly make savory waffles with a beer batter, using a lighter beer that isnu2019t too bitter. Just substitute the milk in the recipe for an equal amount of beer. Add wild rice, walnuts and dried cranberries. Or some chopped herbs like chives, cilantro or rosemary. Chunks of provolone and crisp lardons of guanciale. Serve them with tomato jam or caramelized onions. I havenu2019t actually done any of this, but now Iu2019m thinking about it.What is a recipe for waffles which uses beer and whiskey for the batter (possibly as a substitute for other ingredients)?— — — — — —whats your fave kind ofMy favourite are sugar cookies with icing. They taste so good and you can have fun decorating them if you get different colours of food colouring and different cookie cutters. You can get them cheap from dollar stores in all sorts of Christmas-related shapes. Here's an easy recipe. Cookies: 3 cups flour 1 cup granulated sugar 1 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp salt 1 cup soft butter 1 egg, slightly beaten 3 tbsp cream 1 tsp vanilla (can substitute almond extract) Icing 1/3 cup Crisco (transfat-free) or a 1/3 cup of softened butter 1 pound of confectioners sugar About 1/4 cup of milk 1 teaspoon of vanilla 1 Sift dry ingredients (use a real sifter), cut in butter and add other ingredients. Blend thoroughly; chill for several hours. 2 Break off a piece of dough the size of an orange and pat it flat in your hand. Using a rolling pin, roll on dough on floured board (best to use a 2/1 ration of flour/sugar - 4 Tbsp flour mixed with 2 Tbsp sugar) or between wax paper. (It helps if you flour both sides of the dought.) Roll out to about a 1/4 inch thickness. Cut out and put on silpat-lined or ungreased cookie sheet. Bake 5-8 minutes at 400 F. Remove the cookies from the oven as soon as you see them turning color at the base of the cookie. Let cool completely. 3 Mix icing ingredients together until smooth. Separate into different bowls, add food coloring to achieve various colors. Spread on cookies with a butter knife, use cake decorating piping equipment to add decorative accents. If you want the sprinkle type decorating candies to stick, brush the cookie with clear Karo syrup and then sprinkle. Makes 5 dozen cookies.— — — — — —distinguish the active ingredient from other ingredient in medicines?In modern medicines, the majority of ingredients in them are active ingredients. Otherwise, look them up on Wikipedia— — — — — —Hi Can I have a kim chee recipe?The main ingredient of kimchi is cabbage; no cabbage, no kimchi! And chili... lots of... fiery chili... Various recipes can have other added ingredients but the basic of true Korean kimchi is 'lacto fermented' cabbage. Lacto fermentation takes place when a vegetable / fruit is preserved in salt. If prepared carefully, no need to create a brine - try this: 1 chinese cabbage cut into strips 2 cloves garlic, pressed chili, as much as you can handle salt, best to use sea salt - depending on quality and freshness of veg, use between 0.5 and 1.5% of veg. weight in salt (i.e 100g cabbage = 0.5g to 1.5g) mix salt into cabbage, turn over and over, you should see / feel the cabbage beginning to 'sweat'; add other ingredients (add radishes, an apple for sweetness if you want, carrots into strips - remember to weigh ingredients and adjust amount of salt accordingly!) once veg are well mixed with salt, place in glass jar, place a cover on top of vegetables - i.e. the cover should be touching the vegetables, no merely closing off the jar. place a weight on top of the cover, so that the vegetables are pressed down; you must create the conditions for 'anaerobic fermentation', or in other words, the development of good bacteria who can only survive by 'brathing' in the absence of air! If your vegetables are not pressed down enough, and air is allowed in the mix, you risk you veggies rotting... leave jar at room temp for a couple / three days; press down on the weight / cover regularly, the juices should cover the veg mix. after this time, place in fridge and wait a few more days if you can... kimchi can keep for a long time, it just keeps on getting stronger, and make sure veg are always kept presssed down... it is excellent for digestive health Enjoy
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