Preparations for the Kirin 990 Have Already Begun. Huawei Is Conducting Relevant Tests with TSMC

At the end of August this year, Huawei announced the Kirin 980 with 7Nm process technology at ifa2018 exhibition, which won six global firsts, comprehensively suppressed Xiaolong 845 chip, and became the strongest chip of Android model, showing the world that Huawei's attainments in chip have reached the world's leading level. At present, Huawei mate 20 series mobile phones equipped with Kirin 980 processor occupy the top three positions in the performance ranking of rabbit mobile phones, which is enough to see the strength of Kirin 980.

At present, Huawei Kirin series chips are as famous as Qualcomm Xiaolong series and apple a series chips. These three chips are often compared in various mobile phone performance tests. Kirin 980 adopts a "2 2 4" frame structure, and two large core A76, two super large core A76 and four medium core A55 form a unique eight core design. With the most advanced 7Nm process technology, dual ISP, NPU and 2.6GHz CPU dominant frequency, it can easily crush Xiaolong 845 processor in performance, and the measured running score of anrabbit even reaches 310000! You know, Qualcomm Xiaolong 845 has been polished for a year before it can run 290000 points. The newly listed Kirin 980 obviously has more room for optimization. It is expected that in the future, the Kirin 980 model will further open the gap with the Qualcomm Xiaolong 845 model.

Today, the Kirin 980 processor has obvious advantages over the Qualcomm Xiaolong 845 processor, and the new generation of Qualcomm Xiaolong flagship processor has not been released yet. Huawei seems to have taken it easy. After all, the Kirin 980 is now the most powerful Android mobile phone chip. However, Huawei has always had the habit of being vigilant in times of peace, so Huawei will never take it lightly. Moreover, the mobile phone equipped with Xiaolong 8150 chip may be released in the first quarter of next year, and Huawei's advantage can only be maintained for a few months. In this case, Huawei has long started the research and development of the next generation Kirin processor.

According to the domestic media quoting the industrial chain, the preparation of Kirin 990 has already begun. At present, Huawei is conducting relevant tests with TSMC. It is expected to release the film in the first quarter of next year. According to the Convention, it will be officially released in the autumn of next year.

It is understood that the Qilin 990 still adopts the 7Nm process, but the Qilin 990 will adopt the second generation 7Nm process of TSMC. According to the work schedule previously disclosed by TSMC, the second generation 7Nm process will apply EUV extreme ultraviolet lithography technology for the first time, and the first roll out has been completed, but the large-scale mass production is planned to be put into operation in 2020. Therefore, Kirin 990 will be released next autumn, and the corresponding process progress needs to be greatly advanced.

It is reported that EUV technology can enable 7Nm process to increase transistor density by 20% and reduce power consumption by 6-12% at the same frequency. Kirin 990, which adopts the second generation 7Nm process, will undoubtedly continue to help Huawei stay ahead in terms of performance and power consumption.

At present, it has been reported that Kirin 990 is undergoing relevant tests, and each test will cost about 200 million yuan, which is extremely expensive. Semiconductor chips are indeed big money burners. Without strong financial strength, it is difficult to achieve results in this field.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Kirin 990 will integrate 5g baseband to help Huawei build a real 5g mobile phone. The Kirin 980 can only realize 5g network communication through external independent baseband Baron 5000.

In recent years, the progress of Huawei's self-developed Kirin chip is obvious to all. As we all know, the R & D of independent chips has particularly high requirements for technology and capital. At the same time, the cost recovery process is very long, and there is a risk of R & D failure due to huge investment cost. Therefore, this also determines that few mobile phone manufacturers can independently develop chips. However, Huawei does not hesitate to spend a lot of money to build independent chips and hold the initiative in its own hands. In this regard, we can see Huawei's courage and the layout of the chip industry in the future.

Generally speaking, the Kirin 980 still has short boards in terms of GPU and CPU. The next generation processor Kirin 990 will continue to make up for these short boards and further narrow the gap with Qualcomm Xiaolong series processors and apple a series processors. In terms of Huawei's housekeeping skills, 5g baseband may help Kirin 990 fully lead its rivals in terms of signal.

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