Question About Wedding Rings How Does It Work?

question about wedding rings how does it work?

You must always spend at least 2 month's salary on each ring. That's the rule if you love her

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what kind of jewelery do you have on?

I have my engagement and wedding rings on

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Are wedding rings are to be a simple band but engagement ring the pretty one?

You pick what you want. traditionally, the engagement ring has gem stones- diamond, sapphires, rubies. The wedding band is usually plain. Many are just a gold band. My daughter's wedding band is all tiny diamonds all the way around. Mine is a thin gold band that fits with my engagment ring. Just pull up engangment and wedding bands on the internet. Or go to any jewelry store

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To be fair, non-Catholic Christians, can you pick one non-biblical practice of yours and defend it?

You've asked this question before and MANY of us have pointed out to you that: 1) Roman Catholics use wedding rings in their ceremonies; are you saying that the RCC is pagan? 2) These should all be separate questions. And WHAT ON EARTH do you mean by writing, "The Bible states that He said twelve times ... to gnaw it." You are a troll, are not you? There's no way you are a Catholic Priest.

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Unique engagement rings and wedding rings with sapphires, emeralds and more

"Rounds are the most popular diamond shape, so it makes sense that more customers opt for round diamonds with lab-created since they are more affordable," said Ajay Anand, CEO of diamond ring marketplace Rare Carat. This ¾-carat sparkler from Gem & Harmony packs a punch without denting your wallet.

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Good wedding ring for a mechanic?

mine is tungsten carbide cheap and indestructible

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How do I plan for a cheap, but non-shabby wedding all in one month?

If you must have a bridal gown go to David's bridal or a consignment store to buy it. As for rings you can either just buy cheap bands at Walmart or you could ask you parents if you can use the rings that they were married in. When I got married my parents gave me and my husband their first set of wedding rings that they were married in.they had bought expensive matching wedding bands on their 25th anniversary.

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How much would a wedding ring cost for a woman?

Mine cost $70 -- it was a sterling silver eternity band with aquamarine stones in it. I would say a hundred or two if you want gold or if you want a wide width band. Wedding rings are not usually anywhere near as expensive as the engagement ring.

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Quotes to put on wedding ring?

''The ring finger is occupied so is the heart"

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what is the common metal that wedding rings are traditionally made of?

Platinum is really nice in that it has weight to it. Though it scratches easily, it can be easily polished too without it wearing out. Over time, Platinum ends up having a patina look to it. Some people actually like that. It depends on personal tastes. But once again, it can be polished up without wear for that bright shiny look. Or you can try Palladium. It's in the same family of elements as Platinum, but costs less. It is also hypoallergenic and can be polished up for that bright shiny look. I have a Palladium wedding band, and my wife has a Platinum one. They look the same. White gold depends a lot on a person's skin chemistry. If the wearer's skin chemistry is highly acidic, the plating on white gold will be eaten away in time. Then the ring will have that yellowish look to it. By having it dipped in Rhodium and polished up again, you can have that bright shiny white gold look again. It's more expensive maintenance, though cheaper in the beginning. And I usually do not recommend silver. * * *

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How to keep wedding rings safe?

Put it on a necklace & do not take it off. Shower with it, sleep with it, etc. My husband is like that. First he broke off one of the prongs in the setting. How? I do not know. Then he lost the diamond & thankfully found it a week later. You could always just make sure the ring fits very well, does not twist around the finger too easily, and make sure the setting is VERY secure. I am actually a bit of a klutz as well so my setting is a 6 prong & that diamond is not going anywhere!!

'a Man Is Much More Than His Worst Mistake': Alabama Executes Man for Sword and Knife Slaying of Pas
ATMORE, Ala. — A man convicted of killing a country preacher during a 1991 robbery was put to death by lethal injection in Alabama on Thursday, weeks after he avoided another execution date amid disagreements between U.S. Supreme Court justices.Christopher Lee Price, 46, became the second inmate put to death in Alabama in two weeks . The execution was carried out at Holman prison, where he was pronounced dead at 7:31 p.m.Convicted in the killing of Bill Lynn, a north Alabama pastor slain by a sword and knife just days before Christmas, Price released a statement of apology through his attorney before the execution.“A man is much more than his worst mistake,” he said while strapped to a gurney moments before the drugs began flowing.Gov. Kay Ivey issued a statement saying Price had to be punished.“Finally, the loved ones of Pastor Lynn can feel at ease knowing that justice has been administered. I pray that, after all these years later, his family can feel a sense of peace and comfort,” she said.Relatives of both Price and Lynn were among the witnesses as the inmate was put to death shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a final request for a stay. The execution had been delayed by more than an hour while the state awaited the court’s decision, a prison official said.Price lifted and lowered his head twice after the initial knockout drug began flowing, and his belly heaved five times. He didn’t respond when an officer tested for consciousness by flicking his eyelashes and punching an arm.The colour soon began draining from his face as additional drugs flowed through an intravenous line, and the process was over within minutes.A statement from Lynn’s family thanked friends and relatives for their support during a “long and difficult journey.”“We are praying to finally have peace,” said the statement, read by a prison official.Price sought a stay based on a challenge to the state’s method of using three drugs during lethal injections. The nation’s high court, by a 5-4 vote, refused to halt the execution Thursday night. The conservative majority did not give a reason for denying the stay.Price had asked to instead die by nitrogen hypoxia, an execution method Alabama has legally authorized but not developed. His lawyers argued the method, which kills by depleting the body of oxygen, would be less painful than lethal injection.Price was suing over Alabama’s execution practices, and the inmate’s attorneys contend the state rushed to execute him two weeks before the trial date. State attorneys argued that Price was bringing up previously decided issues at the last minute just to seek a delay.The inmate was set to be executed last month but the state death warrant expired at midnight before a divided U.S. Supreme Court lifted a stay that blocked the lethal injection. The court subsequently released documents that showed its internal squabbling over the death penalty.The Alabama Supreme Court then set a new execution date even though U.S. District Judge Kristi DuBose of Mobile had scheduled a trial set for June 10 to hear Price’s challenge to Alabama’s lethal injection process.In a dissent Thursday, Justice Stephen Breyer wrote that the court should have delayed the execution until the trial could take place.Court documents show Lynn, a Church of Christ minister in rural Fayette County, was at home with his wife Bessie assembling toys for grandchildren on Dec. 22, 1991 when the electricity failed. He went outside to check on the power box, and the woman looked outside after hearing a noise to see a man dressed in black holding a sword above her husband.The woman ran outside to find Lynn severely wounded, and she saw two men as she tried to start a van to flee. She was beaten and robbed of money and her wedding rings despite pleas that she be allowed to keep the jewelry, court documents show. According to an autopsy, Lynn was cut or stabbed more than 30 times.Price was arrested several days later in Chattanooga, Tenn. He admitted participating in the robbery but blamed the actual killing on another man.Kelvin Coleman pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to life in prison, while jurors convicted Price of capital murder and a judge sentenced him to death.Earlier this month, was put to death by lethal injection for his capital murder conviction in a quadruple killing near Birmingham. His lawyers didn’t cite any complaints with the process following the execution.Alabama executed one other inmate this year in February.
Flying High
All this day lacked was Neil Diamond himself, singing and yielding to the fans, except that the 33,702 at Fenway Park didn't need anyone to tell them that "good times never seemed so good." Bill Russell, who hadn't set foot in the old yard in four decades, walked out of the Green Monster like a cinematic Shoeless Joe out of an Iowa cornfield. He was joined in similar fashion by Bobby Orr, Richard Seymour, and Tedy Bruschi, the latter of whom had suffered a stroke 10 days after the Super Bowl.Johnny Pesky was in his spikes once again, walking onto the redone Fenway lawn to a scoreboard message that read: "Years since joining the Red Sox: 64." The Yankees, reflecting the class of their manager and uniform, stood atop the visiting dugout to watch all of this, as if they knew that someday they might regret telling their grandchildren about the Red Sox and having to conjure recollections of this day from a television clip.They were all here to see a World Series banner tumble over, and conceal, the Green Monster. And to glimpse that ring with the inscription: "Greatest Comeback in History." "It's better than my wedding ring," mused Johnny Damon. "You can always get wedding rings." After the hype there was baseball to be played, and the Sox put together a full nine innings like they hadn't in this young season, producing a rewarding and resounding 8-1 beating of the Yankees in the 94th Fenway opener.The game was decided by the performances of the most alluring character on each team, the Yankees' Alex Rodriguez and the Red Sox' Tim Wakefield. Wakefield, the longest-tenured Sox player (April 26, 1995), worked seven clinical innings, conceding only five hits, two walks, and one unearned run. He allowed more than one base runner in only one inning, the fourth, when Rodriguez scored on an Edgar Renteria mental blunder and throwing error.But the error of note belonged to Rodriguez, who said he was "overaggressive" in playing Damon's two-out grounder in the bottom of the fourth. The ball went through Rodriguez, making possible Trot Nixon's double and Manny Ramirez's single. Those consecutive hits bumped a 4-1 Sox lead to 7-1.A-Rod also made the error Wednesday in New York with one out, the bases loaded, and the Yankees ahead, 3-2, in the ninth inning. Had he gloved that ball cleanly he probably would have begun a game-ending double play. Instead, the Sox scored five runs, four unearned, to win, 7-3. Rodriguez has been responsible for seven unearned Red Sox runs in the last two games between these teams.Sox fans, ever appreciative, gave Rodriguez a near-standing ovation in the eighth when he made a routine play on a Doug Mirabelli ground out.
What Is a Steubenville Wedding Ring?
What is a Steubenville Wedding Ring?Michale Nagler is a Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature. He is a proponent of nonviolence. IE: Let them hurt us and we should roll over and play dead because obviously we were at fault anyway. What authority and ability does he have to teach about anything relating to law enforcement? Anyways, if it is like the "rings" made by inmates in my jurisdiction, it is a stylized ring of different designs made of fiber and/or plastic. The designs often designated gang/crew affiliation, prisons that they had spent time in, or areas that they were from.— — — — — —Have you been on a cruise before?Easy! I have two things so I can go swimming, etc. and keep my ID and money safe. One is a plastic sleeve on a lanyard I wear around my neck and tuck the sleeve into the top of my swimsuit, which would work for your wife. The plastic sleeve is flat, about 3" by 4", and has a zip-style seal. Sometimes it leaks and the stuff gets wet, but that's just my ship's ID card (plastic), my drivers license (also plastic), and some paper money (dries overnight back in my cabin). I never take a camera, and never worry about such inconsequential things as a cheap hat, a wet and sandy ship towel, a t-shirt, flipflops, and cheesy paperback book I leave on the beach while I swim. Nobody has ever touched any of those things. A fancy camera or cash? Might be different. The other thing I have so I can go swimming and keep my ID and money safe is a small plastic box about 1/2" thick that holds my ship's ID, drivers license, and some paper money. The box is on a web belt that is adjustable and goes around my waist. It, too, leaks now and then, but nothing I carry is hurt by water. As to jewelry, leave it in your cabin! Far too many people lose jewelry at the beach -- wedding rings, other rings, earrings, watches, necklaces, etc. Do not be one of them! As to lockers, some beaches have them. Most do not. I suggest you keep your ship ID, your drivers license, and your cash on you as I always do, and leave stuff like hat, sunglasses, book, towel, t-shirt, and flipflops on shore. If you absolutely MUST have a camera, buy one of the disposable underwater cameras, take it in the water with you, and get some great underwater shots! We used those in Hawaii once and got some really great pictures!— — — — — —My wedding rings were expensive?The rings belong to the marriage, but as you have decided to break it up you are then one leaving the marriage behind. So you haft give the ring back. he paid for them and it belongs to him— — — — — —Has Anyone Tried Nue Diamonds for Engagement/Wedding Rings?Just looked through the website because this actually really interests me (diamonds not though because they are a waste of money and poor investment=no resale value) First thing I see is their settings are 14K gold, platinum or palladium. That right there is reason enough to buy the ring. So what if they are lab created stones? You are getting very high quality non-plated settings and you can always put in a diamond down the road if you feel so inclined. Whatever you do, do not opt for something low quality like 9K or 10K gold, and definitely not sterling silver or gold plated. I can not believe someone suggested 9K gold. Seriously? Moissainite…that's not a great diamond alternative because they seriously look like they are NOT a diamond and have grey/green/yellow tones. Would not touch them. Looking at their stones page, they sell and market the same way every diamond alternative company does. No surprises, no smokescreens. They sell a stone that is meant to look, act and feel like a diamond but is obviously not a mined diamond. What is wrong with that? Is not that the dream of most women? Everyone knows the only diamond alternatives out there are some form of simulated material. There are literally only 3 options if you want an engagement ring with a colorless stone that looks like a diamond: 1. Mined diamond. Expensive, non-ethical and ridiculously overpriced. Do not hold their value worth beans (ever tried to pawn them? They just laugh). 2. Lab created diamond with carbon - Run about $4,000 per carat, roughly 30% less than the cost of a mined diamond. Deal? I do not think so. 3. Simulated diamond, lab created diamond alternative - Yep, they are the only affordable option out there. When set in a solid gold, platinum or palladium setting, it's a win-win situation. You get the setting you want, the quality you want and seriously pretty stones. People talk about them being cz and not worth anything, but really, the worth lies in the quality and solidity of the metals, which it is obvious that this is of utmost importance. 4. Stones: There are only a few diamond simulants that have the nice cuts to mimic diamonds, and Nue Diamonds is one of them who carries the true diamond cut stones. The cut is huge in the look and quality of the stone. This company indicates they sell diamond cut stones set to "GIA specifications". This is what to look for in a good diamond alternative. My two cents? It's the only non-diamond option that is affordable and one that you are going to get a great setting. Go for it. At least you get a lifetime warranty on the stones…unlike diamonds or some cheap ebay Opt for this diamond alternative in a very nice setting and upgrade to a mined diamond later. No one will be able to tell because they are imitating them so well. We need to openly recognize that it's not about what kind of ring accompanies that proposal, but rather the love, sincerity, and mutual lifelong dedication to one another that really matters. Congrats and best wishes!
The History of Wedding Rings Dating Back 5,000 Years
The history of wedding rings dates almost 5000 years. During ancient Egypt times, people would weave leather or wood and exchange them as "rings of love." The ring itself, being round with no end, was a powerful symbol of eternity. Now known as a wedding band, its opening represented a gateway to unknown worlds, which is something newlyweds face after marriage. Here's the history of wedding rings all the way up to today.Wedding rings history — Signet Wedding RingsRomans and Greeks used signet rings as a way to flaunt their own personal signatures on jewelry. Also called a "fede" ring, it features two clasping hands in agreement or love.These rings are believed to be the inspiration behind some of the earliest engagement rings in Rome. Other cultures were exchanging rings as symbols of love. But, according to history, the Romans are the ones who linked the signet ring directly to marriage.Lovers Heads Wedding RingsIn time, the Romans started customizing wedding rings with their own personal touches. Lovers heads rings featured carvings of the faces of the couples themselves. Some were carved with the full figures of the bride and groom.Once the Empire proclaimed Christianity its official religion, things switched up a bit. The carvings started to feature the couple with a cross or Jesus behind them blessing their unity. READ Wedding Traditions: The History of Wedding JewelryFede Wedding RingsThese wedding rings held their popular ground for more than a thousand years in Europe. They eventually evolved into styles featured interlocking bands and ornate patterns.Today, the Irish still wear a style of this wedding band called a Claddagh ring. It features two hands coming together to hold a heart with a crown. The Claddagh ring was first created about 13 centuries after Rome introduced the original fede rings.Posy Wedding RingsWhat is a posy? Also known as a posie, it's a short verse engraved on a ring, often a poem. Posy rings first became common during the 15th century. It all began with bold designs featuring words engraved outside the wedding band.The designs of the posy rings evolved into simpler ones. However, the engraved words became more and more personal. This caused goldsmiths, ring makers, and jewelers to learn how to engrave inscriptions on the inside of the wedding rings. They believed this kept the message close to the person wearing it while keeping them private. Gimmel Wedding RingsLet's move on with the history of wedding rings. This puzzle-style wedding ring first gained its popularity during the 15th century. The simpler posy rings became, the more complex and intricate goldsmithing techniques became when creating gimmel rings. They feature 2-3 interlocking bands. Gimmel rings are very symbolic, as each individual band is free on its own, yet they interlock together to create one whole, like joining two together in matrimony. During their engagement, both the bride and the groom would wear engagement bands up until they take their vows. Then, the two rings would be joined together, to symbolize their joining together to create one union. Jewish Marriage RingsWearing a wedding band with an unbroken circle made in solid silver or gold is a long-standing Jewish tradition. It symbolizes everlasting marriage. Bands with no details or stones are symbolic of a strong marriage that is free from complications and distractions.These Jewish wedding rings date back to at least the 10th century. And, they continued to remain popular until the 19th century. By then, they would become intricate designs with enamel and lattice.READ Wedding Traditions: The History of Wedding JewelryIt features a "roof-like" top, which represents the Jewish temple or the married couples' home. Designed like lockets, they feature Hebrew inscriptions on the inside. Grooms offered them to their brides during the marriage ceremony as a symbolism of love and unity.Diamond Wedding RingsToday, diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, and wedding bands are the most commonly purchased on the market. However, diamonds have been a choice gem for love rings for centuries now. The first diamond ring documented in history was found in Rome during the late 100s AD. It belonged to a young girl, but history does not tell us whether it was given to her as a gift of love or not. Their strength and value have always been understood. Yet, diamonds became even more valuable once tools were invented to cut them properly. These sparkling beauties were often sent to the groom's father from the bride's father as a promise to marry his daughter off to the recipient's son. It became common for this symbolic gift to be a diamond ring, which marked the beginning of the diamond engagement rings we know today.Current History of Wedding Rings — Pearl Engagement RingsAlthough diamond engagement rings are the most common, pearl engagement rings are quickly gaining popularity in the wedding jewelry industry. No, they do not have a past history, like the rings above, but many brides are turning to them to create amazing looking, unique styles for their rings. When you think of an engagement ring, pearls probably do not come to mind. But, a pearl center stone is an amazing centerpiece is a stunning choice for a piece of jewelry you plan to wear every day, for the rest of your life. Pearls are just as resilient as pearls, and they come from natural resources. And, these gems are as classic as they come.Both vintage lovers and modern brides enjoy the simple elegance and sophistication of pearl engagement rings. They can be created as a solitaire pearl ring, or with a bezel setting for a stylish way to protect your pearl. You can create a shimmering ring with a sophisticated pave setting made of small pearls closely set together.READ Wedding Traditions: The History of Wedding JewelryWe took a big dive in the history of wedding rings. Wedding rings history is beautiful, reach and ancient just like pearls so let us…Design Your Own Pearl Engagement RingDesign your own engagement ring with an open setting featured diamonds and pearls. Pair a larger black Tahitian pearl with one small diamond for a unique look like no other. Add pearls to rings made of 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold, white gold or platinum. You can even add other gemstones, such as your birthstone, to your pearl engagement ring for a more personalized touch. And, the pearl does not have to be white either! Yes, white pearls are the most commonly used in jewelry. They are also the most popular pearl color on the market. Engagement rings can be designed using black pearls, pink pearls, peach pearls, golden pearls, multicolor pearls and more. You can even have your gem dyed to create a pearl color like no other. Now, how's that for personalization?There are so many ways to design a pearl engagement ring. Add rows of pavé diamonds surrounding a single pearl placed in claw-like prongs. Or, slap your single pearl right in the middle of a cluster of diamonds. Thinking about a diamond halo surrounding your pearl? Then, how about a setting made of mixed metals?The history of wedding rings has just started!Pearl Engagement Ring Design IdeasThe Pearl Source creates customized pearl engagement rings and other pearl jewelry. Personalize your engagement rings with diamonds, alexandrite, amethyst, aquamarine, coral, malanite, onyx, opal, rose quartz, topaz, zircon or any other precious gem you choose. And, you can design your own ring setting using the metal of your choice, and have the ring engraved with a message just for you.Need some ideas for our engagement ring design? Looking for ways to create an awesome pearl wedding rings as well? Click the link below to check out our selection of rings from The Pearl Source.Shop Pearl Rings Nowpossible engagement ring for I say, if your that young it could be a pretty low possibility. He could be thinking of just getting you a cute necklace. BUT do not loose hope even if you do not , it just means he is not ready for it.
Other Rings on Hand with Wedding Rings?
Absolutely! There is no rule to what rings you can or can not wear once you have a wedding ring on your finger!1. What are alliance rings?Hmm, I guess you mean alliance rings outside of fraternal organizations and the WoW world and the like (those type of usually signet rings hold lots of symbolism). Alliance rings appear to be a certain type of ring - a band with diamonds (as opposed to a solitary ring) Basically a diamond wedding ring (although some communities may use the word "alliance" vs "wedding" to describe the rings). Sorry - I am not sure what the symbolism/history of alliance rings outside the regular symblism/history of wedding rings.2. Who is in charge of keeping the rings?That's what sister did at her wedding, have the besties hold the rings. With the Children there is always that chance where they see a whole bunch of people and freak out. That happened at a wedding i was at3. The Lord of the Rings (creative franchise):First and foremost, the Palantir resulted in the corruption of the most powerful of the five wizards, Saruman the White. Saruman found the Palantir of Orthanc and while gazing through it, chanced upon Sauron, who possessed the Palantir of Minas Morgul.This resulted in the corruption of Saruman and the joining of forces of the two towers, Barad-dur, and Orthanc, which was definitely not good news to the Fellowship and those who supported it. Isengard started equipping Uruk-Hai and became another base for Sauron. This expanded Sauron's reach to Rohan and shortened the distance to Minas Tirith.There was another Palantir, this one in Minas Tirith. Though he was not completely corrupted by Sauron, Denethor did begin hallucinating and became weaker and weaker. The only good that happens because of any of the Palantiri in the War of the Ring, is that when Aragorn revealed his identity as the King of Gondor and the heir of Isildur to Sauron, Sauron panicked and attacked Gondor before reaching the height of his power. The War had been all but lost- the Rohirrim and the Men of Gondor were surrounded by Sauron's forces. But the Ring was dropped into Mount Doom in the nick of time. Long before the War, the Palantiri probably did do some good as they allowed efficient communication between their possessors, the most powerful people of Middle-Earth. But all in all, the Palantiri, in my opinion, did more bad than good. Their existence almost resulted in the beginning of a Dark Age. Although ultimately it was because of their existence that Sauron was defeated, in my opinion, the Palantiri did much more damage than they averted. As to the second part of the question, I personally do not see any lesson Tolkien might be giving to us. I agree with Joshua Engel's comparison of the Palantiri and the internet. Of course, there was no internet in Tolkien's time, but a lesson we can learn in this time and age is, that anything as powerful as the internet (or the Palantiri) can be misused and that we should be on the lookout for people with bad intentions (like the Dark Lord who wanted to rule all of Middle-Earth).The Lord of the Rings (creative franchise): How much damage was a direct result of The Palantir and did they do as much good in the past?How much damage was a direct result of The Palantir and did they do as much good in the past?4. what is the point of wedding rings?The outward symbol to the rest of the world that you have entered into a lifetime covenant with your spouse and God. Why a ring? The circle has no end, as the commitment should. Did you know saphires in an engagment ring mean fidelity and romantic devotion? Also, the rings are meant as a reminder to the wearer of the need for faithfulness and lifetime commitment to one another and the covenant with God your marriage entered you into.5. Who are the actors in Lord of the Rings?Here is the link to the Internet Movie Database.. it should Help you!!!6. Is it wrong for a man to love rings?No. If it's you are style what is so wrong about it? Loving rings does not make you gay
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My Husband Is Planning a Fishing Trip to Northern Minnesota This Summer, Any Suggestions?
My husband is planning a fishing trip to northern minnesota this summer, any suggestions?Your mailbox will never be empty again— — — — — —what is the best guided Alaskan fishing trip for the money?What species of fish are you looking to target? If it's Salmon/Trout then def go to Alaska. If you want to catch Pike, Walleye, Trout & Small-mouth Bass, maybe think about heading to Canada. Canada has more diverse Freshwater species than Alaska. And, in some cases, more pristine fishing opportunity's! And it's cheaper. And it's warmer. And the mosquito's are not as bad......(wry grin).— — — — — —If you could take a fishing trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?Halibut and salmon fishing in Alaska— — — — — —Where would you take a 10 yr old for his first fishing trip? What would you bring?For a child's first fishing trip, I would strongly suggest you take him out on a private charter. There's quite a few up and down the coast. Focus on one that is designed for kids. I think the best Captain for that job is Captain David Bacon. He's a very well known Captain world wide. He's located out of Santa Barbara Harbor. He is really good teaching kids and showing them hot spots and keeping them in on action fishing, so they do not get board. They also do tournaments and at the end of the year whatever group catches the most fish, they will receive a 2 foot trophy. His telephone number is (805) 895-3273 Have fun fishing!!— — — — — —I am going fishing trip to Canada on Lake Nippising and i would like to get some tips or advice?I am not familiar with Lake Nippising but I have fished in Canada numerous times. Here is what I've found- Most Border and Canadian Lakes can be easily fished with only a handful of various bait's and lures. Bait's?- Leeches and Shiners will be your best bait for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, medium-sized Northern Pike. If you are dead-set on catching trophy Pike with bait an 8-12" Sucker would be your best bait. Lures?- Jigs are probably the cheapest and most productive lure. 1/4-3/8 OZ being the best weight's and Black & Chartreuse being the better colors. Berkley Gulp Leeches and 4" Curly-tailed Grubs are good trailers for your jigs. Jigs are also perfect tipped with a live minnow or leech. Spoons can be fantastic for Northern Pike/Musky. Rapala's can be productive in the shallower sections of any Canadian lake. Any Rapala that resembles Cisco's, Shiners, or Shad can be deadly if trolled behind the boat. It's important to use Fluorocarbon leaders or a low diameter Braided line in some clear Canadian lakes because of the amazing clarity of the water. I've used Fireline 4/10 "smoke-colored" braid and Power Pro 3/8 braid with very good results. "Dog -walked" Topwater lures can be esp deadly on Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike. Try to find "current" or a stream flowing into your lake. This will increase your odds of catching fish. Remember, it's not unusual to catch 50-100 fish in one day in Canada! Hope this info helped ya? Good fishing.— — — — — —I am going on a fishing trip, to catch perch.?small hooks. nightcrawlers work the best for me!!! everytime we go perch fishing. we catch some pretty nice ones!!— — — — — —Im going to canada next summer on a fishing trip what kind of gear do you reccomed?get your equipment there, it's expensive but great. get a good rod, some lead weights, sturdy blinkers and some lighter bait so you can use smaller fish as bait for bigger ones. and a sturdy nylon rope (1mm)— — — — — —Who offers the best deep sea fishing trip in Galveston, TX?I would recommend, Williams party boats, or Galveston Party Boats. Both have 100 foot catamaran style boats with good crews, they both run 12 hour to 36 hour trips, both outfits you can Google to get there Web-sites.Who offers the best deep sea fishing trip in Galveston, TX?.— — — — — —All Dressed Up For The Fishing Trip?Hah..naughty man.Lol..Thanks.You earn my star— — — — — —What all do I need for a fishing trip?It is indeed. As you get more experienced you will need more tackle. A chair maybe and rodrests and what about a landing net and disgorger, a camera in case you catch a whopper. The list can go on and on. For some no nonsense tackle keep an eye on my site.
Schools Asked to Encourage Students to Wear Canvas Shoes
In a move to sensitise students about the environment and animal welfare, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued an advisory to schools on encouraging students to wear canvas shoes instead of leather ones.The advisory, issued last week to heads of all schools affiliated to the CBSE, states that schools should be encouraged to consider the "eco-friendly canvas shoes which are more resistant to wear and tear, more comfortable and relatively inexpensive".It added: "The production of leather from animals involves highly toxic chemicals, use of which can be reduced sizeably if the usage of leather shoes is not made mandatory in schools."The advisory also said that this would eliminate the need to maintain multiple pairs of shoes.The move has been welcomed by parents and heads of institutions.J. Anantha Padamanabhan, principal, Kendriya Vidalaya, M.G. Railway Colony, said that shifting to canvas shoes was not only a good move from an ethical point of view, but also from the point of view of comfort. "The concept of the uniform is only to bring equality among the children and we need to ensure that the uniforms are comfortable for students," he said.Swarupa Shivananda, a parent, said the move would ensure that students were sensitised about the environment and animal welfare at a young age. "Leather shoes come at a cost. I appreciate the move to urge students to switch to canvas shoes. As an animal lover, I think it is important to make sure that such ethical concerns are instilled among children at an early age," she said.However, Zeeshan Athani, a class 11 student, expressed concern over the durability of canvas shoes. "Canvas shoes get worn out easily and we will have to buy several pairs in one academic year. Leather shoes last longer," he said.Shoe shop owners have, however, said that the black shoes were available in leather as well as polymer. "Urging students to wear canvas shoes may not be cost-effective as they do not last long. If the board wants to discourage leather, they can ask students to switch to shoes made of polymer or synthetic leather as they are more viable," Raghavendra R., a shoe shop owner in Sheshadripuram, said.
Is This a Cute Outfit to Wear to My 7th Grade School Dance?
Is this a cute outfit to wear to my 7th grade school dance?i think it's disgusting— — — — — —Why do I always feel like falling asleep when Iu2019m on a course in a classroom type scenario Iu2019m well rested and listening to the person talking? Itu2019s extremely annoying and Iu2019ve had it since school.I have had this problem since grade school, and I was eventually diagnosed with ADD in my mid 30s! This may not be your issue but it may. I found ways to compensate, and was top of my class, but it's a nuisance to know that every lecture format class is going to be a struggle not to fall asleep/tune out.As a grown up in office settings, I have the same thing happen when people read their dang presentation word for word instead of adding dynamic context or color commentary. Things that help me:Having water or a beverage to sip/something to do when I'm fading. I take small sips so it lasts me the entire session.Counterintuitively, sitting at the front forced me to participate and pay more attention, though I initially always sat at the back. Move forward!Taking notes even if I understand the material, to force my brain to stay tuned even mildly to the content presented.Take notes with my left hand if it's really really dull stuff (I'm right handed) to force my brain to listen and focus on coordination.Write down questions, any questions, again to try to stay tuned in... you can also write down the main themes in the margins, anything to force your brain to extract information from the person talking. Or writing down ideas for a paper on that topic, or project coming up.When it's truly miserable, I make lists of chores or errands I need to do and eventually my mind comes back and I start taking proper notes again... I need to get the distraction out onto paper before I can refocus.Schools have become more accommodating for different learning challengs/styles these days, so go see a counselor and get evaluated in case you have ADD or some other difference in learning that can help you thrive. When I was younger, caffeine had an unexpected reverse effect and I would go to sleep faster and sooner. Now that I am older it's not quite as drastic, and sometimes helps me focus but not as much as I'm told medication would help.Good luck and stay alert out there!Why do I always feel like falling asleep when I'm on a course in a classroom type scenario I'm well rested and listening to the person talking? It's extremely annoying and I've had it since school.— — — — — —POLL:WHAT WAS YOUR FAVOIRTE GRADE IN SCHOOL?5th 8th and I am still in high school— — — — — —Do you agree that a grade school with "hundreds" of kids should be declared "peanut" free?My son's school had to do this because of one kid and one teacher. I think it is just bizarre - the whole politically correct thing. What is always so absurd is that peanuts are legumes, not nuts, but they ban nuts of any kind. Crazy. Do not get me started. .... of course, I feel sorry for anyone with a life-threatening allergy, but do not hold 250 kids hostage!— — — — — —How many people played the game "smear the queer" in grade school?See, when you live around Boston, queer or "queeah" as we pronounced it, only meant one thing...and it's not the definition you gave..but I will chalk that up as a left coast thing. Also, the definition you gave closely matches what we called people like that...and we were tactless enough to actually call them retarded or "wicked retahded" We did not smear them though, we pantsed them, and hoped they were wearing underwear...— — — — — —What type of drills did your grade school have?We had fire drills, air raid drills and tornado drills. Most of the drills were for tornadoes, especially in early spring. For tornado drills, we were to march into the hallways and sit with our faces to the wall, heads tucked in under our arms on our laps. Fire drills, we marched outside probably 200 feet or so away from the school. Air raid drills were from when I was very little, and I remember ducking under the desks, again with heads cradled in arms. After elementary school the air raid drills were discontinued.
Why Do so Many Women Think Muscular Men Are Unattractive?
haha. On his f.b acount females are mad 4 him. He is a man wid money, fame n body . He have everythng. Fagoot dnt compare• Other Related Knowledge ofso many women— — — — — —'Why do so many women put so much effort and money in to feminine 'beauty'?Your prejudice runneth over. Probably not a coincidence that the very things that you rail against are what you seem to have the least of. The physical, feminine traits - some of which you list, are hardwired into our psyches. The hourglass shape, smooth skin, symmetrical features, high voice, smaller shape etc. are traits that men are attracted to without any choice on their part. It is not rocket science that accentuating and amplifying these traits will get more attention from more men. You can condemn it from now until doomsday, but that's the way it is.— — — — — —Why are so many women angry or upset about the new Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition?Women have a way of finding excuses to get angry with men who check out other women and not them. Seriously. Think about it. Look at how catty women are. Look at how polygamy never works because the wives go after EACH OTHER, not the guy they are married too. Woman's nature is to weed out the competition so only their genes will survive. This is how they do it. When it's possible to take on the woman, they take her on. Otherwise, they go after the man and "scold" him for wanting other women. This is how they survive.— — — — — —Why are so many women so desperate to give birth that they will try the craziest things to induce labor?First as you said...they are old wives tales! I tried the Castor oil with my first pregnancy, sent me to the bathroom for a day or two...gave me horrible cramps but still NO! This is how I see it , I have had five pregnancies, some women are not thinking as much of the baby as they should be I think, they are just thinking of there own misery and I know it can be! Some women are just not well enough informed about the consequences of preterm baby! I had one healthy child and three premature births. .... lots of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit time!!! One of the children were not even suppose to come home.... thank God ...she is 5 now :-) mothers to be are just not well enough informed!— — — — — —Why do so many women wait until their mid 30's...?Because they wanted to start their career life first. ^Or, they did not care at the time.— — — — — —Why do I see so many women dyeing their hair?Fun - because it's available and it's fun. By the way, my friend was very surprised when she gave birth to a little redhead boy. They could not figure out where the redhead gene came from, only to have her mother in law "confess" she would been dying her red hair since she was 16. No one even knew she was a natural red head. Redheads get teased unmercifully - as my daughter can relate.— — — — — —Why do so many women refuse to date younger or shorter men?i think it's because we want someone who looks like they can protect us. its just instinctive. So if they are older you subconciously think hey, he has more experiance with life. he can 'fight off the bad guy' or whatever. even thought this is really really cheesy, it's so true. the height thing, honestly... idk. its nice to have someone who's taller than us so we ccan dance properly lol but in the end... i completly agree with you. looks should not matter as much as they do.— — — — — —Why do so many women get so attached to their hair?I think it depends on how fast their hair grows. I know some women who's hair grows like 2 inches in 2-3years. My hair grows really quick, so it does not bother me at all when I cut it. My hair was down to my waist last year, and in June I chopped it all off. I think my friends were more upset than I was....I am more "Who cares! In 1 - 1/2 years time it will be down to my waist again".