Should Mayweather Fans Rewrite Boxing History?

Should Mayweather fans rewrite boxing history?

Cotto still lost to pac but he was drained. Every body pac fights has to be at a disadvantage now he wants to fight bradley but bradley is fighting at a new weight its just funny. And no i dont give any credit to margarito for beating cotto he had loaded gloves if you dont see a problem in that then let mayweather fight pac with loaded gloves.

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Do you think Floyd Mayweather is highlyyyy overated?

Man that boy is trying so hard to hold on to his tarnished 39-0 record. Just let me say something here, Floyd is running out of cherries to pick. Post Marquez fight, I think Floyd will retire again.

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How can Pacquiao beat Mayweather?

But assuming they eventually meet in the ring, how can he beat Floyd? First of all, between the two, it's Floyd who is the more talented, skilled and versatile boxer. On the strength and merit of of that, he knows more ways on how to wage and win a fight. That would be his main advantage over Manny unless Manny would be able to lure or force him to fight Pacquiao's type of fight which is highly doubtful. Manny knows just a couple of ways of how to beat opponents owing to the fact that by and large he was previously just exposed to their kind: Either he knocks them out or wear them down. Engaging an opponent in a chess-match like fight is simply not down his road. The last cerebral fighter somewhat still in his prime that he met, Erik Morales, beat him handily. Never mind the results of their two succeeding fights because by that time Erik was already struggling mightily with the 130 lbs. limit and obviously on the decline ( he lost successively to David Diaz and Zaheer Rahim ). The only way Manny could beat Floyd is to beat Floyd in the American's type of fight by clever, masterful boxing and counter-punching. Brawling and trying to bring the fight to Floyd would be like throwing a fish into the river. And he could do that by improving on his boxing skills with the help of Freddie Roach and somebody like Sugar Ray Leonard who could teach him a lot about thinking boxing. Floyd belongs to the highly special type of boxer like Ali and Leonard who would be next to impossible to stop much less, knockout in their prime. Many have tried before but failed dismally. Manny would just be one of these many if he insist on thinking that he could win by KO or TKO over a highly special boxer as Floyd. That's as fair an assessment i could give.with the indulgence of Pacquiao's die-hards.

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Boxing Fans Margarito vs. Mayweather Who Wins & Why?

Mayweather TKO in the 9th. PBF is the best P4P boxer ever. He has really never been hurt, why? Cause his defense is second to none. His speed makes Sugar Ray Robinson and Roy Jones Jr, look like they are in slow motion. Margarito has lost 5 fights, regardless of when they were he lost 5, point blank. He lost to a hack *** Paul Williams who is more of a journeyman than a real boxer. Margarito fought Cotto, who wasnt even in the same league as PBF. Floyd did not "run" from Margarito, it was just he had no gain in fighting a guy with 4 losses at the time. The entire $8 million dollar so called contract to fight him was false and a lie. The speed of PBF always outweighs the power punchers, that is why Paul Williams, Cotto, Margarito, Clottey, etc... is a waste of PBF's time. They are fighters that simply dominate lesser opponents. Every fighter Floyd has fought, they were NOT the same afterwards. That is when everyone else comes through and fights the fighters floyd has fought. All you have to do it watch PBF and respect what he does, defense, speed, accuracy. ..all too much anyone can handle. Gatti said it best "He was just much faster than I thought he would be" Speed over power, anyday of the week. That is why your all time greats--Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard, PBF are all speed guys, true boxers, not guys who sit and get hit and land 10-20 punches a round, that will never cut it in boxing

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