Strategy to Minimize the Risk of a Checking Account Being Compromised Duplicate

You are correct that it is relatively easy for someone to create fake checks and steal money. They even made a movie about it, and not much has changed since that movie takes place. However, most checking accounts do indeed have $0 liability for this type of check fraud, referred to as check forgery.

If someone does cash a check against your account that you did not write, you will eventually get your money back. Essentially, the thief stole from the bank (or the merchant that accepted the check), not from you.In the U.S., check forgery is generally covered by state law. According to a Q&A on the CFPB website, if you report to the bank that a check that cleared your account was forged in some way, and you do this within a reporting window defined by state law, the bank is supposed to return your money

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Does a component pouch automatically contain components?

But the full answer will depend mostly on how the component pouch was acquired.The listed price to purchase a component pouch (PH p25) is 25 gp; compare this with a pouch (5 sp) or a backpack (2 gp). It is quite safe to assume that upon purchasing a component pouch you are also purchasing a complete set of common spell components contained within.

As described under Spell Components (PH p203, emphasis in original):So, RAW indicates that simply having a component pouch is a suitable substitute for a material component, so long as that component has no cost and is not consumed. The contents of a commercially acquired component pouch do not depend on (and therefor do not change because of) what spells you know. It is a standard set of components that any spellcaster might require.

However, if a component pouch was not purchased from a shop, you may find it is not complete. The pouch itself is not a magic item, after all; it is mundane, and may not have had a completely happy and safe existence thus far.A DM may also decide that a spell component pouch purchased (or discovered) in one location isn't equipped with the components for an obscure, foreign, forgotten, or novel spell (or school, or collection, etc) depending on the campaign's setting and context, or any narrative/player power reasons they feel are important.


Does the special kind of diet really matter, when making a radical change?

There is no convincing evidence to say that any specific diet is more beneficial than others for all people. On the other hand, there is enough evidence to say that a certain diet change can be beneficial for a particular person.Example 1: Sugar-free diet and weight lossAccording to two study reviews (Nutrients, 2017, Wiley, 2012), no specific diet is better for weight loss than other diets, but every hypocaloric diet is good. On the other hand, if you, for example, consume a lot of sugar, you can gain excessive weight, not because of sugar, but because of excessive calorie intake (BMJ, 2013). Calories also come from fats, proteins and alcohol, but if you are addicted to sugar, the main reason for your weight gain is probably sugar. In this case, it is quite likely you will lose weight much easier by a sugar-free diet than by other diets.

Example 2: Gluten-free diet and placebo effectGluten-free diet is obviously beneficial for people with celiac disease (Celiac Disease Foundation).There is another condition called non-celiac gluten sensitivity; the affected people report improvement of symptoms after starting gluten-free diet (Celiac Disease Foundation). There is no test to prove non-celiac gluten sensitivity, so it is not clear if it even exists; it could be a psychosomatic disorder similar to irritable bowel syndrome, and a gluten-free diet could just act as a placebo. In conclusion, a specific diet does not have an inherent ability to be beneficial for everyone, but it can be good for someone, because foods can have different effects on different people. Saying that, often, a perceived benefit of a special diet is just an illusion


What is the point of a shield proficiency?

(Note, I used the basic rules pg.44 as a reference, but the information should be the same as in the PHB, pg. 144)You claim that shields are not armor. I challenge this assertion. Shields are not body armor (as noted in this answer on the first linked question). The answer on the first linked question is pointing out that all body armor changes how AC is calculated, while shields give a flat 2 AC.However, shields are still listed in the armor table along with all light, medium, and heavy armor. The section title that you quote is "Armor and Shields" and the section begins:Additionally, shield proficiency is noted in the "armor proficiences" section of the class description.

Based on the fact that shields are lumped together when talking about armor in the armor table itself, in the beginning of the preceding section, as well as in the armor proficiencies of the class description, shields are meant to be considered armor. Thus, whatever disadvantages come from using armor that you are not proficient with also apply to using shields if you lack proficiency.As an aside and a note on your second linked question, just because a shield does not interfere with the Draconic Resilience of the sorcerer, doesn't mean that the sorcerer doesn't need to get a shield proficiency from somewhere else, like multiclassing, to use it effectively.


Holding a touch spell and moving a held item from one hand to the other, does it discharge?

Cast a Spell on Touch Spells in Combat saysEmphasis mine. However, the FAQ includes this exchange:It's probably a fair house rule to extrapolate this FAQ entry to include any object the caster's holding when the spell's cast so long as the caster A) keeps at least one hand free and B) doesn't drop then retrieve the item. So, for example, casting a touch spell while wielding a longsword then transferring that longsword from one hand to another shouldn't discharge the spell, but casting a touch spell, dropping a backpack, and then retrieving the backpack would discharge the spell, as would taking one hand off a longspear, casting a touch spell, then putting both hands on the longspear. (If you're interested, there's also a whole thread here about accidental discharges during grappling. Totally safe for work. I swear.)Because if it is, there are actual rules for that which are both more and less generous than house rules above. This short FAQ presents this official rule covering the magus's spellstrike:That On a related topic paragraph might be information you're really after, especially the implications of the section about a weaponless magus. Discussion of this ruling gets going in this thread and in this thread


If it is better that we have free will than not, then why suggest it is preferable to not? closed

Your first sentence is incorrect. Man only disobeyed God because a spiritual entity influenced him to do so - the 'god of this world'. Man still obeyed god - a spiritual god. But he disobeyed God, the Lord of all. It can be argued that man only ever obeys that which can be called 'god'. And that, therefore, man has no free will whatsoever.

As to those who believe, they also have no free will in the matter at all. It is God who appears to them and overwhelms them to such a degree that, out of love and faith, they can do no other than be obedient to him.Saul of Tarsus, Paul, is a prime example of this fact.

Paul's enslavement is seen in Romans 7:18 KJV :-And Paul's obedience is seen in Acts 9 verses 5 and 6, KJV :-Paul yields up his will to Jesus Christ. Only then is there a Will which can perform any good within Paul himself.. . . is not an expression which boasts of any free will within itself.


Test to establish if there is a significant fluctuation in data?

Here's a solution using polynomial equations to fit the data. It's a python code but gets things done.This chunk of code fits the given x and y data to polynomial equations ranging in degree from 1 to 8.Polynomial of degree 7 onwards the fluctuations (peaks and valleys) are correctly identified by the fitting model.

Increase in regression coefficient (between $y$ and $y_pred$) and Decrease in standard error of fitting proves that it is indeed a better fit of the given data.To check whether the the results were due to over-fitting, I used 10-fold cross validation. The oscillations are captured better as the degree of polynomial is increased (>7). Interestingly, however, the metrics i.

e. r and standard deviation show a saturation.Code:I am not sure the reason why the metrics of fitting saturate but the oscillations are better captured at degree>7. But overall, polynomial of degree 11 seems to be the best fit here.


Black Jack Bust Probability closed

There are, fortunately, not all that many hands! Since suit doesn't matter, we only really care about the ten usable ranks - since 10s and face cards are identical, rules-wise, we can combine them all. We can begin by generating sequences of draws; we will terminate each sequence when we reach 17 points. This gives some $54,433$ hands, from the pedestrian two 10s to the absurd six aces, a 6, four more aces, and a 5. Then, each hand can be evaluated for probability and whether is a bust: since we know how many of each card are in the deck, we can evaluate the likelihood of drawing each particular card next.We're kind of fortunate here: every final hand is prefix-free, that is to say there is no final hand that starts with another final hand, so we don't have to consider the possibility that a particular hand might be overshadowed by another one, so we can simply add up the probabilities.With a short script, I have found the probability of a bust on a six-shoe deck with stand-on-soft-17 rules to be slightly over $0.

2819$, or if we wish to be precise, $$frac1667439583850361045037159145560742900234888285$$


Is there any software to keep eyes distracted from monitor closed

All you want is to protect your eyes from the computer screen. Thus, try these tips as below:Monitor Location

Ideally more than 25 inches from eye and 6 inches below the horizontal eye level.

Anti-glare screen

Will decrease the amount of light reflected from the screen.Light effect

Use suspended lights from ceiling and windows with shades, blinds or curtains. Avoid light hitting directly on eyes.Sitting posture

Use chairs with armrests which are able to provide, support while typing, position of head slightly tilted downwards and height of the chair adjusted appropriately so that the feet reset flat on floor.20-20-20 rule

Follow the 20-20-20 rule, which means every 20 minutes, look away from the monitor, and focus on an object at least 20 feet away, for 20 seconds.Eye Exercise

Choose your eyes and slowly roll your eyeballs clockwise and anticlockwise. Repeat it 3 times.Blinking

Blink frequently to keep the front surface of your eye moist.Computer Eyewear

To block the blue light, glare, and radiation when in computer and mobile device use. It works better than a monitor or screen protector.

Understand Rainbow,an Introduction to Rainbow
An Introduction to rainbowThe following have served as Masters of Magdalene College, Cambridge:Track listing of rainbowOriginal release7""Gravity's Rainbow" 2:37"The Bouncer" - 2:1512""Gravity's Rainbow" 2:37"Gravity's Rainbow" (Van She remix)"Gravity's Rainbow" (Nightmoves remix)"Gravity's Rainbow" (To My Boy remix)Re-releaseCD"Gravity's Rainbow" 2:36"Gravity's Rainbow" (Soulwax remix)7""Gravity's Rainbow" 2:36"Electrickery" produced by Erol AlkanEtched 7""Gravity's Rainbow" (Live in Glasgow)Service history of rainbowRoyal NavyRainbow was ordered as part of the Naval Defence Act of 1889. The vessel's keel was laid down by Palmers at Hebburn-On-Tyne in England on 30 December 1889. The cruiser was launched on 25 March 1891 and entered service in 1892, completing in January 1893.Rainbow served on the China Station in Hong Kong from 1895 to 1898 and in Malta from 1898 to 1899. She had an operating cost that was deemed excessive and between 1900 and 1909, saw very little service. Most of her operations at this time were closer to England. On 17 December 1901 she was commissioned at Devonport by Captain Thomas Young Greet for service in the cruiser squadron as an additional ship in home waters. She arrived back at Devonport from a tour of the Mediterranean with the squadron in April 1902, and took part in the fleet review held at Spithead on 16 August 1902 for the coronation of King Edward VII. Captain Charles Delabere Granville was appointed in command on 20 August 1902, and visited Souda Bay, Crete with other ships of the squadron for combined manoeuvres the following month. In October 1902 she was order back to Devonport for a refit. During the following years, she saw a severe reduction in fleet support due to her high operating cost, resulting in only minor modernization. Her crew rotation at this time was used as a training cycle. In 1904, the cruiser was restricted to harbour duty. In early 1909, the Admiralty ordered her decommissioned and placed on the inactive list.Royal Canadian NavyRainbow was presented to Canada in 1910, and was recommissioned HMCS Rainbow on 4 August. She and HMSNiobe were purchased from the Admiralty to be used as training ships at Royal Naval College of Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia. During discussions on the type of cruisers to be sent to Canada, the Admiralty believed that the Apollo-class cruiser was the right choice. Canada paid $225,000 to acquire Rainbow, using outstanding money from the Marine and Fisheries Department. Before departing Great Britain, the ships required alterations to make them suitable for training. This required new heating systems, an up-to-date galley, the latest in Marconi wireless, the enlargement of the cadet gunroom and principal messes and the removal of the obsolete secondary armament.After commissioning, Rainbow was assigned to the west coast of Canada and was the first Canadian ship to sail around South America by the Strait of Magellan. After a 12-week passage of over 15,000 nautical miles (28,000km; 17,000mi) the cruiser arrived at Esquimalt, British Columbia on 7 November 1910. However, after commissioning, the status of the Canadian vessels and their ability to operate without direction from the Admiralty kept the new ships within coastal waters. This limited Rainbow to fisheries patrols until the matter was settled. In 1911, the cruiser had her 6-pounder guns removed and replaced with QF 12-pounder 12 cwt naval guns. Her service was quiet on the west coast, performing ceremonial duties, training and coastal fisheries patrol, notably apprehending the American fishing schooner Edrie in February 1913 for illegal fishing. When Niobe was laid up in 1913, her crew was sent west to fill out Rainbow's complement.In July 1914, Rainbow was called to Vancouver to assist with an international incident that was unfolding. Komagata Maru, a Japanese merchant ship filled with Sikh immigrants from India, challenged Canada's immigration law, designed to prevent immigration from South Asia. The ship's passengers were not permitted to disembark even though they were British subjects and the ship had sat in Vancouver harbour for two months. After the local authorities were rebuffed in their attempts to make the ship leave, Rainbow was ordered to intervene. After some discussion with the passengers, who had taken over the vessel, those aboard Komagata Maru agreed to leave Vancouver only when supplies for the ship were provided. Komagata Maru sailed from Vancouver on 23 July, escorted by Rainbow. Twenty of the passengers were killed upon returning to Budge Budge, India, after they resisted an attempt to forcibly return them to Punjab.When the First World War broke out, Rainbow was sent to cover the withdrawal of the British sloops, HMSShearwater and HMSAlgerine, which had been engaged protecting British citizens during civil unrest in Mexico. She was the largest armed ship the Allies had at the time in the western Pacific Ocean and was ordered to find and engage ships of the Imperial German Navy in the Pacific Ocean; in particular the light cruisers SMSLeipzig and SMSNurnberg. Rainbow never met either of these ships, although she missed Leipzig by only a day at San Francisco. The vessel remained the only source of protection for shipping in western North America until the arrival of the Japanese armoured cruiser Izumo. Following the destruction of the German Pacific Fleet at the Battle of the Falkland Islands in December 1914, the greatest threat to shipping in Pacific was considered to be armed German raiders and Rainbow was considered to be a match for all but the fastest. However, in 1915, her patrols were shortened due to the lack of a collier to refuel Rainbow while out on patrol.In early 1916, Rainbow was still patrolling the west coast of North America, performing reconnaissance on German shipping. On 23 April 1916, she seized the German-owned but American-flagged schooner Oregon and then followed that up by seizing the Mexican-flagged schooner Leonor on 2 May. The cruiser returned to Esquimalt with the prizes in tow on 30 May. In 1916 and early 1917, Rainbow was used to transport $140,000,000 in Russian gold bullion (valued in 1917 Canadian dollars), between Esquimalt and Vancouver. This money was placed in trust with Canada by the Russian government for protection due to the impending Russian revolution.The Royal Canadian Navy found that the cost of operating Rainbow was using up too much of the West Coast naval operations budget, and the crew of Rainbow were sorely needed on the Atlantic coast for the fight against the U-boats. Rainbow was decommissioned and deactivated on 8 May 1917, her crew sent east. On 5 July she was recommissioned in Esquimalt as a depot ship. She served in this capacity until 1 June 1920, when she was sold for scrap to a Seattle shipbroker.
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